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WAYNE MADSEN: It’s Feeling Like The 1930s In Spain And France

Fascism gone wild  

By Wayne Madsen

During the Spanish Civil War, many loyalist leaders and supporters of the Spanish Republican government fled into exile to wage their battle against the Spanish fascist dictatorship of Generalissimo Francisco Franco from abroad. 2018 is beginning to feel like 1939. 

After the fall of the Second Spanish Republic to Franco, who was aided by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, Spanish President Manuel Azaña and Prime Minister Juan Negrin fled to exile in France. Following the October 27, 2017 declaration of independence of Catalonia by the Catalan Parliament and the dissolution of the Catalonian government by Franco’s proto-fascist successor, Spanish Prime Minister Manuel Rajoy, key members of the Catalonian government fled into exile. 

The President of the Catalonian Generalitat (Prime Minister) Carles Puigdemont and four of his ministers fled to Belgium to avoid arrest by Rajoy’s security forces.

Other Catalonian leaders were imprisoned in Madrid, where they await trials on sedition and rebellion charges. The leader of the pro-independence Popular Unity Candidature (CUP), Anna Gabriel, attained political asylum in Switzerland, where she told the Swiss newspaper Le Temps, “I will not go to Madrid . . . Since I will not have a fair trial at home, I have looked for a country that can protect my rights.” As with the loyalists imprisoned under Franco, the Catalan independence leaders, who enjoy a majority in the newly-elected Catalonian parliament, face decades in Spanish prison cells under Madrid’s EU-supported regime.

Nazi Merkel plays kissy-face with fascist Rajoy - a match made in Hell

Rajoy, like Franco, appointed not a Catalonian but a Spanish Castilian, Deputy Prime Minister María Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría Antón, as acting President of the Generalitat in Barcelona. Rajoy, as was the case with Franco, has Galician roots. Franco’s rule was infamous for stamping out Catalonian government, language, culture, and national identity and Rajoy, whose Spanish People’s Party is the ideological and chronological heir to Franco’s Falangists, does his very best to emulate his party’s ideological forbearer. Unlike 1936, when Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini came to Caudillo Franco’s side, in 2018, it is European Union Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk who rally to Rajoy’s ranks.

The Spanish government-in-exile was recognized by only a handful of nations, including Venezuela and Mexico. Although France did not recognize the exiled government, it did provide sanctuary for only a few of its leaders. Overall, France was as opposed to the Spanish Republicans in 1939 as it is with the Catalonians today. Two successive French leftist Popular Front prime ministers, Leon Blum and Edouard Daladier, ordered Spanish Republican military personnel and civilians seeking asylum in France interred at “assembly centers” in St. Cyprien, Gurs, and Le Vernet soon became concentration camps. 

When the Nazis took over France in July 1951, the Spanish Republican internees were transferred to German concentration camps and their deaths. Ironically, among those transferred along with the Spanish Republicans to Nazi concentration camps at Buchenwald and Dachau were the two French prime ministers – Blum and Daladier – who ordered the Spanish loyalist refugees to French internment camps. In not putting out the welcome mat for Catalonia’s exiled government, French President Emmanuel Macron followed the precedent set by Blum and Daladier. Puigdemont and his ministers were, instead, welcomed in Belgium, where the politically-strong Flemish independence bloc ensured they would be safe from Spanish-initiated INTERPOL arrest warrants.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was one of the few world leaders to support the Catalonian independence cause, declaring, “Resist, Catalonia! Latin America admires you.” However, Mexico, which supported the Spanish Loyalist government, was not as generous with the Catalonians. Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso told the Spanish newspaper El Pais, “If Catalonia goes for becoming independent from Spain, the Government of Mexico will not recognize it as a sovereign state.” The National Assembly of Quebec issued a statement supporting the Catalonian cause, but Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a typical Canadian Liberal Party milquetoast call for Spain’s constitution to be respected, a de facto nod to the Madrid authorities for their actions.

