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#DarkSeaSkies: CIA Tool To Hack MacBook Air In Under 29 Seconds Exposed

CIA completely out of control - and has been


Amidst WikiLeaks’ revelations about the CIA’s capabilities to hack into Apple products is DarkSeaSkies – a tool used to monitor and control MacBook Air that’s physically installed by a CIA agent or asset in “less than 29 seconds.” 

DarkSeaSkies is a tool that runs in the background of a MacBook Air to allow the CIA command and control laptops. It is delivered via “supply chain intercept or a gift to the target.”

It’s loaded onto a MacBook via booting through a thumb drive. 

The CIA’s user document explains: “It is assumed that an operator or asset has one-time physical access to the target system and can boot the target system to an external flash drive.”

A 2009 “user requirements” document on DarkSeaSkies explains it was created to allow the CIA to access a MacBook Air.

DarkSeaSkies Components

DarkSeaSkies is actually made up of three components, Dark Matter, SeaPea and NightSkies.

DarkMatter is installed in a computer’s kernal-space (core of computer’s operating system, usually in protected area of memory). 

It then installs the other two components of the tool, SeaPea and NightSkies.

SeaPea is installed in the kernal and executes and hides NightSkies, which is implanted in the user the space (computer’s memory area that deals with apps and software).

“All files, network connections, and processes associated with the NightSkies beacon are hidden by the SeaPea root-kit,” the document reads.

NightSkies is the beaconing tool used to monitor and send information from the phone to a Listening Post (LP), which collects the incoming data.

Physical access is required to install DarkSeaSkies and the target must have “at minimum occasional internet access” to communicate with a CIA LP. If it’s unable to communicate with a LP, it will eventually delete itself from the system.

The good news is, at least back in 2009, DarkSeaSkies would not persist in the event of a firmware update, according to the CIA’s documents.

A document dealing with test procedures for DarkSeaSkies references a “MacBook Air out of the box” and explains how to install DarkSeaSkies, “run through the wizard to setup the MacBook for the first time. While you’re going through the setup you need to ensure that you set the clock to the current date and time. Disable the wireless card and the Bluetooth card.”

Under “observations,” it’s noted that the tool can be installed in “less than 29 seconds.”

“It takes roughly 23 seconds to get to where you can choose the thumb drive as the boot device and 6 seconds for the tool to install and power off the machine,” the document reads.

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Fake News Media - Or Fake-News Media?

CNN, BBC, MSM now completely discredited: on the way to bankruptcy, criminal conspiracy investigations and trials  

By Eric Zuesse

This is the best-written news-commentary I’ve ever seen: Paul Craig Roberts on the U.S. news media. It’s not merely a historical account, but the cited events are placed into their true context, which makes it shocking (since such truthfulness is almost never published, anywhere; the public just rarely gets to see it — and, when they do, it gets drowned-out by the constant flood of propaganda).

However, Roberts thinks that "The Global Elite" want only the increased military budgets and weapons-sales — only the brinksmanship — not the forcing beyond that point, into a U.S.-NATO conquest of Russia (as viewed by the believers in America’s ‘nuclear primacy’), or else a global nuclear winter (as viewed by those who say that, in any war between the U.S. and Russia, the very idea of ‘nuclear primacy’ is sheer stupidity).

Of course, if that war would produce a nuclear winter, then there would be no winner, but two losers — plus the entire world lost. However, the believers in ‘nuclear primacy’ include many extremely influential, and powerful, people, which is why such a concept gets published in such extremely influential publications as introduced the ’nuclear primacy’ concept.

His view is generally consistent with this:

Oddly, both Roberts and Black are Republicans, which used to be an even more neoconservative (or neoliberal) Party than the Democrats; but which, now, polls show to be less anti-Russian than Democrats are. Unlike Roberts, Black still considers himself to be a Republican. Perhaps he has political ambitions.

On March 14th, an astute blogger headlined "The Democrats Anti-Russia Campaign Falls Apart" and he argued that the neoconservatives’ campaign is heading into some rough waters, which could sink the neoconservative ship, but perhaps he was merely over-reacting: the wave that he’s seeing might already have peaked.

Another astute blogger bannered "American Corporate MSM Is Merged With CIA And Has Been Since The 1950s" and he documented the case, but who can say whether that situation continues today?

It’s certainly not consistent with what would be found in a democratic nation, but does it continue, even today (and maybe even worse now)?

Without a trustworthy newsmedia — especially on the most important issues of state, such as international relations and war and peace — there cannot be a democracy. Isn’t that clear, or did I miss something here?

