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EPA Admits Waste Spill From Colorado Mine Actually THREE TIMES Larger Than Initially Reported

No surprise there; Obama criminals continue to blatantly, transparently lie regardless of how many times they have been busted  


Drinking water was said to be safe, but now residents along the rivers told to test well water before using it…

Durango and La Plata County declare emergencies as residents told to avoid all recreational contact with the water...

Federal officials have admitted that the flood of mine waste that turned a Colorado river putrid orange was actually three times than they first thought.

Thanks EPA: Lies on top of lies
The US Environmental Protection Agency said a team was working with heavy equipment last week to secure an entrance to the Gold King Mine, near Durango, when three million gallons of waste was unleashed into nearby Cement Creek The creek runs from Silverton, Colorado, into the Animas River before flowing into the San Juan River at Farmington, New Mexico, where discolored water has been seen 100 miles from the spill.

Officials said that the spillage did not pose a threat to drinking water after municipalities shut down intake valves from the contaminated rivers. 

They have also now insisted that the accident would not have 'caused significant health effects' to animals because of how quickly it moved. 

However, preliminary studies of the water near Durango, Colorado, found that arsenic levels peaked at 300 times more than normal and lead levels at one point reached 3,500 times more than usual.

'Yes, those numbers are high and they seem scary,' said Deborah McKean, the EPA's chief of the Region 8 Toxicology and Human Health and Risk Assessment. 

The metals are dangerous to humans in high concentrations, but McKean insisted that the contaminants were not in one place for long in the river and that individual exposure to them would be low, according to the Farmington Daily Times.

Officials had previously said that drinking water would not be affected, but those in northern New Mexico with wells have been told to have their water tested before using it to drink, give to livestock, cook or bathe.

The EPA said its cleanup team had been working at the Gold King Mine on Wednesday. 'The project was intended to pump and treat the water and reduce metals pollution flowing out of the mine,' said agency spokesman Rich Mylott.

A coordinator for the Gold King Mine project, Hays Griswold, told The Durango Herald that he'd thought only five feet of water was being held behind the collapsed entrance to the mine.

He was going to install a pipe to remove the trapped contaminated water, which had been leaking slowly into the creek. However, when Griswold's crew made a hole in the mine tunnel, he noticed water seeping through the dirt.

EPA idiots don't consider for a moment the possibility of damming up the tributary downstream  and containing the spill

Vice President Jonathan Nez attended a meeting in Durango on Sunday and said that water was especially important to his nation and livestock farmers in it.

'A lot of livestock utilize the water. What are we supposed to do? Stand guard 24 hours to keep our livestock from drinking the water?' he said, according to the Daily-Times.

One farmer said that he would not be able to irrigate his fields for the rest of the season and would lose his crops. 

EPA spokespeople weren't sure how long it would take the plume to dissipate, Ostrander said. The acidic sludge's heavy metals could irritate the skin, he added.

The mine is still reportedly leaking 500 gallons per minute, though it is now being stored in holding pools rather than seeping into the river

The EPA is still testing the plume. Previous contamination from the mine sent iron, aluminum, cadmium, zinc and copper into the water, said Peter Butler, co-coordinator of the Animas River Stakeholders Group.

Contaminants originally made the water's pH drop from 7.8 to 5.8, according to tests from Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety scientist Kirstin Brown. 

A neutral pH is 7, and each whole number below that represents a tenfold increase in acidity, meaning that the Animas has become 100 times more acidic.

Marcie Bidwell, executive director of the Mountain Studies Institute, said that the river's pH had returned to safe levels by Sunday night. 

The plume of contaminants made its way south toward Durango on Thursday afternoon, prompting La Plata County health officials to warn rafters and water users to avoid the river. 

Obama too busy bombing the hell out of Kurdish and Syrian children to give a shit about his blithering EPA idiots, or the citizens of Colorado now affected by this catastrophic, inexcusable blunder 

It was expected to hit the Colorado-Utah border early Monday as it headed towards Montezuma Creek near the scenic town of Bluff.

Durango stopped pumping water out of the Animas River on Wednesday to make sure none of the waste could be sucked up into the city's reservoir. It also suspended the transfers of raw water to a local golf course and Fort Lewis College. 

