Monday, July 17, 2017

Russiagate Exposed: It’s A Fraud

CNN fake news bites the dust over bogus "Russian hacking" fantasies as ratings continue death spiral

By Eric Zuesse

It has now been incontrovertibly proven that Russia had nothing whatsoever to do with getting the information that was on the computer-files of the Democratic National Committee and of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, to Wikileaks — the entire ‘Russiagate’ scandal (which many Democrats charge had contributed to, or even caused, Trump’s 2016 win) is fake. 

There’s a very real scandal involved in this, but it is extremely different, and will be revealed here (for the first time anywhere) at the very end. But, first things first — and that’s what the previous investigators have now proven:

On July 9th, a report was published at Disobedient Media that not only disproves the ‘news’ reports that the Russian government (or anyone else in Russia) ‘hacked the election’ — disproves the very core of the Russiagate story — but that proves the "hacks" were instead actually leaks to Wikileaks by someone who had physical access to the computers at the Democratic National Committee, and who in any case was clearly and incontrovertibly operating only within the time-zone of America’s east coast — not at all in Russia, nor anywhere else outside that time zone. 

In other words: the "hacks" were instead actually leaks from someone who was inside the DNC, exactly as the former UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray (who claimed to have picked up the data-recording device from the leaker in DC and brought it to his friend Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London) had said was the case.

So now we have not only Murray’s testimony about it and we have not only my own investigation showing that Murray had in fact been in Washington DC at the very time he says he had picked up the information physically in DC from the leaker there, but we also now have — as of July 9th — the technical proof of it: the markers on those computer files proving that this had indeed been a leak and not at all a "hack." There was no "Russia hack"; there was no "hack" at all. It was a purely local operation, a real leak, by someone who was on the inside — a voluntary release of this information.

CNN delirious, drunken fake news fraud Cuomo engages in on-air hallucinations

Consequently, any ‘news’medium after July 9th which still ‘reports’ about Russiagate which so much as even suggests possible involvement by the Russian government in ‘hacking’ the computers at the DNC is in itself now the lowest order of fake ‘journalism’, not an authentic journalistic operation at all but pure propaganda. 

How long will it take for that lie (the Russiagate-myth) to stop being published as truth — or even as being possibly true — by the U.S. (and its allied) ‘news’ media? But it continues to be embellished.

CNN fake news liar Perez manufactures "sources"and then cites them in bogus, bullshit "reports"

Here then will be presented first of all a summary dated July 15th of this important new information, a summary of what was published on July 9th by Disobedient Media; and I am here publishing a transcript of this video which was uploaded to YouTube on July 15th in which, by means of questions and answers, the gist of the findings in the July 9th report and of how the findings had been obtained is set forth in that July 15th video titled, “TV Exclusive: Forensic investigator says DNC computer hacked locally”:

A forensics expert has determined that the DNC computers were hacked locally by someone with physical access to the DNC network and not by someone far away like the Russians. This story was broken online by the hot new investigative website called Disobedient Media. The forensic expert handed over the information to the reporter Elizabeth Vos. Joining me this time out of Iowa City Iowa is the managing editor of Disobedient, Ethan Lyle; Ethan, welcome to the show.

Thank you.

Ethan, no one has been sitting on this story you guys are. Tell us how you got this information and what we know.

Elizabeth Vos, Disobedient Media’s associate editor — a man named Adam Carter reached out to her. And he had an analysis from somebody online named The Forensicator.

Let me ask you: Who was Adam Carter? Adam Carter got this and gave it to you guys; who is he?

He’s an independent journalist [who had, in fact, long been working on this case]. And, so, [as Carter called to Vos’s attention] an anonymous blog of a forensic analyst looked at the data, and he had noticed that because of the transfer-speed and the timing of those transfers [it was actually only one transfer], that they were [the person was on the] east coast, and they [the files] had to have been accessed in the east coast. They were initially copied in the east coast, he guaranteed [the person actually demonstrated, not ‘guaranteed’] that … the likelihood of it [the file] being accessed initially from anywhere but the east coast, is impossible [proven so, by that analyst, “the forensicator”].

So, what that means in layman’s terms is again that the DNC computer network which the media tells us and the DNC tells us was hacked by the Russians, … that it was physically accessed by someone within close proximity of the DNC?

Correct. Given metadata and … the transfer and the stop times in between them, the only likely [actually the only possible] scenario is that it was accessed from inside of the Local Area Network of the DNC or with a USB drive into a computer [in] which you would have to be inside the building.

Now, I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist because there’s a lot more work to be done here, but … those computers were hacked five days prior to Seth Rich’s untimely demise if I’m not mistake, is that not correct?

That’s correct and it’s important to state that this does not indicate that Seth Rich was the person that accessed the files, because they [the DNC] won’t turn over their logs to the FBI. There’s no way to tell which credentials were used to get into the system. 

Since you have broken this story online, has anyone in law enforcement reached out to you?

No, they have not.

Anyone from CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, the New York Times?

Absolutely not. (3:51)

At this stage this cover-up by the government and press is even bigger than the crime by the pro-Clinton DNC insiders (which had used the chief PR agency for NATO to do this to generate and spread this lie) who are trying to provoke even more fear and hatred of Russia than they already have cooked-up and generated. Adam Carter on July 16th said that “The MSM have kept this hidden from viewers for almost 150 days” but certainly it has been hidden now after it was conclusively proven, on July 9th.

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