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Juncker’s Quotas : Requiem for Baltics

Nazis Juncker and Merkel in their failed quest to import slave labor into the EU to replace middle class workers has succeeded in dooming the Eurozone  

By Vladimir Nesterov

Under the EU’s exacting standards, several sectors of the Baltic economies were placed on the chopping block. 

The future of the EU
Most factories that the EU deemed uncompetitive were either shut down or converted. The list of industries decimated in Latvia, for example, included fishing and fish processing, textiles, shoes, and electronics. The sugar industry was also completely gutted.

And now the policies of sanctions, plus Russia’s countermeasures, are adding to the economic woes in the Baltics. For example, the Baltic News Service reports that between January and July of 2015, Lithuania exported 54.7% fewer goods to Russia than during the same period in 2014. 

Lithuanian exports of milk and dairy products fell by 94.2%, and no meat or meat products have been exported to Russia this year at all. The Lithuanian Ministry of Finance stated that they had failed to find an alternative to the Russian market. And we might add: they will continue to fail.

Rising unemployment has resulted in a massive exodus, especially among younger generation. Latvia and Lithuania have lost about 20% of their populations. The Estonian population has decreased by 5.5%.

Up to a certain point, the citizens of these Baltic nations – which (with the exception of Lithuania) had never before enjoyed true sovereignty – were still able to mentally justify all these sacrifices by clinging to the comforting idea that they were now bona fide members of the “great family of European nations.” It seemed that in the EU they were “equal among equals.” They were heartened by their Americanized consciousness of their new, historic mission – to stand on the front lines of the battle between the “civilized world” and “aggressive and barbaric Russia.” At the same time they were inspired by their crusade against their “internal enemy” – the Russian “non-citizens” who thought of nothing but how to again restore Moscow’s colonial yoke over the freedom-loving Baltic people.

But once the Western part of the continent was engulfed by a wave of refugees, the attitudes of these inhabitants of the outskirts of Europe reached a tipping point. The refugee problem in the Baltics emerged when those nations were assigned migrant quotas. Here they come – wanted or not.

At first the numbers seemed modest enough. In July, officials in Riga indicated their willingness to accept 250 migrants, Tallinn – between 84-156, and Vilnius was to take only a few – between 50 and 60.

Economic migrant animals riot at Hungary border when denied entrance

But September arrived and the mood of the European Commission shifted. In July the EC had agreed to admit 40,000 refugees into the EU, divvying them up among 28 different countries, but now Jean-Claude Juncker is insisting that that figure be quadrupled. The quotas for the “young Europeans” of the Baltics were also revised. Now Latvia must accept 776 refugees, Lithuania – 1,105, and Estonia – 523. Brussels had already brandished its iron fist in warning: Juncker announced that the quotas for the EU member states were mandatory and that any country refusing to accept the migrants would be subjected to financial sanctions.

And that’s when it began.

Kristiina Ojuland, an MEP and the former foreign minister of Estonia, criticized the “politically correct drivel” coming from the European Union and proclaimed a “threat to the white race.” Latvian society launched into a debate about who is worse – Africans or Russians. Latvia’s former minister of defense, Artis Pabriks, who is also an MEP, explained that Latvia cannot accept Africans, as his country suffered so cruelly when it was violently colonized by the Russians.

The Baltics have been beset with nationalist protests. Refugees arriving at a reception site in the Estonian village of Vao were met by a demonstration of protesting local residents, a motorcycle rally consisting of hundreds of bikers, and proud Estonians wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the image of the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. The refugee reception center itself was set on fire by some of the villagers.

Merkel and Juncker's imported slave labor have no intention of working or assimilating into host countries

Juncker’s quotas are merely the first step on a long staircase that goes nowhere but down. These “young Europeans” from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will also have to answer for their part in America’s military adventures, for “Atlantic solidarity,” and for the devastation of the Middle East.

They thought Russia was an Asian interloper in Europe. But now they’ll get a real taste of Asia, in addition to Africa, right where they live.

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The American Disease : I Deserve To Get Away With Anything And Everything

The disease, is terminal  

By Charles Hugh Smith

Here’s the American Disease in a nutshell: entitlement and power means you never have to apologize for anything. Public relations might require a grudging, insincere quasi-apology, but the person with power can’t evince humility or shame–he or she doesn’t have any.

What the American with power does have in nearly limitless abundance is a grandiose yet unacknowledged sense of entitlement and a volcanic sense of indignation. For the powerful feel entitled not to be questioned, and entitled to the supreme arrogance of never apologizing for anything.

Their indignation at being pressed to account for their decisions knows no bounds–how dare anyone question my actions? It’s outrageous! I don’t deserve this!

The most entitled and indignant couple in America might well be Bill and Hillary Clinton, famously crying poor while assembling a net worth in excess of $100 million.

Their resentment at being challenged to account for their actions is palpable. When questioned about his sordid encounters in the White House, Bill Clinton’s body language and tortured, seething responses spoke of a grandiose entitlement to get away with anything and everything. We could almost hear his inner dialog: “Nobody questioned Jack Kennedy’s multiple affairs–I deserve to get away with it, too.”

Hillary is expressing the same seething resentment at being questioned about her private email server. 

Her phony, resentful half-apology reminds us of nothing more than a spoiled, entitled teenager shouting, “OK, so I wrecked the car! So what? It’s just a lump of steel and plastic. What about me? I don’t deserve this! So what if I ran over that old guy. I didn’t mean to. Why should my life be ruined because somebody found out?” And so on.

In America, supposedly a land built on merit and accountability, being entitled and powerful means you never have to apologize for anything or be accountable for your actions. Take a look at entertainment/sports “heroes” grudging, phony PR-apologies, carefully scripted to sound sincere yet fake to the core, as the “heroes” arrogance and sense of entitlement is so obviously grandiose.

After all, the “hero” was showered with sports cars, bling, “dates” with attractive women and all the other benefits of stardom. Just because he 1) beat a woman senseless 2) date-raped a woman, etc. etc. etc., well, “I should get away with anything and everything because I’m rich and famous.”

How about our financial and political titans? Their mantra when challenged, “I don’t recall,” is another spoiled-teen dodge tailored for the courtroom. One wishes that their cross-examination featured the same techniques used to interrogate “high value subjects” in the Global War on Terror in some remote, cold cell.

What might they confess to when waterboarded and subjected to sleep deprivation for a few days? Would we finally get the truth? or would they blubber more lies in the hopes their inquisitors would actually believe them?

The more a society glorifies its virtues, the emptier those virtues are in the real world. Merit means little in a society of political dynasties and inherited wealth, a society where wealth and elite membership trumps virtually everything else.

Accountability has been reduced to a meaningless buzzword spewed by the chattering class, much like the hollow slogan “middle class.” Neither accountability nor the middle class exists except as founding myths or convenient PR fantasies for those seeking to exploit the myths and the fantasies for personal gain.

The powerful feel entitled to get away with anything and everything because they’ve been getting away with anything and everything for decades while the American economy, society and culture all rotted from within.

No parody of spoiled-teen entitlement and the limitless arrogance of power could possibly top the Clintons. Were someone to write a satire in which a political power couple loudly touted their abject poverty while amassing a personal fortune of $100+ million, the fable would be roundly dismissed as exaggerated, absurd, cartoonish.

Yet the Clintons exist, as do hundreds of other entitled, arrogant, wealthy powerful people in America who never apologize for anything because humility is for the little people.

The only thing as grandiose as this sense of entitlement is the hubris it engenders. Bring it on, as G.W. Bush famously said. By all means, bring it on.

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