Two wells serving Montezuma Creek will be shut down, Rex Kontz, deputy general manager for the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, said.

In Farmington, New Mexico, officials shut down water-supply intake pumps to avoid contamination and advised citizens to stay out of the river until the discoloration has passed.

'It's really, really ugly,' Butch Knowlton, La Plata County's director of emergency preparedness, told The Durango Herald. 'Any kind of recreational activity on the river needs to be suspended.' 

The mine was opened more than a hundred years ago and its permit was revoked in 2005. 

'The most important thing is what's in (the water). I need to know. Back in the 1800s, things were used in mining that aren't allowed any more.' Steve Salka, Durango's utilities manager, told the Denver Post when researchers were working to find out the plume's contents.

There were already few fish in the Cement Creek watershed because of longstanding problems with water quality, the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment said.

However the creek and Animas River flow into San Juan, which contains endangered species such as the Colorado Pikeminnow and Razorback Sucker.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife placed cages containing fish in the Animas River to monitor what happens to them, spokesman Joe Lewandowski said.

As of Monday only one of 108 had died, according to the Guardian.

'We'll see if those fish survive,' Lewandowski said. 'We're also monitoring to make sure we don't get infiltration into the hatchery, because that could be a problem.'

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Total War Or Bust : The Barack Obama Prerogative

Should the American public allow this madness to continue unchallenged WWIII could well be the result; Obama has until the end of his term to destroy the U.S. and is working overtime at it  

By Phil Butler

My fellow Americans, friends in Russia, and in the rest of the world – President Barack is going to get Syria’s Assad out, or kill some more of us trying. 

The Arab Spring the Western alliance created cannot be complete without Assad being ousted, and without perpetuating Middle Eastern chaos. Syria’s suffering may only have just begun, but the question is, “Can anyone or anything stop Barack Obama this time?”

When Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote an appeal to the people of America in the New York Times in 2013, many of us knew we were living in fascinating times. What appeared to some to be a Machiavellian bit of PR coercion was to other people a clear sign of a major role reversal. 

On reading it, I remember thinking to myself, “Why does Putin seem more American than his American counterparts?” News today Barack Obama has managed to find another way to kill more Syrians, and President Bashar Hafez al-Assad, it affords Putin still more peacemaking opportunities. The neo-cons in Washington are now “all-in” on killing off Israel’s worst enemy, and busting Russia’s only fort in the Middle East.

Kill, Kill, Kill – “Get Some” Democracy

Betting to blast to smithereens the remaining slices of gristly human meat holding Syria’s society together, Obama has once again bypassed Congress to over extend presidential war powers. To find out the gist, read Daniel McAdams in this Ron Paul Institute laying out the psychotic battle plan. McAdams comments on Friday’s idiotic military operation that made use of US proxy fighters Division 30 to “assist” Syria and Iraq in beheading the ISIL beast:

“Tasked with fighting alongside al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, the Nusra Front, Washington’s newest proxy army in Syria was expected be welcomed by the group. Instead, Washington’s proxies, known as Division 30, were attacked by the Nusra Front with several fighters taken hostage.”

Focused now on Syria, the history of this country’s role versus Israel tells us something of today’s conflicts. Israel’s greatest rival historically, Syria seen from a totally objective point of view is far different than the last 50 years of US-Israeli propoganda. One historical footnote here, had Anwar Sadat’s Egypt not halted its assault on Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973, Assad’s father’s forces would have certainly have overrun the Israelis once and for all. Then, only a direct intervention by US or NATO forces could have saved Israel. That is, unless perhaps Tel Aviv came out of the nuclear closet to strike at Damascus. It was Bashar Hafez al-Assad’s father who was the key mastermind of destroying a bitter enemy, and as we see now the hatred goes both ways. Enter the Obama quotient, an the “Nobel” warrior poet. 

