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Turkish Weapons "Heading To End In ISIS Hands"

Obama now funnelling U.S. weapons and munitions to CIA/ISIS through Turkey  


Journalists from one of few remaining independent newspapers in Turkey, Cumhuriyet, whose editors were recently, arrested, have spoken to RT from their Istanbul office, sharing what they know about Turkey's alleged connections with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

An RT crew visited the newspaper's office in Istanbul, and were allowed to talk with its reporters, while hundreds of people gathered outside the media office to protest against the authorities' decision to arrest Cumhuriyet editor-in-chief Can Dundar, and senior editor of the paper in Ankara, Erdem Gul.

In addition to the news of the Cumhuriyet journalists' arrests, it was announced on Friday that another Turkish media worker, Daily Hurriyet columnist and former editor-in-chief Ertugrul Ozkok faces up to five years and four months in prison for "insulting" the Turkish president in an opinion piece published in September. 

The indictment claimed Ozkok's writing following the tragic death of a Syrian refugee boy, whose body was washed ashore a Turkish beach, exceeded the limits of "acceptable criticism," Daily Hurriyet said.

With a Turkish prosecutor asking a court to imprison the Cumhuriyet journalists pending trial on charges of treason, espionage and terrorist propaganda, the mood in the office was tense and many refused to talk to RT on camera, but still wanted to be heard.

In May, the outlet which is considered to be the opponent of the government, published photos of weapons it said were then transferred to Syria by Turkey's intelligence agency.

Those who sent the convoy from Turkey knew that the weapons were "heading to end [up] in ISIS hands," one of the Cumhuriyet bosses told RT's Ilya Petrenko. "There was that flag that belongs to ISIS... [it could be seen] very clearly [from] Turkish border line," the journalist said.

The real terrorist 

Turkish officials made contradictory statements after the paper blew the whistle, first saying that the arms "were going to the Free Syrian Army," then denying the delivery altogether, and then saying the "aid was destined for the Turkmen."

"When you ask [the government] who [the Turkmen] are, they tell you that those are our guys," another Cumhuriyet journalist told RT. But when the reporter "personally talked" to the fighters supported by her government in Syria, she said she didn't see how they could be different from the terrorists, saying "they were all brothers."

"[There is] no difference between ISIS and the other guys. I think there is a problem with the labels here, because all the world is focused on ISIS, but there are other jihadist groups there, and they have links with Al-Nusra or ISIS, [while] Turkey says 'we are helping that groups – not ISIS'," the Turkish journalist added.

"ISIS is smuggling oil to Turkey and through Turkey... it's kind of common knowledge by now. But the big question is [whether] it's possible that they are doing it without the government's knowledge or some authority's knowledge," one of Cumhuriyet's employees told RT.

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Noose Tightens On Turkey’s Sultan Of Swing

Obama, Brennan prepare to throw poodle Erdogan under the bus  

By Finian Cunningham

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – a self-styled neo-Ottoman sultan – was only a few years a darling of Western governments and media, proclaimed as a moderniser of Turkey, overseeing a bustling economy and positioning his country as a strategic bridge to Asia. 

Erdogan will be finished off by Putin
But Erdogan’s involvement in the US-led regime-change project in Syria is now steadily revealing his family’s appreciable criminal enterprises: from smuggling oil and stolen artefacts, to gun-running for terrorist networks. The former Sultan of Swing is swinging alright, but it could be at the end of an incriminating rope whose noose is becoming ever tighter around his neck. Russia’s air strikes in support of the Syrian government in its nearly five-year war against foreign-backed mercenary brigades are blowing the lid on the corruption at the heart of the Turkish ruling AK Party, and the Erdogan family business in particular. 

One factor in why Erdogan ordered the fatal shoot-down of a Russian Su-24 fighter jet this week was out of revenge for how Russia is destroying the Turkish ruler’s criminal schemes. The destruction of hundreds of oil tankers and other facilities commandeered by the jihadist terror network in eastern Syria and western Iraq is hitting Erdogan’s lucrative racket. 

