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Obama Blocks Investigator’s Access To Files Related To DOJ Multiple Scandals

So much for the "transparency" liar-in-chief Obama promised; these are impeachable offences, making Richard Nixon's Watergate obstructions look like parking violations in comparison  

By Joe Volverton

President Obama has ordered that if the official tasked with investigating corruption in the Department of Justice wants access to sensitive files, he’ll have to get permission from — the Department of Justice.

That directive was part of a 58-page ruling delivered by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel and it makes it very hard for the inspector general to get access to wiretaps, grand jury, and credit information necessary to expose fraud and other misdeeds perpetrated by the Justice Department. “Without such access, our office’s ability to conduct its work will be significantly impaired, and it will be more difficult for us to detect and deter waste, fraud, and abuse, and to protect taxpayer dollars,” Inspector General Michael Horowitz said in a statement published by the Washington Post.

“Congress meant what it said when it authorized Inspectors General to independently access ‘all’ documents necessary to conduct effective oversight,” he added.

A bipartisan group of congressmen agree.

In a statement published on his website on July 23, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) joined three of his colleagues in condemning the Obama administration’s attempt to block the inspector general investigation:

The Inspector General Act of 1978 directs that Inspectors General have a right to access all records, documents and other materials. If the Inspector General deems a document necessary to do his job, then the agency should turn it over immediately. The clear command of that law is being ignored far too often by agencies across the executive branch. By this opinion’s tortured logic, “all records” does not mean “all records,” and Congress’s recent attempt to underscore our original intent with an appropriations restriction is nothing but a nullity. The prospect of the Obama administration using this opinion to stonewall oversight, avoid accountability, and undermine the independence of inspectors general is alarming.

Congressman Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, stated:

"Today’s Office of Legal Counsel opinion contains the same kind of outcome-oriented lawyering that produced the Department of Justice’s infamous recess appointments memorandum, which was unanimously rejected by the Supreme Court in 2014. The law is clear that the Office of the Inspector General should have unfettered access to materials for its investigations, but political lawyers at the Department of Justice have engaged in legal gymnastics to shield key information from government watchdogs."

What would the Justice Department have to hide?

The Justice Department is stiff-arming the inspector general’s requests for records relating to several DOJ scandals, including: (1) whether the Department had violated the civil liberties and civil rights of individuals detained in national security investigations following 9/11, (2) Operation Fast and Furious, (3) the FBI’s use of National Security and Exigent letters, (4) the DEA’s (Drug Enforcement Administration’s) sex parties scandal, (5) the DEA’s use of confidential sources, and (6) the DEA’s use of administrative subpoenas to obtain bulk data collections.

Last February, Horowitz told a congressional committee that “the FBI has failed to turn over key records in several whistleblower cases,” the Post reports.

That’s not surprising.

Despite campaign promises to “strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government, President Obama has single-handedly prosecuted (and persecuted) more whistleblowers than any of his predecessors.

With the formal filing of the charges against NSA leaker Edward Snowden, this president has charged eight whistleblowers under the Espionage Act.

One of the targets of the president’s prosecution and persecution of those he promised to protect was trying to expose the details of the Department of Justice’s “Operation Fast and Furious” gun running program. As reported by The New American in October 2013:

The Obama administration, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) in particular, are under fire from across the political spectrum again after they were publicly exposed trying to censor a key whistleblower in the Fast and Furious federal gun-running scandal by preventing him from publishing a book about it.

Claiming that publication of ATF Special Agent John Dodson’s manuscript would harm agency morale, official documents show that the out-of-control bureaucracy sought to violate the First Amendment in an apparent effort to avoid further scrutiny of its lawless activities. 

However, that attempt failed miserably, and the scandal is back in the headlines with a vengeance.

The Fast and Furious revelations showed, among other deadly serious scandals, that the ATF, disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department, and other top officials conspired to send thousands of high-powered weapons to Mexican drug cartels at U.S. taxpayer expense. Many of those guns were used to murder Mexican citizens and even U.S. law-enforcement officers. It was later learned from official documents that the supposed “drug lords” allegedly being “investigated” were already on the FBI payroll, and that the administration was plotting to use the Fast and Furious violence to advance its unconstitutional assault on the Second Amendment.

As for the FBI, that agency has been on a tear through the Fourth Amendment for years.

Just days ago, FBI Director James Comey told the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that in order to stay a step ahead of the bad guys, the g-men should have access to any available technology to decode encrypted data. And that the government should be the arbiter of when decryption is necessary or not.

Last year, the Obama Justice Department asked that a committee be empaneled to amend Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure (FRCP).

In plain terms, Rule 41 mandates that judges may issue search warrants only within the districts where they have jurisdiction. The FBI wants this restriction removed.

