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Invasion Of Syria Could Lead To Nuclear War

Obama, Pentagon madmen with an assist from the CNN and Fox "News" warmongers once again march America into a new conflagration - this time then end game could be quite different    


The threat of nuclear war is now higher than during the Soviet era.

Obama poodle Erdogan now threatens to spark
WWIII with ceaseless provocations
Turkey previously shot down a Russian jet. Now, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are threatening to invade Syria. How dangerous could this get, in a worst case scenario?

Robert Parry – the investigative reporter who broke the Iran-Contra story for the Associated Press and Newsweek – wrote yesterday: "A source close to Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that the Russians have warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Moscow is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary to save their troops in the face of a Turkish-Saudi onslaught." 

"Since Turkey is a member of NATO, any such conflict could quickly escalate into a full-scale nuclear confrontation."

Washington’s Blog asked one of America’s top experts on Russia – Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies and politics at New York University and Princeton University, and the author of a number of books on Russia and the Soviet Union – what he thought of Parry’s claim.

Cohen said:

"Parry is a serious man [“serious” is the highest compliment that an insider can give to someone]. I cannot say it will lead to nuke war, but it is very dangerous, as is quadrupling US/NATO forces near Russia’s borders."

Pavel Felgenhauer – a leading Russian military analyst – also believes that a nuclear war is “very likely” to arise from Russia’s skirmishes with Turkey in Syria.

Last December, U.S. Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard – a Member of the House Armed Services Committee, Iraq war veteran, and Major in the Hawaii Army National Guard – warned that U.S. policy in Syria could lead to a nuclear war. And see this.

Also in December, retired Lieutenant General Robert Gard, chairman emeritus of the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, retired Brigadier General John H. Johns, professor emeritus from US National Defense University, and Leslie Gelb, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, penned an article in Foreign Policy calling for US-Russia cooperation to de-escalate current tensions and diffuse the increasing worrisome nuclear blustering.

American security expert Bruce Blair – a former nuclear-missile launch officer – notes that Turkey’s downing of the Russian warplane at the Syrian-Turkish border “fits a pattern of brinkmanship and inadvertence that is raising tensions and distrust between Russia and US-led NATO,” and that “this escalation could morph by design or inadvertence into a nuclear threat.”

Blair writes that the threat of nuclear war is higher now that during the Soviet era:

"Russia has shortened the launch time from what it was during the Cold War. Today, top military command posts in the Moscow area can bypass the entire human chain of command and directly fire by remote control rockets in silos and on trucks as far away as Siberia in only 20 seconds."

Why should this concern us? History shows that crisis interactions, once triggered, take on a life of their own. Military encounters multiply; they become more decentralized, spontaneous and intense. Safeguards are loosened and unfamiliar operational environments cause accidents and unauthorized actions. Miscalculations, misinterpretations and loss of control create a fog of crisis out of which a fog of war may emerge. In short, the slope between the low-level military encounters, the outbreak of crisis and escalation to a nuclear dimension is a steep and slippery one.

Indeed, the U.S. and Soviets came within seconds of all-out nuclear war on numerous occasions. And only the courage of U.S. and Soviet individuals to say no when their superiors told them to fire nuclear weapons – in the face of mistaken readings – saved the planet from nuclear war.

Russia expert Stephen Cohen agrees that the risks of nuclear war are much higher than people know,telling the Commonwealth Club last year that the threat of nuclear war with Russia is now greater than it was with the Soviets.

Turn off, tune out the lies of the "mainstream media" warmongers

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense William Perry agrees that the risk of nuclear war is higher than during the Soviet era.

Postscript: Top Russian, American and Polish experts also warn that continued fighting in Ukraine could lead to nuclear war.

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Russia Lances The Poison In Syria

Obama's CIA/FSA/ISIS being decimated by the RFAF as Kerry scrambles to save what is left of the White House created "terror" train  

By Finian Cunningham

Less than five months after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered military intervention in Syria, the five-year war has been completely transformed. Peace is far from certain as a tentative truce this week will attest. 

