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Stucky Meets A Mexican Woman, A Black Woman, And Six Cops

If never fails; every time you think that you live in a completely evil, insane world something like this happens to bring you back to humanity - and humility  

This crap never stops. There’s hardly ever a dull day in the Stucky household.

My mom called yesterday at 9AM … not a good sign since I was just there the day before, and she never calls in the morning. All I got from her hysterics was that dad had a car accident and is in some hospital. I hang up the phone, and thirty seconds later we’re out the door and on our way to the house. There are six cops there. Here’s what we were able to guess happened;

My dad went out to get the morning paper, go home, and pulled backwards into the driveway, when suddenly both his legs went COMPLETELY numb. 

He doesn’t realize his foot is on the accelerator. We believe, based on past incidences that his blood pressure dropped precipitously. The garage door was open. He smashed into the near-mint condition 1973 Mercedes 280 I bought him about 15 years ago, causing significant damage to the entire rear end.

As a side note, it is the only remaining “thing” both my dad and I love and cherish. I bought it from a doctor’s wife, and we are the second owners. It only has about 125k miles on it. It has “antique” plates which means he can only drive it 2,000 miles a year … and it does not have collision insurance. It was truly a head-turner. Every time dad took the car out for a grocery run or gas people would stop, look, and comment. I doubt he’ll want to spend a few thousands of dollars out-of-pocket to fix it. Such a sad thing to see it all crunched up, really. I suppose it’s God’s way of telling us … don’t be attached to anything this world has to offer, it is ALL fleeting and will turn to dust … or, rust.

So, dad panics. It puts the Toyota Camry into drive …. not realizing that his numb foot has the accelerator floored. We know this because a neighbor across the street and one house over was outside at the time. She heard the clunking of gears and the acceleration. Even though he can’t move his feet, dad is confused and dazed, and does not have the presence of mind to throw the car into “park” or turn off the ignition.

So, he accelerated full speed down the driveway, bottoms out at the dip, bounces across the street, hits the curb, flies airborne through the neighbor’s fence, snaps about a six-inch diameter tree literally in half, obliterates a glass patio table, plows through a row of hedges, smashes through the other side of the fence, and hits the corner of the other neighbor’s house before coming to a stop. Dad’s nose and mouth hit the steering wheel, his head hit the windshield, separating it from the roof. There’s a lot of blood everywhere.

The neighbor seeing this calls 911, and police and ambulance are there in about two or three minutes. When I arrive the car is already towed, and the ambulance took dad to the hospital.

Now, to the people …

The black woman. She’s the neighbor who saw the whole thing and called 911. She’s lived there for about ten years and we never met her, or even waved to her. We don’t like any of our “those” neighbors across the street. When my parents bought the house in 1966 there was about 8 acres of forest “across the street”. In fact, when the realtor showed them the house, we saw several deer feeding. That clinched the deal. Then the owner of that land died, left it to his daughter, she sold it to a developer, and about a decade ago they erected eleven McMansions … destroying our little “Wild Kingdom” in the heart of industrial central New Jersey. So, we hated our neighbors. It seems logical.

As I walk up the driveway I see this black woman with her arms around my mother – who is still in a semi-state of hysteria. I can hear her saying “It’ll be OK dear. It’ll be OK.”, over and over. As I approach her she says, “I’m sorry we have to meet this way, but don’t you worry. When you’re not here I’ll come check up on your mother. I just gave her my phone number. Anything she needs, she can call us anytime. Don’t you worry.”. And then she gave me her number also. And then she hugged me, and told me not to worry. And I fought back my tears as hard as I could, but I couldn’t.

The Mexican woman. It was her property my dad plowed through. We don’t like them either. That’s because her husband owns a landscaping business. Their house is on the corner. And he parks his huge truck and trailer not in front of his house, but on the side of house … right in front of our picture window. So, we hate him. It seems logical. They have three children who play in their large yard all the time. 