The smuggling routes – estimated to earn $1 million per day for the terror brigades – are integrated by Erdogan’s son, Bilal, whose licensed shipping companies traffic the illicit goods to global markets. Russian intelligence has laid bare this smuggling empire, as presented by President Vladimir Putin at the recent G20 summit held in Turkey’s Antalya. Further incriminating details are expected in coming weeks. 

This week, following the downing of the Russian warplane, Erdogan boldly dismissed the oil connections as."slander." 

But as Putin retorted, with a touch of sarcasm, it’s hard to imagine how the Ankara authorities could be unaware of an illicit industry involving thousands of oil-laden trucks criss-crossing the heavily militarised Turk border. 

As with Gadaffi, Erdogan will find out the hard way just what
it meant to be "friends" with Obama and Brennan
Among the contraband are believed to be precious artefacts stolen from Syria’s ancient dwellings, such as the cities of Palmyra and Iraq’s Nimrod, according to the Syrian information minister, Omran al-Zoubi. These artefacts dating from 2,000 years ago are designated as world heritage valuables by the United Nations. 

It says something about the dubious values of Erdogan and his AK Party cronies when world heritage objects are being looted to finance personal gain and terrorism. 

The trade in oil stolen from Syrian and Iraqi state-owned facilities by the jihadists is only one half of a giant cross-border loop tied up by Turkey. 

Convoys of trucks laden with weapons are going back into Syria from Turkey on an almost daily basis. Those weapons, paid for by proceeds from the oil smuggling, are then distributed among the plethora of jihadist terror groups, including the Al Qaeda-linked Al Nusra and so-called Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh). The arms trade is overseen by Turkey’s National Intelligence Organisation (MIT), headed up by Hakan Fidan, who is closely associated with Erdogan and the AKP leadership. 

Fidan was quoted by the state-run Anadolu news agency last month as offering an apologia for the IS terror group. "ISIS is a reality and we have to accept that we cannot eradicate a well-organised and popular establishment such as the Islamic State," said Fidan, who added: "Therefore I urge my Western colleagues to revise their mindset about Islamic political currents… and thwart Vladimir Putin’s plans to crush Syrian Islamist revolutionaries [terrorists]." The statement caused such a controversy that the Anadolu news agency later issued a denial of its prior publication. 

Erdogan makes a fatal mistake in believing Obama and NATO will protect him now from Putin following the shooting down of an RFAF plane over Syria

Despite a heavy media crackdown under Erdogan, sections of the Turkish media have courageously carried damning reports on the oil-weapons nexus that is fuelling the war in Syria. This week, the editor of the Cumhuriyet newspaper, Can Dundar, was arrested on charges of "spying" and crimes against the state because he published articles with photographic evidence exposing the massive cross-border weapons dealing, overseen by Turk I ntelligence. Erdogan has threatened the editor with a life sentence for daring to reveal "state secrets."

Another Turk newspaper, Today’s Zaman, also this week reported on an unintended slip made by Adana state prosecutor, Ali Dogan, a protégé of Erdogan. The prosecutor inadvertently revealed in a statement that up to 2,000 trucks filled with arms and operated by Turk intelligence have been ferrying firepower to militants in Syria. 

It thus makes the claims made by the Syrian minister al-Zoubi that the downing of the Russian Su-24 this week – resulting in the death of its pilot – was an act of revenge by Erdogan owing to the severe damage that Russia’s military intervention in Syria is inflicting. That damage includes not only huge financial losses to Erdogan and his family entourage, but also to the entire war effort for regime change against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. 

In an interview with Russian media, the Syrian minister said: "All of the oil was delivered to a company that belongs to the son of Recep [Tayyip] Erdogan. This is why Turkey became anxious when Russia began delivering airstrikes against the IS [Islamic State] infrastructure and destroyed more than 500 trucks with oil already. This really got on Erdogan and his company’s nerves. They’re importing not only oil, but wheat and historic artefacts as well," added al-Zoubi.

If Erdogan thought he could poke the Russian bear in the eye and get away with it, he is sorely mistaken. Russia has stepped up its bombing campaign along the Syria-Turkey border, hitting oil trucks heading north and the reverse-flow of arms trucks heading south. In the Syrian border town of Azaz, a Russian air strike this week reportedly destroyed up to 20 vehicles believed to be stocked with weapons. Seven people were killed in the air raid. 