Website Updates – Not Obama’s Strong Suit

For clues as to the Obama administrations intentions, the original policy on Syria still stands on the White House website. Maybe the staff will take this down later, but for now the url structure of Obama’s Syria policy reads like provocation backed with “I say so” credibility. In typical arrogant fashion, Obama’s PR group drafted out rhetoric that took partial credit for Vladimir Putin’s peaceful initiative, while as the same time casting dispersion on the Assad government, without a shred of proof he had used chemical weapons on his own people. To quote from the Syria section: 

“Just a few months ago, Syria had one of the largest chemical weapons stockpiles in the world – including mustard and sarin – and Bashar al-Assad was using these awful weapons to kill his own people. In addition, given the situation on the ground in Syria, this dangerous arsenal was at risk of capture by or transfer into the hands of extremists.”

I wonder if the reader caught something, I only just now did? Was Washington worried back then that their own ISIL creation might capture deadly sarin gas to unleash on the world? Now there is a “wow” moment for you. The White House “exceptionalism” goes on to place Obama’s America first in peaceful détente, and we see the just deserts good neo-cons receive in the announcement The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) received not only the Nobel Prize, but the Obama one as well. Here’s the White House Accolade from the horse’s mouth:

“The OPCW’s central role in this ongoing effort was highlighted when it was honored with the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize last month. 

 The people behind the scenes are brave and dedicated, and so we applaud the OPCW and UN personnel who have taken great personal risks to get the job done.”

Vladimir Putin and the Russian initiative received no Nobel, no battle ribbons were conferred, only one puny mention of Armageddon being averted was uttered. 

Let’s turn, for the moment, to Mr. Putin’s words intended to halt a preemptive invasion of Syria back in September of 2013:

“The potential strike by the United States against Syria, despite strong opposition from many countries and major political and religious leaders, including the pope, will result in more innocent victims and escalation, potentially spreading the conflict far beyond Syria’s borders. A strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. It could undermine multilateral efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear problem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and further destabilize the Middle East and North Africa. It could throw the entire system of international law and order out of balance.”

God No – Not a Thousand Years of Obama!

What is not laid out in Putin’s historic NYT’s piece, is that the intervention by Israeli and Washington interests was already underway in the form of insurgency and revolution building. Arab Spring had not yet forced Syria to succumb and fall into chaos, so the US had to “double down”, as Obama is so fond of saying. The insurgents built by the Pentagon, the CIA, and other arms of the western military alliance’s war machine, they were already tearing the people of Syria apart. This Zero Hedge piece lays some of this out, but there are countless breadcrumbs leading to a Bush and an Obama CIA mess

The short version of our US policy story in the last 14 years is, America uses chaos and killing better than the Nazis ever did. Let’s remember, the 1,000 year Reich was destroyed in just a little over 5 years. This time though, there are no “good guys” in the Western Hemisphere to ride to the rescue. It looks like Russia, China, India and some other emerging societies, may have to go it alone. That is unless, Europe comes to its senses soon. In a weekly address to the American people concerning the Russia intervention and détente, Barack Obama proclaimed it was the threat of military force by the United States that created the “peaceful” solution to Syria’s chemical weapons situation.

Am I calling Obama a Nazi? No, I am saying he is probably worse than a Nazi. If here is a national socialist movement in the world, if a Fourth Reich could ever prevail, America as an idea would need to be obliterated. 

And it looks like Barack Obama’s prime directive was to initiative this. At no time in history have “American values” been more challenged from within, and from outside the country. White picket fences, they scarcely even exist anymore.

While it pains this American to say it, there seems to be no other reasonable explanation for the idiocy going on these days. Without diving off into a vast conspiratorial essay, reading what right-wing British journalist Simon Heffer wrote in 2011, we find a big problem inside America’s European partner too:

“Where Hitler failed by military means to conquer Europe, modern Germans are succeeding through trade and financial discipline. Welcome to the Fourth Reich”

Obama bitch-slapping Americans at will
Attempting to piece all this together, there’s something wholly sinister, even horrible rearing its ugly head here. While we may wish to connect Syria and Arab Spring to an international gas and oil distribution scheme, Barack Obama’s role and his demands our keen attention. Syria is in the way of the Qatar pipeline, and the Israelis do hate Syria with a passion, but there’s something bigger afoot. 

Parallels present themselves, for Obama and with Hitler, Stalin, and other wild eyed and crazed despots. For illustration, let’s turn to the diaries of Third Reich expert Victor Klemperer, who was the foremost expert on the language of totalitarianism. 

