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Quebec "Close To Its Limits" As "Refugees" Flood Across U.S. - Canada Border

Canada set to become North America's Germany  

By Tyler Durden

Back in January, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his liberal savior complex in full view, announced that Canada would take in all refugees who are refused entry to the US. “To those fleeing persecution, terror and war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength.”

Six months later, some Canadians are starting to question that decision as the country's resources are stretched to the limit by an unprecedented wave of refugees seeking asylum.

As we’ve reported previously, a crush of migrants hoping to seek refugee status in the US have instead traveled north to Canada, fearing arrest – or worse, deportation – following the November election of President Donald Trump. 

Thanks to the flow of thousands of migrants from Central and South America flowing across the Canadian border, 2017 is expected to see the highest number of asylum seekers applying for asylum since 2011. 

The crush of migrants has already overwhelmed Canada’s legal system, leaving many in an uncomfortable legal limbo.

Now, a wave of Haitian asylum-seekers are occupying most of the spare shelter space in a city where temperatures regularly fall below[zero], as one supervisor at a government-funded aid program told the Montreal Gazette.

“Francine Dupuis, who oversees PRAIDA, a government-funded program to help seekers get on their feet in Quebec, said the number of refugee claimants is unprecedented.

Following a recent wave of Syrian refugees, most are now Haitians fleeing the United States for fear their temporary resident status will be revoked and hoping to find refuge in Montreal’s large Haitian community.

‘It’s unheard of,’ Dupuis said. ‘In 30 years, I’ve never seen this kind of volume or intensity.’

Dupuis said about 90 per cent of asylum seekers coming into Quebec now are Haitian. In July, PRAIDA received 1,200 new requests for refugees, nearly four times more than an average month.

‘We’re doing our best, but obviously there’s going to be a limit. And we’re close to that limit.’”

According to Dupuis, an “increasing wave” of Haitian refugee claimants forced officials to open a temporary shelter in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Wednesday as they scramble to keep up with an influx they fear shows no signs of slowing. Many of them are Haitians fleeing the US after Trump threatened in May to remove the temporary protected status granted to nearly 60,000 Haitians living in the country following Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

Figures compiled by the Canadian Border Services Agency show Quebec has become Canada’s main entry point from the US. Of the 4,345 people who either sought asylum at the border or were intercepted by police in the first six months of 2017, 3,350 were recorded in Quebec.

Unsurprisingly, local officials haven’t hesitated to blame Trump for the overflow.

“In a series of tweets, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre welcomed the refugees and called the situation “another consequence” of Trump’s immigration politics. In a statement, Coderre said he had a “constructive conversation” with Quebec Immigration Minister Kathleen Weil about the influx of refugees.

Many Haitian refugees are being housed at the YMCA 
downtown as a temporary measure
Because Montreal became a sanctuary city in February (we’re not sure how that differentiates it from every other city in Canada), asylum seekers have access to the city’s municipal services. 

Through programs like PRAIDA, the city will also help them find emergency housing, hosting them in empty schools, rehab centers, hotels and YMCAs while helping them with the required paperwork. 

In addition to housing, PRAIDA offers medical, nursing and psychosocial services to asylum seekers.

The agency recently reached out to the Olympic Stadium to see if it’d be willing to shelter some of the incoming migrants. Officials quickly agreed, and began prepping the space for 150 people.

Olympic Stadium spokesperson C├ędric Essiminy said officials were approached on Friday about hosting refugees for the next couple of months. 

As of Wednesday, the stadium had 150 beds set up in a communal space in its western hall, where caregivers will be using a nearby concession stand to prepare and distribute food.

Refugees will also have access to 20 showers in an unused team locker room. The space can accommodate up to 450 beds. Hosting the refugees will not affect any of the stadium’s activities, Essiminy added.”

With large, public spaces nearly tapped out, the government of Quebec will need to make some difficult choices.

