Friday, March 31, 2017

The Public Enemies Of World Truth

CNN, MSM globalist fake news purveyors will wind up paying the ultimate price for their lies and warmongering propaganda disguised as "news"

By Phil Butler

In this Guardian piece disgruntled Russian journalist and notable Putin hater Alexey Kovalev is a fine example of frog-croaking. 

Most readers of NEO would simply blow off “In Putin’s Russia, the hollowed-out media mirrors the state” as just another fake news bit attacking Putin and Russia. But Kovalev, the former RIA Novosti editor (turned globalist freedom fighter) provides contrast for my story today. In the west the neo-liberal media lambasts Russia and independent media as “propaganda”, when in reality it’s the mainstream that is propagating the lies about Trump, Putin, Le Pen, Farage, or anybody in opposition to a system of control that is, quietly frankly, unbelievable. 

WikiLeaks revelations about massive CIA and intelligence community surveillance scarcely makes headlines in America, but Donald Trump slicing a wedge shot at one of his golf courses is a Russian conspiracy. It’s all sensational, unbelievable, crazy, and scary. 

But the craziness gets even scarier once we see how it’s all planned, rather than simply grass roots activism and idealism.

Manufacturing Fake News

There’s a lot of nonsense floating around about Vladimir Putin having an army of “trolls” doing his messaging. Alexey Kovalev is one of those propagating this message. As one of the world’s best known “Kremlin trolls”, I can absolutely destroy any notion such a paid army even exists. But I can also show you a globalist army that is paid, does exist. 

While RT and Sputnik, and other state funded media do promote a nation’s best side (Germany and the UK included), the real manufacturers of your truth are far more powerful and widespread. Vladimir Putin’s media geniuses, Dmitry Kiselyov and Margarita Simonyan would take over the universe with the budgets of this New Democratic Order. Let me reveal for you one billion dollar arm of this monster – the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism and its offspring.

You never heard of this organization, I’ll bet. Funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and affiliated with the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism, this organization has a network of vast proportions established mainly thru donations, grants and fellowships in the industry. Like billionaire George Soros’ societal tentacles inside European nations, he creates a breeding ground for the “right” ideas, a path to controlled messaging paved with influence and dollars. At the head of this organization, Alberto Ibargüen is one of the most connected and powerful media persons on Earth – and another somebody I’ll bet you never heard tell of. 

But this story on Inside Philanthropy tells of this influence, and of a Donald Trump enemy far more deadly than a spying Barack Obama. Ibargüen is more or less a Rockefeller captain, an extraordinary media genius who dictates the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars in grants (over $1.0 billion since 2005). Alberto Ibargüen is Trump enemy number one when it comes to leveraging younger journalists to hate conservatism and love the New Democratic Order. I’ll give you some examples.

MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid was a 2003 Knight Center for Specialized Journalism fellow. I made this connection by tracking down NATO trolls who had accused me and other independent journalists of being the world’s worst Kremlin trolls (interestingly). And while I am actually proud of my leading role as Putin praetorian (it tells the right people I’m no sellout), the nasty folks tied to western Fake News should be ashamed. Reid is an unapologetic Obama groupie, a bombastic myna bird set in place at MSNBC just to squawk the part line. She makes some money compiling Obama speeches and selling them on Amazon, and gains neo-liberal following by slamming Melania Trump for a speech goof, Ivanka’s role at the White House, and casts dispersion on Christians who are conservative. She’s a perfect example of this Knight Fund’s underlying intention. But to cement this idea, allow me to quote from David Callahan’s Inside Philanthropy piece on a new initiative by Alberto Ibargüen:

“The new First Amendment effort was launched before Donald Trump won the presidency, and if the next administration does veer in an authoritarian direction, you can see Ibargüen and Knight stepping up with new funding to defend free speech and civil liberties.”

Reid is but one of hundreds of examples, as is the Knight Center’s current boss. In the decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, these New Democratic Order forces have gone unchecked. We now have a true army of minions, hammering at the foundations of real democracy. The Knight Foundation, Open Societies, the Rockefeller or Ford Foundations, the Clintons or Bill Gates, technocrats running the Washington Post, what you see is a takeover basically, only Donald Trump has made a big deal out of it. And Putin is blamed for St. Petersburg “troll factories” – the idea is ludicrous.

Strange Bedfellows

Ibargüen, the former CEO of PBS, board member at American Airlines, director of AOL and Pepsico, and member of the Council of Foreign Relations is bent on protecting our rights – by investing in cheating us out of them. His most recent tweet about “tyranny” made him think, and it made me think too. “How did I find this guy searching the first follows of globalist/NATO trolls?” – this was my first thought. The answer was a trail of breadcrumbs from a nefarious Twitter operator @SkeddyRuxypin – who it just so happens followed Joy Reid first, and then Newsweek madman Kurt Eichenwald second. I won’t dig further into this “rabbit hole”, but Ruxypin is a NATO troll that recreated an account in 2016. I only include this footnote for the purposes of exposing the real “troll armies” out there. 

Another critical intersect here is one with the founder of Internet Haganah, Aaron Weisburd, who is behind making “lists” of Kremlin sympathizers for the purpose of labeling them “terrorists”. Weisburd is a subject too deeply tied into the NATO troll and Israeli intelligence network to discuss here. I first became familiar with him when I was labeled a Putin Praetorian on one of his charts. The point here is that the Kremlin’s organic support network is miniscule when compared to the forces arrayed against a peaceful order. The networks are established and they sit in direct opposition as in the case of Weisburd following Alexey Kovalev and several hundred others collaborators across real and fake social accounts.

The reader should walk away from this article in a bit of a state of wonderment, actually. Look at the far-fetched nature of all this. If anyone had told me 5 years ago this kind of collusion and polarity were possible, I’d have laughed myself. And it is the “polarization” we see that is the biggest telltale sign our reality is being manufactured – that the one side is demonizing the other more vehemently. How could so many would be advocates (or trolls) come into being over left versus right wing ideals? This is the question everyone should ask. In truly diverse societies (and story lines) myriad perceptions and goals emerge. Not today though. And this is unnatural in the human experience.

The powerful forces behind pushing the world toward a major crisis. I see the “aggressor” in all this as the force making the greatest expenditure, the force waging all its assets for creating some new order of things. And that force is not Vladimir Putin. The list of actors arrayed against is extensive, and includes lesser known moguls like RT and the other media in question have a miracle working for them. The other side has almost all the money and infrastructure – this is undeniable. As more and more revelations come out about potential collusion in between the intelligence community and corporate interests like Google, Apple, Microsoft and others, people need to take the steps to take sides. We are seeing a gravitational pull on humanity – a splitting of everything we were told is true.

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