Perhaps this helps explain why former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has said, of his own country, "Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members."

If the newsmedia do their job only for the wealthy, and merely pretend to be interested in other values such as equality and anti-corruption, then how is democracy even possible? How can democracy result from such sheer hypocrisy?

If both sides in a political contest are actually two sides of the same aristocracy (or, as Carter referred to it, "oligarchy"), then what meaning is left to "democracy?" Does that term then become, itself, no longer a living and functioning reality, but simply a corpse of that, bandied about on the remaining shrunken tiny and narrow real political field, by the two contending teams that represent, actually, the very same aristocracy?

If that’s the case, then what should one think about the routine assertions by such a nation’s politicians, condemning other regimes as being a "dictatorship?" Would that then be a hypocrisy on top of a hypocrisy? Maybe we’ll invent a new term to refer to it: meta-hypocrisy.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

"Aleppo Boy" Versus "Mosul Girl" - How CNN, BBC, Western MSM Peddle War Propaganda

CNN, BBC warmongering frauds will be sitting in the dock at The Hague along with Obama, Cameron, Brennan, McCain et al  

By Robert Bridge

The world recently got a crude lesson as to how the Western media machine manipulates its news coverage to fit NATO's regime-change agenda. 

CNN fake news fraud Clarissa Ward has a date with
The Hague along with her corporate masters
During two parallel global events - the Russian-backed liberation of Aleppo and the US-backed liberation of Mosul - viewers witnessed the tragic circumstances of two children, with two radically different media spins.

By now, many people are familiar with the story of Omran Daqneesh. He is the Syrian boy from Aleppo who - seated alone in the back of an ambulance, covered in dust, blood and the flood of flashbulbs - became the Western media's stock image whenever it wished to portray the "Russian-backed Syrian regime" and its effort to free the city of Aleppo from the yoke of terrorism.

Omran's "haunting" photograph, splashed across every front page of every Western newspaper on August 18, 2016, accompanied a self-righteous Western jeremiad against "Russia and the Syrian regime," as opposed to the bloodthirsty terrorists who held the residents of this northern Syrian city hostage to their insane ideology for years.

Would the Western media really stoop so low as to use the image of an injured child as a propaganda device to damage Russia’s efforts in defeating such deranged characters?

CIA "White Helmets" assisted, covered for by CNN, BBC, MSM

Unfortunately, that appears to have been the case.

No time or space for 'Mosul girl'

While much of the developed world knows of ‘Aleppo boy’ Omran Daqneesh, how many have heard of an equally tragic story involving a five-year-old girl named Hawraa, the sole survivor of a US-coordinated airstrike on her home in Mosul? The girl, with burns over much of her body, is now battling for her life in the field hospital of Iraq Special Operations Forces. No place for a five-year-old child, that's for sure. 

Yet this tragic story has gone conspicuously missing from the West's "heroic" Mosul narrative. 

Brennan used CNN as his own propaganda machine, it's frauds as spies and propagandists

On March 20, RT sent a formal request to CNN, BBC, MSNBC and Al Jazeera, inviting them to participate in a panel discussion that would cover a number of issues with regards to media coverage in Aleppo and Mosul.  

RT also requested they provide a comment regarding the way they decide whether an airstrike that affects civilians would be given full-scale, rolling coverage (like in Aleppo) or not (like in Mosul), and whether or not they intended to use any of the available video that points to civilians being killed as a result of coalition airstrikes.

BBC refused to provide a panel participant or comment, CNN, MSNBC and Al Jazeera did not respond, while Sky News said they “had no time.”

Assuming that all life is precious - and perhaps more so when we are talking about innocent children – it would certainly seem appropriate for the Western media to allocate the same amount of news line to Hawraa from Mosul as they did with Omran from Aleppo.

However, not only has there been no mention of the little girl from Mosul in the Western mainstream media, the entire Battle of Mosul seems to be nothing more than a mirage in the desert.

On Tuesday, I scanned the CNN website for any news on Mosul or the little girl in critical condition from yet another errant airstrike. In the course of my search, I learned that the US was imposing an electronics ban on flights from 10 major airports; I learned about FBI Director Comey’s insomnia-curing brief to Congress; I even learned about a turtle named 'Piggy' that died after ingesting 915 coins. But I failed to find a single word about an American war zone in Iraq that has forced hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee, while leaving one little girl in very serious condition.

