Tuesday, November 03, 2015


The rot that keeps right on decaying

By Andrew Kreig

Let’s not applaud uncritically former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, as occurred this month when she lectured on the foreign policies that she hopes Hillary Clinton will pursue as president.

Albright, 78, eloquently described on Oct. 16 why Democrats and progressives are best positioned to keep the United States safe. Albright's vision seemed well-received by the eighty or so attendees, mostly aged 20ish, at Center for American Progress, a prominent progressive/Democratic think tank in Washington, DC.

Yet Clinton has helped implement bipartisan foreign policies that are creating strategic and moral disasters, as evident in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and the mass migration of refugees to Europe.

On Oct. 30, for example, President Obama reversed his vow not to send ground troops to Syria and instead ordered deployment of 50 U.S. special forces troops with no apparent justification under international law to invade a sovereign nation uninvited. The 9/11 attack cannot be a rationale since Syria had nothing to do with 9/11 and the 2001 congressional authorization for force does not cover Syria. Furthermore, fewer than 20 House members are in support of the still-secret 2002 report on which countries funded 9/11 hijackers. The report reputedly identifies Saudi Arabia, a U.S. "ally" and alleged accomplice now of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Additionally, his administration has had to confess in recent weeks that it has waged a four-year secret war run by the CIA against the Syrian government (so far unsuccessfully). Also, the president has had to cancel his vow to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of his term in 2017.

These are professional embarrassments that do not encompass the vast death and suffering during his and predecessor policies.

More generally and importantly than any single policy reversal, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Albright and their colleagues often misuse the rhetoric of democracy and human rights to obscure sordid commercial and military objectives.

As illustrated below, Albright, Clinton and President Obama — much like their Republican counterparts — voice noble objectives for foreign policies sought also by the CIA on behalf of Western monied interests.

Examples? The expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) into Eastern Europe, plus anti-terror, pro-democracy, and human rights initiatives in the Balkans, Africa, Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, and too many other examples to count. These coincide with globalist policies on Wall Street and financial centers in Western Europe.

Coincidence? Not.

A significant fraction of State Department personnel, especially in sensitive regions, are CIA personnel operating under diplomatic cover (as for other world powers);

Albright, both Clintons, and Obama, before they attained national prominence, developed mutually helpful relationships with the CIA and its front groups; and

Key executives at major financial institutions, foundations, universities and the news media are complicit in such CIA/NSA/FBI/ secret relationships — and know better than to make them public.

Thus, many of our country's most important issues have a hidden component.

To explore these matters here is merely to help readers understand the news, not to demonize or magnify the importance of the CIA and the score of other U.S. intelligence agencies.

The agencies are not necessarily power centers of themselves. Historically, the top leadership of the CIA and sister agencies implements the agendas of Wall Street titans (sometimes at Rockefeller or Harriman family fortune and foundation level). These captains of industry (and more recently captains of military, intelligence and communications sectors) preside also over the fund-raising and media hype for chosen presidential aspirants.

These points are readily illustrated by independent studies, including The Devil's Chessboard, a new book this month by David Talbot about the late CIA Director Allen Dulles, a former Wall Street lawyer for the highest-ranking oligarchs of his era. Some of that material appears in passing within another new book, The Clintons' War on Women by Roger Stone and Robert Morrow. 

Our own Presidential Puppetry tells the story in a more comprehensive fashion extending over a near century. All of this is indebted to the late Georgetown professor Carroll Quigley (1910-1977), whose required two-semester course on Western civilization from 1941 to 1972 inspired future President Bill Clinton along with many other foreign policy students.

The Bushes are one such family still in the presidential news. Former CIA Director and President George H.W. Bush was the son of former Republican Sen. Prescott Bush of Connecticut, grandfather of today's presidential aspirant Jeb Bush.

Prescott Bush had been the Wall Street partner at Brown Brothers Harriman of Averill Harriman, heir to one of the greatest fortunes in U.S. history (inflation adjusted). Harriman was a diplomat, investor, media mogul, Democratic New York governor, and globe-trotting political kingmaker, based at times in the high-toned Georgetown section of the nation's capital.

Prescott Bush
At Brown Brothers Harriman in the 1930s, Bush was the leading U.S. financial liaison of Fritz Thiessen, the German industrialist who was the primary financier of the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's rise to power.