“But I don’t think anybody has the answers,” Dupuis said. “Nobody knows when it’s going to stop. At one point, I think the government will have to make a decision - do we continue to receive them, and if we do, where are the resources going to come from?”

Maybe Trudeau will swoop in with more federal aid. However, since the refugees are Haitian not Syria, and therefore won’t attract swarms of adulating press coverage like the prime minister received in January, we wonder: Will this register as a priority? Or will Quebec soon start turning away asylum seekers at the border?

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Vladimir Putin, At Wit's End With Washington, Opts For Poker Over Chess

CNN, MSM fake news sabotage administration efforts to prevent WWIII with Russia, China  

By Robert Bridge

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a calculated bet that the embattled Trump administration will interpret his expulsion of hundreds of US diplomats from Russia as more of a friendly warning than an overtly hostile act. As US lawmakers on the weekend sent to President Trump's desk a bill that would make it virtually impossible for the US leader to revoke a new round of anti-Russia sanctions without congressional approval, Putin announced that 755 American diplomats "will have to leave Russia as a result of Washington's own policies." 

CNN fake news lied and shilled Americans into the
catastrophic Iraq, Afghan, Syrian illegal wars
Speaking on Sunday, the Russian leader – clearly exasperated by the clinical bout of Russophobia that took possession of the American psyche long before a rich real estate developer named Donald Trump emerged on the scene – delivered a message loaded with both strength and regret when he said: "We've been waiting for quite a long time that maybe something would change for the better, we had hopes that the situation would change. But it looks like, it's not going to change in the near future ... I decided that it is time for us to show that we will not leave anything unanswered."

All things considered, Putin's response was exceptional for its balance and restraint. Although 755 diplomats may sound like a small army, slashing the US side by that number gives Moscow and Washington exactly 455 civil servants each. That sounds not only fair, but logical. 

At the same time, Putin announced the seizure of two US properties in Moscow – a warehouse and a riverside retreat nestled in a wooded area along the shores of the Moscow River. Once again, this maneuver is merely tit-for-tat on the part of the Russians, and lacks enough punch to inflict any mortal wound on US-Russia relations. That is, unless the Americans – who have until Sept. 1 to comply with the expulsion order – wish for it to. 

CNN fake news Bombay dishwasher plagiarist Fareed Zakaria vomits ludicrous, non-stop anti-Russian propaganda 

Importantly, Putin's expulsion order is not against the Trump administration. It is a well-timed response to a malicious move by ex-President Barack Obama, who, in the waning hours of his disastrous presidency, declared 35 Russian diplomats "persona non grata," while performing a land grab on Russian properties. He gave these officials and their families just 72 hours to leave the country – and right before New Year's, the most popular Russian holiday.

At the time, Putin, confident that bilateral relations would improve under Trump, shrugged off Obama's desperate last act on the political stage. 

"We will not create problems for American diplomats. We will not expel anyone," he said. "Furthermore, I invite all children of US diplomats accredited in Russia to the Christmas and New Year tree in the Kremlin."

CNN fake news shill Rosemary Church froths at the mouth in anticipation of WWIII with Russia - which CNN hallucinates they will somehow survive

Ironically, then-President-Elect Donald Trump called Putin "very smart" for not allowing Obama to cause him to react harshly to the expulsion, thereby delivering a long-term setback to US-Russia relations. What could not have been anticipated at the time, however, was to what extent the 'Deep State' – that disruptive and destructive shadow force that comprises the real power behind the Oval Office – would go to destroy the Trump presidency (It is worth mentioning that the very existence of the Deep State precludes the ludicrous notion that Russia somehow "hacked American democracy" since Moscow understands better than anyone that regardless of the US political party in power – Democrat or Republican, take your choice – the real decisions are made by a monolithic, supra-political structure that does not tolerate political freedom in any form, and least of all democratic. Any attempt to rig such a fixed system would be pure folly).