Ankara claims that the convoys crossing the border are carrying "humanitarian aid" to Turkmen Syrians. Turk Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has complained that Russian air strikes have been targeting Turkmen "brothers and sisters" – inferring civilians. 

But these are the same Turkmen militia who gained notoriety this week by brutally murdering the Russian pilot who parachuted from the Su-24 downed by Turk F-16s jets. 

The Turkmen militia, with names like the 10th Brigade of the Coast, are fighting hand-in-hand alongside the other jihadist terror groups, Al Nusra and IS, to topple the government in Damascus. The Turkmen, who reside in northern Syria but who are ethnically related to Turkish people, have played an instrumental role in waging Erdogan’s covert war of terror in Syria. 

Last year, in April 2014, Turkmen militia carried out a massacre in the northern coastal village of Kessab, in Latakia Province, where 88 Armenian Christians were slaughtered. Thirteen of the victims were beheaded, according to survivors. That attack also involved brigades from al Nusra, IS and the so-called Free Syrian Army, the alleged "moderate secular rebels" much championed by the Western governments and media. (A follow-up column will be published on that specific massacre in the coming days.)

Significantly, a Turkmen commander recently protested bitterly to the Erdogan regime over it not suppling his fighters with enough weapons. 

Turkmen commander Ömer Abdullah of the Sultan Abdülhamit Brigade was quoted as saying: «We are trying to survive under unbearable brutality and we need Turkey’s help.» He was referring to Russian air strikes, adding: "Every day our Turkmen brothers are dying. We expect the [Erdogan] government to support us. Why have they abandoned us? Our martyrs fall every day. Why are we being left alone? I don’t understand." 

As Turkey’s Today’s Zaman points out, the Turkmen’s claim of not receiving sufficient weapons raises the bigger question about the arms trucks that Turk intelligence, MIT, has been running into Syria. Where have the machine-guns, artillery and mortars contained in thousands of cross-border convoys gone to? If the Turkmen brigades are being cut out of the supply chain then that suggests that Ankara’s weapons are being funnelled instead to the other jihadist groups, such as Al Nusra and IS. 

Russia’s military intervention in Syria is turning the tide decisively against the criminal US-led war for regime change, by decimating the ranks for terror brigades that Washington and its allies have deployed for that objective. 

For Turkey’s self-styled strongman Erdogan, Russia’s intervention is also hammering home huge personal losses. His egotistical schemes of resurrecting Turkey as a new Ottoman regional power are being shattered. The international reputation of the country under his leadership is sinking into a putrid sewer. 

Moreover, his family’s criminal involvement in the conflict is also being exposed. And his responsibility for fuelling a criminal war of aggression with the loss of over 250,000 lives looms ahead of Erdogan like a noose. The Sultan of Swing indeed.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

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Steering The Masses Towards Total War

The warmongering "mainstream media" frauds and hacks will all be held personally and collectively responsible for stampeding Americans into WWIII along with their corporate masters - there will be no excuses, no escape this time around    

By Larry Chin

It goes without saying that the atrocities of Paris on November 13, 2015 were unspeakable and sickening. But what is not being said in the wake of the incident—what has been ignored by the mass media—is predictably telling and ominous.

As in the wake of 9/11, the people of the world are being provoked, agitated and mobilized; the fear, horror, rage and shock channeled and shaped into wave of collective vengeance and hatred. 

Hatred towards what and whom?

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attacks. But what is the Islamic State?

The fact that remains willfully unacknowledged is that Islamic State is the guided military-intelligence and political apparatus of the West, created, trained, financed, advised and protected by the West and NATO—including France.

The Islamic State and Islamic extremism, including Al-Qaeda, functions on behalf of NATO and Western geostrategic interests.

The intelligence agencies of the West and NATO, led by the CIA, MI-6, the Mossad, the Pakistani ISI, etc. run the Islamic State terrorists.

Jihadist terrorism would not exist without the nurturing of the West, which started with the Cold War, continued into the conflicts in the Balkans, and exploded with 9/11 and the “war on terrorism”, and continues to metastasize with the so-called war on the Islamic State, a rebranded continuation of the same fabricated criminal war of deception.

The West and its architects of war are ultimately responsible for all acts of terrorism perpetrated by their own terrorist shock troops.