Specifically, the FBI wants a judge to be able to issue an electronic surveillance warrant authorizing the feds to search the contents of a computer, regardless of where that computer is physically located.

In an article from April 2013, the Washington Post’s Ellen Nakashima wrote,

“Driven by FBI concerns that it is unable to tap the Internet communications of terrorists and other criminals, the task force’s proposal would penalize companies that failed to heed wiretap orders — court authorizations for the government to intercept suspects’ communications.”

In that proposal, the FBI would give Internet companies a chance to develop their own plan to place the wiretaps on clients’ online activity. There are limits to this “freedom,” however. If the company’s solution fails to meet federal muster, the FBI would mandate the enforcement of its own surveillance standards and practices.

Finally, at a hearing of the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 19, 2013, former FBI Director Robert Mueller testified that his agency had used drones to monitor American citizens within the United States.

In light of all these scandals, it’s no wonder the president wants to take extraordinary steps to stop the inspector general from getting eyes on sensitive, likely inculpating evidence of the Justice Department’s darkest deeds.

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Syrian Kurds : Turkish Forces Shelling Our Fighters Near Kobani

CIA dupe Erdogan given green light for Kurdish genocide in trade-off deal with Obama to base U.S. fighters and military personnel in Turkey - again  

By Jason Ditz

Syrian Kurdish militia faction the YPG is reporting that as Turkey has started launching attacks on ISIS, they have also started attacking Kurdish targets inside Syria, including hitting a number of YPG forces with shelling against villages on the outskirts of Kobani.

Erdogan claims to be attacking CIA/ISIS; bombs
Kurds instead
The YPG slammed the “Turkish aggression” and demanding they stop attacking Kurdish defensive forces, and instead focus their fire on ISIS forces that are occupying Kurdish territory in the area. 

They advised Turkey to follow “international guidelines” on this targeting.

Turkish officials insisted they did not attack YPG positions in northern Syria, but later did say they intend to carry out an investigation into the claims. 

They went on to say that they don’t consider the YPG within the scope of their current wars against ISIS and the Kurdish PKK in Iraq. Turkey has long treated the YPG’s political wing, the PYD, as the Syrian branch of the PKK, however, and they have been pushing for action against Kurdish forces in northern Syria for weeks now. This makes the denials somewhat harder to believe, as Turkey seems to be attacking anyone and everyone it doesn’t like in the area right now.

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Black Woman Found Dead In Cleveland Jail Cell : Family Demands Answers

MSM now ignoring almost daily deaths of Americans at the hands of completely out of control feral pigs that have declared open war on the public they are employed to "protect and serve"      


A black woman has been found dead in her prison cell near Cleveland, Ohio, police said, adding that the autopsy “revealed no suspicious injuries.” Her family, however, claims she was “perfectly fine” a day before she died.

The outrage is finally about to boil over
The sister of Ralkina Jones, 37, told the news website that she talked to her sister on the eve of her death.

"She was perfectly fine. She didn't complain of nothing, saying she was hurting or anything,” Renee Ashford said.

“[My sister] would want us to find out why. You can’t just tell me one minute I seen my sister, then the next day she dead. That don’t even make sense. And it’s just, ‘I can’t help you. I can’t tell you.’ Like, no. That’s un-human.”

The oldest of seven children, Jones had an 11-year-old daughter. "She was a go-getter… She was the person who held us together,” Ashford said.

Police have released a report where they explained the details about Jones’s death and her arrest. They said that the victim’s body was found in Cleveland Heights Jail Facility “during a routine jail check of prisoners.”

Coward, feral pigs egged on by Fox "News" fraud Sean Hannity who gleefully "reports" instances of police brutality, putting cop abuses in a "positive" light while making excuses for their illegal actions

“Squad personnel were unable to locate any vital signs and it was determined by CHFD paramedics that Ms Jones was deceased.”

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner is now investigating the cause of woman’s death, said police, adding that the “autopsy was completed” Monday and “revealed no suspicious injuries.”

“The exact cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner pending further studies.”

Jones was arrested Friday after a confrontation with her ex-husband. She was taken into custody “on charges on felonious assault, domestic violence and child endangerment,” police said.

According to Cleveland police, Jones “was being treated for several medical conditions that were documented during her intake process and she administered her prescribed medication as directed.”

Coward cops playing soldier with weapons they have no idea how to deploy or use

On Saturday, the jail’s administrator “observed Ms Jones to be lethargic” and called emergency services. She was transported to hospital but then sent back to jail a few hours later.

On Sunday, paramedics recorded Jones’ vitals normal and she was observed “overnight through routine checks,” police said.

“She was later found unresponsive in the bed of the holding cell.”

