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U.S. Media As Conduits Of Propaganda

"Mainstream media" frauds and propagandists believe it will be "business as usual" in the aftermath of the U.S. elections in November: They could not be more mistaken as they will all be held accountable for their war crimes, ceaseless lies and warmongering       

By Robert Parry

By the constant administration of lies, the media puppeteers manufacture wars, protect the super-wealthy, and destroy democracy.

Nothing disturbs me more about the modern mainstream U.S. news media than its failure to test what the U.S. government says against what can be determined through serious and impartial investigation to be true. And this is not just some question of my professional vanity; it can be a matter of life or death. For instance, did Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cross President Barack Obama’s supposed “red line” against using chemical weapons, specifically in the sarin gas attack outside Damascus on Aug. 21, 2013, or not?

Upon this question rests the possibility that a future President Hillary Clinton will invade Syria under the guise of establishing a “safe zone,” a project that would surely expand into another bloody “regime change,” as occurred in Iraq and Libya amid similar U.S. claims about protecting “human rights.”

Yet, there is substantial evidence that Assad was not responsible for the sarin attack – that is was perpetrated by jihadist rebels as a provocation to draw the U.S. military directly into the war on their side. But it remains conventional wisdom that Assad ignored Obama’s “red line” and that Obama then flinched from enforcing it.

The New York Times and other major U.S. publication cite this “group think” about the “red line” as flat fact, much as many of them reported without doubt that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was hiding WMD, reinforcing the pretext for the U.S. invasion of that country in 2003. On Wednesday, Times correspondent David E. Sanger wrote an article about the need for a coercive “Plan B” to force Assad from power and added that “president [Obama] has repeatedly defended his decision not to authorize a military strike against Mr. Assad after he crossed what Mr. Obama had described as a ‘red line’ against using chemical weapons.”

Note that there is no attribution to that claim about Assad crossing the “red line,” no “allegedly” or “widely believed” or any modifier. Assad is simply judged guilty by The New York Times, which — in doing so — asserts this dubious narrative as flat fact.

Yet, the Times hasn’t conducted a serious investigation into whether Assad is, in fact, guilty. Their last stab at proving Assad’s guilt in late 2013 collapsed when it turned out that the one missile found to have carried sarin had a range of only two kilometers, less than a quarter of the distance from which the Times had alleged that Assad’s military had fired the rocket.

Faced with that evidence, the Times essentially retracted its findings in a little-noticed article buried deep inside the paper during the Christmas-New Year holidays. So, even as the case collapsed, the Times maintained its phony narrative, which it reprises regularly as happened in Sanger’s article on Wednesday.

Misleading Readers

But what does that do to the Times’ readers? They are essentially being propagandized by the “paper of record,” with a questionable assertion slipped past them as an incontrovertible “fact.” How are they supposed to evaluate whether the U.S. government should launch another war in the Middle East when they have been told that a dubious claim is now enshrined as a basic truth in the Times narrative?

We saw something similar earlier this year when Jeff Goldberg of The Atlantic wrote a lengthy article on Obama’s foreign policy focusing on his 2013 decision not to launch punitive airstrikes against the Syrian military for the sarin attack.

The opus contained the remarkable disclosure that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had told Obama that U.S. intelligence lacked “slam dunk” evidence that Assad was guilty. In other words, Obama pulled back in part because he was informed that Assad might well be innocent.

Later in the same article, however, Goldberg reverted to official Washington’s “group think” that held as a matter of faith that Assad had crossed Obama’s “red line.” That false certainty has proved so powerful that it defies any contrary evidence and keeps popping up as it did in Sanger’s article.

Which gets me to one of my pet peeves about modern America: we almost never get to the bottom of anything, whether significant or trivial. Often there’s “a conventional wisdom” about some issue but almost never is there a careful assessment of the facts and an unbiased judgment of what happened.

On the trivial side, we have the NFL accusing New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady of participating in some scheme to deflate footballs, even though the scientific and testimonial evidence doesn’t support the claim. But lots of people, including The New York Times, assume the allegations to be true even though they come from one of the most disreputable and dishonest corporations in America, the National Football League, which has recently been exposed for covering up the dangers of concussions.

On more substantive matters, we never see serious investigations into U.S. government claims especially when they’re aimed at “enemies.” 

Colin Powell gives infamous WMD speech at UN - a pack of lies

The failure to test President George W. Bush’s claims about Iraq’s WMD cost hundreds of thousands of lives, including those of nearly 4,500 American soldiers, and has spread chaos through much of the region and now into Europe.