In this largely hidden but still-demonstrable history, the Bush and Harriman families thus made a major wrong bet on the future of Europe and democracy, as did many other well-educated elites within the overlapping worlds of finance, government, academia, and media. This story is chronicled by, among others, Professor Quigley in his two major books, The Anglo-American Establishment (1949) and Tragedy and Hope (1966).

Looking ahead, we now examine implications of foreign policy options offered by 2016 presidential candidates.

George H.W. Bush began his career as a covert CIA asset beginning in the early 1950s, a fact never mentioned during his 1976 Senate confirmation hearing, just as Prescott Bush's help for Hitler was ignored during the 1950s when Prescott Bush served as a powerful senator and close Cold War ally of President Eisenhower.

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush benefits from this legacy, including the active network of former intelligence officers created in the mid-1970s to fight sub-rosa for the CIA against Church Committee-era reforms. The network of former intelligence officers, ostensibly non-partisan, quietly supported such political figures as George H.W. "Poppy" Bush in his 1980 presidential campaign, just as some did in 2004 during the "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" initiative in support of George W. Bush and the "OpSec" initiative against Obama's re-election in the summer of 2012 before Benghazi.

These days, the Democratic 2016 front-runner Clinton and leading GOP 2016 presidential candidates support a U.S.-enforced "No Fly Zone" in Syria, ostensibly to support democratic goals.

They thereby show either that they are puppets in the bipartisan war machine — or that they have learned little from the tactics that have so seriously hurt U.S. strength and created untold suffering in Iraq and Libya, and now for refugees fleeing into Europe. Hillary Clinton defied common sense during a friendly MSNBC interview Oct. 23 as she tried to explain how the United States could enforce a No Fly Zone against Russian warplanes without escalating situations into combat.

With that preamble, let's examine Albright's talk this month, Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright on Foreign Policy and the 2016 Election, and her personal background and legacy.

These developments are explored below as a part of a series on foreign policy that began Oct. 13. It has presented so far (in chronological order): 


President Obama, whose mother Ann Dunham brought him to Indonesia to live with her and her second husband Lolo Soetoro in the late 1960s, held a bilateral meeting on Oct. 26 at the White House with Joko Widodo, the seventh president of the Republic of Indonesia.

Obama described Indonesia as "a large Muslim country with a tradition of tolerance and moderation." The two presidents sat side by side but acted with stiff formality, as indicated by the 13-minute video below.

As clear from Obama's remarks, he is reluctant to voice even a hint about the CIA-initiated regime change in 1965 that led to the overthrow of the nation's first president and national hero, Sukarno, and a genocide of a million deaths while Obama was living there after the coup.

Obama's step-father was a pro-coup military officer and later an oil company executive. His mother worked in part for the Ford Foundation. During the Cold War, the Ford Foundation was one of the top conduits for laundering CIA funds for secret projects, according to The Chairman: John J. McCloy / The Making of the American Establishment, Kai Bird's authoritative biography of the late Ford Foundation chairman. (McCloy was also one of the seven members of the Warren Commission who covered up key facts regarding President Kennedy's 1963 assassination. But that remains too much of a hot-button issue for Bird to address with a blunt analysis, as opposed to narrativel.)

The CIA 1965 "regime" change initiated the slaughter that led to the deaths of seven Indonesian Generals, who were then disposed of in this well at Halim AFB in Jakarta

The president's years in Indonesia are merely a small part of the evidence of how his family on both sides was heavily involved albeit at relatively low levels of Cold War intrigues involving foundation work, intelligence, banking, and academics. One of Obama's many secrets is that his career was enabled by this mix of intelligence, banking, media and non-government organization (NGO) sectors, and so he knows better than most people that he walks a narrow line to appeal to the left but also to remember the core interests of his secret backers. Or else.

This gist, which we have often written about here and elsewhere: Far from being a radical or Muslim or even a heartfelt "community organizer," Barack Obama's political ascendancy was eased by the West's major financial powers who are closely allied with intelligence and arms sectors.

As one of many examples of either news suppression or simple ignorance by the conventional media, almost no one reported that the father of Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner had been the Ford Foundation boss of Obama's mother until Geithner himself broke the ice with a passing mention in his 580-page 2014 memoir, Stress Test. 

