Monday, March 27, 2017

"New Left" Calls For Civil War In America

The "New Left" Obama/Clinton deviant fantasists will be exterminated in a civil war with armed American Patriots, and this time it will not end until the last traitor is executed  

By Phil Butler

Not long ago many conservatives predicted an American “melt-down” if Hillary Clinton won the White House. Today, the Democrats who are backed by massive corporate interest, they have our nation on the brink of civil war. 

Radical thugs at Berkley and elsewhere openly attack anyone uttering support for the new president. Making use of an entitled generation of left extremists, the globalists make their move on American regime change.

There is a soft coup underway in my country. We’re far past calling the neo-socialist fanaticism brewing in the United States by any other name. Donald Trump has been in office only a few days, but impartial onlookers wonder at what he could possibly have done to incite such bitter hatred and violence.  

The people behind the Obama-Clinton cabal intend recreating 1960s tension and chaos. In an ironic twist, Berkley was a central spot for the 1960s Free Speech Movement. Today radical liberalism and entitlement are the only words heard. 

If something does not change soon, America will burn.

The editors at the National Review author call these radicals the “New New Left”, that has been set in motion since before the new president took office.  This is the way conservatives and moderates see the unrest today. National Review’s Heather Mac Donald calls our attention to the deep seeded danger of this movement with her condemnation of professors justifying the anarchy. On those academics’ part she wrote:

“These are the same faculty who defined speech as “harmful conduct” in their petitions to the Berkeley administration to cancel Yiannopoulos’s engagement.”

From a strategy point of view the New New Left had an easy time stifling constitutional rights these last few weeks. Berkley is the newest example of cheaply bought civil unrest and coercion. If George Soros or Google wanted to fight pro-Trump voices, 100 violent thugs seeded into an audience already stirred up by Berkley professors and activists gets the job done pretty well.

Follow up with New York Times editorials and tilted news, some CNN fake news, and we can expect Kent State to be repeated soon. Only this time the National Guard may open fire on the protestors for the wars. For the wars. It’s important that readers understand what these leftists support.

The “Womens march”, raging left wing media, Democrats blocking presidential appointments, major technology corporations holding special meetings to “handle Trump”, let me tell you brother’s and sisters – patience is about to be worn thin. I watch the tenor of all this on social media, the New New Left is out there threatening people’s kids. The constant pressure, the needling and jabbing, I’ve never seen the likes in 15 years analyzing social media and digital platforms. The internet is a mirror, a mirror of later reality in person. Whoever is behind all this, and there are those running the chaos show, their only clear goal is an all out civil war to overthrow a dully elected president. Figuring out who “they” are is not so difficult. All anyone has to do is look to Wall Street and the supporters of Obama and Clinton. The “swamp” as President Trump calls it, is churning over the drain plug being pulled.

Desperation by those opposed to nationalism and conservatism in the US has caused a huge miscalculation I think. Indications of the coming backlash are visible through notables from Chicago to Hollywood now. The right side is about to have enough, former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka called the sports media bent on turning the Super Bowl in to an anti-Trump demonstration “assholes” on the popular Bernie & Sid Show radio show. In an interview with The Guardian the other day, film star Matthew McConaughey stood up above the silent majority of Hollywood to basically endorse Trump by suggesting that Hollywood needs to “embrace” the new president and look for positives. Actor Morgan Freeman, a Clinton supporter, was quoted recently as saying;

“I’m holding out hope that Donald Trump has to be a good president. He can’t not be. What I see is a guy who will not lose.”

The hate, that visceral hole of dissatisfaction of the empowered-generation, it’s becoming a whining, crying, horrible screaming pit of aggression toward anyone not further satisfying their misery. It’s like the smartphone makers implanted zombie chips in all the cell phones to run everybody nutty.

Google and Facebook spying, Microsoft and the Clinton Foundation, Obama dropping a microphone and the shitheads of California overflow our country’s cities chanting “hell yeah, that’s so cool”. Good God we are in trouble.

This story on Paste by Steve Ryan is a caution, a warning of the deep seeded banality of this New New Left beast. The bestselling scribe of the book, “Slaying the Tiger: A Year Inside the Ropes on the New PGA Tour”, turns a mighty skill with a keyboard or pen into a typical condescending advocacy of violence. Yes the author veils the threatening tone as a caution for the “Left” to lay off violence, but underneath that nuance the “power” these people feel seethes. The author writes belches forth his understanding for liberal frustrations:

“The reaction makes sense—for so long, “liberals” in America have been a party of capitulation and compromise, and have been bullied to irrelevance by conservatives who are morally repugnant but possess actual balls.”

