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All Four Marines Killed In Chattanooga Officially Identified

Semper Fi, Brothers

By Natalie Neysa Alund and Matt Slovin

The U.S. Marine Corps on Friday afternoon officially confirmed the identity of all four Marines killed during a mass shooting in Chattanooga.

They are: Staff Sgt. David A. Wyatt of Burke, N.C.; Gunnery Sgt. Thomas Sullivan of Hampden,, Mass; Lance Cpl. Squire K Wells of Cobb Ga., and Sgt. Carson Holmquist of Polk, Wis., according to a statement issued in connection to their deaths on Thursday.

"David was a great person with a contagious, fun loving and caring personality," Wyatt's family friend, Jenna Apps, told The Tennessean Friday.

Apps said she and her husband met Wyatt and his wife Lorri Wyatt in 2007 when Apps' husband and David Wyatt were stationed in the military in Twentynine Palms in San Bernardino County. The families were neighbors, she said.

During a Friday morning vigil in Chattanooga, a woman who identified herself as both Wyatt's neighbor in Chattanooga and a University of Tennessee Chattanooga employee said Wyatt's home was packed with visitors on Thursday.

"There were seven or eight cars there last night. I thought they were having a party. It didn't go through my mind," said another neighbor, Antony Madakcherry, who lives in the 400 block Kingsridge Dr.

His wife, Sophya Madakacherry, said she often saw two of his children playing in the front yard of the family's home.

Another neighbor, who declined to give her name, began to tear up after learning of Wyatt's death. She said that Wyatt seemed like a nice man.

An American flag hangs outside the Wyatt home, and a deputy from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office guarded the residence Friday morning.

Meanwhile, friends and family of Wyatt flooded social media with condolences.

"There is no sleep tonight," a family member posted on Wyatt family members Facebook page late Thursday night.

"None," Lorri Wyatt responded in a subsequent post on her page filled with condolences.

Another post read, "My heart aches for you and your kids. There are no words. You are in my thought and prayers."

Casey Pearce, manager of media information for the St. Louis Rams, tweeted he knew Wyatt in high school.

"Heartbroken to learn one of the Marines killed in Chatt. yesterday was a hs classmate of mine. Thank you David Wyatt for your service #RIP."

The mayor's office in Springfield, Mass. identified Sullivan as one of the Marines killed and said he grew up in the city.

Mayor Dominic Sarno said in a statement that Sullivan's death is "is a tragic loss not just for the Springfield community but for our entire nation."

Sullivan, one of three children of Jerry and Betty Sullivan, grew up in the East Forest Park section of the city. He graduated Cathedral High School and went on to serve his country in Iraq, reported.

The third Marine killed was identified as Wells, CBS 46 in Atlanta reported.

The station reported Wells attended Georgia State University and had just completed boot camp.

A family friend told CBS 46 that Wells "felt called to serve."

The final Marine killed in the shooting attack was identified as Holmquist, according to WRCB-TV in Chattanooga.

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The Constitution Of The EU’s Dictatorship

EU was doomed from the beginning; a fascist, capitalist, elitist banking machine designed to strip sovereign countries of their wealth, democratic rights and dignity while enslaving their citizens  

By Eric Zuesse

The treaty establishing (which was originally done in 2012) the ultimate lending-fund for what the EU now officially considers to be a permanent economic crisis in Europe, of member-nations that are experiencing “severe financing problems,” and that are therefore continually ripe for asset-stripping by aristocrats.

It’s called the European Stability Mechanism.

It’s anything but that. Here is what it actually does.

In other words: it establishes the European bureaucracy to serve global aristocrats, so as to help them asset-strip the European populations of corrupt member-nations.

These bureaucrats get transferred back-and-forth between this bureaucracy and the big financial institutions (which also are dependent upon the same billionaires), so that these bureaucratic servants of the aristocracy can themselves gradually emerge as aristocrats, basically joining (now becoming principals, no longer merely agents of) the aristocratic financial war stripping the public.

Here are some key provisions of this “Treaty,” or Europe’s (or the EU’s) new constitution:

Article 34. Professional secrecy. The Members or former Members of the Board of Governors and of the Board of Directors and any other persons who work or have worked for or in connection with the ESM shall not disclose information that is subject to professional secrecy. They shall be required, even after their duties have ceased, not to disclose information of the kind covered by the obligation of professional secrecy.

Article 35. Immunities of persons. 1. In the interest of the ESM, the Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Governors, alternate Governors, Directors, alternate Directors, as well as the Managing Director and other staff members shall be immune from legal proceedings with respect to acts performed by them in their official capacity and shall enjoy inviolability in respect of their official papers and documents.

Article 36. Exemption from taxation. 1. Within the scope of its official activities, the ESM, its assets, income, property and its operations and transactions authorised by this Treaty shall be exempt from all direct taxes.

