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Russia’s Railway Technologies Are Talk Of The Day In Indonesia

Indonesia already benefits from death of Obama's colonising TPP: Russia and U.S. will accelerate growth of already booming Indonesian economy  

By Dmitry Bokarev

It should be noted that today’s cooperation between Russia and Indonesia is rapidly developing, just like the ties Moscow establishes with other countries of the ASEAN region. 

Among common business interests of the two above mentioned states one can name arms supplies, energy and transport infrastructure development. Among the most successful areas of Russian-Indonesian cooperation one can mention the reconstruction of the Indonesian railways, which has been carried out by Russia’s major player in this area – the Russian Railways company (RZD).

Indonesia – is an island nation, nevertheless for its economy to boom it has to develop its rail infrastructure. 

Therefore, Indonesia’s political elites are counting on Russia’s expertise in this area, since they appreciate the experience and technologies that RZD possess. Ever since 2014, Russia has been keeping a quota of 50 students from Indonesia to be admitted to its railway universities. 

In November 2015 the start of large railway construction works was announced in the Indonesian province of East Kalimantan, supervised by PT Kereta Api Borneo (a local subsidiary of RZD). Denis Muratov, who heads the company, announced that it was tasked with building a sea port and a transshipment complex in the Balikpapan Bay, along with over 120 miles of railways, which would connect the internal regions of the island. Furthermore, RZD has decided to ship up to 40 engines and 1100 cars to Indonesia for this specific railway.

The project is of particular importance for Indonesia since the above mentioned strip of railway will allow the unhindered transportation of export goods from all over the East Kalimantan province, which is rich in all sorts of resources, to the port of Balikpapan Bay. The coal transportation is of particular importance, since Indonesia’s coal industry has been driving its economy forward, which is not surprising, since the country can be found on the list of major local coal exporters. Moreover, back in 2014 the country ranked second in the whole world. According to representatives of PT Kereta Api Borneo, once the new port becomes fully operational, it would allow the shipping of up to 30 million tons of coal per year, not counting other important commodities such as palm oil and timber. These number mean that the port will pay itself off in five to six years of its operations. The project cost was announced to be at the level of 2.5 billion dollars, and it will provide up to 300 thousand Indonesian citizens with jobs, should the project be successful implemented.

It is noteworthy that a particular attention in the course of the construction has been paid to environmental concerns. The Kalimantan Island is pretty unique in terms of its flora and its fauna, since the better part of its territory is covered by jungles that that are home to a great many of unique species and plants, some of which remain unknown to science to this very day. 

According to the data presented by PT Kereta Api Borneo, it is going to employ environmentally friendly means of transportation for the first time in Indonesia’s history. The project is going to use an extensive amount of cutting edge technologies, both Russian and Western, including solar power generators, as well as modern ways of processing and bracketing the coal, developed in South-East Asia.

In January 2016, Indonesia’s capital was visited by the Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, who also co-chairs the Russian-Indonesian commission on trade and economic and technical cooperation. He was received by the Indonesian President Joko Widodo along with a number of key figures of the Indonesian government. Among other issues, an extensive amount of attention was paid to Kalimantan railway project, since Russia has been providing loans to Jakarta for this project to succeed.

Among the main investor of the railway project, Russian Railways retains special rights to it. Thus, through the construction of the railway Russia receives some influence in the Indonesian economy. At the same time representatives of PT Kereta Api Borneo don’t stop reminding everyone that the investments will pay themselves off in less than a decade. It is also been reported that in case the project sees its successful completion, Jakarta may allow RZD to build other railway strips in its territory, with a total length of up to 2,5 thousand miles.

In October 2016, the head of the Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov made a working visit to Indonesia. There he held meetings with a number of high-ranking Indonesian officials, including the Indonesian Minister of Transport, Budi Karya Sumadi. During the talks, Indonesia’s Minister of State-Owned Businesses Rini Soemarno respectfully complemented the Russian Railways for its achievements and invited RZD to participate in the modernization of the Indonesian railway system. In her opinion, the experience of RZD must be of particular value in Jakarta’s bid improve the performance of its old railway system.

In conclusion it can be stated that the successful cooperation of railway companies of the two states is an important factor that brings the positions occupied by Moscow and Jakarta closer together. Lately, Russian-Indonesian cooperation has made significant progress in such important areas as defense cooperation and energy. If Russia is to be tasked with the improvement of Indonesia’s transportation system, Russia will enjoy stronger positions in Indonesia, and through it – in the Southeast Asia.

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CNN Fake News Calls Russia’s Envoy To Washington A Spy

Russia has a responsibility to SILENCE, EJECT AND BAN the CNN frauds and hacks from their country who openly and blatantly disseminate CIA propaganda from Moscow  

By Stephen Lendman

Reckless US Russia bashing is reminiscent of US propaganda preceding all its wars, vilifying targeted countries and their leaders before attacking them.

Value-added fake news:  CNN frauds spy for the CIA
while broadcasting propaganda direct from Moscow
The possibility of the world’s dominant nuclear powers clashing militarily should terrify everyone. Nuclear armageddon could follow.

Permanent wars reflect longstanding US policy. The Russian Federation never attacked another nation, fostering world peace and stability instead, threatening no other countries, despite Big Lies claiming otherwise.

Russia’s ambassador to Washington, Sergey Kislyak, is a distinguished diplomat, not an intelligence agent.

He joined the Soviet Foreign Affairs Ministry in 1977, serving in many positions - most recently as Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister from 2003 - 2008, since then as envoy to America.

Yet CNN outrageously called him “one of Russia’s top spies and spy-recruiters in Washington” - a disgraceful fake news accusation, related to its coverage of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, having spoken to Kislyak one or more times while serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

CNN fraud, George W. Bush look-and-sound alike Hala Gorani presides over hysterical anti-Russia fake news broadcasts for her corporate/NATO masters

CNN’s alleged sources: the usual unnamed US officials, past and present, reporting no evidence, the aim part of a diabolical anti-Russia, anti-Trump plot.

The stakes are huge. If officials close to him are eliminated, he’ll be too weak to govern effectively, perhaps more vulnerable to impeachment and removal from office than already.

If he goes, the last vestiges of a free society will go with him, coup d’etat dictatorship replacing him.

Attack of the homosexuals and pedophiles:  CNN fake news deviant junkie Richard Quest along with pederast CIA sidekick fraud Anderson Cooper spew petulant, anti-Russia lies as retribution for Moscow's stance on gay pestilence

If Russia bashing passes a threshold of no return, war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers could follow.

Most Americans are mindless about what’s going on, manipulated by relentless fake news, failing to distinguish between fact and fiction. 

Most oppose Trump, according to polls. Most nonsensically believe Russia threatens America. The notion is pounded into the public mind constantly, in NYT and other broadsheet feature stories, round-the-clock on cable television.

CNN slavering psycho fraud Rosemary Church launches daily anti-Putin lies and slanders

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov blasted accusations about Kislyak, saying “(y)ou and I have not heard a single statement by the US special services about our ambassador” - just “bogus media speculations that keep fanning tensions,” adding:

“The only piece of advice that I can give is that in a situation like this, avoid reacting to all such anonymous, baseless fake news stories and rely only on official statements by genuine officials.”

CNN Bombay dishwasher, plagiarist fraud Fareed Zakaria froths at the mouth spewing warmongering lies and invective against Russia for his military industrial complex masters who are addicted to world conflict and the profits it produces

If Americans don’t awaken to the clear and present dangers they face and resist, the price for their indifference will be full-blown tyranny - perhaps nuclear war to follow, the ultimate nightmare.

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