A Pattern of Neglect

We’ve seen similar neglect regarding Syria’s sarin case and events in Ukraine, from the mysterious sniper attacks that touched off the coup in February 2014 to the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014.

Arguably, the fate of humankind rests on the events in Ukraine where U.S. propagandists are stirring up the West to engage in a military conflict with nuclear-armed Russia.

The vile Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland with Ukrainian Nazis

So, shouldn’t The New York Times and other major publications take special care not to feed a war fever that could exterminate life on the planet? Can’t they find the time to undertake serious examinations of these issues and present the evidence without fear or favor?

But that apparently isn’t how the editors of the Times or The Washington Post or any number of other major U.S. news outlets view matters. Instead of questioning the stories coming from the U.S. government’s propaganda shops, the mainstream media simply amplifies them, all the better to look “patriotic.”

If instead these outlets joined some independent journalists and concerned citizens in demanding that the U.S. government provide verifiable evidence to support its claims, that might force many of these “artificial secrets” out into the open.

For instance, we don’t know what the current U.S. intelligence assessments are about the Syria-sarin attack or the MH-17 shoot-down. Regarding the MH-17 case, the U.S. government has refused to divulge its overhead surveillance, radar and other technical evidence about this tragedy in which 298 people were killed.

If there was some journalistic unity – refusing to simply blame the Russians and instead highlighting the lack of U.S. cooperation in the investigation – the U.S. government might feel enough heat to declassify its information and help bring whoever shot down the plane to justice.

As it stands now on these issues, why should the U.S. government reveal what it actually knows when all the major news outlets are accepting its dubious propaganda themes as flat fact?

The Times and other big media outlets could contribute to the cause of truth by simply refusing to serve as conduits for unsubstantiated claims just because they come from senior U.S. government officials. If the mainstream media did, the American people and the world public might be much better informed — and a lot safer.

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Western Hypocrisy And Why It Makes The World A Dangerous Place

CNN, MSM lay bare hypocrisy that epitomises Obama government  

By Michael Jabara Carley

The West has always been a great trembling hive of hypocrisy, portraying itself as liberal, progressive, civilised and democratic. You know the descriptors; the list is very long. Take the United States, for example, it is the "shining house upon the hill:" just, altruistic, democratic, with a "mission to extend individual liberties throughout the world."

Obama the personification of hypocrisy 
"Our cause has been the cause of all mankind," Lyndon Johnson declared during the 1964 presidential election campaign. To reinforce his argument Johnson cited President Woodrow Wilson, who had similar things to say about American virtue. Nothing has changed: listen to Barack Obama talk about the altruism of the United States. ‘We are the "exceptional nation,"’ he often says. These western and especially US virtues are mobilised to justify policies, wars, covert activities which are not virtuous at all. Let’s start with Wilson. 

He is best known for the "Fourteen Points," national self-determination, "democracy," open agreements, and so on. "Do as I say, not as I do," Wilson might have cautioned in the backroom. He did not, for example, anticipate "self-determination" for the Philippines, a US colony, or closer to home, for American "Negros."

Woodrow Wilson
You see, Wilson was a segregationist and supporter of Jim Crow and the Ku Klux Klan. We need the KKK, Wilson believed, to keep "colored folks" in line, especially those who came back from France having served in the US armed forces. 

They might think they were entitled to the same rights as white people. 

As American blacks were to be subject to Jim Crow, so Bolsheviks in Russia were to be subjected to Entente military intervention to put an end to their socialist revolution.

Then of course there was World War II. It is during this war that the United States and Great Britain got into the habit of destroying cities and civilian infrastructure, and killing large numbers of civilians. It is true that Nazi Germany set the precedent for targeting civilians, and few people questioned the destruction of German cities and the mass killing of civilians in Cologne, Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin and other places.

The end of World War II led to the resumption of the Cold War, Act II (Act I having started in 1917). With Great Britain reduced to the status of a vassal state, the United States took the lead in defending "free" peoples against the menace of communism. Unfortunately, there was a chasm between the image and the reality. The US government unleashed the CIA to buy politicians and elections and overthrow governments it did not like. Iran, Guatemala, Cuba were early examples. That was the fate reserved for Vietnam too, except there, Washington bit off more than it could chew.