What a massive tragedy it would have been had they been in the yard at the time! I can’t imagine how incensed they must be. Except … they were not. I walk into the yard to survey the damage. The lady comes out. I immediately walk over to her and profusely apologize. She would hear none of it.“No need to apologize. These are just things. They can easily be replaced. I said a prayer to God and thanked Him that our children were inside this morning. And I say a prayer that your father is OK. No, please do not apologize. Please let us know how your father is. OK?”

The cops. First, I suspect that they could have given my dad some kind of citation, but they didn’t. They were exceedingly polite. They did what they could to try to console my mom. They told me if there was anything I needed, or if there was any way they could help, to not hesitate to call. One cop asked me if I needed phone numbers and contacts regarding any social services for mom. 

So, around 8PM we’re back home from the hospital, and I hear a knock on the door. It’s that cop. He says, “I’m sorry to bother you folks at this hour. I just got off duty and since your mom was so upset I thought I’d just check up on her. I didn’t know you’d be here. I hope I didn’t disturb you.” I invited him in. We talked for about ten minutes. He said that he and the other officers dubbed my dad “The Miracle Man." 

He said he’s seen far less serious accidents where the driver wasn’t killed, or severely injured …. especially considering my dad’s age. So, as he left, he thanked ME, and reached out to shake my hand, and again said, “Don’t forget to call us if you need us.” I closed the door in utter astonishment.

I went to the hospital …. the very same hospital where they took mom after her fall down the stairs just last year … but this time it was dad who was all bruised and banged up, looking so sad and forlorn. The first thing he asked me was, “Why am I here? What happened?”. The nurse told us this short-term memory loss is a common thing, and not to worry. Well, they took x-rays and brain-scans.“Your father is an extremely lucky man. Other than his facial and head cuts (all superficial) he’s just fine. You can take him home in a couple of hours.” Holy crap.

I can only conclude that it’s hard to kill old Austrians, male or female.

A black woman, a Mexican woman, and six cops. I wonder if they all would have been this nice if they read some of the shit I have posted here. Probably. Not everyone is as full of hate as I am. 

Placing these people in my life ….. I think God has a wicked sense of humour.

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America’s U.N. Ambassador Continues Standing Up For Nazis

Power is nothing more than an illiterate fraud, CIA/UN front and Obamaite mouthpiece, spewing warmongering propaganda nonstop in the hopes of sparking WWIII with Russia  

By Eric Zuesse

Recently, President Barack Obama’s friend whom he appointed to represent this country at the United Nations visited Ukraine and used the Ukrainian-language translation and variant of the German Nazi Party’s “Deutschland über alles,” or “Germany above all,” to honor Ukraine’s own racist fascists, that nation’s ideological nazis, whom the U.S. had used in February 2014 for overthrowing Ukraine’s neutralist democratically elected President. This was not her first foray into international nazi political pandering.

Obama war-whore Power
On 21 November 2014, Samantha Power, America’s U.N. Ambassador, had, in fact, been one of only three out of 173 nations voting at the U.N., who voted against a resolution that condemned nazism and all forms of state-sponsored bigotry, and that specifically condemned Holocaust-denial; and she gave as the reason, that the resolution offended the government of Ukraine; but Ukraine wasn’t even mentioned in it. Canada voted against it because the United States did; and the United States voted against it because Ukraine did. Both Canada and U.S. were copying Ukraine. 

Ukraine happens to be the world’s only country that has two nazi, or racist-fascist, political parties. 

One of them, Svoboda meaning “Freedom,” had originally been named the Social Nationalist Party of Ukraine (inverting Hitler’s National Socialist Party of Germany), until the CIA advised them to change that to “Svoboda” so that the U.S. public (who take pride in freedom) could accept them. 

Ukrainian Nazis enjoy the support of Obama's murdering CIA and Power at the UN

The current Ukrainian government came to power with Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department making the key appointments both during those ‘democracy’ demonstrations and then finally in determining who would lead the new government. (The founder of the ‘private CIA’ firm, Stratfor, called it “the most blatant coup in history.”

Vile: CIA whore Victoria "Fuck the EU" Nuland with Obama lapdog Poroshenko 

And, then, this new Ukrainian government commenced an ethnic cleansing campaign against the residents of its Donbass region, which had voted more than 90% for the Ukrainian President whom Obama overthrew. 

