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WAYNE MADSEN : Europe's Newest Threat From Migrants : Culinary Correctness

With the architect of the invasion Merkel up for election EU citizens no have a vehicle for change  

By Wayne Madsen

Europe is experiencing another threat to its cultural distinction as a result of the massive influx of unwanted and largely Muslim migrants to the continent. Not only are Europe’s social, religious, and artistic identities under assault from the new migrants, but its rich culinary history is also threatened by migrants whose religious dietary laws do not comport with eating habits existing in Europe for centuries.

The conflict between traditional Europeans and Muslim migrants has been particularly acute in Denmark, a nation that prides itself on its export-quality pork products, including its most delectable offering, Danish ham. Pork products represent 5 percent of Danish exports. The issue between Danish and foreign culinary cultures first came to a head in 2012 when the Copenhagen Hospitality College came under fire for requiring its Muslim students to taste pork and drink wine. One Muslim student was told he could not graduate if he refused to taste pork or sip wine. Islam permits one to taste pork but observant Muslims must spit it out before swallowing it. 

The Muslim community forced the Danish government to take a stand, one that ultimately resulted in then-Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt of the Social Democratic Party criticizing day care centers that dropped pork from their menus in order to placate Muslims. The pro-migrant Red-Green Alliance condemned the college’s requirement but the anti-migrant Danish People’s Party questioned why someone who prepared Danish-style cuisine would refuse to taste it.

The issue of pork-abstaining Muslim migrants came up again last year in Denmark. A 24-year old female migrant from Libya who was a student at the Holstebro Culinary School raised a legal issue then the school told her she would have to taste the pork just as was required of all the other students. Rather than comply, the student brought a legal action before the Danish Equal Treatment Board, which fined the school. There is a feeling in Denmark and other countries that Muslims want Europe to change its own traditional culinary traditions to placate the "haram" restrictions of Islam. The school was originally fined $75,000 for merely requiring all Danish culinary students to prepare and taste the same food. The Danish High Court subsequently reduced the fine after a public clamor against the original steep fine.

The issue of Danish customary cuisine reappeared in the news this past January when the Danish town of Randers announced that it would henceforth be mandatory for all municipal institutions, including schools, nursing homes, day care centers, government cafeterias, and hospitals. The Danish People’s Party supported the town and stressed that it was "unacceptable to ban Danish food culture," adding, "the DPP is working nationally and locally for Danish culture, including Danish food culture, and consequently we also fight against Islamic rules and misguided considerations dictating what Danish children eat."

Not only have Danish institutions been forced to abandon pork but they have been browbeaten into preparing all meat dishes according to Muslim "halal" standards.

European culinary traditions have also come under assault in the Italian city of Verona, the storied home of Shakespeare’s "Romeo and Juliet." Verona recently banned the opening of new Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants because it feared that the traditional fare of the city was disappearing under a wave of kebab shops and Chinese restaurants. Verona mayor Flavio Tosi stated in support of the ban, "Thanks to this provision it will not be permitted to open new artisan shops producing and selling food whose preparation will affect the decorum of the city. This will protect not just the historical and architectural heritage of the city center, but also the tradition and culture typical of the Verona area."

Previously, the Italian city of Lucca in Tuscany, and the towns of Forte dei Marmi and Altopascio banned new ethnic restaurants, such kebab shops and Middle Eastern restaurants favoring couscous over traditional Italian polenta.

As was the case of Denmark, Italian officials faced immediate criticism from social rights groups, many of which are directly funded by the European Union and George Soros’s various non-profit contrivances. The dog whistle charge of fascism, xenophobia, and racism was all the critics could offer. Not once have the Sorosites and pan-Europeanists called for the protection of European culture and social values against those being forced on Europe by unregulated migration from abroad.

Assaults on traditional European cuisine by Islamist puritans have probably not been felt more strongly than in the culinary center of the world: France. Muslim and "human rights" pressure groups have pressured food manufacturers over everything from pork in traditional French sausages to whether mushrooms are, in fact, forbidden "haram" in dishes served to observant Muslims. But French pork products, as well as the French goose liver delicacy foie gras, are also considered haram and disdained on the menus of restaurants frequented by France’s large Muslim population. Also forbidden by the Islamist culinary imperialists is any dish prepared with wine, beer, or liquor, even when the alcohol is cooked off, because, according to Muslims, alcohol in even small amounts is forbidden.

Always willing to back the Muslims over "culinary correctness" is Europe’s Jewish community, which sees any restrictions on pushing halal standards as a potential slippery slope to challenge to kosher standards, two Middle East-originated religious food preparation techniques that are similar but alien to strictly European culinary habits.