The United States sabotaged Vietnamese elections in 1956 because, according to US president Dwight Eisenhower, the communist leader Ho Chi Minh would have won 80% of the vote. Not much respect for democracy there: it turns out that the United States was only comfortable with "democracy" when their clients won. When they couldn’t win, elections were rigged, bought with CIA money, or sabotaged. "Leftists, communists, eccentrics, not wanted here," was a sign America might have hung out on the doors of its embassies worldwide.

The massacre at My Lai

In Vietnam the United States hijacked the south and ran it through puppets. A terrible war ensued: the World War II pattern of targeting cities and civilians was repeated. The US government declared that it was not bombing North Vietnamese cities, but Toronto Star correspondent Michael Maclear drove up from the Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone to Hanoi and found just about every city and town along the way had been flattened or badly damaged by American bombing. Civilians were fair game, US claims to the contrary notwithstanding. Estimates range from 2 to 6 civilians killed for every Vietnamese combatant. These figures are certainly on the low side given US carpet bombing and use of napalm and chemical defoliants.

It is true that most of the Vietnamese people were united with their armed forces in resisting US aggression. So the distinction between civilian and soldier was necessarily blurred, much to the frustration of US authorities. Then there was the My Lai massacre in March 1968 when nearly five hundred men, women and children were gunned down by American soldiers. The massacre made the pages of Life magazine, not good publicity for the American war of aggression in Southeast Asia.

The United States lost that war because of the remarkable resistance of the Vietnamese people, though they paid a high price for driving out the American invader. Defeat however did not long chasten US authorities. In 1973 the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Chilean government of Salvador Allende. A neo-fascist took his place, which was fine with Washington. In the 1980s the United States backed Islamist fundamentalists in Afghanistan against the USSR. "They’re sons of bitches»," Americans might have agreed in a rare moment of candour, but "they are our sons of bitches.."

The point is that the American claims of altruism and promotion of democracy were bogus. As long as the USSR existed, the United States could not run completely amuck although the US rampage in Southeast Asia was bad enough. After the collapse and dismemberment of the USSR, the United States felt the last restraints on its power fall away. NATO was expanded up to Russia’s western frontiers. Yugoslavia was destroyed and dismembered without any reference to international law. The United States and its NATO vassals backed Islamist terrorists and gangsters in Bosnia and Kosovo, following the Afghan pattern. "They’re our terrorists and gangsters," the Americans might have said, "and therefore we’re alright." Serbia was bombed, its infrastructure destroyed, civilians were killed. Not even crocodile tears were shed in the west over the dead Serbian civilians.

Since the destruction of Yugoslavia, the list of US and western covert or overt wars of aggression is long. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen have all been destroyed or are being destroyed by the United States and its NATO or regional vassals in the name of "responsibility to protect" (R2P) and "democracy" proselytization. The west’s allies are Wahhabi terrorists (again), Daesh, Nusra, Al-Qaeda and various iterations of them, as well as fascists in the Ukraine. It is an extraordinary American rogues’ gallery, like a long police line-up of felons. But "not to worry," the Americans would no doubt repeat, "they’re our Islamists and our fascists, and working for us, which makes everything alright."

Everywhere the United States leaves its footprints, along with those of the British and French depending on location, you will find ruins and victims. Iraq and Libya are in chaos and infested with Al-Qaeda terrorists. War drags on in Afghanistan after fifteen years. In the Ukraine the US-backed fascist coup d’├ętat has only partially succeeded and a crisis there could irrupt at any time. In Yemen a Saudi invasion has butted into formidable resistance.

In Syria the US and Anglo-French-led attempt to overthrow the Syrian government has failed. Not only did the United States run up against a formidable Syrian resistance inspired by Syrian president Bashar el-Assad, but it has run up against the Russian Federation, Iran, and Hezbollah. They are allied with the Syrian government against the invasion of US and western supported Islamist mercenaries, armed, financed, trained, and sheltered by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, and Apartheid Israel.

Russia has played the principal role in checking the US-led war of aggression against Syria. Of course, President Vladimir Putin has tried to finesse the United States into abandoning its terrorist allies and joining a coalition to destroy the Wahhabi invaders. As I write these lines, the Russian effort has failed; as well it might, since the United States is addicted to subversion and wars of aggression as a drug user is addicted to narcotics. But Russia had to try, and I suppose, will continue to try, to persuade the United States to go cold turkey.

