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Indonesia Cuts Ties With Australia Military

A progressive move for Indonesia; the next should be the ejection of ASIO and AFP spies operating under diplomatic cover  

By Jewel Topsfield


Indonesia has suspended military co-operation with Australia following an incident at an Australian army training facility last year that caused Indonesian offence.

Indonesian Marines
Defence Minister Marise Payne confirmed that the Indonesian government had raised concerns about some Australian "teaching materials and remarks" at the Perth base, which were reportedly witnessed by an Indonesian there for training.

"The Australian Army has looked into the serious concerns that were raised and the investigation into the incident is being finalised," Senator Payne said in a statement.

Indonesia's military spokesman Major-General Wuryanto told Fairfax Media that co-operation had been temporarily halted for "technical reasons" and that, while the teaching materials were a factor, "this is not the basic reason for the suspension".

"Indonesia and Australia will resolve this technical matter and then the co-operation will continue," he said.

Reuters reported a spokesman for Indonesian President Joko Widodo said there had been no discussion of the suspension with the president and the issue had been exaggerated.

"This was not a decision of the president," it quoted spokesman Johan Budi as saying.

Indonesian news outlet Kompas reported the suspension was triggered when a Kopassus trainer, who was in Australia as an army Indonesian language lecturer, found teaching materials that were ridiculing the Indonesian military.

Sukarno the originator of Pancasila
When he went to the head of the academy in Australia to complain, the trainer reportedly found other writing insulting the Indonesian state ideology of Pancasila.

Pancasila is the Indonesian state philosophy that lays out the nation's broad principles of religion, civilised humanity, social justice, democracy, and unity. Senator Payne said the Chief of the Defence Force, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin, wrote last year to his Indonesian counterpart, Commander Gatot Nurmantyo, promising to address the matter.

"Indonesia has informed Australia that defence co-operation would be suspended. As a result, some interaction between the two Defence organisations has been postponed until the matter is resolved. Co-operation in other areas is continuing," she said.

A source told Fairfax Media that some of the offending materials, if true, appeared to be truly insulting while others seemed to be scholarly critical assessments of the Indonesian military's past behaviour in 1965 or the East Timor invasion.

The executive director of the Institute for Defence, Security and Peace Studies in Indonesia, Mufti Makarim, told Fairfax Media that after the trainer reported the offensive materials to his superiors when he returned to Indonesia, the military requested it be investigated.

Kompas reported that a cable instruction, dated December 29 from Commander Gatot Nurmantyo, instructed that all military co-operation, including training with the Australian Defence Force, be suspended.

Mr Mufti said that according to an unconfirmed notification on messenging app Whatsapp, believed to be circulated by the Indonesian military, the trainer's superior requested the investigation on December 9. He asked that joint training be suspended until the investigation was complete.

According to the Whatsapp circular, the Kopassus Indonesian language trainer heard offensive material in class including that the late Indonesian military leader Sarwo Edhie Wibowo was a mass murderer and that a TNI police officer murdered his friend while drunk.

He also reportedly saw a laminated piece of paper which said PANCAGILA, an offensive mockery of Indonesia's state ideology, Pancasila, which basically translates as "five crazy principles".

"After he returned to Indonesia, he immediately made a report," the Whatsapp circular says.

"It is a fair request by the Indonesian military that an investigation be held," Mr Mufti told Fairfax Media.

"I believe, I hope, that this does not reflect the Australian attitude towards the Indonesian military and this just indicates a lack of oversight of teaching materials," he said.

On December 29, Tribun news reported that Commander Gatot Nurmantyo said a co-operation program in which an Indonesian language lecturer had been sent to Australia, ended with an apology from Australia.

He reportedly said the Indonesian language teacher had been asked to give homework to his students that included Free Papua propaganda.

"That Papua is Melanesia, therefore it should be its own country. So I pulled (the teacher)," Commander Gatot reportedly said to applause from the audience.

Senator Payne said the government was working with Indonesia "to restore full co-operation as soon as possible" and that the broader bilateral relationship is in "very good shape with extensive co-operation across a wide range of government agencies".

Indonesian security analyst Yohanes Sulaiman said Indonesia valued its military links with Australia and had sought to rebuild the relationship after previous diplomatic rifts.

In 2013 Jakarta pulled the plug on all military co-operation in retaliation for the Abbott government's refusal to explain the phone tapping of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

In 2014 the countries struck a deal to resume military and intelligence co-operation.

"I'm not sure this will mean a complete breakdown," Mr Sulaiman said.

Indonesian Defence analyst Natalie Sambhi said the Indonesian military was treating this as a serious issue. "The Australian and Indonesian militaries have had a long yet complicated history of co-operation and tension over the decades," she said.

"The current TNI (Indonesian military) chief, General Gatot Nurmantyo, has been critical of Australia during his tenure which appears to stem from sensitivities related to our role in East Timor. While this sentiment exists elsewhere in TNI leadership and has to be understood against the context of the military's experiences in the province, it is not the sole factor for Nurmantyo's decision, but could be a factor in the option to suspend ties as a stronger political statement."

She said Australian Defence Force and TNI (Indonesian military) ties comprised a complex web of bilateral and multilateral training exercises, education exchanges in both Australia and in Indonesia, dialogues and discussions, as well as operational co-operation in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, including the search for MH370.

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America’s Lynch Mob "Democracy"

CNN, MSM fake news purveyors next in line to be lynched  

By Finian Cunningham

The dark, infamous days of American lynch-mob rule and burning witches at stakes are back as never before. But not in backwater enclaves of benighted bigotry. Oh no, the modern lynch mobs are running amok in Washington’s seat of government, across prime TV and on the editorial pages of its supposed finest newspapers.