The conflict may even escalate. But what Russia’s intervention has certainly achieved is to squeeze out into the open the poisonous forces of regime change that have brought Syria to its dire condition. Not only is the Syrian state pulled back from the brink of collapse into a terrorist-run failed entity, as befell "NATO liberated" Libya, but the Russian air strikes like a surgical operation have lanced the noxious inflammation festering in Syria. All sorts of poisons are now oozing and being exposed, primarily the nefarious roles played by Western powers, their regional allies, and the toxic lies propounded by the Western news media to cover for crimes against peace.

If it were not for the gravity of human suffering, the situation could be seen as almost comical, owing to the Western contortions to hide reality. Western governments and their servile media are falling over themselves with ever-changing stories and spin, accusing Russian military operations of all sorts of crimes: killing civilians, hitting hospitals, exacerbating the refugee crisis, targeting "moderate rebels," or "propping up a dictator."

This week, the Western media rushed to implicate Russia or the allied Syrian army in striking hospitals and schools in Azaz and Maarat al-Numan near the Turkish border. 

Some 11 people were killed at the latter facility, which is supported by the French medical group Doctors Without Borders (DWB). No evidence was presented to support the high-flown claims in the Western media accusing Russia. 

Russia denied any involvement, while the Syrian government said that the US-led forces carried out the attacks. Meanwhile, all week Turkish military were launching hundreds of artillery volleys across the border into the very area around Azaz where the hospitals were hit. 

But Western media did not question Turkey about its violation of Syrian sovereignty or the possibility that the errant strikes could have been inflicted by Turkish forces, perhaps even as a false flag to impute Russia.

Last week, the US military spokesman Colonel Steve Warren blamed Russia for air strikes on two hospitals in Aleppo City. Russian defense ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov responded by saying that Russian aircraft were not active in the city that day, Wednesday, and that Russian surveillance data in fact showed that two US warplanes had bombed Aleppo.

It is not clear who did strike the DWB-supported hospital in this week. But one established relevant fact is that it was the Americans who bombed a DWB hospital in Afghanistan last October, killing some 30 staff and patients. Also, in Yemen, the US-backed Saudi bombing coalition striking that country have routinely hit DWB and other hospitals on numerous dates over recent months, as even confirmed by DWB.

One other feat of narrative-contortion was given by US envoy to Syria Brett McGurk, who told Congressional lawmakers last week that Russia was "directly helping Islamic State terrorists" from its military intervention in Syria. Another warped spiel was that of US government-owned outlet Voice of America which claimed that Russia’s air strikes were pushing moderate rebels to join the ranks of extremist militia.

Any and all narratives are hastily churned out, it seems, to avoid the obvious, real story: Russia has saved Syria from a covert war of aggression waged by foreign powers who have been using terrorist proxies for the objective of regime change.

That’s it in a nutshell. Russia should be commended, if objective analysis were to prevail. But objective analysis must not prevail in Western media narratives because that would expose the toxic role of their governments and their own criminal complicity in distorting the conflict in Syria.

In a recent "backgrounder" on the Syrian war, here is how the British state-owned BBC "explained"what’s happening: "More than 250,000 Syrians have lost their lives in four-and-a-half years of armed conflict, which began with anti-government protests before escalating into a full-scale civil war. More than 11 million others have been forced from their homes as forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and those opposed to his rule battle each other – as well as jihadist militants from so-called Islamic State."

The BBC tells it like a guileless fairytale, which in its simplistic telling is itself guileful. Note how in the BBC narrative the "jihadist militants" appear from nowhere as if they are an accidental walk-on sideshow; and how, as if by magic, "anti-government protests escalated into a full-scale civil war."

This is the kind of toxic nonsense that Western governments and their evidently dutiful news media have been pumping into the consciousness of their public’s minds for the past five years.

But now that Russia has entered the fray, the poison is oozing out from the Syrian wound.

The Turkish state of Recep Tayyip Erdogan this week is shelling Syrian territory in what any fair-minded person would describe as an act of aggression towards a sovereign country. Ankara is claiming it is attacking "terrorist" Syrian Kurdish militia, the YPG. Not unrelated is the fact that the YPG last week inflicted heavy losses on the jihadist mercenaries that Ankara has been supporting, when the Kurds took over Menagh airbase.

NATO member Turkey has reportedly hit Kurdish villages in Aleppo Province causing civilian casualties, as well as Syrian army positions and Russia’s airbase in Latakia, whom the Kurdish YPG have been liaising with.