In the meantime its French and British vassals accuse Russia and Syria of war crimes, fulminate about the surrounded, victimized Wahhabi terrorists in Aleppo. The very same who have made films showing their decapitation of Syrian POWs and officials, Christians and any others who don’t embrace their practice of Islam. Further forms of cruelty include execution by drowning or being burned alive in cages, or crushed by tanks. Women are raped, and stoned if they don’t submit; refugees seeking to escape Al-Qaeda authority are flogged, crucified, decapitated, buried alive, or shot (the latter form of execution being for the Wahhabis a rather banal, merciful way of killing victims).

It is these terrorists who the United States and its vassals support in Aleppo and elsewhere in Syria. They have abandoned the argument about the Wahhabis being "our terrorists" for another to the effect that they are "our moderates." This line is just as preposterous and bogus as all the other US justifications for war, though President Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, have played along trying to persuade the United States to see reason. The Russian strategy has failed, as its other peace strategies have failed, because, inter alia, there are no Islamist "moderates" to separate from the so-called genuine terrorists. "Our moderates" is a fiction and a US cover for its support of Al-Qaeda and its various allies, largely foreign mercenaries fighting against the secular, legitimate government of Syria.

The only result, so far, of Russian efforts is that US generals threaten "to beat" Russia as never before. The French president threatens Russia and Syria with war crimes indictments, and various British politicians, including the Foreign Secretary, fulminate about Nazi-like bombardments of poor, innocent "moderates" who in fact use Aleppo civilians in their diminishing zone of occupation as human shields, summarily executing those who attempt to escape. In the much larger part of Aleppo which the "moderates" do not control, they deliberately target civilians.

Will there ever be an end to the hypocrisy and double standards? From Wilson to Johnson, to Obama, we have been subjected to a pack of lies. The US and western narrative about Syria, as elsewhere, is false to the last syllable. The "shining house upon the hill" is a myth. A dark charnel house filled to the ceiling with victims of US and European neo-colonialism would better represent the reality. But don’t expect any western governments to look inside that house. "Collateral damage," the Americans would say, "and a price worth paying." Myths and lies conceal the real foreign conduct of the United States and its vassals, but that unfortunately is nothing new. The question now is whether Americans, Europeans and Canadians are willing to risk a gratuitous war with Russia for a pack of lies, in defence of the US-led Al-Qaeda invasion of Syria. We, all of us, need to decide quickly, before it is too late.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Western Media Attacks Aleppo With Guided Missile Lies

CNN warmongering liars will be first in the dock at The Hague War Crimes Tribunal  

By Jim Dean

Putin and Lavrov’s “rope-a-dope” tactic of letting the West and its media bash away at Russia endlessly seems to have worked, because the West is losing the credibility war. The proof is growing like weeds all over the alternative media. One of the latest examples had Germany making cheap charges against RT for being a propaganda mill.

CNN fraud, CIA stooge Clarissa Ward
Apparently, someone forgot to tell Germany that the CIA has had German media infiltrated for many years, and not the only country in Europe to be on the CIA string. It routinely wants to make sure it can “dial up a smear story” in Europe whenever it needs one, like when the Rupert Murdoch propaganda rags were taking a day off.

The Western claim of a free press has now become a hollow fraud, due to Intel cooption. During the Cold War, there was some justification for the major propaganda efforts, but since the breakup of the Soviet Union, there have been none. 

Now, the efforts of Intel in media are directed solely against the public, which is always treated as a conditional enemy unless it is controlled.

While the West conducts a behind-the-lines media war on Moscow, the Russian military continues the real war against terror in concert with the Syrian coalition. Its very experienced pilots have been delivering surgical strikes on identified jihadi command and control centers in East, using the new guided bombs that have a four to five meter accuracy.

Western coverage on the Aleppo battle, especially in the US, can only be called hysterical. To read it, one would think that East Aleppo is the only part of the city being attacked, despite the city having been a house of horrors for several years now due to the crimes of the jihadis, who have even mined the escape corridors the Syrian army set up for civilians to get out. The jihadis are forcibly using them as human shields now, with not a word of this in the Western press.

I have just finished reviewing some reports from my fellow 2012 Syrian election monitor friends. We stayed in touch after we got home because we were all in different cities and made different contacts. We are exchanging notes all the time. Jane Stillwater, the world-traveling peace activist grandmother, had stayed over in 2012 to go up to Aleppo where she made some permanent friends and met other independent journalists and activists there.