If Donbass’s voters survive within Ukraine, then Obama’s government wouldn’t stand a chance of staying in power in future elections. 

So, these people have to be gotten rid of. Obama needed nazis in order to stand even a chance of getting rid of them. He needed the nazis first in order to win power in Ukraine, and then in order to be able to hold it. 

Andrei Parubiy became the head of Ukraine’s ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ (ATO) to exterminate the residents in Donbass; and Dmitriy Yarosh became the provisioner of the storm troops who supplied the terror within the now-rump Ukraine, such as by means of the burning-alive of regime-opponents inside the Odessa Trade Unions Building on 2 May 2014.

Ukrainian Nazi
Our U.N. Ambassador, Ms. Power, recently visited the scene of the overthrow, in Kiev, and she presented there “Remarks at the October Palace,” on 11 June 2015. 

Her first big applause-line was: “As one of the great rallying cries of the Maidan put it: Ukraina po-nad u-se! Ukraine above all else! [Applause.]” That phrase resonates deeply among Hitler-admirers in Ukraine’s population.

Here is a video of that phrase being used frequently by Ukraine’s nazis. 

As they make clear by their accompanying phrase, “Russians on knives!” they crave to kill Russians, just as much as Hitler’s nazis — the original ones — craved to kill Jews. But instead of Hitler’s promise to hang all Jews from lamp-posts, Ukraine’s nazis instead crave to stab Russians to death. Here is a good history of Right Sector. It’s: stab, and then, more.

Samantha Power said in Ukraine:

"Let me begin with what we know brought people out to the Maidan in the first place.

We’ve all heard a good number of myths about this. One told by the Yanukovych government and its Russian backers at the time was that the Maidan protesters were pawns of the West, and did not speak for the “real” Ukraine. A more nefarious myth peddled by Moscow after Yanukovych’s fall was that Euromaidan had been engineered by Western capitals in order to topple a democratically-elected government.

The facts tell a different story. As you remember well, then-President Yanukovych abandoned Kyiv of his own accord, only hours after signing an agreement with opposition leaders that would have led to early elections and democratic reforms. And it was only after Yanukovych fled the capital that 328 of the 447 members of the democratically-elected Rada voted to strip him of his powers – including 36 of the 38 members of his own party in parliament at the time. 

Yanukovych then vanished for several days, only to eventually reappear – little surprise – in Russia.

As is often the case, these myths reveal more about the myth makers than they do about the truth. Moscow’s fable was designed to airbrush the Ukrainian people – and their genuine aspirations and demands – out of the Maidan, by claiming the movement was fueled by outsiders."

Poroshenko will find out soon enough exactly what it means to be "friends" with Obama, Powers and Nuland - as he is standing against a wall in front of a Russian firing squad following the complete annexation of  Ukraine and it's reunification with Russia

She was feeding the anti-Russian hatred that helped (besides U.S. payments) to fuel the shock-troops for the coup and that continue to fuel the ethnic-cleansing campaign against the residents in Donbass.

Her words mean nothing, but the evidence means everything, and it’s all here. She can’t be ignorant of those things. She simply ignores them. After all: how could she even conceivably counter such solid evidence? It’s much easier simply to lie.

The CIA/NATO Nazis will already have been eradicated

Barack Obama is the first U.S. President ever to install, in any country, an outright racist-fascist, or nazi, regime. His friend Ms. Powers is merely part of that operation.

The reason is clear how the United States came to have one of only three nazi or pro-nazi governments in the world: the United States Government wants to destroy Russia; and the strong nazi contingent in next-door Ukraine are eager to help; so, they’re used.

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Mainstream "Journalists" : Immune From Accountability If They Run With The Pack – Even If A Catastrophic War Is The Result

The reality is that the "mainstream media" frauds and hacks will not be immune this time around as Independent Media is keeping tabs on the war mongers and gathering evidence; they will be held personally accountable and responsible along with their corporate masters for their war shilling regardless of whatever "pack" they congregate in  

By Robert Parry

U.S. government propagandists know that the best way to get Americans to support a war is to get them despising and laughing at some “designated villain,” though the technique applies to more mundane cases, too. That’s when journalists should step in but often they just pile on.