The alternative press, including our Presidential Puppetry, were free to report that kind of fact, which was not so much a scandal but one of countless examples of how tightly information is controlled about the president even regarding one of the Obama administration's most important appointments. In a 2009 White House photo, Geithner is shown with his wife, the president and vice president at his swearing in ceremony.

Washington observers see many examples every week of readers drowned in details on an issue, with potentially key (or at least interesting) facts missing. It's no wonder many readers say the news is boring. It's like being fed cake without sugar. It looks like a cake but it's not tasty.

No one knows why the president acted so stiffly at his meeting this week with Indonesia's president. The event received little news coverage, aside from several brief mentions on the official White House site, in the Jakarta press, and in reports about the epoch plantation fires that forced Indonesia's president to return home early.

But the reason deserves at least some informed speculation:

Obama has successfully hidden huge dimensions of his family's history, especially regarding their activities in Indonesia. Also, he has endured nearly a decade of essentially false claims from political enemies about his supposed radical and leftist ties that he could not dispute effectively without opening the door to his real secrets.

Obama with mother Stanley Ann Dunham
One need not be a credentialed psychiatrist to understand that an obligatory welcome to Sukarno's successor Widodo might create internal conflict for Obama on a personal level, especially given his pro-democratic and human rights rhetoric.

Although Indonesia and control of its oil and other raw materials have remained solidly within the Western orbit since 1965 the path has been difficult at times. 

All this is not to say that U.S. Democrats are uniquely under control of U.S. moneyed interests. Far from it.

The oligarchs or what we call here the Puppet Masters have separate channels to groom and otherwise influence Republicans and opinion-leaders in the media and academia. The result is to ensure that neocon/neoliberal interventionism remains overwhelmingly dominant in Washington decision-making no matter which party wins elections.

As shown below, however, aspirants to power typically choose a party at an early age. Therefore, they advocate their party's political success even if foreign policies do not differ greatly from the opposition party's on such issues as repeated U.S. military interventions abroad and massive electronic surveillance of the U.S. population at home. This process is illustrated below.


Madeleine Albright led the State Department from 1997 to 2001 during Bill Clinton’s administration on a seemingly smooth course according to conventional political analysis. But that paved the way for many cruel and otherwise disastrous policies now reaching a crisis stage.

To be sure, there were successes also under her and her successors. Yet they receive more than ample praise from remarkably incestuous government-media relationships. whereby spouses or siblings of those who create major policies influence coverage at major networks and other outlets. So, the focus here is on what is rarely or never reported.

Even Albright’s pioneering status as the first female to hold her post comes with a taint that mars her successor Clinton, who held the post from 2009 to February 2013. Each use rhetoric extolling human rights (particularly women’s rights) and democracy to justify regime-change, war, and empire-building that has caused vast human suffering. Almost never do they lead meaningful condemnations of abuses by such allies as Saudi Arabia or Israel, or point to CIA-initiated and assisted revolutions and ethnic cleansing campaigns, as in the Indonesia of Obama's youth or the Kosovo of the late 1990s.

Albright’s two Republican successors Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice (skipping a one-day appointee) exemplify a pattern whereby the public face of American diplomacy at the State Department and United Nations is now increasingly female and black. So are several of recent national security advisors at the White House, a post that Rice held during President George W. Bush’s first term.

The increasing immersion of the United States into wars of choice and aggression with no substantial legal basis in international law, however, requires a different look at the officials normally profiled in positive terms as barrier-breaking examples of diversity and merit-based ascendancy.

Yes, that conventional wisdom still holds. Each of these individuals is indeed impressive in terms of expertise, eloquence, and other necessary skills. Yet additional factors include application of those skills to a bipartisan foreign policy that has cost not simply an estimated million lives in Iraq alone but the impoverishment of many millions more. One recent manifestation is the desperate flight Middle Eastern and African refugees into Europe. This flight is (among other things) now undermining political support there for their pro-American governments and for American foreign policy generally.

Furthermore, these foreign policy officials rarely raise serious objection on moral or legal grounds to the nearly unilateral U.S. military interventions across borders and across the globe so commonplace now.

Little but silence on these issues comes from current Obama administration UN Ambassador Samantha Power and National Security Advisor Susan Rice, two leading Democratic Party war hawks famed for seeking armed U.S. interventions on humanitarian and democratic grounds around the world, but defiant in defending dictators and butchers regarded as allies of the United States. Perhaps the most vivid example in recent years is the U.S.-assisted genocide currently underway in Yemen as a Saudi-led coalition destroys its neighbor to the south in order to reinstall a puppet ruler the Saudi's have decreed as "legitimate."