It’s a “Mechanism” (basically, a government) to transfer to the aristocracy the public’s assets, which are the lands and pensions and healthcare and educational systems, which, in a democracy, are supposed to serve the public, but which, in an aristocracy, serve instead the billionaires. In Europe, aristocrats are still in charge.

For example, one confidential document, dated 11 June 2013, “Real Estate Based Asset Financing for the Hellenic Republic,” has this:

“The Hellenic Republic [Greece] holds a diverse collection of assets, many of which have been scheduled for sale as part of its commitments under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank [the three members of ’The Troika’], and the Hellenic Republic. The sale of state-owned assets is a one-off opportunity to raise capital for the Hellenic Republic [to be able to repay banks, which had lent to Greece at an 18% interest rate — and thereby already enriched aristocrats heavily at the public’s expense — and now retrospectively taxpayer-guaranteeing those junk bonds, which global aristocrats had bought through those banks, granting these 18%-interest-rate junk bonds a retrospective AAA+ equivalent taxpayer-guaranteed status, courtesy of the politicians who were supposed to have represented the public].”

Furthermore: “This would help increase the privatisation proceeds beyond the amount currently forseen in the MoU. The majority of the real estate is undeveloped land, with substantial potential,” which “potential” won’t be enjoyed by the Greek public via a future improved Greek national economy and increased tax-income into the Greek Government, but instead enjoyed by global aristocrats, who will be buying that “undeveloped land” now, before its value soars — so that aristocrats will be in on the rip-offs of the Greek public, both coming, and, now, going.

The document specifies that, “A large part of the Greek real estate portfolio is suitable for tourist development, and given Greece’s climate and leisure and holiday potential this is the key source of potential value for investors.” In other words: whatever desperate Greeks will still remain in Greece after all of the stripping of the assets of the state, will now become available, at rock-bottom subsistence wages, to serve tourists, while the billionaire owners, throughout the world, will be reaping the profits, from that land (including the beaches and new hotels), and from their slaves there (serving those tourists). This is commonly called “the free market”: the more desperate and poor the public (the Greeks serving those tourists) are, the more profit the aristocracy (the owners of those resorts) will receive.

After Barack Obama’s coup overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected President in February 2014, Ukraine’s soaring debt is already being treated this way (being set up for privatization), even before Ukraine joins the EU (if it ever will). Similarly, privatization followed the junta that Obama protected (if he didn’t even place them into power) in Honduras in 2009.

There is nothing basically new about this. Benito Mussolini introduced privatization in Italy during the 1920s. Admiring his success with that wealth-transfer to aristocrats, Adolf Hitler then took it up in Germany during the 1930s.

Nowadays, this is called “libertarianism” in the United States, and “neoliberalism” in Europe. It’s just standard economic theory, being put into political practice. Another term for it is “austerity” (as the public calls it), or (to employ the economist’s euphemistic phrase for it) “fiscal consolidation.”

What Mussolini and Hitler started, is now being put into practice increasingly around the world, but it is no longer overtly called “fascism.” Mussolini and Hitler were defeated in WW II, and so the label “fascist” needed to be changed, but the aristocracy, which financed fascists’ rises, has by now emerged victorious (in the U.S. and not only in Europe), using deceit (including these new labels), instead of relying upon mere bombs and guns. There are enough fools (‘libertarians,’ or believers in ‘the free market,’ etc.), so that victory comes far cheaper via such deceits (mental coercion) than via violence (physical coercion — coercion against the body). (But, of course, war, too, can be profitable.)

The entirety of the ‘Greek bailouts’ is bailouts of the aristocracy, not of the public; it’s just like America’s ‘Wall Street bailouts,’ which bailed out the banksters instead of the cheated MBS investors and homeowners. The ‘Greek bailouts’ were actually loans, not ‘bailouts’ at all; and after the loans turned sour, taxpayers were forced to buy them from the aristocrats, who were the ultimate recipients of the actual bailouts. The lenders never bailed anybody out, but instead were bailed out by the public. However, in the Greek case, the people who are blamed are the Greek public, who are being stripped. After all, such blame-the-victim is the natural response, for believers in ‘the free market.’ But it would be like blaming the stripped pension funds, and the underwater homeowners, for having caused the bailouts of Wall Street. Calling them ‘bailouts of Greece’ is the reverse of what they actually are, which is an ongoing stripping of the Greek public. (Other European publics should be angry against the aristocrats they’re bailing out, not against the Greek public, who never benefited from those loans, and who aren’t the people that socked away some or all of those borrowed funds into Swiss or other accounts abroad.) It’s like blaming a raped woman for having been raped. That’s conservative, in the extreme. It’s fascist.