It is the effete, self-regarding ruling US elite who are acting like a murderous rabble. The hate-figures are Russian leader Vladimir Putin and incoming president Donald Trump. Both are being lined up to be lynched, one as a foreign enemy, the other as a traitor.

Lynch mob blood-lust is a mere finger pointed, the baying of deranged crowds and the stringing up of some unfortunate from the nearest tree without pause for a fair trial. «Guilty!» shouted with red-faced thunder is all that’s needed. And anyone who dares to question the madding crowd is liable to meet the same grim fate.

Public opinion in the US is being stampeded to accept as unquestioned fact that Russia «attacked American democracy» as Senators like John McCain are claiming on prime time television. 

Furthermore, Russian President Vladimir Putin is accused of being the mastermind behind the alleged cyber attacks, which supposedly subverted the US presidential election in favor of Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Barack Obama, the US "intelligence community" and a consensus of lawmakers on Capitol Hill are all asserting without a flicker of doubt that Russian state-sponsored hackers interfered in the November election. 

The US mainstream media have abdicated any pretense of independence or journalistic standard by rowing in behind the assertions, stating what are fundamentally tendentious claims as if they are fact. 

The word "alleged" before the words "Russian hacking" has been shorn from headlines and commentaries. The American lynch mob has decreed Russia as guilty. No due process, no skepticism, no verifiable proof, just stampeding group-think let loose.

CNN leads the pack of MSM anti-Russian, pro-CIA propaganda and will be prosecuted by the Trump administration for disseminating treasonous lies and bogus "facts" as truth

Never mind that Moscow has repeatedly rejected the vapid claims, and has demanded verifiable evidence to be presented. Never mind that Washington has failed to provide any verifiable evidence to support its accusations. Never mind that several respected former US intelligence experts, such as William Binney formerly of the NSA, have come forward to dismiss the claims of Russian hacking as preposterous.

The inherent lack of credibility in Washington’s narrative was given a seeming fix when Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats last week. The intention of the sanctions was to brand the word "scumbag" over the Kremlin in the eyes of the world, a US cyber security expert told Reuters. This is more of the same demonization-mentality that resulted in African-Americans being dangled from branches or suspected sorcerers being torched alive by self-righteous American christians.

A second seeming fix to the attenuated "Russian hacker" story came with reports of an alleged attempt to disable the US power grid. The CIA-linked Washington Post broke the story of an electric company in Vermont finding "Russian malware" on a laptop. The report can be quickly parsed as fake, but it seemingly gave substance to claims that the US was "under attack from Russia." Right on cue.

Russian President Vladimir Putin refused to be baited by Obama’s expulsion of diplomats by declining to reciprocate similar measures against US officials in Moscow. Wisely too. For such a response would tend to only lend credibility to what are otherwise baseless American claims. More insanity to back up Russophobia is expected this week when shadowy "US intelligence officials" give "briefings" to President-elect Trump and members of Congress. The latter will inevitably be "wowed" by more of the same anti-Russian claims that the CIA has already inculcated the American mass media with.

Trump, however, is not such an easy pushover. He appears to remain skeptical about "intelligence" impugning Russia. Trump previously lampooned CIA claims as "ridiculous." 

Again this week he referred to the "disaster of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction" when false US intelligence led to a decade-long war in the Middle East country, the death of over a million people and the unleashing of jihadist terrorism across the globe.

Colin Powell giving his infamous Iraq WMD speech

To browbeat Trump into joining the lynch mob to hang Putin and Russia, the US media are blatantly setting him as a "traitor" if he doesn’t comply.

Referring to his forthcoming presidential inauguration, the New York Times editorial board demanded: "In less than a month, Mr Trump will have to decide whether he stands with his democratic allies on Capitol Hill or his authoritarian friend in the Kremlin."

The editors at the Washington Post continued the treason theme, making the reckless claim that Russia had perpetrated a "Cyber Pearl Harbor" on the US. The newspaper then went on to note Trump’s "odd behavior in the face of a clear threat from Russia." The Post insinuated that Trump was putting alleged personal business interests with Russia ahead of patriotic duty.

Another report in the New York Times quoted various pundits claiming that Trump is undermining national security by being friendly towards Russia and expressing his skepticism towards US intelligence.

One senior lawmaker, Democrat Representative Adam Schiff called on Trump "to stop denigrating" US secret services.

Moreover, if veteran Republican Senator John McCain is allowed to assert on CNN that Russian cyber attacks are an "act of war" – then, it follows according to this warped logic, that Trump is in bed with the enemy.

Dynamic psycho duo Graham and McCain team up once again to push bogus "Russian hacking" propaganda, as incoming President Trump administration threatens outbreak of peace and an end to corporate-military industrial complex rape of American taxpayers and endless illegal wars

This embodies lynch mob rule rolled into burning witches at Salem along with McCarthyite Red Scaremongering.

Trump is effectively being noosed with claims that he is a Russian stooge and a traitor to his country. Claims that are in turn based on unfounded, hysterical allegations that Russia has "attacked our nation." All that’s missing here are effigies of Putin and Trump being set alight on Capitol Hill.

What this represents is a profound degeneration in American democracy. Rumor, speculation and propaganda have become the currency of US public discourse, ranging from the supposedly highest office of the White House to the legislative branch of government – and all reinforced by a supine media.

Anyone who shows the slightest dissent from the stampeding mentality to lynch Russia is also liable to be lynched. The fate of Donald Trump is in the balance.

The irony in all this is that it is not some external enemy who is eroding American democracy. It is own’s political establishment that is throttling the supposed pillars of democracy.

Whenever two of its purported leading newspapers are openly accusing the next president of "treason" – based on fabricated accusations – then it is a clear sign that American democracy has indeed become condemned.

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