President Obama is shown in 2013 with Power (at center), former State Department Senior Director for Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights, National Security Advisor Tom Donilon and then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice in the Oval Office on June 5, 2013, the day their current appointments were announced. The White House photo aptly conveys the administration's preferred image of a diverse and comradely team able to relax on occasion even when fighting valiantly for against terrorism and for human rights. 

An alternative reality exists. Obama’s announcement this week that U.S. Special Forces would officially be sent to Syria is merely the latest in a series of recent revelations of U.S. military interventions in the region with no congressional vote much less authorization under international law.

The administration has this month revealed that the CIA has led a secret four-year campaign to overthrow Syria’s president Bashar Al-Assad, who has been recently reinforced by Russian and Iranian military forces. That admission contradicts years of State Department and other lies claiming that the Syrian revolt was by local forces.

For such reasons, Albright’s lecture Oct. 17 provides a timely opportunity to recap her career.

Entire books have already been written about it, including five best-sellers by her recalling her experiences and expanding on her views. So we do not presume here to cover all ground. Moreover, she was commanding and otherwise impressive in her lecture.

So today's analysis is merely one perspective, doubtless a minority viewpoint, on what is by Washington’s standards an extraordinarily successful career. Sadly, though, it is necessary part of a series of similar reports we have been providing this month on U.S. foreign policy/intelligence disasters and hypocrisies.


A recap of Albright's career below provides clues why a bipartisan consensus on interventionist policies remains so persistent among elite circles in the nation's capital even when the results seem to turn out so badly.

Madeleine Korbel Albright, daughter of an influential Czech diplomat, chairs the Albright Stonebridge Group and Albright Capital Management, an affiliated investment advisory firm focused on emerging markets.

Her company bio states:

She was the 64th Secretary of State of the United States. In 2012, Dr. Albright received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, from President Obama.

In 1997, Dr. Albright was named the first female Secretary of State and became, at that time, the highest ranking woman in the history of the U.S. government. As Secretary of State, Dr. Albright reinforced America’s alliances, advocated for democracy and human rights, and promoted American trade, business, labor, and environmental standards abroad. From 1993 to 1997, Dr. Albright served as the U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations and was a member of the President’s Cabinet.

Prior to her service in the Clinton Administration, she served as President of the Center for National Policy; was a member of President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Council and White House staff; and served as Chief Legislative Assistant to U.S. Senator Edmund Muskie.

Dr. Albright is a Professor in the Practice of Diplomacy at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. She chairs both the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and the Pew Global Attitudes Project and serves as president of the Truman Scholarship Foundation. She serves on the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Policy Board, a group tasked with providing the Secretary of Defense with independent, informed advice and opinion concerning matters of defense policy. Dr. Albright also serves on the Boards of the Aspen Institute and the Center for American Progress. In 2009, Dr. Albright was asked by NATO Secretary General Anders Fog Rasmussen to Chair a Group of Experts focused on developing NATO’s New Strategic Concept.

Dr. Albright is the author of five New York Times bestsellers: her autobiography, Madam Secretary: A Memoir (2003); The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God, and World Affairs (2006); Memo to the President: How We Can Restore America’s Reputation and Leadership (2008); Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box(2009); and Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948(2012).

Dr. Albright received a B.A. with Honors from Wellesley College, and Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Columbia University’s Department of Public Law and Government, as well as a certificate from its Russian Institute.

Now for the rest of the story: How she made it and some of the implications for the public.

The basic facts of her life have been widely reported and analyzed. For reader convenience, the account below is drawn in part from a long Wikipedia bio.

The gist is that she has overcome obstacles hard to imagine. Thus, her many successes are even more dramatic and impressive than the summary above. The story also contains clues to the success, each flattering in itself and in the aggregate pointing to a success path that portends potential trouble for the public, at least from today's vantage point.

Why? In essence, she's almost too well-connected and for too long. Daughter of famed Czech diplomat and educator Josef Korbel, she married Joseph Medill Patterson Albright, a scion of one of America' most important newspaper dynasties.

