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WAYNE MADSEN : "Charlie Hebdo" And It's Anti-Gentile Allies

Opium for the masses; "I am a mindless, propagandised, cheese-eating attention seeker" - French fruitcakes can all get a piece of the action now, their vacuous frog faces plastered on "mainstream media" propaganda outlets worldwide as FEMEN prostitutes and Pussy Riot deviants spread their disease and fecal diatribe once more   

By Wayne Madsen

In the wake of the terrorist attack against the French satirical newspaper "Charlie Hebdo", it has become apparent that the magazine’s editorial chiefs killed in the attack on its headquarters in Paris and groups such as FEMEN and Pussy Riot are all connected in a campaign to disparage Islam and Christianity. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu used the occasion of the memorial service in Paris attended by a number of world leaders to admonish France’s parliament for having recently recognized the independence of Palestine and urge France’s large Jewish population to emigrate to Israel. 

Not invited:  Nutcase Netanyahu
It was also reported that French President François Hollande specifically did not invite Netanyahu to Paris but that the Israeli Prime Minister appeared nevertheless just so he could insult his French hosts and politicize the memorial service for the 17 victims for his own selfish political purposes. Netanyahu’s antics in Paris were followed by a visit to French Prime Minister Manuel Valls by members of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations, which represents 50 national Jewish groups in the United States, to urge France to withdrawal its recognition of Palestine in the wake of the attacks on the "Charlie Hebdo" offices and the Hyper Cacher Jewish supermarket in Paris.

The entire "Charlie Hebdo" affair has laid bare the inner workings of a newspaper that began as a left-wing counter-culture mocker of the establishment in the aftermath of the Paris Spring uprising of 1968. "Charlie" is a reference to French President Charles De Gaulle who was forced out of office as a result of the Paris student riots of 1968. 

Millions of mindless, fruitcake frogs finally get a few seconds of attention in their otherwise useless, wasted lives of nothingness

The assassination by two Franco-Algerian brothers, Said and Cherif Kouachi, of "Charlie Hebdo" chief editor Stephane Charbonnier, known as "Charb" to his readers, and three of his top cartoonists, was no surprise to Henri Roussel, the magazine’s founder and original editor whose pen name is Delfeil de Ton. In an interview with "Nouvel Observateur," Roussel said he warned Charb against provoking Muslims with repeated cartoons, some gratuitously sexual, of the Prophet Mohammed. Roussel said that one of the slain cartoonists feared that the cartoons would come back to "haunt" the newspaper, which suffered an arson attack in 2011. The attack came after the magazine published a Mohammed cartoon on its front cover. Roussel said of the 2011 cartoon: "He [Charb] shouldn’t have done it, but Charb did it again a year later, in September 2012."

Roussel also accused Charbonnier’s predecessor, Philippe Val, of turning "Charlie Hebdo" into a Zionist and Islamophobic publication. Roussel cited Val’s firing in 2009 of longtime "Charlie Hebdo" cartoonist Maurice Sine for drawing a cartoon lampooning Jean Sarkozy’s marriage to the heiress of a Jewish electronics store chain and his subsequent conversion to Judaism. The cartoon suggested that the son of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy married the heiress of the Darty store chain in order to further his political career. The cartoon bore the notation: "The lad will go far." Val considered the cartoon to be "anti-Semitic." Sine told Val that he would "rather cut off [his own] balls" than accede to Val’s demand for an apology to Jewish groups that were offended by the cartoon. Sine began his own publication "Sine Hebdo" with the money he was awarded by a French court for wrongful dismissal by "Charlie Hebdo." "Hebdo" is the French word for "weekly."

Back in the action:  Pussy Riot deviants
"Charlie Hebdo’s" new editor, Gérard Biard, told NBC News that "Charlie Hebdo" was an "atheist" publication and that religion should stay out of politics. 

However, based on the revelations of Roussel and Sine, it appears that "Charlie Hebdo" is far from atheist but a periodical that defames Islam and Christianity while avoiding any real criticism of Judaism. 

This modus operandi is mirrored by the feminist pressure groups Pussy Riot and FEMEN, the latter largely underwritten before its move from Kiev to Paris by Jed Sunden, the wealthy American Zionist and former publisher of the "Kyiv Post." 

FEMEN prostitutes get it on

While both groups have committed heinous acts at Orthodox Christian and Roman Catholic cathedrals and Islamic mosques they have never conducted protests at misogynistic Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic synagogues. FEMEN and Pussy Riot have never criticized Israel even though domestic Israeli feminist groups have condemned Judaism’s misogynistic practices at Jerusalem’s Western Wall among other locations.