From the Vatican, Pope Francis I, doing his very best to emulate the pro-Nazi Pope Pius XII, who acceded to the papacy in 1939 -- the same year the Spanish Loyalists were driven to exile -- condemned Catalonia’s nationalism and backed the European Union. It is no secret that the Vatican sees the European Union as a modern-day Holy Roman Empire. Pius XII raised no objection when, in 1943, Franco’s personal priest, Josemaría Escriva, founded the pro-fascist Catholic order, Opus Dei. According to his personal assistant, Escriva is recorded as saying, “Hitler couldn't have been such a bad person. He couldn't have killed six million. It couldn't have been more than four million.” Escriva gave the stamp of approval of the Catholic Church to Franco’s policy of cultural extermination of the Catalan and Basque peoples.

Opus Dei has given succor to fascist regimes around the world, including the juntas of Argentina, Pope Francis’s home country. As Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Buenos Aires, Francis has been accused of handing over two priests to the security forces of the Argentine junta during the Dirty War of the 1970s. Pro-Vatican propagandists have attempted to whitewash Bergoglio’s dalliances with the Argentine fascist regime. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the current Pope stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the Opus Dei-infested government of Rajoy; his proto-fascists in Madrid, which include Spain’s corrupted Borbón monarch, King Felipe VI; and the modern-day Holy Roman Empire that rules from EU headquarters in Brussels.

Just as was the case during the Spanish Civil War, Breton and Corsican nationalists in France have rallied to the side of the Catalonian independence, just as their forefathers supported the Spanish Loyalists, including the Catalonians and Spanish Basques in the late 1930s. Although Macron’s coalition won a majority of seats in France’s July 2017 parliamentary election, it took not a single seat in Corsica. Jean-Guy Talamoni, the president of the Corsican Assembly, vowed that in ten years Corsica would follow Catalonia’s lead in declaring independence. Catalonia and Corsica are not independent today thanks to deals worked out by European monarchs hundreds of years ago. Today, instead of Spanish and French monarchs solely determining the future of Catalonia and Corsica, it is a Rothschild family creation in the Elysées Palace in Paris and a proto-fascist prime minister in the Moncloa Palace in Madrid who call the shots in suppressing the cultural and political identities of Europe’s aspirant nations, including the Basque people on both the Spanish and French sides of the Pyrenees mountain range.

Just as Franco’s troops patrolled the Pyrenees range during the civil war looking for Loyalists sneaking in and out of French territory, Spain’s current Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, an Andalusian, ordered patrols increased on the Spanish-French frontier to prevent Puigdemont and his supporters from clandestinely entering Catalonia from France. Zoido was quoted by the UK’s Daily Telegraph as ordering Spanish security forces to be on the lookout for Puigdemont and other exiled officials returning to Catalonia “by helicopter, microlight, or boat.” Zoido could have been channeling any of Franco’s generals during the 1930s civil war.

Unlike the Rajoy regime, which has misused the Spanish courts and constitution to imprison Catalonian political leaders on arcane and trumped up charges of sedition and rebellion, the Catalonian independence movement has been open and transparent about its aims. A clear majority of the Catalonian people want to be free of the shackles of Castilian imperialism and cultural and political superiority. The Catalonian independence leadership, exiled in Belgium, Switzerland, and other countries, does not have some hidden agenda nor, as some Western lunacy suggests, Russian puppet strings. The Catalonian cause reminds one of the passage by the famous Catalonian poet Joan Salvat-Papassei: “the jailers of this world would not catch my shadow, if I were a thief and a bandit they would not know my flight.”

Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen
Investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist, Madsen has over twenty years experience in security issues. 

As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. Madsen has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and MSNBC. He has been invited to testify as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government. A member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the National Press Club, Madsen is based and reports from Washington, D.C.

U.S. State Dept Implores Fake News Media To Promote White Helmets

Failed Fox News weather girl flops as State Department propaganda "spokesperson"  

By Vanessa Beeley

The information war is perhaps the most fiercely fought in the West to gain influence over the Syria narrative, and recently the US/UK coalition media proxies have been failing miserably. 