She earned her doctorate in part with a graduate course under a top Rockefeller Family advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who later became her boss when he headed President Carter's National Security Council. Brzezinski, shown in a file photo, headed Columbia University's international relations department when Obama studied there, and served as top foreign policy advisor during Obama's 2008 campaign. Like many at the school, he says he does not remember Obama as a student.

Later, she held positions at Georgetown University and other influential organizations before becoming President Bill Clinton's first U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and being confirmed by the senate 99-0 as state secretary. Among notable events: three former communist countries, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Poland, were invited to join NATO, which each did in 1999.

Also, NATO and the United States intervened on the basis of humanitarian principles into civil wars erupting following the post-Communist breakup of Yugoslavia. Killing and other abuses were rampant. Western powers focused primarily on those perpetrated by the majority Serbian populace and leaders of primarily Russian Orthodox background. The CIA, meanwhile, had been covertly supporting the predominately Muslim Kosovo Liberation Army.

The intrigues are beyond this column's scope. The gist is that the suffering helped lead to a noble but vague and potentially sinister "Responsibility To Protect" doctrine at the United Nations where nations could bomb others with the claim of protecting human rights. 

Albright's deputy secretary was Strobe Talbot. Talbot, a Bill Clinton roommate at Oxford University, attained global stature shortly afterward because of his work at Oxford translating Khrushchev Remembers. The book, a blockbuster upon publication in 1970, was the secret memoir of the former Soviet leader denouncing in detail his Soviet predecessor Josef Stalin.

Talbot, whose work was doubtless of keen interest to the CIA, has gone on to run the Brookings Institution, the leading centrist "think tank" in Washington, DC.

In that role, Talbot he took the lead among eight powerful think tanks last February who jointly called for $3 billion in increased U.S. support for the new Ukrainian government that the United States helped install after the Maiden riots there. 

Meanwhile, Albright's father built the University of Denver's international studies program in a major center. Known since 2008 the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, the school has become known as a center of global intervention enthusiasts of the neo-conservative and neo-liberal orientation.

Korbel's students included future Bush Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Condoleezza Rice
Rice remains a revered figure in many neocon circles for her expertise even though she and her staff ignored many warnings regarding planned terror attacks and her co-author and later staffer Philip Zelikow was the top staffer for the 9/11 Commission report that failed to investigate many of the leading issues.

On Oct. 29, Rice revisited the issues, as reported in Condoleezza Rice Hits Back At Donald Trump, Says George W. Bush 'Not Guilty' For 9/11 Attacks.

Also attending the Korbel School was Paula Broadwell, shown in a file photo. She was a biographer of former CIA Director David Petraeus and also his lover. Their scandalous relationship was exposed in November 2012, leading to the director's forced resignation.

Adulterer: Petraeus with Broadwell
Back in Washington, Albright developed a mentoring relationship with Susan Rice, daughter of a former Federal Reserve Board governor and a mother who was a Brookings Institution scholar. Susan Rice, a Rhodes scholar, African-American, and no relation to Condoleezza Rice, married a prominent television news producer, Ian Cameron.

Following a stint as a financial analyst, she became a leading State Department official specializing in African and security affairs in the 1990s.

Albright, following her State Department service, is a leader in many business, academic and other civics projects. She chairs the National Democratic Institute, for example, which obtains government funding to work with a Republican counterpart to help other nations implement Western-style democratic institutions. That seemingly benign purpose is suspected by some nations, however, as a tool for potential U.S.-inspired dissent and regime change.

Among other initiatives, she teamed with former Clinton Defense Secretary William Cohen and former Clinton National Security Advisor Sandy Berger (now a top executive in her company) to issue a report in late 2008 offering guidance to the incoming Obama administration. The report sponsored by the Holocaust Museum and several other entities was Preventing Genocide: A Blueprint for US Policymakers.

Fast forward to today:

Albright is reported to be a co-investor with Jacob Rothschild, the 4th Baron Rothschild, and George Soros in a $350 million investment vehicle called Helios Towers Africa, to buy or build thousands of mobile phone towers in Africa.

Among many other relationships, she is a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Also, she is a board member of the Center for American Progress, whose founder John Podesta is a former Obama and Bill Clinton White House advisor. The center's current president, Neera Tanden, was a White House aide throughout the Clinton administration.

In sum, Albright has become close to Western political and economic royalty — and all from humble beginnings.


Madeleine Jana Korbel Albright, (born Marie Jana Korbelová) was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Her country's government disintegrated because of Adolf Hitler's ascendancy, which forced the family into exile in London.

