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Turkey And U.S. Consolidate Terror Assets From Iraq To Syria

Obama evacuates his CIA/ISIS scum from Mosul as Russia squeezes them into kill zones from the North  

By Finian Cunningham

This week Western news media were full of reports on the “epic” battle for Mosul where US-backed forces are supposedly set to defeat the Islamic State terror group besieging the northern Iraqi city.

There is little doubt that the Iraqi army aided by Iranian Shia militia and Kurdish Peshmerga are intent on routing the militants from Iraq’s second city, which has been under a reign of terror since June 2104.

But the intentions of other protagonists are decidedly more dubious. The US is providing air strikes supposedly to aid the ground forces penetrating Mosul, as are NATO members France and Turkey. Turkish air strikes on the city have reportedly begun despite objections from the Iraqi government, which is urging Ankara to stay out of the battle.

The Iraqi authorities have a long-running dispute with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government since Turkish military invaded northern Iraq last year, claiming that it had a deal with Baghdad to train Arab militias to fight the Islamic State (IS, also known as Daesh). Baghdad insists it gave no such permission and has time and again reiterated demands for Turkish troops to withdraw from its territory, but to no avail.

Far from withdrawing, Erdogan is pointedly ignoring the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi, asserting that his troops will march on Mosul. The launch of air strikes by Turkey serves to emphasize Erdogan’s determination to shape the battle for the city.

CNN's CIA stooge, fraud "war reporter" Clarissa Ward spews ISIS propaganda

With typical bluster, Erdogan dismissed the Iraqi premier as nothing more than an “administrator of a Shia army”, and added: “If we say we want to be both at the table and in the field, there is a reason.”

As Hurriyet newspaper reported, Erdogan’s ambitions are more about gaining military and administrative control over Mosul in conjunction with the Syrian city of Raqqa, rather than liaising with the Iraqi government to eliminate IS.

Erdogan also stridently called on the US to side with Turkey in its ambitions rather than with Iraq. Addressing Washington, he said: “Do you have a NATO partnership with Iraq? No. Then you can’t put us in a position of preference against Iraq.”

Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expressed concerns that jihadi extremists could flee from Mosul into neighboring Syria, presenting a greater challenge to the Syrian-Russian campaign to defeat terror groups there. Lavrov said that Russia would exercise military force to stop this from happening.

Intriguingly, Lavrov added: “The city [Mosul] is surrounded, but not completely. I do not know why. Possibly, they’ve just failed. It is to be hoped they just failed, and not were reluctant to do so.”

It is notable that in previous US-Turkish assaults on IS-held towns there have been unconfirmed reports of large numbers of the jihadists being covertly afforded safe passage out of harm’s way. This has been suspected of happening in US-backed offensives on Iraqi cities of Fallujah and Ramadi, and in the northern Syrian town of Manbij.

Brennan won't be smiling when his ISIS mercs are slaughtered by the RFAF following evacuation to Syria

As the offensive on Mosul gets underway, there are similar suspicions that the US, Turkey and Saudi military objective is not about crushing the IS hold-outs, but rather evacuating these mercenaries from the city.

Said Mamuzini of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Iraq believes that up to 7,000 militants belonging to the IS will be given safe passage out of Mosul to reconsolidate with other jihadist mercenaries already in Syria.

This of course negates Washington and Ankara’s official claims of fighting against IS. But it is fully consistent with the critical assessment that the US and its allies have all along been covertly sponsoring various terror groups to wage a war for regime change in Syria. The latter being a strategic ally for Russia and Iran in the pivotal Middle Eastern region. Across Syria and Iraq there are three main strongholds remaining for al Qaeda-associated terror groups, whether they go by the name of IS, Jabhat al Nusra, Ahrar al Shams, Jaysh al Fatah or some other nom de guerre. 

These terror bases are Aleppo city in Syria, Mosul in Iraq and positioned roughly halfway between those two sites is Raqqa located in central Syria.