Women, Seniors, disabled Veterans, kids; cowards go for the soft, safe targets while ignoring real crime

The scandal comes shortly after another black woman was discovered dead in her cell. A 28-year-old African-American activist, Sandra Bland, was found hanged in jail cell in Waller County, Texas, on July 13. Three days prior to her death, she was detained for allegedly assaulting a state trooper during a traffic stop.

Bland’s autopsy report showed that she committed suicide by hanging. None of the injuries on her body were found to be consistent with a violent homicide.

A police dashboard video showed Bland’s confrontation with the trooper. Brian T. Encinia is seen pointing a stun gun at Bland and threating to drag her out of the car.

A video from the arrest taken by a bystander showed the officer forcing Bland to the ground as they argued. The black woman was on the way to Texas to begin her job at Prairie View A&M University.

While Bland’s family acknowledged the possibility of Sandra struggling with depression, they continue to dispute the suicide ruling. Bland’s death caused an explosion of outrage on Twitter, where her case has been placed alongside other police brutality victims, such as Michael Brown, the 18-year-old black man killed last year in Ferguson, and Freddie Gray, a black man who died after an arrest by the Baltimore police.

Go To Prison, Wake Up Dead

RT |January 20, 2015

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UK PM "Lord Coke" John Sewell Refuses To Resign Following Bust

A diversion from the pedophile scandals engulfing UK parliament; Janner case now conveniently ignored by MSM as cross-dressing Sewell tries on Rove/"Diaper Dave" Vitter/Larry Craig act in refusing to step down  

By Michael Wilkinson, Victoria Ward and Matthew Holehouse in Jakarta

Lord Sewel's London residence has been searched after Scotland Yard launched an investigation into alleged drug-taking, it emerged on Monday. 

When will the people of the UK say enough
is enough?
In a statement, the Met said no arrests have been made at this stage but confirmed a criminal investigation into allegations of drug-related offences involving a member of the House of Lords was under way.

A Met Police spokesman said: "A warrant under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, was today granted at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. 

"The warrant was executed at 18.00hrs at an address in central London by officers from the Special Enquiry Team of the Homicide and Major Crime Command (HMCC). 

"No arrests have been made at this stage and enquiries are ongoing. One complaint in relation to this matter has been received. Our investigation commenced prior to this." 

The Labour peer has said he has no intention to leave the House of Lords despite pressure from David Cameron over allegations that he snorted cocaine while cavorting with prostitutes. 

Disgraced war criminal, Janner protector Tony
Blair also covering for pal Sewell
Lord Sewel announced that he will instead take a "leave of absence" while investigations are carried out and consider his position afterwards. 

He made the decision to retain his peerage despite a suggestion by David Cameron that he should either resign or quit. Under the terms of his "leave of absence", Lord Sewel will not be able to claim any allowances and will have to give three months notice if he plans to return. 

Should he decide to stay, however, he will be entitled to claim parliamentary allowances of £200 a day.

Lord Sewel said: "I wish to take leave of absence from the House as soon as it can be arranged. I also wish to make clear that in doing so I have no intention of returning to the House in any way until the current investigations have been completed, when in the light of their outcome I will review my long term position. I believe this is compatible with due process." 

It came as David Cameron said there are "questions" as to whether the Labour peer is fit to sit in the Upper House despite him still being allowed to claim up to £300 a day in parliamentary allowances while any investigation is carried out. 

"These are very serious allegations," the Prime Minister said. 

"I think it's right he has stood down from his committee posts and I'm sure further questions will be asked about whether it is appropriate to have someone legislating and acting in the House of Lords if they have genuinely behaved in this way. It's still going to take some time I suspect to get to the full truth.‎"

The disgraced former Deputy Speaker of the Lords has indicated this morning that he would not quit his role as a peer despite fresh pictures emerging of him wearing a prostitute's orange bra at a sex party. 

Lord Sewel, who has been suspended from the Labour party, will "tough it out" by not resigning as a peer, the BBC has reported.

But Baroness Boothroyd, pictured, has called for him to quit as a peer after bringing a "bad smell" to the House. She said: "I think the best thing that could happen now is that he should take a quit way out of the back door of the House of Lords. I feel sad for his family. 

"He has been the bad apple in this barrel. We have been trying to uphold our standards. This doesn't leave us with a very good smell. He has brought the House into some disrepute." 

The peer, who served as a minister under Tony Blair, will be able to continue to speak from the red benches and make full use of the House of Lords while his activities are probed. 

The House of Lords authorities may face a delay of up to a year before they can use new powers to suspend or expel Lord Sewel.

The Labour MP John Mann, pictured, led calls for Lord Sewel to be thrown out of parliament after the Speaker of the Lords, Lady D’Souza, described the crossbench peer’s alleged behaviour as “shocking and unacceptable”. 