Tuna patrol:  Diseased FEMEN whores in Paris
Bare-breasted FEMEN activists have tried to steal the baby Jesus figurine from a Christmas nativity scene at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, urinated on the altar of La Madeleine Catholic church in Paris, masturbated with crucifixes on St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, physically assaulted the Roman Catholic archbishops of Brussels and Madrid, vandalized property inside Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, and sawed down a Christian cross in a park in Kiev. 

FEMEN also staged a topless protest at a mosque in Stockholm. Pussy Riot conducted an obscene prayer ceremony at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. Amina Sboui, a Tunisian feminist, quit FEMEN after suggesting the group is financed by Israel. Sara Winter, the Brazilian organizer of FEMEN, later charged that the group was largely corrupt. Through his byzantine network of non-profit organizations and non-governmental fronts, George Soros’s financial largesse eventually ends up in Pussy Riot’s coffers.

Pussy Riot perverts

Muslims protesters in the main Muslim city of Marawi in the Philippines obviously saw a connection between "Charlie Hebdo" and Israeli interests when they burned posters of "Charlie Hebdo’s" front page bearing a photograph of Netanyahu and the headline of "Zionist Conspiracy." The first issue of "Charlie Hebdo" after the massacre at its headquarters bore a cartoon of Mohammed with the comment "Je sues Charlie" ("I am Charlie") and that "all is forgiven" ("Tout est pardonne") .

Rampaging FEMEN filth, walking biohazards 
The aftermath of the "Charlie Hebdo" attack also resulted in another professional casualty within the ranks of the corporate news media, the ever-diminishing ranks that are not beholden to Israeli propaganda and diktats from the Israel Lobby.

A Twitter message from CNN’s longtime international correspondent Jim Clancy about "Charlie Hebdo" depicting the Prophet Mohammed in a manner that was meant to mock those Muslims who distort his teachings resulted in an exchange of tweets between the veteran newscaster and an operative of the neo-conservative and pro-Israeli Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD). When Clancy suggested that the operative was a "hasbara" troll, that is, an online Israeli propagandist, the CNN reporter became the subject of a character assassination campaign by the same Israel Lobby career-destroying buzz saw that claimed the careers of CNN’s Octavia Nasr and Rick Sanchez and almost capsized that of CNN’s Middle East correspondent Ben Wedeman. All three journalists were attacked for their critical views of Israel’s policies. The same attack mechanism was used against the doyenne of the White House Press Corps, Helen Thomas, who was fired by Hearst Newspapers for her views on illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. She subsequently lost her senior position in the White House Press Briefing Room.

Pussy Riot freaks and deviants in group sex STD transfer tango

There is little doubt that what Messrs. Roussel and Sine have called the Zionist editors of "Charlie Hebdo" and the tramps, trollops, and whores of FEMEN and Pussy Riot are working hand-in-glove to attack and mock two of three Abrahamic tradition religions: Christianity and Islam. Meanwhile, the third, Judaism, hides its "anti-Gentilism" behind such facades as "Charlie Hebdo" and FEMEN and other groups while proclaiming the importance of free speech.

Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen
Investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist, Madsen has over twenty years experience in security issues. 

As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. Madsen has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC and MS-NBC. He has been invited to testify as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government. A member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the National Press Club, Madsen is based and reports from Washington, D.C.

“Je Suis CIA”

Obama's criminal murder machine running out of time, out of cover for transparent false flags    

By Larry Chin

Since 9/11, the imperial playbook has consisted of a favorite and time-tested tactic: the false flag operation.

Carry out or facilitate a spectacular atrocity. Blame it on the enemy of choice. Issue a lie-infested official narrative, and have the corporate media repeat the lie. Rile up ignorant militant crowds, stoke the hatred, and war-mongering imperial policy planners and their criminal functionaries get what they want: war with the public stamp of approval.

Here we are again.

The Charlie Hebdo incident is being sold as “the French 9/11”. It certainly is, in all of the most tragic ways: France, like the United States on 9/11, has been used. 

The masses of the world have been deceived, and march in lockstep to NATO’s drumbeat again.

All signs lead from French intelligence back to Washington—and Langley, Virginia—directly and indirectly. Red herrings and deceptions comprise the official narrative.

The Al-Qaeda narrative, the classic CIA deception, gets fresh facelift. The fact that Al-Qaeda is CIA-created Anglo-American military-intelligence is ignored. 

The agenda behind the ISIS war—a massive and elaborate regional CIA false flag operation—registers even less.

The Charlie Hebdo terrorists have ties to Anglo-American intelligence and the Pentagon that the masses do not bother to think about. 

They are also tied to the (conveniently dead) 9/11-connected Al-Qaeda mastermind/CIA military-intelligence asset Anwar Al-Awlaki. 

These and other obvious connections to Washington and the CIA do not raise alarm bells among the ardent ones waving Je Suis Charlie signs (which “magically” appeared, and seem to have been mass-produced in advance).

