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NATO Powers Move To Exploit Refugee Crisis To Intensify Bombing Of Syria

NATO "powers" along with the Obama criminals created this contrived "crisis" in order to invade Syria  

By Alex Lantier

As tens of thousands of Syrians flee to Europe, the NATO powers are proposing to step up the bombing of their war-torn country and the drive for regime change in Syria.

"…then, we'll finish carving up Iraq for BP and Shell,
while saving Syria for Exxon… and replacing all the
union worker rabble in the EU at the same time!"
According to a report in the Sunday Times, British Prime Minister David Cameron is seeking the support of sections of the Labour Party for a plan to address the migrant crisis that involves bombing Syria and destroying the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 

The plan would be voted upon in the British Parliament in October.

Yesterday Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, demanded “air strikes and other British military assistance to create secure and safe enclaves” in Syria. 

This would mean bombing Syria and seizing its territory, which would be an aggressive attack on Syria and an act of war. Nonetheless, British officials rushed to support Lord Carey’s proposal.

“We’ve got to defeat these criminal gangs who trade in human misery and risk people’s lives and kill people. You’ve got to deal with the problem at the source, which is this evil Assad regime and the [Islamic State (IS) militia] terrorists,” declared UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

Corporate "mainstream media" hypes bogus "migrant crisis" in order to import slave labor into the UK/EU, while using it simultaneously to justify invasion of Syria

Osborne’s statement is the height of political cynicism. It is the US and NATO-backed intervention in Syria, along with the financing of Islamic fundamentalist organizations by their allies in the Gulf monarchies, which created the conditions for the emergence of ISIS. Civil war has been deliberately stoked as part of a policy of undermining and overthrowing the Assad government.

Now, as tens of thousands of Syrian refugees stream into Europe, the NATO powers intend to exploit the crisis to intensify their drive for regime change in Syria, which will only force more Syrians to flee their country.

Collaborator Hollande opens the floodgates
for invading hoards of "migrants"
London’s aggressive posture received support from Paris, after French President François Hollande proposed “to neutralize” Assad at an ambassador’s meeting in Paris last month. A top secret military meeting at the Elysée presidential palace on Friday reportedly discussed France taking on the role of a “team player” in a US-led coalition to carry out air strikes in Syria.

Speaking to Le Monde, French military sources indicated that they expected they would have US military support for a war for regime change in Syria. “The Americans have officially declared that they are in this for the long term, with an aerial campaign that will last at least three years,” one official declared.

French opposition politicians made tactical criticisms of Hollande’s proposal, indicating that they would prefer integrating Russian and Iranian forces into war planning in Syria. They also indicated that they wanted to avoid a re-play of the situation in September 2013, when Paris aligned itself with Washington to push for war in Syria, only to find itself humiliated when the Obama administration decided not to attack Syria and called off the war without consulting Paris.

If an intervention is going to take place, it requires a broader agreement with partners besides the United States. Russia and Iran must be reintegrated. France must get back to an independent policy in Syria. The last time we spoke about strikes, we were pretty aligned [on Washington],” declared former conservative French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

The military escalation not only threatens more mass carnage and social devastation in Syria, but a direct clash between nuclear-armed powers, as Washington threatens to destroy the Syrian regime and Moscow considers launching a war to defend Assad, a key Russian ally in the region.

Obama poodle Erdogan facilitates exodus of "migrants" from Turkey and across it's borders into Greece

To say we’re ready to do this today—so far it’s premature to talk about this. But we are already giving Syria quite serious help with equipment and training soldiers with our weapons,” Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Friday during an economic forum in Vladivostok.

Putin also indicated, however, that Moscow could support negotiations that could lead to a political settlement in Syria and possibly the stepping down of Assad. “In general, the understanding is that this uniting of efforts in fighting terrorism should go in parallel to some political process in Syria itself,” he said. “And the Syrian president agrees with that, all the way down to holding early elections, let’s say, parliamentary ones, establishing contacts with the so-called healthy opposition, bringing them into governing.

Nazi Merkel rolls out the red carpet to "refugees," even going so far as to publish menu items they can expect upon arrival in Germany

Washington quickly moved to criticize attempts by Moscow to boost its influence in Syria. On Friday, US intelligence officials claimed that Russian troops were building an air base near the coastal Syrian city of Latakia, from which they could launch air strikes.

As part of its alliance with Syria stretching back to Soviet times, Russia has for decades operated a naval base at the nearby port city of Tartus.

On Saturday, US Secretary of State John Kerry called his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to complain of indications of an “imminent enhanced Russian military build-up” in Syria.

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Terrorists Arriving In Hungary Among Migrants 'Real Threat" – Counter - Terrorism Center

Merkel, EU banksters, IMF terrorists have opened a Pandora's Box they will now be unable to close  


Terrorists penetrating the Hungarian border among thousands of refugees pose real threat to the country, the Hungarian Counter-Terrorism Center told Sputnik on Tuesday.

CNN, BBC hype bogus "refugee crisis"
The statement came after Hungarian Special Forces said earlier in the day they had uncovered two Arab terrorists who entered Western Europe under the guise of refugees.