Cowards: Masked "millennial" snowflakes loot and burn as cops stand by,  afraid to enforce the law

Ryan goes on to vent his own desire to “punch somebody in the face”. He takes his readership down, down, down on the ground where the real “battle” is to be waged, portraying those propped up with hedge fund and Silicon Valley billions as helpless, with nobody at all at their backs. Reading this guy’s bullshit is almost painful, a pitiful lie laid out like a blanket of caviar on a poisoned cracker. Anybody who bites is as likely to get killing in a civil war.

Media in America is owned and anybody knows that. The bankers and money in the US started this shit show, and now they employ every idiot or genius sap to do the bleeding when the time comes. Civil War.

Donald Trump was elected because of the lunatic policies and the New New Left went too far. I cannot believe how many people are blind to this fact. We, meaning me and every other conservative America, were ignored and marginalized, forgotten by these radicals. In America being Christian, being conservative, wanting two kids and a dog and a picket fence was once AOK.

Wanting to believe America stood for traditional values was AOK. Preferring not to have an LGBT parade down main street in front of our kids was AOK.

LGBT deviant sodomite filth must be cleansed from American society - permanently

And hating, hurting, ridiculing or assailing people who believed otherwise was not. This is where the term moderation comes in. Left meant anything goes, and right meant stuffy and anal retentive stoicism. Olive branch toting on the one hand, and gun toting war hawkishness on the other was balanced by compromise basically.

Trump supporters are mainly the balancers, and this is the only reason there is not already a bloodbath. It’s time we stood back and looked at who the extremists are.

Breaking it down, here’s the scoop on America right now. President Donald Trump was asked a long time ago if he would ever run for president. He told the reporter asking; “Only if I see my country going down the tubes.” Well here he is pushing the “reset” button 150 million Americans want pushed. Half of America did not believe or want the policies of Obama.

Half the country was “all good” with same sex marriage in a church, though they did not agree. Half of America had no problem with a proxy war against Russia, with wars all over the world, even though they felt it was wrong. Half of America could stand a Wall Street robbery of the American taxpayer, even though they knew they were being fleeced. But that half of America could not take any more. That half of America won’t be beat in the head by people who believe they are righteous in their empowerment at their expense. Half of America is not going to be threatened or attacked much longer. Even the sold out media cannot show Trump supporters attacking the New New Left – not yet anyway.

The future fate of the "New Left," the mindless "millennial" wastrels and  LGBT pedophile pestilent filth

If this does not stop soon the Xbox playing liberal arts freshman bent on more satisfaction and coolness, is going to come face to face with Billy Bad Ass from some small ghost town in South Alabama. I see it coming, I know many of you do too. The New New Left is human in their desire to “punch somebody in the face”, and so are we.

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Russophobia – Symptom Of U.S. Implosion

CNN anti-Russia propagandists screech and howl for WWIII with Russia, their globalist/military industrial complex masters apoplectic at prospect of world peace and end to their tyranny  

By Finian Cunningham

There was a time when Russophobia served as an effective form of population control – used by the American ruling class in particular to command the general US population into patriotic loyalty. Not any longer. 

Now, Russophobia is a sign of weakness, of desperate implosion among the US ruling class from their own rotten, internal decay.

This propaganda technique worked adequately well during the Cold War decades when the former Soviet Union could be easily demonized as "godless communism" and an "evil empire." Such stereotypes, no matter how false, could be sustained largely because of the monopoly control of Western media by governments and official regulators.

The Soviet Union passed away more than a quarter of a century ago, but Russophobia among the US political class is more virulent than ever.

This week it was evident from Congressional hearings in Washington into alleged Russian interference in US politics that large sections of American government and establishment media are fixated by Russophobia and a belief that Russia is a malign foreign adversary.

CNN anti-Putin, anti-Trump fake news frauds go into propaganda overdrive as their globalist world implodes

However, the power of the Russophobia propaganda technique over the wider population seems to have greatly diminished from its Cold War heyday. This is partly due to more diverse global communications which challenge the previous Western monopoly for controlling narrative and perception. 

Contemporary Russophobia – demonizing Russian President Vladimir Putin or Russian military forces – does not have the same potency for scaring the Western public. 