The fact that Trump almost immediately declared his intent to sign the Russian sanctions bill indicates that he either caved in to the relentless pressure by the establishment, or he was never very sincere about restoring relations with Russia in the first place. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. However, judging by the unhinged anti-Russia comments by members of his staff (UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, for example, in March told NBC: "We cannot trust Russia ... We should never trust Russia"), it seems Trump was the only one in Washington in favor of fixing the US-Russia relationship

Bad appointment:  Nikki Haley 

Indeed, after US lawmakers voted in favor of the anti-Russia bill, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered a comment that was so stupid it had to be calculated. The House and Senate votes in favor of more Russian sanctions, Tillerson said, "represent the strong will of the American people to see Russia take steps to improve relations with the United States."


And then Tillerson signed off with the following statement that actually carried a thinly veiled threat: "We will work closely with our friends and allies to ensure our messages to Russia, Iran, and North Korea are clearly understood." 

Tillerson, however, will now have to work extra hard to get the message across to America's European allies, especially the Germans, who are fuming mad about the latest anti-Russia sanctions. That's because the sanctions target any company that is involved in Russia’s energy export pipelines, like Nord Stream 2, a joint Russia-German project to carry Russian natural gas under the Baltic Sea, bypassing American client states, like Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States. 

CNN attempts once again to stampede Americans into war - any war - that will delay their prosecution for war crimes, sedition and treason

In other words, what we have here is the American superpower attempting to deny the right of economic cooperation between two consenting states. In the event the US fails to get what it wants, which seems to be everything under the moon, its infantile will is enforced by the small yet lethal firearm known as 'sanctions.' Fortunately, such bumbling 'diplomacy' is transparent even to the most knee-jerk Russophobes for the very simple reason it places their own financial security at great risk.

So what is the source of this latest anti-Russia mood coming out of Washington? Briefly, it began in earnest in September 2015 when Russia made the decision to enter the Syrian fray – legally, it should be added, with an expressed invitation by President Bashar Assad – to fight against the terrorists of Islamic State. Strangely, the more damage Russian forces inflicted upon this malevolent group, the more it was criticized by US politicians. 

However, the anti-Russia witch hunt really hit its stride when it became clear that Hillary Clinton would lose the 2016 presidential election to the populist Donald Trump. The Deep State that backed her needed a scapegoat for the devastating loss, and Russia, as usual, provided a convenient suspect. 

To this day, seven months after Trump entered the White House, the world has not seen a single scrap of hard evidence to suggest Russian interference in the election. But that has not stopped the media from continuing its non-stop attacks on both Trump and Putin (We may eventually see Vice President Mike Pence, who espouses the world view of the US elite, take over the reins of the US presidency. This week, after meeting the trembling leaders of the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Pence delivered this line of rubbish: "Russia seeks to redraw international borders by force, undermine democracies of sovereign nations and divide the free nations of Europe"). 

Although we may hope that Donald Trump will see the writing on the wall as far as US-Russia relations go, and find ways to restore bilateral relations between the world's two nuclear powers, things are not so simple as that. Trump has been assailed by a mainstream media that can only be described as out of control and half-insane. Worse than the military industrial complex, it is truly hell-bent on war, which became clear after Trump bombed a Syrian airfield in April and became an overnight darling of the Neo-Liberal goon squad. When Trump eventually curbed his appetite for violence and bloodshed, he once again became a target for media-sponsored destruction.

Ratings in freefall, CNN now #1 in fake news

Clearly, either the media and its many powerful proponents will get their way and bring down Trump, or Trump – and in direct contradiction to history's tragic lessons (read Kennedy and Lincoln) – will somehow emerge victorious against the Deep State. The options for Russia, not to mention the American people themselves in such a dire and dangerous situation, are rather slim. A bit like leaving Las Vegas with more in your pocket than when you first arrived.

In conclusion, Putin's move was a long time coming, yet this may have been exactly what the Deep State – anxious for any excuse to permanently wreck US-Russia relations – had been eagerly anticipating.

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