Saudi Arabia is sending fighter jets to the NATO airbase at Incirlik in Turkey’s Adana Province, allegedly to begin combat operations against the Islamic State terror group in Syria. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are readying a ground invasion of Syria, with the approval of the Pentagon.

If we step back from the commotion, it is patent that what is unfolding here is flagrant aggression, which the Syrian government has protested to the United Nations Security Council. But with the US, Britain and France – executive powers in the regime-change war on Syria – the UNSC will simply bury the legitimate protests from Damascus.

The unavoidable conclusion is that NATO – the US-led military alliance supposedly maintaining global security – has openly become a belligerent in the Syrian war. The obvious factor is that Russia’s intervention has cut off the Turkish-Saudi-NATO channels to the regime-change terrorist brigades inside Syria. Turkey’s murderous shoot-down of a Russian bomber jet last November – with apologetics from Washington and other NATO members – was the initial, desperate response to Russian success in thwarting the covert war.

The severance of the NATO mercenaries in Aleppo from their lifeline in Turkey is further evidence of Russia’s deep incision into the poison. Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s war mobilization and their tortuous pretexts is straining credulity and straining Western media efforts at trying to sanitize what is going on.

Obama poodle Carter
US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter may have publicly endorsed the plan for Saudi and Turkish military intervention in Syria under the laughable guise of "fighting terrorism." 

But it is also clear that Washington has become unnerved by the runaway train wreck it is riding with these two rogue states. 

France and Germany are also calling for Turkey to cease its cross-border shelling of Syria.

US Vice President Joe Biden, who only weeks ago was in Ankara chumming it up with the Erdogan regime, reportedly phoned Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu last weekend urging him to call off the artillery fire into Syria.

Voice of America reported: "US officials say there is little to be done to counter militarily the Russian-backed Assad offensive and they argue the vicious five-year-long Syrian civil war that has left upwards of 250,000 dead won’t be resolved by the clash of arms but through a negotiated political settlement."

US Secretary of State John Kerry desperately wants "peace talks" in Geneva because he knows the covert war is on a losing streak. Peace talk is just a cover for political wrangling for regime change. But the Russians are having none of it. Moscow is going to wipe out the foreign-backed mercenaries and stick to the principle of Syrian sovereignty for mapping the country’s political future. The US State Department is in a bind. It has backed a loser, but the impetuous, irrational Erdogan and Saudi clients are not giving up on their regime change fantasies.

Washington is being ensnared in its own toxic contradictions. It has led the criminal scheme for regime change in Syria, instrumented by Turkey and Saudi Arabia in weaponizing radical jihadist mercenaries. As the New York Times recently admitted: "The Russians have cut off may of the pathways the CIA has been using for a not-very-secret effort to arm rebel [that is, terrorist] groups."

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told the Munich Security Conference last weekend that Syria was in danger of escalating into all-out international war. His warnings were scoffed by Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir as being alarmist – this from an advocate of foreign aggression on Syria.

Medvedev’s warnings are not at all alarmist. They are realist. Frighteningly realist. Russia’s intervention in Syria is demonstrating the complete lawlessness of Washington and its NATO and regional allies. Syria is not in the grip of a "civil war" as the Western media fabricate. Syria is in the crosshairs of foreign powers and their criminal project to destroy a country for their twisted geopolitical ambitions. Before Russia’s operation, Syria was a shackled patient being amputated upon, injected with all kinds of poisons and generally being violated. 

The Western media were the orderlies who pulled a screen across this obscenity so that the public would not know. This vile charade can no longer be concealed. The US-led NATO, Arab, terrorist covert war on Syria is there for all to see, and it is largely down to Russia for exposing the despicable crime.

The truth is no guarantee of peace. But in order to eventually arrive at a peace, we at least need to learn of truth.

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WAYNE MADSEN : OFAC - Uncle Sam’s Bilking Collection Agent

Another long arm of the corrupt U.S. government expands it's tentacles overseas  

By Wayne Madsen'

Nothing says globalization more than the US Department of Treasury’s dubious Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). This international financial collection agency has become a "hard power" arm of America’s neoconservative foreign policy, an agency that seeks to shake down money and other assets from foreign officials and businessmen who dare challenge the supremacy of the United States.

