Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Revolution Is Back To The United States

The "elites," corporate criminals, banksters, Congress traitors hallucinate they can survive another American Revolution, when in fact they and their CNN/MSM puppets will be burned out of their high-end sewers by enraged Patriot militias and publicly executed  

By Grete Mautner

All through the last couple decades America’s ruling elite has been promoting all sorts of revolutions across the world in a bid to force other, supposedly undemocratic countries, to match their own standards and requirements. 

The latest in the list of such “accomplishments” was the wave of so-called Arab Spring, promoted by Washington and which swept across the Middle East and North Africa. 

It was followed by similar events in Eastern European states, especially where natural resources or strategically important territory was involved. 

Through these means, the US has managed to bring down targeted governments only to be replaced by those loyal to Washington.

But prior to that, Western political circles carried out an extremely political experiment through the creation of a so-called United Europe. 

The fact that the EU has always been a CIA project has recently been reported on by the Telegraph, and it doesn’t seem that one can add anything to this detailed study.

Of course, after testing all sorts of manipulative techniques, the US political establishment has got its hands on a set of methods that allows it to forge revolutions “on demand” virtually anywhere in the world. These days, for example, such revolutions are being staged in Southeast Asia and Latin America, where the CIA supports swarms of NGOs tasked with political destabilization and regime change.

It’s no secret that a number of American think tanks are carefully studying how the financial fortune of the richest people in the world can be transformed into revolutionary movements in any particular country. 

These think tanks often consult influential figures who are capable of using their recommendations in actual power plays, for instance, the notorious billionaire – George Soros. 

This “revolutionary champion” has managed to enrich himself after each of the regime change operations he has supported. What is even more curious, is that according to reports presented by Reuters, he has also managed to profit from the referendum on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

If one is to take a cursory look at the rapidly increasing number of reports about Washington’s involvement in the affairs of other states, one should have little doubt that such “revolutionary tools” would not be used within the US itself. And now it’s safe to say that we’ve witnessed this unfolding.

The United States is a presidential republic. At the initial stages of American independence, all power in the country was concentrated in the hands of one representative body – the Constitutional Congress. 

The head of state did not exist at that time, and the Congress elected from among its members a president whose functions were limited to chairing its meetings. 

Only in 1787 in Philadelphia in order to adopt the US Federal Constitution, this body made a historic choice in favor of a presidential republic. From that moment onward the head of the executive branch of power was called, President of the United States of America.

Those behind the US Constitution sought to empower the president to be the most powerful official in the state. The uniqueness of the new presidential position was in the fact that he would act as the highest state and executive power, providing a single person with unprecedented capabilities. It is no coincidence that from that point on the political history of the United States would be divided in presidential terms. Some figures, like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt would change the history of the United States forever.

However, the “behind the scenes rulers of the United States,” those who wield power due to immense fortunes they’ve accumulated over the years have now decided to show who is really calling shots in Washington, putting forward revolutionary designs aimed at bringing down any person “outside of their circles” who manages to become US President. 

Wealthy Americans, like George Soros, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg, lost billions of dollars amid the recent election, as Bloomberg reports.

Corporate criminals, "elites" had best enjoy their ill-gotten gains while they can

As a result, the word impeachment is now on the lips of everyone within influential circles across America. It was bound to happen sooner or later, when the true rulers of the United States would lose control over their emotions and the course of affairs, by openly challenging Trump. 

To head this task is the rich and powerful elected Congressman from Texas, Al Green, acting on their behalf in a bid to impeach Trump.

The fact that the prospects of Trump’s impeachment are real, one can note a sharp increase in the number of bets that the sitting US president will leave the office prematurely. The odds are currently at 21-10 that Trump will be impeached by the end of the year.

As a result, Trump – the most powerful person in the United States, has no option but to destroy the instigators of the “revolution”, since to this date, as the entire period of fifty-second American President’s terms in office shows, he has been entrusted with nothing by the nominal power to sign what the “true owners of the United States” put on his table.

The nooses are ready for the Congress traitors, bank criminals, corporate "elites" and their CNN/MSM mouthpieces - who all will be eradicated root and branch by American Patriots

If those “revolutionaries” are to take the upper-hand and Trump chooses to turn to the population for support, then we may witness the civil war tearing the US apart (after all, Trump won the election by a majority vote).

Thus, Trump’s “impeachment revolution” can quickly become the end of the America as we know it, turning the once land of the brave into a fascist pseudo-democratic state.

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