In 2012, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon created a political firestorm when he suggested that "certain religions" consider changing their "ancestral traditions" of animal slaughter, namely halal and kosher preparation of meat products by slitting the throats of the animals. France’s Grand Rabbi and the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) joined in castigating Fillon for his remarks. Fillon’s statement followed National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen claiming that all the meat sold in Paris came from halal butchers. 

The joint opposition by rabbis and imams to French measures to resist their culinary traditions from being subsumed by foreign influences have not been limited to France. Halal butchery practices have been an issue in Germany ever since a court banned the procedure in 1995 without first stunning the animal. German Muslims argue that the law was applied only against halal butchers even though kosher butchers essentially perform the same throat-slitting practices and were not required to stun the animal first.

In 2012, Poland’s high court followed the German example and banned a 2004 law that permitted the religious slaughter of conscious animals. Denmark banned religious slaughter in 2015 and Danish minister for agriculture and food Dan Jørgensen responded to the outcry from Muslim and Jewish groups by stating, that "animal rights come before religion." In 2010, the Party for the Animals in the Netherlands saw a bill to ban ritualistic animal slaughter pass in the lower house of the parliament but eventually defeated in the Senate. Similar regulations were advanced in Slovenia and Estonia.

While immigrant groups in Europe demand European appetites change in order to accommodate them, there is no reciprocity. In 2014, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia threatened to ban the import of Cadbury chocolate bars because small traces of pig DNA were discovered in the chocolate. With the culinary correctness crowd, respect for dietary traditions is truly a one-way street.

Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen
Investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist, Madsen has over twenty years experience in security issues. 

As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. Madsen has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC and MS-NBC. He has been invited to testify as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government. A member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the National Press Club, Madsen is based and reports from Washington, D.C.

Libya : Little Time Left Until Western Invasion Starts

As predicted, following his ejection from Syria and soon in Iraq at the hands of Putin and the RFAF, Obama now sets his sights on Libya and evacuating the remnants of his CIA/FSA/ISIS mercs there in order to justify a U.S. invasion - with the oil company criminals hot on their heels    

By Alex Gorka

Profiting from a vacuum of power in Libya, the Islamic State (IS) group has strengthened its grip on Sirte. The terrorists have established checkpoints that expand their influence on approximately 120 miles of Libyan coastline.

Obama prepares to transfer and regroup his ISIS
creation to Libya to justify U.S. invasion
There has also been an increase in the number of foreign jihadists, with emirs in the group diverting volunteers to set up on its shores, rather than travelling to Syria and Iraq – the countries where the IS formations are losing ground, especially as the operation to recapture Mosul has been launched in Iraq and Raqqa, the terrorists «capital» located in Syria, has become a target for the upcoming anti-Islamic State (IS) offensive to be launched soon. As the United Nations is leading negotiations to bring rival parliaments and militias in Libya together under a government of national accord, the Obama administration is mulling taking much more sustained military action against the group in Libya.

The US Department of Defense has presented the White House with the detailed set of military options yet for military intervention in Libya, including 30 to 40 targets in four areas of the country to strike the Islamic State affiliate and open the way for Western-backed Libyan militias to launch a ground operation. Airstrikes would be carried out to support the militias on the ground. 

A New York Times article published on March 8 says, the military option was described by five American officials who have been briefed on the plans and spoke about them on the condition of anonymity because of their confidential nature.

Traitor Ashton Carter prepares to expend more U.S.
military lives in Libya
The article reports that Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter outlined this option to President Obama’s top national security advisers at a so-called principals meeting on Feb. 22.

Bob Corker, who heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said during a hearing on Libya, US military forces were "contemplating a pretty massive air assault" in the country. Speaking to The Telegraph he expanded the suggestion of military action, saying something "large in scale" was being considered, but declined to add detail.

Donald Bolduc, Commander of US special-operations forces in Africa, announced that the US could intervene in the African country even if the Libyans manage to reach an agreement and form a government.

Britain, America, Italy and France have all deployed special operations forces (SOF) in the country to re-establish links with militia groups who are fighting IS already.

Italy in particular is playing a crucial role in preparing for the opening of renewed military operations in its former colony. A joint military operations center has been established in Rome, and an agreement was reached in February to allow the United States to carry out airstrikes in defense of SOF deployed in Libya, using manned aircraft and drones stationed at Sigonella airbase in Sicily. Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni announced his country’s readiness to lead military operations to install security and stability in Libya upon the request of the Government of National Accord (GNA) as soon as one is formed.