The placement of a number of pro-Israeli neoconservatives at the helm of OFAC has also made the office a virtual tool of Israeli foreign policy and intelligence. OFAC has been at the forefront of prosecuting Americans and others for violating sanctions against Iran, Bashar al-Assad’s government of Syria, Lebanon’s Hezbollah political party, Hamas in Palestine, Muammar Gaddafi’s government of Libya, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, the government of Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, and other foes of Israel. However, none of these Israeli targets are necessarily enemies of the United States.

OFAC was born as the Treasury Department’s Division of Foreign Assets Control in 1950 during the throes of the early Cold War era when the Harry Truman administration wanted to prosecute companies and individuals conducting business with mainland China and North Korea in violation of American economic sanctions. In 1962, the division became the present Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Continuing as a tool of Cold War economic warfare, OFAC turned its attention on those who violated the economic embargo of Cuba, particularly American tourists who decided to avail themselves of the island nation’s plentiful sunshine, clean beaches, and excellent cigars and rum. As late as 2007, OFAC vigorously pursued a Spanish travel company and its website for "helping Americans evade restrictions on travel to Cuba."

Under the Clinton and George W Bush administrations, OFAC targeted former government officials of the Bosnian Serb Republic and Serbia.

Critics of OFAC, including a number of international law firms, have said that the agency represents "creeping extraterritoriality" of US law.

Under George W Bush, the OFAC sanctions against Cuba and those who do business with Cuba were expanded, merely in order to satiate the desires of Florida’s vocal and politically-influential Cuban expatriate community. These sanctions were later expanded to include individuals and organizations connected with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the government of Venezuela. The FARC sanctions continue in place even though Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has repeatedly asked the Obama administration to drop them as part of the overall Colombian peace process worked out after years of negotiations between Colombia and the FARC in Havana. The neoconservatives who have continued to dominate the State and Treasury Departments, as well as the Pentagon’s civilian hierarchy, under Obama have balked at lifting anti-FARC sanctions.

OFAC has strenuously targeted individuals and businesses that have done business with Iran. OFAC’s list of "Specially Designated Nationals" (SDNs) having their assets frozen by OFAC appears to have been prepared more by Israeli officials and their lobbyists in the United States than by the US State Department.

During the George W Bush administration, OFAC targets were, understandably, directed against al-Qaeda. However, the sanctions were never extended to cover Saudi government officials who were directly linked to the 9/11 attack by the US Central Intelligence Agency and foreign intelligence agencies that provided their intelligence directly to the CIA and OFAC.

During the Obama administration, OFAC targeted sanctions list of individuals appeared to be not-so-strangely similar to the enemy lists created by international hedge fund tycoon George Soros and his non-profit non-governmental organization contrivances, including the Open Society Institute, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International.

Soros’s "colour revolution" targets in Ukraine, Crimea, Russia, Belarus, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, and Myanmar have also, not coincidentally, appeared on the OFAC SDN list.

Also added to the OFAC target list have been government officials of the Syrian Arab Republic, the former Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, the government of Myanmar, Yemen, and the Ba’athist government of Iraq under Saddam Hussein. 

While no Israelis involved in international acts of terrorism are found on the OFAC list, except for the small Kach/Kahane party of West Bank terrorists, there are a number of current and former Arab government officials on the OFAC asset freeze list. Kach/Kahane is only included on the OFAC list to give it the imprimatur of neutrality, which is laughable when compared against the other list members.

Arab and other leaders on the list include President Bashar al-Assad of Syria; Ali Abdul Karim, the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon; Munir Adanov, the deputy chief of staff of the General Staff of the Syrian Army; Humam Abd al-Ghafur, former Iraqi Minister of Higher Education under Saddam; President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus; Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah in Lebanon; Abd al-Khaliq al-Houthi, military commander of the Houthis of Yemen; Abdel-Malik al-Houthi, leader of the Houthis of Yemen; Fahd Jassem al-Freij, Minister of Defense of Syria; the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, assassinated on the orders of the Obama administration, and his wife Aisha Gaddafi and son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi; Abdullah al-Senussi, former Libyan intelligence director; Chairman of the Russian State Duma Sergey Naryshkin; Hamid Raja-Shalah al-Tikriti, former Iraqi Air Force commander; Te’ame Abraham Selassie, head of Eritrea External Intelligence; Maung Aye, commander-in-chief of the Myanmar Army; former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych; anti-balaka Christian leader Alfred Yekatom of the Central African Republic; Zimbabwe Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa and his wife and son; and various government officials of eastern Ukraine, Crimea, the Transnistrian Republic, and Russia. Other OFAC targets that appear straight from the Cold War era include the Communist Party of Peru, the Communist Party of the Philippines, and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