In 1941, her parents converted from Judaism to Catholicism. Her father, an anti-communist, returned to a high-ranking appointment in Prague after the war. But the Soviet Union's control persuaded him to send his family to the United States and take a post with the then-new United Nations.

Madeleine Korbel, who began her career as newspaper reporter, met her husband when she was an intern at the paper he worked. In 1997, the Washington Post reported in Albright's Family Tragedy Comes to Light that she discovered only as an adult the Jewish background of her family, including that three of her grandparents died in the Holocaust.

As secretary, NATO expanded its scope into Eastern Europe after the break-up of the Soviet Union. NATO and European government institutions served as guarantors of Western financial and political interests that were promoted as pro-democratic, pro-free trade, and pro-human rights.

Thus, Albright and the Clinton administration rallied to the cause of the Muslim minority in Bosnia and Kosovo following the breakup of Yugoslavia. Amid widely publicized claims of genocide by Russian Orthodox Serbian leaders, the United States helped lead interventions and war crimes tribunals, targeting Serbian leaders especially. Slobodon Milosevic, Serbia's former president, was found dead in his cell in The Hague in the Netherlands in March 2006 after being arrested on war crimes charges years previously.

Meanwhile in the 1990s, Susan Rice served as a State Department official in Africa and Samantha Power advocated as a journalist armed interventions to thwart genocide.

That led to Powers' 2002 book A Problem From Hell, which helped lead to emerging legal theory adopted by the United Nations that nations can intervene across national borders to stop genocide and similar massive human rights violations. This is codified in Responsibility To Protect doctrine, which sounds humanitarian on its face -- but opens the door to unlimited global wars, much like the Bush administration's post-9/11 "Global War On Terror."

Power, with a degree from Harvard Law School, joined the law school's faculty, married Obama's close friend Cass Sunstein, and like Sunstein joined the Obama administration. Vice President Biden swore her into office on Aug. 14, 2013, as portrayed in the White House photo showing her husband at center.

Biden, Sunstein, Power

Sunstein, a widely published law professor at Chicago during Obama's teaching there and later at Harvard, became head of the White House unit overseeing all federal regulation. Power worked first at the State Department and then at the White House on counter-terrorism and national security issues and has been allied frequently with Susan Rice in advocating for military interventions.

Sunstein became notorious in some First Amendment circles beginning in 2010 for having advocated in an academic working paper and then in his 2014 book Conspiracy Theories that government subvert wrong-headed ideas by hiring covert agents in academic and journalistic circles to disrupt those who believe in mistaken ideas about government conspiracies, especially challenges to official accounts of 9/11. 

Obama named Sunstein last year to a five-man commission to reassure the public after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's revelations suggesting that the agency systematically works with its contractors and allied spy agencies to record essentially all electronic communications by all Americans, as well as such communications throughout much of the world.

The commission's recommendation adopted by Congress and the White House was that NSA delegate electronic surveillance to private firms, which last week received legal immunity from citizen complaints. The commission recommended also that the NSA's surveillance program for Americans focus on "metadata" and not the other contents of communications.

The administration has scant effective response to critics who argue that the "reform" is nearly pointless because the private companies work so closely with federal authorities that the companies act in concert. Indeed, those who run the private multibillion-dollar communications companies approximate the power, in some sense, of their government counterparts.


While adopting the spirit of the quotation above (and not necessarily the economic substance), we can imagine that Professor Quigley would have loved to study Madeleine Albright's impressive career in full, including her succession to a professorship at Georgetown and her leadership in almost innumerable global projects. Her ongoing success personifies much of what he admired about the well-educated mandarins who oscillate between government, business, and academia to help the Anglo-American establishment maintain Western civilization.

Yet even he, at heart and by profession a cheerleader for the establishment, worried that its inbred secret relationships could again lead to disastrous choices that a more diverse decision-making process was better equipped to prevent. That was the overarching them of The Anglo-American Establishment, first published in 1949.

The book described how the holders of several great fortunes, most notably the fabulously wealthy diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes, set up before their deaths a system administered by Rhodes's principal trustee Lord Alfred Milner. The so-called "Milner Group," assisted by the Rothschild banking family and some of the other most eminent figures in the kingdom, became a powerful and secret network to guide foreign policy British decision making for at least a half century via funding of like-minded officials in government, academia, foundations, and the media.