On March 1, he told Italian newspapers that planning and coordination between the various defense systems on the potential contribution to the security of Libya reached very advanced levels, stressing that it is continuous since several weeks, in which he discussed regional crises, the fight against extremism, developments in Libya and migration.

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced on February 29 that America would support Italy if it leads an operation in Libya.

On March 4, an article published by Italian Repubblica wrote that preparations are on the way for the largest landing operation since the allied operations in Africa during WWII. 

Look familiar?
Gianluca Di Feo, the author of the piece (published only in Italian), writes that the countdown to the start of military operations in the Mediterranean Sea has begun. According to estimates, the contingent may be 7 thousand troops strong. At least 5 thousand servicemen will be needed to ensure the safety of the infrastructure – ports, airports, oil rigs. Two-thirds will be supplied by Italy. 

The first troops could advance within 10 days to take control of the airport. In any case, the implementation of operation in the initial phase will be fully entrusted to the Italian troops. 

Some countries are actively involved in the plans, for example the UK. Germany and Spain are weighing the options. Smaller countries have offered assistance in specialized areas. The US will provide ships, airplanes and SOF. The allied forces will use the territory of Tunisia. The British had already received permission to deploy forces in Tunisia Fourth Brigade, the famous "Desert Rat" Marshal Montgomery, while Germany may send its troops – the first military presence in Africa since the Second World War. 

The EU is to be part of the planned campaign. A recent document released by WikiLeaks has put the spotlight on the EU’s plans for military action against refugee boats coming from Libya, with the ultimate goal of entering Libyan waters and possibly even operating inside the country. "From a military perspective, we are ready to move to phase 2B (Territorial Waters) where we can make a more significant impact on the smuggler and traffickers' business model," states the report.

It makes remember the strategy paper for the EU’s anti-smuggling campaign that was obtained by the Guardian last year, which stated: "A presence ashore might be envisaged if agreement was reached with relevant authorities."

Declassified Documents: Obama Ordered CIA To Train ISIS

The leaked strategy paper makes clear, the phases could eventually involve a variety of operations. "The operation would require a broad range of air, maritime and land capabilities," the paper states. "These could include: intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; boarding teams; patrol units (air and maritime); amphibious assets; destruction air, land and sea, including special forces units." It also states that land operations could involve «action along the coast, in harbor or at anchor [against] smugglers’ assets and vessels before their use». So, the document actually states it clear – European forces are likely to have frequent run-ins with terrorists if operating on Libyan soil and waters. An attack on EU forces could easily drag countries into the fight against Libyan terrorists.

In 2011 the supposedly humanitarian operation conducted by NATO resulted in the de facto partition of Libya between multiple competing factions.

While the official position of the US and its European allies is that they will wait to launch military operations until the formation of a national unity government in Libya, they appear to be losing patience giving the operation a slow start with SOF already operating on the ground and aircraft from the US, France and Great Britain flying reconnaissance flights over the country. Gianluca Di Feo nailed it when he wrote that the countdown has started.

The reason is obvious – an expanded military operation in Libya will be an element of much broader effort to block hundreds of thousands of refugees who continue to flee to safety in Europe from their home countries in the Middle East and North Africa, areas which have been devastated as a result of West-supported "Arab Spring" and the following disastrous events.

The broader effort is on the way. For instance, in recent days the European Union and NATO have ramped up military operations in the Aegean Sea, seeking to push back those refugees, mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, seeking to reach Greece by boat from Turkey.

Patience is running thin and there is speculation that if a national government in Libya is not agreed upon soon, Italy may push a plan to split Libya into three mini-states.

If foreign intervention takes place in Libya, it has to be approved by the UN Security Council, invited by Libyan authorities, done in coordination with Libyan forces, and conducted under international supervision. Looks like it it’s not the only option under consideration as time is running out.

The intervention in Libya may take place in March. Spring is the season when most of the military interventions take place (Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011). Thus, we may see another war pretty soon.

Many experts believe that the "secret" military operations of the US, France and Great Britain against IS in Libya may instigate armed conflicts in other countries of the continent as the militants will move to other countries, like Tunisia, Algiers or Chad, for instance.

Military strikes conducted in such a way in a foreign territory may cause a backlash within the population. Foreign intervention that is not invited by the recognized Libyan government and is not coordinated with Libyan forces on the ground may unleash anti-Western sentiments like it has happened so many times before.

It should be realized that the Islamic State group is not the problem but rather a symptom of the crisis. Striking IS formations is like cutting the head off a hydra, it will regenerate. The evil cannot be defeated until a solution is found to the conditions that led to its foothold in Libya: the destabilization of the country resulting from the NATO’s intervention of 2011. To rout the group, one has to solve the crisis of the Libyan state and bring back order and stability.