Signs of an inside job and a still unfolding cover-up are significant, from pristine, undamaged passports found on scene to the convenient suicide of Helric Fredou, the Paris police commissioner in charge of the Hebdo investigation.

The Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly were not only well known by French authorities, French intelligence and the CIA. 

The Kouachis were tracked and monitored—guided—over the course of many years, arrested many times, yet were allowed to continue training and plotting with fellow Al-Qaeda in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, etc. These are telltale signs of a guided military-intelligence operation. A blatantly obvious terror cell, known to authorities, “drops out of sight”, and then set loose at an appropriate moment. And then executed.

None of these things, which alarm seasoned observers, registers among the emotional masses; the lemmings who willfully refuse to address its real source: the architects of Anglo-American war policy.

Only the NATO war agenda benefits from any of this.

“France’s 9/11” is more accurately France’s latest Operation Gladio. As noted by Paul Craig Roberts, there is a reason why the Charlie Hebdo attacks took place when it did:

France is suffering from the Washington-imposed sanctions against Russia. Shipyards are impacted from being unable to deliver Russian orders due to France’s vassalage status to Washington, and other aspects of the French economy are being adversely impacted by sanctions that Washington forced its NATO puppet states to apply to Russia.

This week the French president said that the sanctions against Russia should end (so did the German vice-chancellor).

This is too much foreign policy independence on France’s part for Washington. Has Washington resurrected “Operation Gladio,” which consisted of CIA bombing attacks against Europeans during the post-WW II era that Washington blamed on communists and used to destroy communist influence in European elections? 

Just as the world was led to believe that communists were behind Operation Gladio’s terrorist attacks, Muslims are blamed for the attacks on the French satirical magazine.

Now France is militarized, just as the US was in the wake of 9/11. And the French right-wing has newfound cache.

The hostile takeover of the public mind

Notice that the last two false flag operations in recent months—the false flagging of North Korea over Sony and the film The Interview, and the Charlie Hebdo deception—both revolve around the ideas of “free speech” and “free expression." This is a phantom battle, choreographed by those who could not care less for “freedoms." In fact, the masses are being manipulated towards supporting war and mass murder, and police state agendas that specifically curtail freedoms.

What more creative way to take away freedoms than to make people give them up voluntarily?

The hordes of American citizens that supported the “war on terrorism” to “defend freedom” got the Patriot Act, which gutted what liberties they had; the Constitution and the Bill of Rights will not be restored. This process continues all over the world. Ask the average uninformed French citizen today suffering from post-traumatic stress, and they will gladly give up their rights, anything so that “terrorists” are stopped.

Note how the powers that be have taken to inserting their pro-war messages even more forcefully where the ignorant public spends the majority of its time: in popular entertainment. In Hollywood products, in their cartoons, in their magazines, in their celebrities.

Let George Clooney, Seth Rogen and James Franco transmit the messages of war for the CIA and the Pentagon.

Weaponize stupid movies like The Interview and crude magazines like Charlie Hebdo, and watch people become bloodthirsty, vengeful, unthinking and war-loving.

It is the CIA’s ongoing mission to plant its assets and its propaganda into the media and the arts, controlling the perception of culture as well as framing all debate. It is making a huge push at the moment, relishing the speed and effectiveness of technology and social media.

Hundreds and thousands of innocent lives have been lost in this endless, brutal and criminal war. Yet its architects and functionaries remain untouched.

Je Suis Langley

No Anglo-American war of conquest, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

No CIA, no Militant Islam, no Al-Qaeda, no ISIS, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

No 9/11, no “war on terrorism”, no ISIS deception, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

No war against Russia, no Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Je Suis Charlie? No.

To the naïve ones who believe the lies and march on the streets carrying the signs, you are the victims, the gullible, the dupes, the pawns.

Tu es CIA.

Tu es NATO.

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Blair Facing War Crimes Tribunal : "Don't Blame Me For Iraq Inquiry Delays"

Blair war crimes conviction will lay the groundwork and precedents for the Bush/Cheney war crimes trials and in attendance beside their mentally retarded, drunken master will be Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, Powell, Petraeus, Perino, Franks, Feith, Perle, Gonzalez, Wolfowitz et al  


Tony Blair insists he is not to blame for the delays in the publication of the Chilcot Inquiry.

In a statement released on Wednesday the former Prime Minister called claims he was behind the delay incorrect and "politically motivated."

The extensive inquiry into the effects and legality of the 2003 invasion of Iraq will not be published until after the 2015 General Election, leaving those who believed its conclusion should be put before voters dismayed.

It was revealed on Tuesday that the chairman of the inquiry, Sir John Chilcot, will outline the reason for the prolonged postponement in aletter to David Cameron on Wednesday.

A cross-party selection of backbench MPs were due to debate the release of the report of the inquiry, which last took evidence from a witness in 2011, on January 29 and were expected to demand immediate publication.