The EU’s dictatorship is by the aristocracy, against the public. It’s just like the U.S. dictatorship — competing parties, both or all of which represent the aristocracy, against the public; none representing the public, against the aristocracy. Conservatives support it, because they support the aristocracy. (A reader replied to this, “it isn’t just the doctrinaire conservatives that support the new aristocracy it is the majority of the public”; but the majority of the public is conservative, they’re devoted to myths; so, that’s not contradicting my assertion, it’s just restating the tragedy.) 

This is why inequality is high, and soaring. Democracy is disappearing.

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German Hardline Finance Chief Schaeuble - Europe's "New Boss"

Finance Chief for the 4th Reich   

By Simon Morgan


Germany's Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble insists he is deeply pro-European, but for many his unbending stance on Greece has cast him as a villain in the struggle to save Athens from crashing out of the euro.

Modern day Nazi Schaeuble
This week the Portuguese daily Publico lashed out at the veteran minister as "the main menace for Europe" after he had proposed a five-year "time-out" from the single currency for debt-wracked Greece. The Italian daily Espresso pictured the 72-year-old as "Europe's boss" on its front page Friday, under the headline: "This man is scary. He scares us too." 

Greece's former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis -- with whom Schaeuble frequently clashed after radical-left Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras came to power -- accused his nemesis in Berlin of deliberately leading Europe into an impasse.

As the most experienced member of the German cabinet, Schaeuble has served as Chancellor Angela Merkel's main general throughout the lengthy battle to resolve the eurozone crisis. 

As he asked German lawmakers Friday to vote for a third bailout plan for Athens, Schaeuble said he had learned to shrug off the withering criticism which in Greece has seen him vilified as a Nazi and a bloodsucker.

"Jawohl, fräulein, ve vill cook zee Greek und EU untermenschen a stew they vill choke on, und ziss time vee vill finish zee job properly!"

"Nothing is achieved with this sort of distorted polemic, which has absolutely nothing to do with the issue," he said.

"I've grown thick-skinned during my long political life. What really drives me is my responsibility as finance minister and a member of the government, and the responsibility to help find a solution." 

In his unerring insistence on often painful reforms in return for rescue loans, Schaeuble says he is fighting for a strong EU and for smaller eurozone countries which have made great sacrifices to remain in the single currency.

Merkel's Trusted Ally

Schaeuble belongs to Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and is one of her most trusted and loyal allies.

Schaeuble following in the footsteps of predecessor Nazi
Minister of Finance Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk
He's also the most seasoned cabinet member having held five ministerial offices since 1984 and been a member of parliament for more than 40 years. It was under former conservative leader Helmut Kohl that the pro-European Schaeuble forged his career, rising through the ranks to eventually become Kohl's chief of staff, long seen as the heir apparent.

Together they oversaw Germany's national reunification, when personal tragedy struck Schaeuble -- an assassination attempt by a deranged man in 1990 badly injured him and has forced him to use a wheelchair ever since.

Schaeuble soon returned to active political life, but nearly sacrificed his career in a slush-fund scandal that shattered Kohl's reputation. After a period in the political wilderness, Schaeuble made a comeback in 2002.

While Merkel refused to back him two years later for the role of federal president -- instead picking former International Monetary Fund chief Horst Koehler -- he became interior minister the following year.

Schaeuble rightfully hated and reviled by the Greek population

Schaeuble did not have an easy time in the position and was criticised by civil liberties groups for curbing rights in response to the threat of extremist attacks.

However, Merkel rewarded him in October 2009 when she tapped him for the more high-profile finance ministry. At the time, Schaeuble told reporters he was "stunned" by the appointment.


Schaeuble was born in Freiburg in southwestern Germany in 1942, the son of a conservative politician. He is bookish with a dry wit, married and has four children.

Germany still owes Greece billions in WWII war reparations
While he never officially said so, Schaeuble was believed to have ambitions to become head of the Eurogroup of eurozone finance ministers in 2012, and his candidacy was bandied about but faced some strong reservations in a number of European countries. 

He has never been soft on other Europeans. 

Describing himself as "pitiless" in his management of Germany's public purse, he shows the same exactitude towards his euro partners, campaigning for tight fiscal discipline and insisting on stringent conditions for any bailout contribution by Berlin.

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The real truth on 9/11 slowly continues to bleed out

Technical experts are mounting major challenges to official U.S. government accounts of how three World Trade Center skyscrapers collapsed in near-freefall after the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago.

Many researchers are focusing especially on the little-known collapse of



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Like nearly all of the peoples of North and South America, most Americans are not originally from the territory that became the United States.



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This e-mail outlines and confirms the acts of espionage against Indonesia and Indonesians by Akiko Makino and the others involved both in Kobe University and in AI Lab at University of Airlangga, Surabaya; Bahasa Indonesia original follows English translation...



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On October 12, 2002 the Indonesian island of Bali experienced a terrorist attack that rocked the world. It was unquestionably well-coordinated and executed, the largest in the country's history.