But the code of conduct for the House of Lords makes clear that any investigation by the commissioner for standards in the upper house has to be suspended if a matter is being investigated by the police. 

UK parliament packed with pedophile filth; a massive cover-up aided and abetted by the BBC pedophiles and UK MSM

The married peer was forced to resign on Sunday after he was caught on video apparently snorting cocaine while cavorting with two prostitutes. 

Lord Brabazon of Tara, the peer's predecessor as chairman of the Privileges and Conduct committee, said he was "pretty horrified" by the allegations and called for him to quit the Lords. 

He told the BBC's World at One: "If I was in his shoes I would retire from the House of Lord as of now. I think he should do exactly the same straight away." 

BBC also crammed to the rafters with ith pedophile staff

Conservative peer Lord Cormack said: "I know and like Lord Sewel and I was just amazed and very sad."

He added: "There's not a proper scheme for peers to take early retirement if they wish to do so and, if there is substance to these stories, then perhaps that would be the best and kindest way for all concerned." 

The House of Lords has had "no correspondence or indication from Lord Sewel as to his intentions", The Telegraph has learnt. 

Janner supposedly to be prosecuted; protectors delaying in hopes he will die before being put in the dock, potentially exposing massive pedophile ring in parliament, royal family

New pictures show him reclining with a cigarette whilst dressed in a bra and woman's leather jacket have been published by The Sun newspaper.

Lord Sewel of Gilcomstoun, 69, is said to have been recorded branding David Cameron "the most facile, superficial prime minister there's ever been" during the session with two £200-a-night prostitutes at his Dolphin Square flat in Westminster. 

He reportedly said: "He just shoots from the hip. He is false. He makes one-off commitments and cannot deliver." 

He labelled Mayor of London Boris Johnson "a joke" and a "public school upper class twit", adding: "He plays well in London because they like a cheeky chappie. 

Janner with Queen Elisabeth 
"Can you present Boris Johnson in Preston, in Burnley, in Manchester? No, they just think he's an a---hole." 

Lord Sewel, who was responsible for upholding standards in the Lords, also described Scottish MP Alex Salmond as a "silly, pompous prat", according to footage obtained by The Sun.

Asked by one of the women, whose voice is disguised, about former Labour prime minister Tony Blair's decision to go to war in Iraq, Lord Sewel said the former party leader did so "because he fell in love with George Bush". 

He claimed Blair's wife, Cherie, was "obsessed with money". 

A bottle of what appears to be vodka sits on the table while Lord Sewel drinks from a glass at various points during his conversation with the women. 

Blair supposedly led the UK into the
failed Iraq invasion because he had
The Sun also reports that Lord Sewel said the Labour leadership race was "in a f---ing mess".

He is said to have called Jeremy Corbyn "useless" and "a romantic idiot" and claimed Andy Burnham has been "terribly contradictory" and "goes whichever way the wind is blowing". 

He said Yvette Cooper was "OK but not strong" and appeared to forget Liz Kendall's name, describing her as "a Blair supporter who is just too naive". 

The one politician Lord Sewel did say something positive about was George Osborne, the Chancellor, who he described as a "very, very consummate politician" who would one day be prime minister. 

The Lords authorities have said they will call in Scotland Yard over the footage, with sources suggesting that the peer will be asked to accept a caution. 

He resigned as Deputy Speaker of the Lords on Sunday and also left his role as Chairman of Committees. 

He could become the first peer expelled under tough new rules that he helped to introduce, even if police take no further action. 

Cameron also a protector of Janner

Lord Sewel was a Labour peer until resigning his party membership to take up the official role in the House of Lords and is formally known as a "non-affiliated member". 

How Lord Sewel Will Be Investigated 

A referral is expected to be made that would trigger an initial assessment by Lords Commissioner for Standards Paul Kernaghan to decide if there is a case to pursue. 

The former police chief constable would investigate whether there has been a breach of Lords rules, which maintain that members must "always act on their personal honour", and then send the case to the Lords sub-committee on conduct. 

Thatcher was also a major cover-up artist for UK pedophiles

It would decide what punishment the peer should face and, under rules that came into force on July 16, could recommend Lord Sewel is expelled from the House of Lords. 

The recommendation would then go before the Lords Privileges and Conduct Committee, which Lord Sewel chaired until the scandal broke, and it would consider any appeal made by the peer. 

Such a decision would need to be rubber-stamped through a formal vote in the chamber and at that point the former Scottish minister could be kicked out of Parliament. 

Prince Charles with pal pedophile Jimmy Savile

Anyone can make a formal complaint about a peer but investigations can take many months to complete. 

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