War criminal Bush attempts to sanitise Blair with phoney
"peace medal"
One reason for the extensive delays was the “salmon letters” sent by Chilcot to those criticized in the inquiry to give them an opportunity to defend themselves prior to publication. The Prime Minister has previously expressed his frustration at the delays, which have reportedly centered on how much of the private correspondence between former British and US leaders Tony Blair and George W. Bush can be made public.

It was decided in June last year that the “gist” of the conversations could be released; seemingly removing one of the major obstacles, but the report remained unpublished.

Blair has denied he has any responsibility for the delay in publication and sources close to the former PM say that the main cause of the problem lies with the civil service and relations between the UK and US intelligence agencies.

The release of the inquiry was discussed by David Cameron and US President Barack Obama at the White House last week.

Ministers who believed it was essential to publish the report before the general election have responded with fury, calling it a “scandal”.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg accused the inquiry of “sexing down” the findings to meet with the needs of the establishment.

In a letter to Chilcot he said that both the families of soldiers and the general public would find the delays“incomprehensible.”

“The public have waited long enough and will find it incomprehensible that the report is not being published more rapidly than the open-ended timetable you have now set out,” he wrote.

Bush war war whore, propagandist Dana
Perino going to prison with her drunken, 
retarded, mass-murdering master
“We need to see a much clearer and more defined timetable, known publicly, with strict deadlines and a firm date for publication.”

“If the findings are not published with a sense of immediacy, there is a real danger the public will assume the report is being ‘sexed down’ by individuals rebutting criticisms put to them by the inquiry, whether that is the case or not,” he added.

There is speculation that if the report had been published prior to election it would have been most detrimental to Labour and was likely to benefit the LibDems most.

Tony Blair remains adamant that he did not mislead parliament about the intelligence he received that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction – the official reason for the invasion. 

The original informants, however, have since been discredited.

Angus Robertson, the SNP’s Westminster leader said: “If Chilcot is to be delayed again it would be an absolute scandal.”

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Supreme Court Rules For TSA Whistle - Blower In Orange County

Americans had the chance to bury TSA pedophiles and criminals years ago - then decided Christmas holiday was more important  

By David G. Savage

The Supreme Court extended whistle-blower protection Wednesday to an Orange County man who had disclosed that the government was about to remove armed air marshals from overnight flights to save money on hotels.

In a 7-2 decision, the high court strengthened the shield for federal employees and said Congress wanted to protect those who step forward to reveal dangerous lapses within agencies.

In 2006, Robert J. MacLean was fired from his job as an air marshal after officials of the Transportation Security Administration learned that he was the source of a TV news report that revealed the planned cutback.

They said he had disclosed sensitive security information.

"Goddamn these Grampers… need to make them with a zipper…"

The news report also embarrassed the agency and prompted it to reverse course. Within 24 hours of the disclosure, members of Congress complained, leading the TSA to announce it would not remove the air marshals from the overnight flights.

"First inset the four fingers widening the orifice,
then ram the fist in to the elbow."
Since then, MacLean has been appealing his firing as a federal employee under a law that extends protection to employees who reveal violations of laws and regulations as well as “gross mismanagement and abuse of authority.”

MacLean won a preliminary ruling from a federal appeals court panel, but the Department of Homeland Security appealed to the Supreme Court.

Its lawyers argued the agency had a regulation forbidding disclosures involving “aviation security measures.”

But Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. said this regulation did not have the force of law.

"I could not believe the American TSA had arms that long!"

He also said MacLean was just the kind of whistle-blower whom Congress meant to shield, noting he had revealed crucial information that prompted the agency to change course.

"Now just spread those cute little cheekies a little wider 
sonny, this won't hurt a bit…"
Wednesday’s ruling in DHS vs. MacLean is a major win for the former air marshal, but will not immediately lead to his reinstatement.

He must now take his case to the Merit Systems Protection Board to argue that as a whistle-blower, he should have not have been fired.

MacLean, who now works in residual construction management in south Orange County, said Wednesday he was “very honored and grateful that the Supreme Court decided the case."

"I’ve always believed with the information that I had, it was not illegal to do what I did. Violating an agency rule or regulation does not trump the federal whistle-blower protections laws.”

Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Anthony Kennedy dissented. Sotomayor said the court had "left important decisions regarding the disclosure of critical information completely to the whims of individual employees."

"O.K. Grandma, what's it gonna be… two fingers or the entire fist…"

The opening of Wednesday’s court session was disrupted for about a minute when several protesters stood and shouted. They were there apparently to mark the fifth anniversary of the court’s Citizens United decision, which lifted limits on political spending by corporations, unions and others.

After a pause, the chief justice broke the tension, joking: “In our second order of business…”

Staff writer Dan Weikel contributed to this report.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



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