In my four decades in national journalism – I started at the Associated Press in 1974 – I have grown increasingly concerned about how Americans respond to information, or put differently, how propagandists package their messaging to elicit the desired response. 

In an age of cynicism, the trick is to get the big "ha-ha!” – convincing you to laugh at the target whether deserved or not.

The way the process works is to first generate hatred or contempt toward a person or group and then produce “themes” that make the target a subject of ridicule and derision, demonized to such an extent that pretty much anything goes. 

Some of this behavior might seem relatively harmless but it can lead to serious unfairness, injustice, even war.

In 2000, I took heat from some colleagues for objecting to the big "ha-ha!” being directed at Vice President Al Gore. 

It had reached the point where the mainstream media even made up fictional quotes to put in Gore’s mouth – like “I invented the Internet” – so he could be mocked in favor of the much cooler George W. Bush, who rewarded favored journalists with pet nicknames.

White House propagandists Perino, James Carney and now Josh Earnest will all be held accountable for lying and propagandising - and will be sitting beside their masters at their upcoming war crimes trials

This media hazing of wonky Al Gore carried over to the election in which Gore not only won the national popular vote but if all legal ballots in Florida had been counted, he would have carried that swing state and thus won the White House. 

But the mainstream U.S. media acted as if the idea of counting the votes and thus denying Bush the presidency was somehow dirty pool.

Very quickly, the conventional wisdom solidified behind the idea that Gore was a “sore loser” who should just get out of the way. 

That prevailing attitude created political space for five Republican justices on the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the counting of votes in Florida, giving the state and the White House to George W. Bush. 

The conventional wisdom quickly morphed into the conviction that the media had to protect Bush’s “legitimacy.”

The consequences of that shoddy and biased journalism are hard to quantify. 

After being busted for lying on numerous occasions about is war "reporting" experiences and a short vacation, NBC is now floating the idea of bringing the zero-credibility hack and fraud Brian Williams back on board

History might have gone off in a much less bloody direction if the U.S. media big shots had stuck up for the basic idea that the American voters should decide who becomes president. But it was so much easier for everyone to go with the flow. Al Gore was such a stiff. (For details, see Neck Deep.)

Reagan’s World

By 2000, I had already seen this pattern take shape and take control of American journalism. 

CNN's in-house pedophile Anderson Cooper has zero training as a journalist; his mommy Gloria Vanderbilt bought him his first job as a "reporter" in order to get him out of the country and away from police who were getting hip to his predilection for little boys - in addition to being a major embarrassment for the ultra-rich conservative family

President Ronald Reagan and his skilled team of propagandists were masters at shaping the narrative and, via the media, convincing Americans that impoverished peasants in Central America were a grave threat to the United States and thus needed to be repressed.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega became “the dictator in designer glasses” and Sandinista-ruled Nicaragua was “a totalitarian dungeon.” 

Fox "News" scrapes the bottom of the barrel for the most illiterate "presenters" they can get their hands on - to match the mentality of their brain-dead viewers

Conversely, U.S. allies – no matter how corrupt and cruel – were placed on a pedestal. 

York's  Central Park with meth and a dildo -
and yet CNN keeps him on as an "expert"
The cocaine-tainted Nicaraguan Contras were the “moral equal of the Founding Fathers.” 

The blood-soaked dictator of Guatemala Efrain Rios Montt was a good Christian getting “a bum rap.” (See’s “The Victory of Perception Management.”)

As the years went by, each international crisis became a replay. Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein was “worse than Hitler.” His troops pulled new-born infants out of incubators and smashed them to the floor. 

Today, it’s Russian President Vladimir Putin riding shirtless. What a macho jerk.

So, when “white papers” or other government reports detail the offenses of these reviled leaders, who inside the mainstream U.S. media would risk his or her career by checking out the facts and challenging the accusations?