Nauert: blithering, fake blond State Department bimbo
Western public consensus on Syria appears to have shifted dramatically since Aleppo’s liberation in December 2016, which drove a stake through the heart of corporate media misdirection and deception on the Syrian ‘crisis.’ 

As Syrian civilians haltingly told their tales of misery, imprisonment, execution, rape and murder under terrorist occupation, the corporate media headed for the hills, unwilling to confront the suffering they had effectively prolonged for over four long years.

Now we have a repeat spin cycle in Eastern Ghouta and other eastern suburbs of Damascus that have been occupied by Al-Nusra Front and its affiliates since 2013. Parallels to the distorted propaganda produced in relation to East Aleppo are unmistakable. 

The usual UN inflation of civilian numbers, the cries of “chemical weapon attacks,” the “starvation” of civilians by the Syrian “regime” and of course the “incessant bombing” of hospitals by Syria and Russia, “targeting exclusively civilians,” are as rampant in Western media as they were during the Syrian-led military campaign against many of the same terrorist factions in East Aleppo.

Western media “hysteria” has reached unprecedented levels, all manner of analogy is being utilized to convey the message of civilians “driven to their knees” under a “brutal onslaught by Syrian armed forces and allies who are hell-bent on slaughtering the Syrian people” – of course nothing could be further from the truth. As in East Aleppo, there is a high probability that many of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers giving their lives to liberate Eastern Ghouta from the clutches of Al-Nusra Front affiliates have family in those areas. 

The SAA is the Syrian people, it is an army of conscripts from all walks of Syrian life. It is not some disembodied Assad-loyalist entity, despite what that Western media would have you believe. It is from the people and it is for the people, it is most certainly not deliberately targeting the people who are being used as human shields by the extremist factions.

The reality is that the huge majority of the estimated 6 million Syrian civilians in central Damascus City will be rooting for the SAA, the Syrian government and its allies in their efforts to finally end the siege of Eastern Ghouta and surrounding districts. A siege that has been wholly imposed by the Western-sponsored extremist groups such as Jaysh al-Islam, Al-Nusra Front, Failaq al-Rahman and Ahrar al-Sham. 

Those same terrorist factions have murdered 867 Damascene civilians and injured 1,356 more since 2016, according to Fares Shehabi, head of Aleppo’s Chamber of Commerce. The daily mortar fire from the terrorist factions into densely populated residential areas of Damascus Old City is random and deadly, but it is rarely mentioned by the Western media in their efforts to obfuscate the crimes of NATO-member-state-sanctioned terrorists.

BBC fake news frauds shill for White Helmets, facilitate blatant CIA/MSM propaganda

The din of propaganda drowns out all voices of reason and logic that dictate an entirely different narrative to the one being universally presented to us by colonial media in the West. There is one voice that rises above all others in the US coalition neocolonialist circles – that of the US/UK/EU, Qatar-financed-and-equipped propaganda construct, the White Helmets.

In the last few weeks, we have seen a blizzard of White Helmet images and pseudo humanitarian testimonies all engineered to elicit sympathy and to ensure UN Security Council protection of the “rebel” factions. These reports are devoid of any context or rational evidence, but as usual they are picked up and run with by the copy-paste media in their eagerness to fulfil the geostrategic dreams of the US coalition hegemons.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, a long-term advocate of the “Britain must do something” foreign policy in Syria, has recently met with representatives of the ‘Syria Civil Defence,’ a moniker stolen by the White Helmets from the REAL Syria Civil Defence, established in Syria in 1953 and deliberately “disappeared” from the Western narrative. Rarely have we seen such an above-ground connection between the UK Foreign Office and its intelligence assets in situ during one of its faux “humanitarian war” campaigns.