“Danger of migrants travelling illegally and without documents is a real, existing problem, along with the terrorist threat,” the center said in a statement, adding that terrorist groups, including ISIL, use a less controlled migrant flow to illegally enter the European Union.

“The center cooperates with other international anti-terrorist organizations, as well as with the Hungarian border services to track migrants,” the agency said.

Hungary, among other European countries, has been struggling to cope with the massive migrant crisis that has hit the region, as tens of thousands of refugees try to enter the bloc, fleeing violence in their home countries, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.

CNN whore Amara Walker along with drunken fraud Arwa "The Biter" Damon shill for corporate masters in effort to import slave labor into the EU to replace legal middle class workers

Budapest estimates that over 156,000 migrants have illegally entered the country since the beginning of 2015 attempting to travel further within the European Union to reach richer countries and apply for asylum there.

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WAYNE MADSEN : Neocons Want To Ally With Groups Pentagon Lists As Terrorists

Betrayus soldiers on, pants still unzipped  

By Wayne Madsen

Former director of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and former top U.S. Army general in Iraq and Afghanistan David Petraeus suggests that the United States ally with Al Qaeda in Syria to battle against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). 

Betrayus pulls a Clinton, "faints" when Senate
grilling gets too hot to handle
Petraeus is the darling of the American neoconservatives having once referred to the retired general in an almost amorous way as "dear General Petraeus."

In April 2015, Petraeus was convicted, after pleading guilty, for giving classified material to his biographer and paramour Paula Broadwell. 

Petraeus’s guilty plea on a count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material netted him two years’ probation and a fine of $40,000. 

Neo-con hero, Senator John McCain, showing complete disregard for the separation of powers clause in the U.S. Constitution, wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder complaining about Petraeus’s indictment by a federal grand jury in North Carolina and subsequent trial.

Betrayus with squeeze Paula Broadwell

McCain, who was subjected to a major criminal and Senate Ethics Committee probe into receiving financial gifts from the failed Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal in the late 1980s, pressured Holder by stating: "the fact that you and others within your Department have weighed-in publicly on the case raises questions about whether this investigation is being handled in a fundamentally fair and appropriate manner. It goes without saying that I greatly respect General Petraeus’ remarkable record of service to our country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and later as Director of the CIA. His unique expertise and insight on matters of defense and national security are of deep value to many Americans, as well as policymakers across the political spectrum."

McCain, it should be noted, met with top ISIL leaders, including self-appointed ISIL caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi while the Arizona senator made an illegal foray into Syria in May 2013. 

McCain and his neocon and Zionist supporters insist that he only met with "moderate" Free Syrian Army officers, however, most knowledgeable people understand there are no real moderates among the ranks of the Syrian opposition and that groups funded, trained, and armed by Petraeus and now John Brennan at the CIA are indistinguishable from Al Qaeda in Syria, its affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra (Nusra Front), the Khorasan Group, Ahrar al-Sham, and ISIL. 

Traitor McCain with al-Baghdadi in background

In fact, these groups are not only allied in Syria but also in Iraq and other countries where they have established operational cells.

McCain is the last person in the world who should be believed when it comes to Petraeus’s actions as CIA director and top military commander in the Middle East and Afghanistan. McCain’s own self-stated military record is rife with lies, including his definite role in causing the flight deck fire in 1967 on board the USS Forrestal – the worst fire in the history of the U.S. Navy – his disclosure to his North Vietnamese captors of future operational plans for U.S. Navy combat aircraft sorties over North Vietnam while he was a prisoner-of-war in Hanoi, his false statements about bribes given to him by the failed Lincoln Savings and Loan and its owner Charles Keating, and being less than forthcoming about his ties to the mob in Arizona through his father-in-law’s companies, United Sales and United Distributors in Tucson, both linked to the liquor empire of the Zionist Bronfman family of Canada and Israel.

The USS Forrestal burns in 1967

With the help of the terrorist-supporting McCain and his good friend, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Petraeus is re-establishing his formerly high profile, thanks to a corporate media that is dominated by neocons and Israeli propagandists who favor America getting on board with Israel’s longtime support for the Al Qaeda "bogeyman" in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and other countries.

Israel’s support for both Al Qaeda and ISIL is part of its historical penchant for dividing and conquering the Arab and Muslim worlds through a constant "strategy of tension" and "clash of civilisations" between the West and Islam. 

Gaggle of terrorists: McCain, Betrayus, Miss Lindsey Graham, Joe Lieberman

This Israeli strategy is outlined in the Oded Yinon plan of 1982 and Benjamin Netanyahu’s "Clean Break" plan of 1996, written by U.S. neocons like Richard Perle and Douglas Feith. The latter’s actual title is "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm" and the "realm," according to the earlier Yinon Plan is an Israeli realm extending from the Nile to the Euphrates. 

To achieve its realm, Israel plans to break apart the Arab nation-states of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, and Sudan and create warring fiefdoms controlled by warlords. This scenario has successfully played out in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen with the help of people like Petraeus, Brennan, McCain, and Netanyahu.

