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Washington Post: How To Make Fake News Go Viral

The end is in sight for the Washington Post, Clinton News Network and the New York Times frauds and hacks  


The Washington Post has the temerity to accuse other news outlets of creating “fake news.” In reality, the paper from the Potomac is a skilled purveyor of the black arts itself. And it has once again proved its proficiency. 

So, get this. Last week WaPo ran a whopper, based on an anonymous source and the testimony of a few online trolls, that labeled dozens of unconnected - and ideologically disparate - news organizations and online blogs as part of a “sophisticated Russian propaganda campaign” designed to “undermine faith in American democracy.” Furthermore, there were calls for blacklists and allusions to how numerous writers and journalists are apparently traitors. 

Nevertheless, it was the kind of nonsense that anyone who’d spent more than a few days in a decent journalism school could debunk fairly rapidly.

Notwithstanding this, the Post published regardless. And it's hard to understand what its editors were thinking. They've used a very dodgy website used to justify the defamation of 200 news organizations as "Russian agents" with all the negative connotations that branding has in America. To heighten the shambles, WaPo staffers also failed to contact any of the vilified outlets before they published their story.

Putin: "What in the hell...?"

Many years ago, there was a newspaper I knew which, in a drive for market share, invested heavily in ‘star’ columnists and reporters to establish itself in a then-lucrative market. The problem was that most of them, content with fat pay checks, were both lackadaisical and rather useless. Thus, some terribly inaccurate - or frankly contrived - waffle regularly got into the product.

The fact it was a Sunday title made matters even worse. Because it turned out that Monday editions of the dailies, produced by a skeleton weekend staff, had even fewer scruples. Thus, apathetic hacks across town simply ‘lifted’ copy from the day before, ensuring that plenty of the baloney found a wider audience.

Back then, it was regarded as questionable content, albeit with worrying ethical implications. Yet, a sort of informal omertà appeared to decree that as long as no significant harm was done, it could be overlooked. Plus, as a lowly freelance, I certainly had no outlet to expose such nefarious practices in the pre-WordPress days.

Anyway, with Facebook restricted to Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm and Twitter a glint in the milkman’s eye, innocuous celebrity tittle-tattle had limited range. But it’s different now. In the age of the World Wide Web, we live in a time when bad eggs can do considerable damage by spreading “fake news.” 

New Tools, Old Ideas

For instance, there are folks making six-figure sums from concocting trash like “Pope Francis shocks world, endorses Donald Trump for president” and “FBI agent suspected in Hillary email leaks found dead in apparent murder-suicide.” Naturally none of these are remotely true, but they’ve spread like wildfire across Facebook, and the omnipresent internet giant has done little or nothing to tackle them. Indeed, I’ve seen London pub landlords make a greater effort to silence conspiracy theory-wielding drunks across bar counters.

Given that social media has been overwhelmingly contaminated by this practice, you’d hope there’d be a fail-safe somewhere in the system. A kind of panic zone to rescue us from “fake news” and present us nourishing spoonfuls of only the truthful stuff. And the most obvious candidates for this role would be members of the establishment press. Hence, outlets like The Independent, Associated Press, The New York Times and USA Today would immediately spring to mind.

However, it appears these entities are also in the business of “fake news” right now. Which greatly complicates matters. And, somewhat amazingly, the once acclaimed Washington Post is leading the way. Right now, poor Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford must be inconsolable.

Holes In One

You see, the WaPo report, citing the research of a thing called “Prop Or Not” (the Twitter account of which, only set up in August, is fond of tweeting out WW2 Ukrainian nationalist slogans) had more holes than Augusta National Golf Club.

As a result, its premise was quickly torn to pieces by talented journalists like Glenn Greenwald, Ben Norton, Matthew Ingram, Matt Taibbi and Yasha Levine.

Indeed, The Washington Post itself has already added two clarifications to the original text at the request of this network. Those corrections are due to RT being wrongfully accused of generating fake stories and using a #CrookedHillary hashtag promoted by Donald Trump.

Yet, despite this thorough discrediting of WaPo’s fictionalized report and the fact that proper news people and Russia experts have rubbished it, the fabrication has gone viral across the popular media. And the list of organizations who have spread it is mind-boggling.

It’s time for editors at The Independent, Chicago Tribune, Daily Mail, Associated Press, USA Today and The New York Times to take a dishonorable bow. Because they have all, without proper examination, spread WaPo’s ‘fake news’ this week.

In fact, only USA Today even remotely considered the possibly that they’d all been hoodwinked by referencing an RT editorial which punctured the balloon. Meanwhile, Mediaite - a relatively influential press affairs site - went the full Joseph McCarthy by more-or-less smearing Ed Schultz and Larry King, both associated with RT America, as treasonists.

No Ramifications

Now, I’ve a really good theory for why the purportedly proficient professionals at these allegedly authoritative organs dirtied their bib. That’s because they simply don’t care. You see, I’ve been following media coverage of Russia for long enough now to realize how nobody has ever suffered grievous career consequences for being hopelessly wrong about the country.

You can literally accuse “the Kremlin” of anything and get away it. “Vladimir Putin is hiding a $200 billion fortune”(WaPo again!), “Russians are in contact with Aliens (The Daily Express) “Putin’s about to invade Europe”(Newsweek, this week!) or “Sergey Lavrov Ate My Hamster.” Okay, that last one actually hasn’t happened yet but is probably in the pipeline somewhere.