CNN fake news CIA operative Ward facilitated the delivery of weapons and money to FSA/ISIS proxies for Obama, Clinton, Brennan

On Wednesday, I continued my search. This time I expected some news on a US air raid that destroyed a school – not in Iraq, but in Syria. According to local reports, a US fighter jet hit a school in the south of Al-Mansur, where at least 50 families from Raqqa, Palmyra, and Aleppo had been taking shelter. The school building itself was completely destroyed. Is this what they mean by "imperial overreach?"

It's not all bad news, however. After all, the United States has promised to launch an investigation against itself regarding the misguided bombing mission. Any guesses how that trial will turn out?

Eventually, my luck improved, but for a different reason. For I had accidentally unearthed perhaps the largest nugget of raw propaganda ever found in North American territory. Admittedly, the piece was buried deep, at the very bottom of the page, under a banner entitled, I kid you not: “In case you missed it.” Pay dirt! I clicked on and was taken to an article entitled, 'Return to hell: Finding the family who sheltered us in Mosul,' by one Arwa Damon.

The CNN/CIA  drunken paramedic biter Arwa Damon

In the first few pages, Damon talked about her harrowing experiences riding shotgun with a unit of Iraqi counter-terrorism troops as they advanced street-by-street against ISIS in eastern Mosul. So far, so good.

But then the realization that I was feasting at the MSM trough arrives like a trumpet blast from the netherworld, as Damon details an altogether unlikely reaction that some anonymous Iraqi civilian allegedly provided gratuitously following a US aerial bombardment that erroneously, tragically, stupidly killed 9 people.

Wait for it, dear reader, it's a gem.

“Abu Yassin's son was mistaken for a fighter and killed as he stood on the roof of the family's home. (CNN photojournalist) Brice captured the piercing wail of a woman ringing out as his son's death was discovered.

McCain armed and financed CIA/ISIS in Syria

The airstrike that hit the house next door while we were here killed eight civilians, Abu Yassin says. Only three survived: two teenagers and a little boy, orphaned in the raid.”

Here it comes, the North American mother-lode: "A relative who's now caring for the little boy says he hasn't been able to tell him that his parents and sisters are dead. His voice shakes with emotion as we talk on the phone. But he wants to make one thing clear - he forgives the person who hit the house, saving his anger for ISIS.”

Hold on, the spin cycle is just revving up.

"I know that if the pilot, no matter where he is from or his religion, knew that there were two families in the house they would not have taken the strike, or they would have used a smaller rocket," he says.

A smaller rocket!? Please tell me I didn't just read that!

Since I have absolutely no problem playing plot spoiler of atrocious fiction, Damon proceeds to wrap up this propagandist puff piece with an Iraqi father who asked her to take his newborn baby to America. You know, where the streets are paved in 24-karat gold bricks, the poor drive around in Cadillacs and crime only happens to bad people. You can’t make this stuff up. Or then again, I guess you can.

And no, not a word on the fate of Harwaa from Mosul, but I’m sure if CNN covered her story the family members would be forgiving coalition fighter pilots for placing her in critical condition as opposed to a rubble-strewn grave.

By chance, could this media blackout on all bad news out of Mosul have anything to do with that pithy adage that goes something like, "victors write history, while victims go missing from the headlines?" 

Incidentally, where is the Iraqi equivalent of the White Helmets, the Western-backed non-profit rescue service that has been accused of actually staging videos and manipulating news reports to drum up support for the so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels?

Sounds like something creative enough to deserve an Oscar, no?

Or how about the Iraqi equivalent of the pompous-sounding Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a one-man operation headquartered in a distant land called the United Kingdom?

RT paid a visit to the two-bedroom Coventry home of Syrian immigrant Rami Abdel Rahman, which has been the Observatory’s base and the source of information for major mainstream media on anything Syria-related. To put it mildly, we were not impressed.

Nobody quite knows how Rahman keeps tabs on what is happening on the ground in faraway Syria, but information just keeps magically flowing… usually in tragic style and with little or no sourced material.

Unfortunately, while odd fellows like Rahman are always on hand to report on events in Syria, as was the case with 'Aleppo boy,' news of Harwaa's severe injuries and tragic loss from Mosul did not disappear from the Western news cycle, because they never existed there in the first place.

Exposed:  Massive across the board collusion between Brennan, McCain, CNN, BBC

Harwaa's tragic story underscores yet another pithy adage, which must be defeated by the free flow of information: "The first casualty of war is truth." 

The free world can no longer endure such a casualty when so many young, innocent lives are at risk, while much of the world remains ignorant of such horrors.

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