Tuesday, February 21, 2017

German Lame Duck Abusing Obama’s Playbook

Nazi globalist hag Merkel, Juncker, Tusk, Hollande and their fellow terrorist-importing "elites" will all wind up doing the Mussolini dangle as the EU disintegrates into chaos and anarchy  

By Grete Mautner

It has been recently announced that the latest YouGov poll showed that Germans had enough of Angela Merkel. 

It’s been noted that the the refugee crisis, Brexit, the growth of European populism, and the election of US president Donald Trump have changed political preferences of the German population. Now, according to the recent YouGov poll, about two thirds of Germans think that after having Merkel in office for the past 12 years, it’s time for a new leader.

Moreover, the YouGov poll has shown that 35% of Germans thought the CDU would do better in the elections without Merkel as their candidate. 

Of course, polls can be misleading, and Merkel still has six months to go until the elections—but when she said this would be her hardest election yet, she wasn’t lying.

However, the fact that both the German population and her own political allies are growing increasingly tired of Merkel’s ways has been reported by a wide variety of media sources across the globe, including the Huffington Post. As for the CNN, this network openly admits that Angela Merkel may be the biggest loser of 2017. In turn, the American Spectator would describe Merkel as the second worst German Counselor in the post-WWII period after Gerhard Shröder, noting she’s not a bad person, but she is a failure.

Globalist racketeers unmasked
It’s curious that Martin Schulz’s appointment as the Social Democrats’ (SPD) candidate to run against Merkel has energized Germany’s September election race and those in his party daring to think they could unseat her. Reuters would note that even though the prospect of a heavily left alliance is a long shot, it has made some conservatives frankly worried.

Drunk Schultz and Merkel: One and the same
If German elections were held today, then Martin Schulz would have gotten 50% of all votes, with Merkel barely reaching 34%, the polls show.

According to the Aachener Zeitung, Germans sympathize with Schulz because of his honesty.

Schultz openly talks about his past: he does not have a higher education and has no experience in heading public administrations; besides, he is a former alcoholic.

However, all the attempts that his political rivals have made so far to use these facts of his biography against him have had little to no influence on his chances to become the next German Counselor. 

In an effort to retain the power in her hands, Merkel has been using a wide array of tricks some of which can be regarded as foul play, including disinformation campaigns and psychological manipulations. Among these one can find various propaganda campaigns launched by a number of media sources controlled by the Chancellor in a bid to scare the population with such delusional notions as the imminent Russian aggression For example, just recently German TV channel ZDF started a hunt on Russian agents that were allegedly sent to Germany under the guise of illegal refugees.

Moreover, some of the tricks she’s been using seems to be taken right out of Obama’s playbook, like the announcements about mysterious “Russian hackers”, who are allegedly prepared to meddle with the upcoming German elections in a bid to steal them. However, that’s where Merkel hit a roadblock as well. According to the Suddeutsche Zeitung, the Federal Intelligence Service and the Office for the Protection of the German Constitution have been investigating these allegations for over a year, under direct supervision of German Chancellor. However, no evidence of Russia’s attempts to somehow influence German politics has ever been presented.

However, the investigation has unintentionally revealed Washington’s attempt to influence German politicians. It’s been revealed by Tageszeitung that the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) was working hand in hand with American intelligence services to spy on the friendly governments of the EU countries.

Moreover, the BND has been transferring large amounts of data to NSA, obtained by the wiretapping of German citizens and foreign diplomats.

Such intrusive US intelligence activities are now being taken pretty lightly in Germany, as if it was a vassal state, since those facts were reported for the first time back in 2014 by the Suddeutsche Zeitung, but Merkel did everything she could to downplay them.

Against this background, the speech that Merkel delivered in front of a parliamentary commission that was tasked with investigating NSA’s activities in Germany looks particularly outrageous. German Counselor didn’t hesitate a minute to state that the interests of her citizens have always been her highest priority, since she’s been defending their freedom and security, reports Tageszeitung.

Swan song for the globalists:  The end of the road

It is therefore not surprising that German citizens had enough of Angela Merkel and her lies, as evidenced by an ever increasing number of opinion polls in Germany.