Right now, the narrative is “fake news” and Russia’s alleged part in it. However, when I personally think of made up stories which caused genuine and lasting damage, it’s the infamous Iraq ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction' pretext that springs to mind. And which media concern did more than basically any other to promote this falsehood? Why it was The Washington Post, with an incredible 140 front page stories, and 27 editorials pushing for America’s illegal invasion, which left close to one million people dead and continues to leave a trail of destruction across the Middle East.

Now, that sort of “fake news” is far from harmless, isn’t it? In fact, it's clear how The Washington Post has been showing us how to make phoney reportage go "viral" for years.

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Washington’s Secret War On Syria

Obama criminals continue to arm and supply CIA/ISIS with weapons that have already killed U.S. military personnel  

By Martin Berger

It goes without saying that the so-called Syria’s civil war is the most dangerous and destructive crisis on the planet. Hundreds of thousands have already perished in this conflict, while around ten million Syrians have been displaced since early 2011.

To start this conflict and then keep its fires burning the US and its Satellites have spent billions of dollars. It’s curious that the New York Times has recently uncovered the criminal role that the CIA played in the Syrian war, reporting that members of the Obama administration have told them that Saudi Arabia is sponsoring the absolute majority of overseas unannounced overseas wars, to keep the role played in them by Washington a secret. At times the US and Saudi Arabia would share their intelligence, while in some cases Riyadh just hand out large sums of money to CIA operatives, without asking any questions.

Back in 2013 the CIA and Riyadh have agreed on launching an operation under the code name the Timber Sycamore that is aimed at toppling Syria’s elected officials through the continuous training and supported provided to all sorts of radical militants. Under the deal the Saudis contribute both weapons and large sums of money, and the CIA takes the lead in training the rebels on AK-47 assault rifles and tank-destroying missile. 

Moreover, Turkey, Jordan and Qatar have all been involved in this criminal design, even though exact amounts of money that the above mentioned states handed over to the CIA will always remain a secret. Still, the New York Times states that Saudi Arabia has been the major sponsor throughout all this time, allocating billions of dollars in a bid to bring down the government of Bashar al-Assad.

Brennan will be seated in the dock at The Hague War Crimes Tribunal alongside his master Obama

It’s been reported that ever since 2012 eight European countries have been selling large shipments of small arms to Saudi Arabia, the total worth of which has surpassed one billion euros. Most of these weapons end up in terrorist hands in Syria. 

At the same time, the US has been supervising these deliveries through its SOCOM operatives, since this Operations Command is charged with overseeing US operations overseas. American special forces have been shipping those weapons from Bulgaria and Romania to Turkish and Jordian ports. There’s reports that SOCOM has paid at least 27 million dollars to Bulgarian and 12 million dollars to Serbia for small weapons in the period from 2014 to 2016.

Saudi apostate murderers continue to arm and fund CIA/ISIS

The Balkan Investigative Network and the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project have revealed the involvement of several European countries and Persian monarchies in weapons sales to radical extremists, that have been going on since 2012. According to the data presented, a total of 1,2 billion euros has already been to make the so-called Arab spring a continuous armed conflict. Since then, thousands of units of small arms and ammunition have been smuggled from the Balkans to the Persian Gulf.

In 2012 a senior Croatian official visited Washington and suggested to American officials that Croatia had many weapons available should anyone be interested in moving them to Syria’s rebels.

Eastern Europeans have made a fortune on Syria’s war.

U.S. traitor, murderer of U.S. military personnel John McCain facilitated the movement of advanced U.S. weapons systems and Stingers to CIA/ISIS

However, militant training and arms supplies is not the only form of support that Washington has been providing to the anti-government forces. In recent months Western media sources have been stepping up their disinformation efforts to portray the efforts taken by Syria, Russia and Iran in their fight against radical terrorist as something utterly criminal. We are being said that the Aleppo operation allegedly leads to large numbers of civilian casualties, but not a single piece of evidence has been presented so far. As the facts go, the Amnesty International is demanding the US-led Coalition forces, not Russia or Iran, to conduct thorough investigations into reports of civilian casualties from its operations and disclose their findings. Eleven Coalition attacks examined by the organization appear to have killed some 300 civilians during two years of strikes targeting the armed group calling itself Islamic State (IS).

Moreover, now the US Army is sinking millions of dollars into private intelligence contractors, the The Daily Beast notes. This appears to be the first time the Pentagon has publicly acknowledged that private contractors are also playing a role in the fight inside Syria, and it’s one more signal that the US military is deepening its involvement in the fate of the country.

The contract announcement said Six3 Intelligence Solutions—a private intelligence company recently acquired by CACI International—won a 10 million dollars no-bid Army contract to provide “intelligence analysis services” in Syria. Yet, military contracting and special operations experts say it is safe to assume that Six3 isn’t the first to get its boots on the Syrian ground.

As soon as Washington’s secret war against Syria is a rather peculiar matter, it goes without saying that all official reports about it are classified. However, as The Daily Beast reports, contractors encourage ‘mission creep’ because they allow the Administration to get more Americans involved in the Syrian conflict than they would like to admit.

A notorious Western analyst Jeffrey Sachs says that the US refuses to tell the truth. The American people would call for peace rather than perpetual war. Obama has a few months left in office to repair his broken legacy. He should start by leveling with the American people.

CNN and their fake "journalist" have covered-up Obama's arming and funding of CIA/ISIS across the board and will be tried along with him at The Hague

To put an end to the Syrian war one must demand the US government to provide a comprehensive report on the scale of its involvement in it. It is as simple as that. Once terrorist sponsors are officially established and named, they can be publicly condemned. Moreover, such a report would put an end to the attempts that various international players make to get the flames of the Syrian war burn brighter, which means there would be no other way to address the situation but to find a peaceful solution to this bloody war.

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