It seems significant that as Syrian and Russian forces bear down on the militants besieging the eastern quarter of Aleppo that Washington and its allies have escalated a media campaign decrying “war crimes” in order to halt that offensive. This has been accompanied by vociferous efforts from the US, Britain and France to implement no-fly zones around Aleppo. This all strongly suggests that the Western powers are trying to extricate their proxy insurgents from the Aleppo crucible.

More than coincidently, it seems, while the drama of Aleppo has been underway, the Turkish and US military launched a major campaign in August to effectively annex large swathes of northern Syria, due east from Aleppo and stretching nearly 100 kms back to the city of Jarablus on the Euphrates, proximate to the Turk border.

Indeed, Turkish forces occupying Jarablus have begun erecting the national flag of Turkey on public buildings, much to the consternation of the Syrian government which has denounced it as a violation of its sovereign territory.

All the while, Turkey and the US have claimed that the northern Syrian operations are aimed at “cleansing” the area from IS terrorists. But more troubling are reports that the militants whom Turkey in particular has been mentoring during these operations are indistinguishable from IS in terms of brutish ideology towards any local people deemed to be “infidels."

In the Turk-led capture this week of the northern Syrian border city of Dabiq, the Western media portrayed this as a “liberation” from IS terrorists. But it was evident from France 24 news footage that the new gun-toting militants were shouting out Islamist slogans. Syrian sources say that the residents are fearful of having to live under yet another reign of terror as before.

There are also reports of Turkish military forces this week firing artillery at the Syrian villages of Sourkeh in Efrin district and Deir Ballout, causing civilians, women and children to flee, and prompting Syrian sources to comment that Turkey is actually mounting a campaign of “ethnic cleansing”.

This is important context to underscore the wider implications of the battle at Mosul. It could be a case of all jihadist safe corridors leading to Raqqa.

Turkey and the US have been mulling military plans for several weeks now to extend their northern Syrian security curtain down to Raqqa. This concurs with what Erdogan was boasting about this week when he indicated that the US-backed offensive on Mosul should be integrated with broader plans to militarily take Raqqa.

If the jihadist mercenaries can be shunted safely into Raqqa from either Aleppo or Mosul, they would then be able to consolidate there under the safety of a Turkish and US de facto no-fly zone if the latter NATO forces do actually proceed with plans to take Raqqa, as Erdogan bragged about.

Moreover, because of the US-Turk annexed territory straddling the Syrian borders, the jihadists sheltered in Raqqa would once again be plugged into a Turk lifeline as never before, and therefore be able to live to fight another day.

Obama and Clinton's ISIS creation is doomed, and they will both answer for their war crimes and crimes against humanity at The Hague

Russia needs to make sure Aleppo falls with no terrorist breakout; and, as Lavrov hinted, Moscow must make sure too that there is no influx of jihadists from Mosul into Syria. Russia should also demand that Turkey and the US do not take any steps towards a military takeover of Raqqa, as Erdogan is calling for.

That battle, in the future, to clear illegally armed insurgents from their final bastion in Raqqa should be the prerogative of the Syrian army and its trusted allies.

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MUSA UCAN: Operation Mosul - Twisted Purpose

Obama criminals wreak havoc in Iraq and Turkey, destabilising the region further while ceaselessly provoking Russia  

By Musa Uçan

Operation Mosul has finally begun and with it the intensive discussions about participants and  possible aftermath in the city, and apparently the result is not satisfying for the major players in the region - the U.S. and Barzani factions.

The main purpose of the operation has been declared as the neutralization and cleaning ISIS elements, and liberation of the city however most observers are sure that the operation is going to be a milestone for Barzani Kurdistan, with tribe lord Barzani gaining a substantial victory and addition of Mosul to the so-called autonomous Kurdistan. 

Statements from the Pentagon and their allies regarding recognition and the territorial integrity of Iraq are not at all convincing for Russia, Iran and Turkey.

It is widely acknowledged that Iraqi oil is shared between the major oil companies and the most profitable contracts for these companies are signed with Barzani's Kurdistan. 