“the notion that the Paris attack was an act of retribution and revenge directed against France is questionable and contradictory inasmuch as the evidence confirms that France has been channeling weapons to jihadist rebels in Syria including Al Nusrah and ISIS.”

What if it was “blowback”? What if the Paris terrorists went “rogue” and attacked their own sponsors? What if these terrorist cells were “out of control”? What if these and other groups are simply “going berserk” for “inexplicable reasons”? What if one accepts the (highly unlikely) notion that the CIA, the NSA, French intelligence, the Mossad, etc. —agencies with the most sophisticated spying capabilities on the planet—suddenly and simultaneously lost track of everything? There are red herrings. The West is still responsible for the actions of its assets. The West has not “lost control” of the Islamic State. In fact, the terrorists are being run with remarkable efficiency and effectiveness. The chaos and plunder are not random. The atrocities are designed. Were it not for unwelcome Russian “interference”, the Anglo-American empire would now control more geography than it already does. The Syrian regime arguably might have fallen.

Anglo-American war policy is what has set terrorism loose. It continues to sow, foment and expand terrorism in an unimaginable scale, with no end in sight. The trail of blood leads back to the policy, and its policy makers.

This apocalyptic crisis is not a war “on” terror, but a war “of” terror, committed by terrorists, guided by terrorists, and psychopathic war criminals that operate beyond the reach of law.

Stopping terrorism is not the real agenda. In fact, the opposite: the West’s terrorist armies are key assets used to infiltrate and destabilize, to topple the regimes that NATO seeks to co-opt, invade and conquer. One by one they fall in this manner, from Iraq and Libya to what is unfolding now in Syria, towards the even greater agenda.

McCain insures CIA/FSA/ISIS has funding, U.S. supplied weapons

The “war on the Islamic State” is not even about the Islamic State, no matter what horrific acts are committed by the ISIS/ISIL killers themselves. The war is, and has always been, a superpower world war pitting the West against Russia and China, everywhere Western geostrategic/resource/corporate interests dictate.

The “spectacular” bloodshed—the unspeakable scale and intensity of the murder—will only become more outlandish and “creative”, as the war planners become increasingly desperate to keep the easily distracted masses in home countries galvanized and fearful, and militantly supportive of the larger war agenda, and deepening involvement on the front lines.

Who benefits? Who benefits from weaponizing France and its people? The same forces that have benefitted from all such atrocities since 9/11. All of the governments that are aiming to destabilize, invade, and conquer the Eurasian subcontinent, including the Middle East and Central Asia, and beyond. All of the governments seeking regime change in Syria: NATO.

The operatic expressions of remorse on behalf of officials hide the realpolitik; the cold, calculating sociopathy that views war as industry, mass murder as a means to “victory”, and slaughter of innocents as “necessary collateral damage”. Three thousand dead on 9/11. A jetliner full of Russian tourists. Tens of thousands across the killing fields of the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa. More than one hundred snuffed out in Paris. All in a day’s work.

The current line justified by the bloody headlines and propaganda is that even more endless “total war” must be waged. President Hollande now channels Dick Cheney’s “war that will not end in our lifetimes”, and George W. Bush’s “with us or against us”.

Paris proves, according to the propaganda, that time is overdue for regime change in Syria. Syria, the “hotbed” of terrorism, where the Islamic State is “out of control”. The Assad regime has “failed to stop it”; therefore the Assad regime must be “taken out” along with the “terrorists."

It is no coincidence that Paris has prompted President Barack Obama to promise an escalation of military involvement in Syria. More accurately, the justification to openly invade Syria has been given the green light. The “boots on the ground” invasion of Syria, which is already underway, is now accelerated. Obama undoubtedly wants to finish the job before he leaves office in 2016. A new series of air strikes on Raqqa, Syria began less than 48 hours after the Paris attacks.

What of the Paris attacks themselves? The official narrative is being created. Although it is early in the process, questions about the Paris attack are mounting. The similarities to the false flag operation of 9/11 are abundant.