One could only hope this time the West would learn the lessons of the past and respect international law.

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America’s Laughable "News" Media

The anti-American corporate MSM frauds and domestic terrorists will indeed not be laughing should Trump be elected    

By Eric Zuesse

As of Friday March 4th, democracy ended in Turkey, but you’d hardly have known it by reading the international ‘news’ at the major (and at most of the minor) US-based ‘news’ sites, as of around 4PM Eastern time in the US, nearly a day after the event.

The New York Times World News section online buried nearly a third of the way down the main page, "Turkey Seizes Newspaper, Zaman, as Press Crackdown Continues," immediately below "Gunmen Kill 16 at Nursing Home in Yemen." The news report didn’t even mention that the government-seizure of Turkey’s largest newspaper and its associated equivalent of America’s AP news-service constitutes the signal event in Turkish President Erdogan’s ending of his country’s democracy. It’s like: when did the NYT ever report that George W. Bush had lied about the evidence he had regarding "Saddam’s WMD?" Never.

Nonetheless, that page’s box which was headlined "Most Emailed" showed: "1. Turkey Seizes Newspaper Zaman, as Press Crackdown Continues." No matter how much the Times’ management wanted to downplay the event and its significance, readers still were emailing it more than any other story in the entire section. 

Apparently, reader-interest is one thing, but what the management want the readers to be informed about is something quite different (and that’s not even talking about accuracy, but deception is rampant in America’s mainstream and almost all of its non-mainstream ‘news’ reporting). Perhaps the corporation makes up for it in advertising-income from their major advertisers, who don’t want the public to have their eyes focused on certain things (such as that NATO, and Turkey’s being in NATO, aren’t about ‘American values’ nor ‘US national security’, but about ultimately conquering Russia). And people still subscribe to it? Yes, they do; they pay their good money for that bad ‘journalism’; after all, that’s ‘journalism’ which wins lots of US national awards (not that that’s any authentic indication of the newspaper’s quality – it’s not.)

By contrast: Britain’s Independent came closer to the mark of reality, placing the story front and large on its homepage as the top news-story of all, which it actually is: "Seizure of Newspaper Could Cost Turkey Its Place in Europe, Warns EU Official." (But, maybe not its place in the American-run NATO – after all, the US aristocracy needs Turkey for things like shooting down Russian bombers that are killing jihadists who want to replace Russia’s ally Bashar al-Assad’s secular, non-sectarian, government, which the US has long been trying to overthrow.)

The Huffington Post’s homepage had as its lead headline, "155 Delegates at Stake," and 20% down the page headlined "Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas At Newspaper As EU Officials Lament Press Record." That news-report was from Reuters, not HuffPo, and the headline was rather ho-hum and certainly ignored the real story here, but having to go 20% down the homepage to find it isn’t quite so terrible, even if that’s not where it belongs – it belongs at the very top of the homepage (and with a headline like "Democracy Ends in Turkey," which fairly represents both the event and its significance.)

Meanwhile, HuffPost’s Worldpost section itself also didn’t lead with this story, but instead with, "A Dangerous Country for Women: The Shocking Reality Of The Sexual Violence In Papua New Guinea" – a tragic cultural reality there, but no actual news-story, much less a news-story that will possibly affect the future history of the entire world. Then, was shown as only an AP headline, down below all of the featured stories (the ones that had pictures there), down in the lower portion of HuffPost's Worldpost section, was this: "Protestors Met With Tear Gas After Turkey Seizes Control Of Newspaper." That’s even worse than the NYT. However, unlike the NYT, a reader’s access to all of HP is free; so, readers’ pocketbooks aren’t being charged to read whatever it is.

Why one would pay for any ‘news’ medium, in the US, is a problematic question, given the almost uniformly low quality of the news-service they’re all providing to their readers.

Has the US aristocracy’s manipulation of its ‘news’ ‘reporting’ ever been more blatant than is the case today? Not only does the ‘news’ lack the important relevant historical, cultural, and political, context, in order for it to be able to be at all accurately interpreted and understood by readers, but the news-placement is obviously driven by other considerations than to serve the readers’ needs – such as the readers’ needs for the most-significant stories to be in the most-prominent positions.

Ulterior motives drive America’s ‘news’ media. To call that a ‘free’ press is to beg the question: Who owns the press, and whose interests are the employees of ‘news’ organizations (the reporters and the editors) actually being hired to serve? The advertisers’? The owners’? Surely not the subscribers.

If America’s ‘news’ media aren’t trusted, there’s very sound reason for that: they shouldn’t be; and that’s because there’s no intelligent reason for the public to trust them. None.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



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