Indeed, due to greater diversity in global news media sources, it is fair to say that "official" Western depictions of Russia as an enemy, for example allegedly about to invade Europe or allegedly interfering in electoral politics, are met with a healthy skepticism – if not ridicule by many Western citizens.

What is increasingly apparent here is a gaping chasm between the political class and the wider public on the matter of Russophobia. This is true for Western countries generally, but especially in the US. The political class – the lawmakers in Washington and the mainstream news media – are frenzied by claims that Russia interfered in the US presidential elections and that Russia has some kind of sinister leverage on the presidency of Donald Trump.

But this frenzy of Russophobia is not reflected among the wider public of ordinary American citizens. Rabid accusations that Russia hacked the computers of Trump’s Democrat rival Hillary Clinton to spread damaging information about her; that this alleged sabotage of American democracy was an «act of war»; that President Trump is guilty of "treason" by "colluding" with a "Russian influence campaign" – all of these sensational claims seem to be only a preoccupation of the privileged political class. Most ordinary Americans, concerned about making a living in a crumbling society, either don’t buy the claims or view them as idle chatter.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov this week dismissed the Congressional hearings into alleged Russian interference in US politics. He aptly said that US lawmakers and the corporate media have become "entangled" in their own fabrications. "They are trying to find evidence for conclusions that they have already made," said Peskov.

Other suitable imagery is that the US political class are tilting at windmills, chasing their own tails, or running from their own shadows. There seems to be a collective delusional mindset.

Unable to accept the reality that the governing structure of the US has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the people, that the people rebelled by electing an outsider in the form of business mogul-turned-politician Donald Trump, that the collapse of American traditional politics is due to the atrophy of its bankrupt capitalist economy over several decades – the ruling class have fabricated their own excuse for demise by blaming it all on Russia.

The American ruling class cannot accept, or come to terms, with the fact of systemic failure in their own political system. The election of Trump is a symptom of this failure and the widespread disillusionment among voters towards the two-party train wreck of Republicans and Democrats. 

That is why the specter of Russian interference in the US political system had to be conjured up, by necessity, as a way of "explaining" the abject failure and the ensuing popular revolt.

Russophobia was rehabilitated from the Cold War closet by the American political establishment to distract from the glaring internal collapse of American politics.

The corrosive, self-destruction seems to know no bounds. James Comey, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, told Congress this week that the White House is being probed for illicit contacts with Russia. This dramatic notice served by Comey was greeted with general approval by political opponents of the Trump administration, as well as by news media outlets.

The New York Times said the FBI was in effect holding a "criminal investigation at the doorstep of the White House."

Other news outlets are openly airing discussions on the probability of President Trump being impeached from office.

The toxic political atmosphere of Russophobia in Washington is unprecedented. The Trump administration is being crippled at every turn from conducting normal political business under a toxic cloud of suspicion that it is guilty of treason from colluding with Russia.

President Trump has run afoul with Republicans in Congress over his planned healthcare reforms because many Republicans are taking issue instead over the vaunted Russian probe.

When Trump’s Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was reported to be skipping a NATO summit next month but was planning to visit Moscow later in the same month, the itinerary was interpreted as a sign of untoward Russian influence.

What makes the spectacle of political infighting so unprecedented is that there is such little evidence to back up allegations of Trump-Russia collusion. It is preponderantly based on innuendo and anonymous leaks to the media, which are then recycled as "evidence."

Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said earlier this week that he has seen no actual evidence among classified documents indicating any collusion between the Trump campaign team and the Russian government.

Even former senior intelligence officials, James Clapper and Michael Morell who are no friends of Trump, have lately admitted in media interviews that there is no such evidence.

Yet, FBI chief James Comey told Congress that his agency was pursuing a potentially criminal investigation into the Trump administration, while at the same time not confirming or denying the existence of any evidence.

And, as already noted, this declaration of open-ended snooping by Comey on the White House was met with avid approval by political opponents of Trump, both on Capitol Hill and in the corporate media.

Let’s just assume for a moment that the whole Trump-Russia collusion story is indeed fake. That it is groundless, a figment of imagination. There are solid reasons to believe that is the case. But let’s just assume here that it is fake for the sake of argument.

That then means that the Washington seat of government and the US presidency are tearing themselves apart in a futile civil war.

The real war here is a power struggle within the US in the context of ruling parties no longer having legitimacy to govern.

This is an American implosion. An historic Made-in-America meltdown. And Russophobia is but a symptom of the internal decay at the heart of US politics.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



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