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It’s Now Safe For Whistleblowers Of Corrupted Climate Science To Speak Out

Bogus "climate change" was nothing more than a plan to impose massive taxes on the middle class and poor; any global rise in CO2 the result of industrial polluters - not autos, barbecues and cow farts  

By Lawrence Soloman

Whistleblowers at the U.S. government’s official keeper of the global warming stats, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), claim their agency doctored temperature data to hide the fact that global temperatures plateaued almost 20 years ago.

Can the whistleblowers be believed in this claim, originally made in 2015? And in the further claim that NOAA then rushed this doctored data into print in time for the UN’s Paris global warming summit of world leaders, to dupe any doubters that the planet was in fact overheated?

Of course the whistleblowers can be believed, and not just because NOAA repeatedly stonewalled inquiries, even failing to comply with a congressional subpoena. 

No one paying attention can have any doubt that the governmental global warming enterprise has been a fraud. It’s been lies from the start, starting with the very mandate of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which astonishingly ruled out factors like the sun as being worthy of investigation.

Among those astonished was the Danish delegation to the IPCC. It discovered at one of the IPCC’s early meetings a quarter-century ago that its scientists could not present their study, newly published in the prestigious journal Science, showing a remarkable correlation between global warming and solar activity. To their further astonishment, to squelch dissent the IPCC cabal set out to destroy the reputation of its chief author, falsely accusing him of fabricating data.

Whistleblowers now know they will no longer be silenced.

Dissenters from the climate change orthodoxy soon learned that, if they refused to recant, they stood to lose their jobs, their funding, and their reputations. They also learned the corollary: to get hired, to get funded, to get promoted, they needed to produce the science the authorities wanted. Governments annually spent billions of dollars on climate change research, virtually all of it commissioned to prove that the science was settled — that man-made climate change represented an existential threat to the planet.

None of the billions spent on research amounted to anything — none of the models proved reliable, none of the predictions were borne out, none of the expected effects materialized. The Arctic ice cap hasn’t disappeared, polar bear populations haven’t declined, hurricanes haven’t become more common, malaria hasn’t spread, temperatures haven’t continued to climb. What did materialize was fraud after fraud.

Any "global warming" effects are solely due to corporate industrial mass-polluters and their globalist masters 

Climategate — the 2009 revelations of hacked emails showing scientists labouring to manipulate data and cover their tracks — was followed by Climategate 2.0 (a second damning batch of hacked emails), by Amazongate (the revelation that the IPCC’s claim of coming devastation in the Amazon was based on non-peer-reviewed research by WWF eco-activists), Glaciergate (here the IPCC relied on speculation in a popular magazine) and other scandals.

The mega-fraud was the assertion that the science was settled, which the IPCC trumpeted with claims that 2,500 scientists from around the world endorsed its findings. Except those 2,500 — a number that was soon inflated to 3,000 and then 4,000 — didn’t endorse anything. They merely reviewed some of the studies heaved into the IPCC’s maw, many of them giving the research the thumbs down.

"Mainstream media" liars and frauds push corporate polluter agenda 24/7

Likewise, a much heralded claim that 97 per cent of scientists believed the planet was overheating came from a 2008 master’s thesis by a student at the University of Illinois who obtained her results by conducting a survey of 10,257 earth scientists, then discarding the views of all but 77 of them. Of those 77 scientists, 75 thought humans contributed to climate change. The ratio 75/77 produced the 97-per-cent figure that global warming activists then touted.

In fact, major surveys show that scientists in the tens of thousands do not believe that global warming represents a threat. With the departure of president Obama and his administration, which had blocked independent investigations from being pursued, whistleblowers in greater numbers will now dare to come forward, knowing they will no longer be silenced.

CNN fake news frauds lead the pack in bogus "climate change" propaganda, disseminating ludicrous, kindergarten lies backed by completely discredited "science" 

One of them is Dr. John Bates, a recently retired principal scientist at NOAA, who described how his agency manipulated data to manufacture a non-existent increase in global temperatures. In a press release last week, U.S. House Science, Space, and Technology Committee chairman Lamar Smith thanked “Dr. John Bates for courageously stepping forward to tell the truth about NOAA’s senior officials playing fast and loose with the data in order to meet a politically predetermined conclusion.” This week a second press release from the same committee indicated that NOAA will be brought to account.

The blizzard of lies from NOAA and other corrupted agencies will soon be outed in excruciating detail. The greatest scientific fraud of the century will thus be laid bare, along with its craven and corrupt enablers in government, academia, industry and the media.

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