Tragically, Quigley wrote, they misjudged some major issues, such as their confidence that Hitler if appeased would focus only on expansion eastward primarily to Soviet Russia's cost and not to the west also. The public, meanwhile, with no clue that supposedly independent figures shared a common bond, went along with the consensus of experts.

The Anglo-American future remains unwritten and otherwise murky, of course. On Oct. 30, however, commentator Justin Raimondo published The Revolt Against 'Democracy,' a provocative column for those even beyond his normal antiwar and libertarian audience. In it, he ascribes the rise of Republican anti-establishment candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump to revolt against the establishment and its corporate media, particularly the television networks.

Ben Rhodes
Recall also the remarkable government-media incest, whereby Susan Rice's husband has served as an executive producer at ABC News. That is one of many such situations.

CBS News President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, assistant to President Obama and deputy national security advisor for strategic communications and speechwriting.

The pattern is bipartisan. During the last Bush administration, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Keven Martin was married to the president's Communications Director Catherine Martin. Mr. Media Regulator, meet spin-meister extraordinaire, your wife.

That doesn't even count the heavy covert infiltration of intelligence agency personnel and messaging within both establishment and alternative media that has served for decades to stifle or inflate various stories. For students of that process, the most troublesome aspect is not the fantasy that intelligence agencies have coerced the media but the reality that the private sector news outlet owners and top managers wanted thus to shape the stories.

Does the public have a clue?

"Here in the Imperial Metropolis, the captive peoples are growing restless, just as they are on the frontiers of the Empire," Raimondo wrote today. "Everywhere the spirit of rebellion against arbitrary authority is gaining strength and picking up momentum. This is what frightens our political class, which, up until recently, has felt safe in its Washington and New York redoubts.

With the two “major” parties under their thumb, and the media singing like a Greek chorus echoing their manufactured narratives, a very small group of plutocrats, political operatives, and behind-the-scenes fixers have manipulated the apparatus of “democracy” to their advantage, maintaining their monopoly on the reins of power. Yet that monopoly is now being effectively challenged, not only here but all over the world.

That seems far-fetched, however. This is the season of football and fall foliage far more than political rebellion. There's a reason the Power Structure has its name.

Even so, individuals can learn our shared hidden history and take necessary steps on a more informed basis wherever that journey leads.

Andrew Kreig

Andrew Kreig, Esq.
Andrew Kreig is Justice Integrity Project Executive Director and co-founder with over two decades experience as an attorney and non-profit executive in Washington, DC.

An author and longtime investigative reporter, his primary focus since 2008 has been exploring allegations of official corruption and other misconduct in federal agencies. 

He has been a consultant and volunteer leader in advising several non-profit groups fostering cutting-edge applications within the communications industries. As president and CEO of the Wireless Communications Association International (WCAI) from 1996 until 2008, Kreig led its worldwide advocacy that helped create the broadband wireless industry. Previously, he was WCAI vice president and general counsel, an associate at Latham & Watkins, law clerk to a federal judge, author of the book Spiked about the newspaper business and a longtime reporter for the Hartford Courant.

Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World from the mid-1990s and currently, he holds law degrees from the University of Chicago School of Law and from Yale Law School. Reared in New York City, his undergraduate degree in history is from Cornell University, where he was a student newspaper editor, rowing team member, and Golden Gloves boxer.

Obama Builds $43 Million Natural Gas Station In Afghanistan - Pentagon Refuses To Comment

Pentagon graft and corruption in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria continue unabated - from the $100 million each Syrian "trainees" to subsidising every insurgent in the Middle East   


The Department of Defense is dodging questions about an $800 million program aimed at boosting the economy of Afghanistan, including $43 million spent on a natural gas station that few if any Afghans can utilize, says a US government inspector.

Obama builds natural gas station for $43 MILLION
while suppressing the same in the U.S. 
John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), said that the US military is illegally withholding documents pertaining to the Task Force for Business Stability Operations (TFSBO), a five-year program intended to kick-start the Afghan economy. 

In a letter to US Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Sopko also claimed the Department of Defense (DOD) has refused to offer personnel that could answer questions about the task force.

“Frankly, I find it both shocking and incredible that DOD asserts that it no longer has any knowledge about TFBSO, an $800 million program that reported directly to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and only shut down a little over six months ago,” Sopko wrote to Carter in an October 22 letter that was released publicly on Monday.