Indeed, you could build your career by going along, maybe becoming the “star reporter” who gets the latest approved “leak” from the U.S. intelligence community “confirming” how terrible the designated villain is. 

CIA owned and operated Al Jazeera championed bogus "citizen journalists," providing them with expensive gear they could not operate much less generate "news" with in order to muddy the media waters with their kindergarten propaganda productions and fuck-ups - and in the process getting legitimate journalists painted with the same brush and killed, a classic CIA psyop

Or you could portray yourself as a “citizen journalist” and use Internet research to vindicate exactly what the U.S. government was claiming. Maybe a mainstream job or a U.S. AID grant awaits.

But I opted out of that game. For many years, I battled inside mainstream news organizations – the AP, Newsweek and PBS Frontline – trying to get reluctant, hostile or frightened editors to challenge the U.S. government’s propaganda as well as the media’s conventional wisdom. Eventually, I turned to the Internet and founded a Web site, which became

Fox "News" specialises in hiring failed attorneys, giving them their own propaganda platforms in a failed effort to bestow some sort of credibility on their bogus, war-mongering "reporting" and lies

My job as I saw it was to do what I thought journalism was always supposed to do, i.e., look skeptically at whatever any government or powerful institution claimed to be true. 

I felt this was particularly important during international crises that carried the potential of war or – in the current case of Ukraine – the possibility of exterminating all life on the planet.

CNN's "teeth of credibility" - fraud, riot-inciting psycho Arwa Damon "The Biter" chewed up two paramedics in a drunken rage at the U.S. Embassy Baghdad

That doesn’t mean that governments and powerful institutions always lie. But it should mean that journalists demand hard facts and evidence before accepting what they’re told. Sadly, that attitude has become rare as the years have gone by.

Once the respected "paper of record" the New
York Times now reduced to birdcage liner - or
It’s now almost expected that the New York Times and Washington Post will march in lockstep with the U.S. government on foreign policy, except perhaps when they bait a leader who shows some geopolitical restraint and doesn’t swagger aggressively into an international conflict. 

It also goes without saying that mainstream journalists are virtually immune from accountability if they run with the pack and later turn out to be wrong – even if a catastrophic war is the result.

Yet, despite the depths that journalism has reached in the United States and across the Western world, I still believe in its principles. 

Indeed, the only ism that I do believe in is journalism, which you might define as the assembling of facts within a framework of common sense and presented in a way that the average person can understand.

Fox "News" fraud, drunken hack Shep Smith runs his broadcast set like a staggering Captain Kirk on the bridge of the USS Enterprise - with "reporting" to match fantasy TV series

But I especially don’t like the piling-on “ha-ha” tendencies of today’s media. Whenever someone gets demonized and that demonization influences how information is handled, that’s where the worst violations of journalistic principles usually occur.

Recently, I’ve applied that skepticism in evaluating claims about Russian guilt in the 2014 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 from British blogger Eliot Higgins and Australia’s “60 Minutes” or in assessing the extravagant accusations about the Ukraine crisis from U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power.

Fraud, hack, racist fire-starter Don Lemon - CNN's own Al Sharpton - was honored recently with his own Twitter hashtag following his riot-inciting, racist provocations at Ferguson

But the same journalistic principles apply in more mundane matters like the NFL’s harsh punishment of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the overblown “Deflategate” case. 

For allowing this kind of news "reporting" from a gaggle
of dirtbag frauds, hacks and warmongering shills Americans
deserve whatever they get in return 
Many Americans hate Brady and the Patriots, creating an atmosphere in which accusations are readily accepted even if the evidence is weak or manipulated. While I would argue that my journalism is consistent in this way, I know it tends to offend people who have reached contrary conclusions and don’t want to rethink them – or others who have a stake in the conventional wisdom. 

Then, I usually get accused of being someone’s apologist – a “Sandinista apologist”; an “Al Gore apologist”; a “Saddam apologist”; a “Putin apologist”; or a “Brady apologist.”

But it’s really that I just don’t like the big "ha-ha!”

Investigative reporter Robert Parry broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.    



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