Arab and other companies, including TV networks, travel agencies, investment firms, hotels, gift shops, banks, and even breweries, blacklisted by OFAC include Abou Mehri Cruise Lines of Lebanon; Addouniya Television of Syria; Al Nour Radio of Lebanon; Al Naser Airlines of Iraq; Al R’ay TV of Damascus; Mehr Bank of Iran; Al Zawrah TV of Syria; Arfa Paint Company of Tehran, Iran; Juba Duty Free Shop, Juba, South Sudan; Cubana Airlines; Aero-Caribbean Airlines of Cuba; Marshall Capital Partners of Moscow; Kerch, Sevastopol, and Yalta Seaports, Crimea; Al Usama Trading Company of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Hamas TV, Gaza; Zimbabwe Banking Corporation; Gowrie Farm of Zimbabwe; Blue Nile Brewery of Sudan; Cubacancun Cigars and Gift Shops of Cancun, Mexico; Staroil of the Netherlands; Kalashnikov Company of Russia; Belarusian Oil Trading House of Minsk; Ukrainian-Mediterranean Airlines of Kiev; Banias Refinery Company of Syria; Caribe Sol of Montreal; Arab Projects Company of Amman, Jordan; Sudan Cotton Company; Air Bagan of Myanmar; Syrian Arab Airlines; Bank Severny Morskoy of Moscow; National Bank of Cuba; Bank Saderat of Iran; Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Syria; Caribbean Export Enterprise of Paris; Oryx Group of Zimbabwe and Oman; African Oil Company of Sudan; Baroon Shipping Company of Gibraltar; Blue Sky Industry Corporation of Dalian, China; Caesar’s Park Hotel of Beirut; Yalta Film Studio of Crimea, Russia; Caspian Air of Tehran; Al Bashir Trading Company of Baghdad; Asia Green Development Bank of Myanmar; Tajco Ltd. and Kairaba Shopping Center of Gambia; Bureau d’achat de diamant de Centrafrique, Bangui, Central African Republic; Afri-Belge of Angola; Congo Futur Import of Kinshasa, Congo (Lebanese Shia-owned companies like Congo Futur Import compete with Israelis in Africa’s diamond business and the only reason OFAC targets these businesses is to eliminate unwanted competition on behalf of Israeli, European and European Jewish diamond dealers and traders, not, as OFAC claims, because the businesses aid Hezbollah). Jewish Treasury officials responsible for OFAC, including David Cohen and Adam Szubin, have, by blacklisting Lebanese diamond dealers and importers in Africa and elsewhere, directly benefitted the Jewish-owned diamond houses of Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Antwerp, London, and New York.

There is also evidence that the OFAC has been used to enable US companies to blacklist foreign-owned companies as a form of competitive warfare in violation of World Trade Organization rules and the new free trade Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). For example, in the late-1990s, Aero Continente Peru, Peru’s second largest airline at the time, was blacklisted by OFAC. Aero Continente’s competitor, the Miami-based and reportedly CIA-linked Fine Air air cargo company, was suspended by the Peruvian government from providing service from Florida to Peru in 1995 because it was caught smuggling US weapons into Ecuador, which was involved in a border conflict with Peru at the time. Fine Air was contracted to fly weapons from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Ecuador by Airline Equipment Specialists of Houston, a "folding tent" company linked to the CIA. This was not the only time that OFAC was used as a weapon in support of covert CIA operations abroad.

The OFAC is nothing more than a Soros and Israeli extortion racket, which, among its other goals, aims to eliminate certain media outlets that expose Western media propaganda, leaders who challenge Western imperial designs, and unwanted competition for US companies, such as arms companies, and Israeli firms, such as diamond companies.

Wayne Madsen

Investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist, Madsen has over twenty years experience in security issues. 

Wayne Madsen
As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. Madsen has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC and MS-NBC. He has been invited to testify as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government. A member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the National Press Club, Madsen is based and reports from Washington, D.C.



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