Then we were presented with a truly breathtaking performance by Heather Nauert of the US State Department on February 22, just two days after Johnson had met with White Helmet reps in the UK. As Nauert informs us, she broke with State Department protocol to “shine a spotlight” not only on the “humanitarian crisis” in Eastern Ghouta but on the Oscar-nominated White Helmet promotional movie, ‘Last Men in Aleppo’ (LMIA).

"No Fly Zone" Propaganda: CNN Fake News Crocodile Tears for the ‘Children of Aleppo’

This was a performance reminiscent of CNN anchor Kate Bolduan’s tearful rendition of the Omran Daqneesh story in August 2016 that brought the media-packaged “face of Aleppo’s suffering” to TV screens around the world. Subsequently, the CNN ‘Omran’ story was proven to be largely “fake news” in 2017.

Nauert also gives the impression of fighting back emotion as she makes her theatrical appeal to the bemused media audience. She begs the “passionate media megaphones” to direct their attention to the “selfish – I mean selfless” White Helmets and their “saving of those buried under rubble” in Syria. Nauert refers to ‘Last Men in Aleppo’ as if it were the unadulterated truth of life in Aleppo under Nusra Front-led occupation, while in reality LMIA never refers to the brutal Al-Nusra Front-led occupation of East Aleppo.

We could be forgiven for thinking that perhaps she is beseeching the media to lobby for LMIA to be awarded the Oscar in 2018, the Netflix White Helmet ‘documentary’ already won it in 2017. Perhaps that might protect the suspected White Helmet global franchise and ensure its success in future interventionist projects?

The UK and US administrations are ramming their primary propaganda asset in Syria down the throats of the compromised media because they are losing the information war on all fronts. For some time, the “spotlight” has been shining upon US coalition sponsorship of terrorism in Syria, with an emphasis on Eastern Ghouta right now. Nauert tells us that people have been asking “what is the US doing” to end the crisis in Syria, Nauert’s response is to divert attention to the White Helmets and their skewed, Al-Nusra Front-free version of events in Aleppo, Ghouta and Idlib. Unfortunately for Nauert, Johnson and their captive media, the public spotlight is on them and it’s unlikely to be shifting its glare in another direction any time soon.

What should the US (and its UK/EU accomplices) do to end the humanitarian crisis in Syria? It should stop arming, financing and promoting its terrorist proxies and their White Helmet auxiliaries. It should lift economic sanctions and it should get out of Syria, ending its illegal occupation of Syrian territory.

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CNN Fake News' Don Lemon Lies About Fox Trump Coverage

CNN's fake news racist, homosexual fraud attempts to get free pass for on-air lies  

By David Bauder

CNN’s Don Lemon said Thursday that he “misspoke” the night before in an attempt to make a broader point when he claimed that Fox News Channel did not report on White House communications director Hope Hicks’ resignation.

Turned out that Fox had, several times — every hour from when the story broke after 4 p.m. through midnight. 

It did not get the wall-to-wall attention it received on CNN and MSNBC, however.

Lemon tweeted out a correction on Thursday afternoon. “I should have been more specific,” he wrote.

Things have been testy between CNN and Fox lately. 

Fox aired segments last week questioning whether CNN had scripted questions in its town hall on gun control. 

But when the father of a Florida school shooting survivor told The Associated Press that he had omitted words in an email sent to media outlets that may have falsely given that impression, Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity corrected the record.

Lemon, during a discussion of the Hicks story on his show Wednesday, said he’d been watching news networks in his office and that “Trump TV, or state-run TV” was not even reporting the story. Trump supporters who watch Fox aren’t even aware of negative stories about the administration, he said.

To that claim, Fox White House correspondent John Roberts tweeted in response: “Whaaaaaaaa????” He later detailed the times he had reported it on the air.

“Don Lemon is not our assignment editor,” said Fox News spokeswoman Carly Shanahan.

The most extensive discussion in the evening was on Martha MacCallum’s show. Hannity offered Hicks some career advice: “She can work at the Fox News Channel, she’s good,” he said.

Fox said it had requested Lemon make an on-air correction.

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