Barzani is not only an obedient partner but is also acting like a U.S. governor when it comes to the benefits the major oil companies have received since the end of Saddam's Ba'ath regime so we can consider and assume that Mosul falling under the hegemony of Barzani would mean:

More and much more better quality oil;

One more step closer to a Kurdish state which shall trigger social differentiation and tension in Turkey, Iran and Syria. A Kurdistan with greatly enhanced strategic position, unlimited oil reserves and probably a new favorite ally of the U.S., perhaps even becoming a "satellite state" in Middle East. 

It would appear that the U.S. and it's allies are securing and solidifying their position in the region and wish to have the "best seat in the house" before Armageddon begins. 

The "Molehill" Between Aleppo And Mosul

The operation in Mosul has been negotiated and planned for more than one year and is not something new. The negotiations and discussions about participants, demographic configuration after operations and reconstruction were the main reasons for delay. It would seem as if there was finally an agreement reached between between sides as the belated operation has begun, but is it really only about Mosul?

Reference a quote from former Turkish general Ismail Hakki Pekin's article published in yesterday's Aydinlik (Former The Head of the Intelligence Unit of the General Staff):

"We know that the Syrian army is about to overtake the control of Aleppo with the support of Russian army in Syria. It's also obvious that the FSA elements are advancing to Al Bab with Turkish support. To reduce the chance of Syrian and Russian armies' to go towards Raqqa after securing Aleppo, the IS elements will probably be allowed to flee from Mosul and reinforce their most important stronghold Raqqa. Meanwhile, US aims to block Russia, Syria and Turkey to act under their initiative."

Meanwhile, the U.S. is playing smart on the chessboard using the "common enemy" ISIS as a stooge and we can clearly see that the agreement with the belated Mosul operation is not only about neutralizing IS elements but securing Mosul, changing the demographic configuration and expanding so called autonomous Kurdistan lands.

The most dangerous potential disastrous consequence of such a move is the possible reaction of ISIS being snared in Raqqa. 

It is common knowledge how wild and uncivilized they are and civilians have no value for ISIS. And moreover, what if they decide to deploy chemical weapons? 

To be able to understand the real purpose, we should look into the details of the operation from a military perspective. Coalition forces are leaving an escape line to ISIS elements. The possible escape route of IS elements won't be bombarded. This detail supports above the possibility. 

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Mosul spokesman Saed Mamouzini's interview with Sputnik is yet another strong attestation regarding the twisted purpose of operation Mosul: 

"An escape line for ISIS militants to retreat to Talafar and Syria will be allowed. There won't be an interference to those runaways. ISIS terrorists are currently ditching and placing booby-trapped mines all around town. There are approximately seven thousand ISIS militants in Mosul. Mosul will be secured quickly because ISIS isn't as strong as they used to be here."

It's illogical and nonsense to let terrorists to escape while you can easily wipe them out while they're heavily outnumbered. Let's say coalition land forces want to secure the town with minimum casualties but it's still nonsensical to let them flee while you have NATO air forces behind you. 

Warning of a new migration wave, Mamouzini continues:

"There are one million, three hundred thousand people in Mosul. One million people may migrate from Mosul. Kurdistan and Iraqi governments are preparing for such a migration wave. Kurdistan government is building a camp for five thousand people."

Irrationality continues as he talks. If an escape line is allowed for ISIS militants to retreat and flee from Mosul to minimize military and civilian casualties then how and why could such a huge migration wave be predicted? In "securing" the town and neutralising ISIS elements, why indeed would people migrate from a liberated town? How could this  number be calculated and predicted? 

These questions do not seem to have proper and satisfying answers. All we know now is that the situation is just getting more blurry and the Armageddon clock is counting down at full tilt.

Musa Uçan
Musa Uçan is a freelance journalist reporting on international affairs and global politics and has traveled widely throughout the Middle East, Russia, Northern Africa and Asia. He has witnessed first-hand the before and after Arab Spring and Orange Revolutions. 

He resides in Turkey.



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