Hayes BrownVerified account

SIGAR: You built a gas station in Afghanistan?

DOD: Yup 

IGAR: For…? 

S DOD: $43M 

SIGAR: HOW?! DOD: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

One prime example of unaccounted-for spending is the high-dollar compressed natural gas station, a project, SIGAR found, that would cost "approximately $306,000" in neighboring Pakistan, 140 times less than the final amount spent.

The purpose of the project, in Sopko's words, "was to demonstrate the commercial viability of CNG (compressed natural gas) for automobiles in Afghanistan as part of a broader effort to take advantage of Afghanistan’s domestic natural gas reserves and reduce the country’s reliance on energy imports."

Sopko wrote that the project – an "expenditure [that] appears gratuitous and extreme" – was executed without proper planning, considering the local infrastructure for natural gas production and the lack of customers that could even use the station.

Carter getting creative at new ways to steal taxpayer dollars - to the tune of BILLIONS

"[T]here is no indication that TFBSO considered the feasibility of achieving the station’s broader objectives or considered any of the potentially considerable obstacles to the project’s success before beginning construction," SIGAR wrote to Carter.

Is the latest theft the result of consuming too much Viagra?
Sopko told FoxNews.com that he has never seen a government agency "clam up and claim they don't know anything about a program."

"Who's in charge? Why won't they talk?" he said. "We have received more allegations about this program than we have received about any other program in Afghanistan."

The Pentagon has told SIGAR that the $42,718,739 spent between 2011 and 2014 to "fund the construction and to supervise the initial operation of the CNG station" included about "$12.3 million in direct costs and $30 million in overhead costs." The Pentagon's contract for the station was with Central Asian Engineering, which was given $3 million for construction, according to Fox News.

The $43 million station has received attention on Capitol Hill, as lawmakers decried the apparent waste.

“This is shocking in multiple ways," said Sen. Chuck Grassley in a statement. "The cost of an unnecessary gas station in Afghanistan skyrocketed to a ridiculous height. Now, the Department of Defense is blocking access to documents and personnel that would shed light on how the money was spent." 

He added, “The lack of accountability and transparency is disgraceful.”

How and why that funding was approved are topics the Pentagon will not make clear to SIGAR, Sopko said.

In June, the Pentagon told Sopko that it “no longer possess[es] the personnel expertise to address these questions," repeating the assertion in October, according to ProPublica. These claims were made despite that fact that the task force's former acting director, Joseph Catalino, is the Pentagon's Senior Adviser for Special Operations and Combating Terrorism. Catalino has not spoken to Sopko's office since March, before the task force was shuttered.

In response to inquiry made by ProPublica the Pentagon changed its tune, saying that SIGAR will get a chance to question Catalino.

"Hey - somebody has to guard it!"

Sopko has also complained that the Pentagon has not allowed his office to view relevant task force documents, a violation of the law, he said.

The Pentagon has said that SIGAR can view the documents, but only in a DOD-provided room with department computers, and only after the DOD reviews and redacts any requested documents.

“We have established a reading room at the task force document storage facility specifically for SIGAR use,” said Army Lt. Col. Joe Sowers, a Department of Defense spokesman, told ProPublica.

The Pentagon told Sopko that "appropriate safeguards are necessary due to SIGAR’s actions that revealed Personally Identifiable Information [PII] in an unrelated incident.” The department said SIGAR did not properly redact names of military personnel when it offered ProPublica a database that details how the US military spent cash on local Afghanistan projects.

The Pentagon and DOD thieves must be audited, 
investigated, prosecuted and IMPRISONED
“SIGAR believes this vague accusation is a red herring intended to divert attention from DOD’s continued refusal to answer any questions related to TFBSO activities,” Sopko wrote in a report. “For example, in response to SIGAR audits and investigations of other matters, DOD has continued to provide unrestricted information and unfettered access requested by SIGAR auditors and investigators.” In the wake of the controversy, Senator Grassley has called for increased transparency, questioning how the Pentagon can claim it cannot give details on how the task force spent its money.

"Under the law, government employees are not authorized to spend tax dollars without proper documentation like contracts, invoices, receiving reports and payment vouchers," the lawmaker said. "The Defense Department needs to come clean, drop the obfuscation, and hold people responsible for a colossal waste of tax dollars."

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