Her crew of sources, Aleppo expats who are now out of the country, have been reviewing social media’s alleged Syrian armed forces atrocity videos that have been distributed by the jihadi networks. Due to the expats’ intimate knowledge of Aleppo, they have been spotting a number of fake videos. They can spot different architecture between the Old City Aleppo and the newer Western Aleppo.

They have also found older footage being narrated over to make it look recent. The Islamic State put a major effort into social media using any and all tools, including staged material. Maybe the CIA even trained them, as recent disclosures have revealed how the Pentagon fabricated and used all kinds of faked and staged media in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here is a sample of the Aleppo version from Jane’s friends:

“I watched the whole clip several times. Apart from the first shot that has the title of the report, no single picture is from the eastern part of Aleppo…The terrorists took most of that part [the East] with its people as hostage, knowing that the army won’t destroy our heritage, while the terrorists don’t give a penny for all that priceless heritage and historical buildings.”

And here is another, a crude attempt to paint the jihadis with a Western flavor:

“Aleppo, selling roses and listening to Beethoven classical music! …The terrorists prohibited music in any form, and sometimes killed the ones who dare to listen to it. Yet, Ch.4 News wants to tell the European audience how sensitive and educated those rebels are!”

No one expects to see civilians not getting killed during combat like this. When the US coalition kills them by mistake, there is either a quick and brief apology, or nothing said about it at all. We have no embedded reporters giving us tear-jerking video reports of the crying family members, nor any gruesome remains shots.

The Pentagon PR people know the impact such images can have on the public, especially for children victims. But from the coverage of the Aleppo battle, one might get the opinion that the Syrian and Russian air forces had nothing better to do than to bomb civilian targets.

I heard a CBS female reporter on the radio yesterday, who was taken to the front line by the Syrian army in West Aleppo to look across no man’s land. She immediately went into how she could hear the bombs “raining down on civilians” by the Assad regime, all very reductive, as she obviously could not see where the bombs were hitting from her position. She was pitching herself as an “eyewitness” from a half mile away, with her sources all being jihadi PR people who have a long-established record of being highly trained media manipulators.

Brennan provides exclusive access, protection, cash for CNN frauds

Even the reporter’s nod to impartiality, by mentioning that West Aleppo was suffering also, was just that…a mention that the jihadis were shelling it, also. The media report contained no empathy for any West Aleppo victims, and further, omitted the fact that the jihadis were firing indiscriminate heavy weapons that had long been targeting particular neighborhoods in the West.

I later saw a CBS video report by the same reporter who did cover the purposefully timed shelling of a West Aleppo Christian school district by Jihadi mortars as the kids were going to school to catch them on the streets. It was shot and edited to give more balance than the previous report, but still left out the most important factor about the civilian casualties.

CNN fraud Max Foster spews anti-Putin invective, propaganda scripted by The White House, Pentagon, CIA

The Russians and Syrians are using their latest precision-guided bombs that have the best record of reducing collateral damage in warfare to date. The Free Syrian Army and jihadis have no precision weapons, and have continuously targeted civilian areas to kill as many as possible — their standard terror tactic of terror. That huge disparity in intent was glossed over by CBS simply as “civilians were suffering from both sides”, with the propaganda back story that it was all Assad’s fault because he has refused to step down.

This determined demonizing of the Syrian coalition campaign to free Aleppo has been spun as a campaign to kill the civilians when they are no threat because they are unarmed. The Russians are caste as the barbarian hordes from the North, despite Moscow being there legally under international law, while the Syrian Army is portrayed as the hired guns of Assad.

Fox "News" failed attorney, fraud "journalist" Megyn Kelly leads the pack of rabid anti-Russian propagandists

Left out of all those reports is any mention of the East Aleppo civilians being used as human shields, or of their corpses being used as anti-Assad propaganda. And never a word is mention that mercenaries from over sixty countries have fighters in Syria.

In my book we are seeing a World Wide Terror War being waged in Syria where the Western media has crossed over the line into aiding and abetting that effort, with the respective governments leading the way as flag bearers of regime change by any and all means necessary. If Western publics do not wise up quickly, their turn to be victims could come sooner than they think.

But God help them if Maria Zakharova gets hold of them. She has been emasculating Western government and press spokespeople in her daily press briefings which are a joy to watch. She has been saying what should have been Western media’s job, that is before it was coopted and sold out. They have shamed us all and deserve to pay a public price for that. Let them know how you feel. They are easy to contact.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



The real truth on 9/11 slowly continues to bleed out

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Many researchers are focusing especially on the little-known collapse of



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