In the book The War of the World, by Niall Ferguson, Klemperer is cited from his works award winning works LTI (language of the Third Reich), and LQI (Language of the Fourth Reich):

“The LTI (lingua tertii imperii – Language of the Third Reich) lives on… In Stalin’s speeches, extracts of which regularly appear, Hitler and Ribbentrop are cannibals and monsters. In the articles of Stalin, the supreme commander of the Soviet Union is the most brilliant general of all times and the most brilliant of all men living… It is impossible to say just how often I hear “orientation”, “action”, “militant”. All that’s missing now is “fanatical”…the same, the very same words – LTI = LQI!!! “align”, “militant”, “true democracy” etc. etc. “ 

Take a moment to absorb all this please.

Looking back to the Arab Spring, this series of uprisings did not just happen. They were planned, carried out, and supported for the purposes of thrusting the Arab world into chaos. The scheme was typical for any hegemony to achieve any kind of rapid paradigm shift in control.

Maybe the reason for instigating this chaos was fear of Russia and other nations approaching economic and societal parity with the western powers. It really makes no difference why though, it’s obvious American “think tank” provocateurs seized the initiative. 

This seems to have occurred about the time Vladimir Putin proclaimed his Vladivastok to Lisbon doctrine back in 2010. “Doubling down” by America, in this frame at least, is an act of desperation. Faced with a virtual certainty the suppressed nations of the world would emerge, reigniting the Cold War seemed well advised to some. However valid this idea is, the idealistic trends and the language suggest something more for me.

Putin is, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly ridiculed via official channels and the various controlled media mechanisms. Anyone who disagrees with Obama’s policies has their “arms twisted” as if in some sick schoolyard bully game. America has assumed the role of aggressor, and Russia the defenders of the faithful. This is the reality for much of the world today.

Putin has limits to his patience
Meanwhile, in America hate is brewed and stewed. Terror, the big boogey man, it’s deployed to steal freedoms. 

Racism is hot brewed, Russophopia, and gay versus homophobic wounds have had salt poured into them, city versus city, state versus state, Hispanic versus English, at every turn the United States is weakened. 

This is true on the world stage too, as Obama literally crucifies freedom’s reputation before the whole world.

The moral of this story for Washington’s elite is: Assad has to join Muammar Gaddafi, Syria must cease to exist, and finally Russia has to be carved up into little, insignificant states in order for the Fourth Reich to emerge? Well perhaps, but Putin won’t go down so easy. Who’s going to stop Obama and his minions from destroying ripping Syria to pieces utterly?

Watch Vladimir Putin, I’ll double down on that bet.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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"Aerial Assault" Drone : Hackers Penetrate Internet Networks In The Sky

Shoot the drones down, shoot the operators, shoot the manufacturers; Americans can shoot down any drone legally utilising State Deadly Force laws "Fear For Life" clauses - and no court in the land will convict - markings or not as they can easily be forged and there is no possibly way to verify them  

By Jeff Stone

Wannabe hackers trying to infiltrate Internet networks in skyscrapers or hidden in out-of-reach areas have a new toy: the Aerial Assault drone. 

The unmanned aerial vehicle is now for sale to anyone willing to pay $2,500 for the ability to assess Internet network strength and relay details back to the drone's owner.

David Jordan, a robot expert at the U.S. company Aerial Assault, unveiled the aircraft at the Defcon hacking conference in Las Vegas Sunday. He equipped his drone with an array of software tools capable of performning “penetration testing” used by hackers and security researchers looking for weaknesses in computer networks. 

The Aerial Assault drone uses that software to scan for unsecured networks, recording that information and sending it back to the drone's operator along with precise GPS coordinates.

“There has never been this capability before,” Jordan told Agence Presse-France.

Pornographers and pedophiles already using drones to photograph unsuspecting children in their own backyards

A previous version of the drone featured its own WiFi signal, enabling Jordan's customers to trick laptops, phones and other devices in an area to connect to his drone rather than a trusted network. That would have made it easier for hackers to sweep up data that passes through the connection, including credit card numbers, banking information and the like.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



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