On February 15, 2009, the U.S. Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas produced a PowerPoint presentation titled "Terrorist, Insurgent & Militant Group Logo Recognition Guide." Based on Petraeus’s long association as a "pencil pushing general," responsible for developing Army doctrine and strategy, the PowerPoint guide appears to be more of a list of potential terrorist allies, as well as enemies, for the United States. From 2005 to February 2007, Petraeus served as Commanding General of Fort Leavenworth. 

At the time the guide was developed, Petraeus was in charge of the U.S. Central Command for the Middle East and South Asia. The PowerPoint guide, which is classified as OPSEC SENSITIVE, NOT FOR PUBLIC DISSEMINATION and DESTROY IN ANY FASHION THAT WILL NOT PERMIT RECONSTRUCTION OR REVELATION OF THE CONTENTS.

The document lists Al Qaeda as a "Sunni-Salafist-Wahhabi Jihadist" group bent on building a global caliphate. Yet, Petraeus claims Al Qaeda can be used to battle against ISIL when the two groups have the same exact goals and are supported by the very same Islamist elements. The Army’s terrorist guide should put to rest the fanciful and bogus notion that there are major differences between the jihadist groups in Syria. They are all fighting for the same goal: a supranational caliphate that will provide Israel an excuse to invade and occupy it permanently and expand the Jewish "lebensraum" or "living space."

There are other, even more worrying groups, designated as terrorists in the Army guide. They include "Mexican mafia" members, described as Hispanic men in "most U.S. prisons" and poor Latino neighborhoods.

Also named are members of the "Russian mafia" who are also "ethnic Russian Orthodox Christians"(interestingly, not mentioned are Russian, Moldovan, and Ukrainian Jews who make up the bulk of the Russian mafia around the world).

Others identified in the Army guide are Hamas, Hezbollah of Lebanon, the Afghan Taliban, "Hamas in Iraq," the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) (which is being attacked by Turkish military forces under a deceptive offensive said to be directed against ISIL), the Shi’a Badr Organization in Iraq, Fatah (the main Palestinian political party and part of the Palestine Liberation Organization), the Palestine Liberation Organization, Ansar al-Haq (Houthi rebels in Yemen), the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Courts Union of Somalia, Somali pirates operating from Somalia and Somaliland, Oromo Liberation Front of Ethiopia, Popular Army for the Restoration of the Republic and Democracy (APRD) of the Central African Republic, United Front for Change (FUC) of Chad, Union of Resistance Forces of Chad, Lord’s Resistance Army of Uganda, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) of Nigeria, Union of Democratic Forces for the Rally (UFDR) of the Central African Republic, People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD) of South Africa, Muslims Against Global Oppression (MAGO) of South Africa, Islamic Party of Turkmenistan, Laskar e Tayba of Pakistan, Chechen Wolfs [sic], Black Widows Brigade, Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus, Jemaa Islamiyah, Yakuza of Japan, Aleph (former Aum Shinrikyo), East Turkestan Liberation Movement, Abu Sayyaf, United Liberation Front of Asom, Pattani United Liberation Organization, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, New People’s Army (Philippines), Animal Liberation Front, Red Army Faction (Germany), Dutch Al Qaeda, Cells of Communist Combatants, Al Qaeda of Denmark, Direct Action Group of France, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, November 17 of Greece, Basque Fatherland and Liberty, Red Brigades of Italy, Irish Republican Army, Sinn Fein, Revolutionary People’s Liberation Army (DHKP) of Turkey, Kosovo Liberation Army, Albanian National Army, Al Qaeda in the Balkans, Jihad in Sweden, Aryan Brotherhood of the U.S., Ku Klux Klan, Combat 18 of Britain, Earth First, Black Liberation Army, Symbionese Liberation Army, Weather Underground, Los Macheteros of Puerto Rico, Zapatista National Liberation Army of Mexico, Sandinistas of Nicaragua, Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement of Peru.

There is only one Israeli Jewish terrorist group listed in the Army’s guide, the Kahane Chai, which actually has sympathizers within the current Israeli government.

The fact that Petraeus has called for an American and Western alliance with Al Qaeda in Syria – designated a terrorist group in the Army’s guide - and the fact that among the groups listed by the Army are a number of now dormant groups that were used by the CIA and Pentagon as part of Operation GLADIO’s destabilization operations in Western Europe and elsewhere in the 1970s and 80s, indicates that what the Army compiled is nothing more than a list of terrorist groups that have been used in the past and currently by the CIA and the Pentagon to ensure that a continued state of violence and upheaval is maintained in the Middle East, South Asia, Russia and the Balkans, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, and even in the African-American neighborhoods and Hispanic barrios of the United States. The hidden agenda of the neo-cons is not so secret when their list of targeted actual and potential provocateurs, saboteurs, terrorists, agents, and fanatics is closely examined.

Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen
Investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist, Madsen has over twenty years experience in security issues. 

As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. Madsen has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC and MS-NBC. He has been invited to testify as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government. A member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the National Press Club, Madsen is based and reports from Washington, D.C.



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