"Paper of Record" shills for WWIII
Quoting the New York Times, it “remains unclear how a plot of such sophistication and lethality escaped the notice of intelligence agencies, both in France and abroad.” But emerging evidence suggests that the intelligence agencies not only knew, but knew enough to prepare for the attacks, which suggests that they were allowed to happen. France had foreknowledge of imminent attacks and preparations were underway weeks before November 13th, including emergency meetings with CIA director John Brenanan, and unusual advanced preparation of first responders—who happened to be ready in Paris on November 13th.

A massive cyberattack—one beyond the capabilities of the terrorists–took down French security systems prior to and during the incident.

French officials knew the attackers and were tracking them continuously for a significant period, yet did nothing to stop them.

From the orchestration and execution of the atrocities themselves, to the response, to the reaction, the signs of long planning, scripting, choreography, and calculation are evident.

Fox "News" fraud Sean Hannity - "Keep 'em scared, keep 'em stupid"

There will be incompetence excuses (“we were caught off guard”), hopelessness and chaos excuses (“we cannot predict nor stop anything”), and other variations. But they fail to explain evidence to the contrary.

According to the CIA operatives, think tank “terrorism experts”, and other warmongering blowhards that spewed nonsense nonstop on CNN all day and all night following the Paris attacks, another “new normal” has been set.

All such brainwashing must be resisted.

CNN frauds and warmongering hacks will be held personally responsible and accountable this time around for lying and shilling Americans into WWIII

The larger context must not be lost amidst chaos and panic.

It is the war itself—its architects as well as its murdering operatives—that must be condemned.

The killers who coldly executed innocent people acted on orders from handlers. The handlers themselves had handlers. And they in turn took orders from individuals occupying high positions of power. It is these individuals who must be identified and exposed; their war agenda resisted and stopped. For the sake of what is left of humanity.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Terror Junkies : The West’s Addiction To Funding Radical Groups

The Obama criminals and their mass-murdering CIA will be exposed and brought to justice for their crimes against humanity in creating and financing the terrorist scum  

By Steven MacMillan

Similar to a heroin addict, Western nations have a destructive addiction which they are so dependent on, they appear unwilling to give it up. 

Funding radical terror organisations is the modus operandi of many prominent nations in NATO, with the US, UK and France, playing a prominent role. From the Afghan Mujahideen to the so-called Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS), extremist groups have been used as geopolitical tools by the West for decades.

Over 120 people dead and hundreds injured, the tragic scenes in France have shocked many people in Europe. 

ISIS has claimed responsibility for terror attacks in other regions of the globe recently, including in Lebanon, where at least 44 people were brutally killed. Dabiq, the magazine of ISIS, has also just published a photo of parts of a homemade bomb that they claim was used in the atrocious terrorist attack on the Russian passenger plane in the Sinai Peninsula, which killed over 220 people.

The West Is Complicit In The Paris Attacks

Despite all the grandstanding and rhetoric from the French President and Western leaders, a critical point that needs to be emphasised is that Western governments are complicit in the Paris attacks and any future terror attacks (there will be more). 

Brennan would know, as he funds and controls ISIS
If we put aside for a second the thesis that the Paris attack was a false flag operation or that French intelligence simply allowed it to happen, what can’t be disputed is that Western foreign policy has directly resulted in the rise of terrorism globally, most notably the rise of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

These groups would not have the resources and global reach to launch any attacks in the West if they had not been armed, trained and let loose on the Syrian government by NATO members in collusion with regional allies. For those who have been following the proxy war in Syria and the nefarious and insidious policies of the West, this latest attack comes as no surprise.

Here’s just some of the plethora of evidence that Western nations – or the terror pushers – have been supporting extremists to overthrow the Syrian government:
  • ‘The Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI (al-Qaeda in Iraq), are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria,’ was the assessment of the opposition by the Defense Intelligence Agency in their declassified intelligence report from 2012.
  • The French government delivered vast sums of money to the Syrian rebels in 2012, which was used to buy guns and ammunition.
  • French President Francois Hollande confirmed in 2014 that France had delivered arms to the Syrian rebels to fight Assad.
  • The UK has been pouring millions into the Syrian opposition for years, with reports from 2013 claiming Britain was involved in an operation with other European states and the US to provide the Syrian rebels with 3,000 tons of weapons, sent in 75 planeloads from Zagreb in Croatia, to the rebels.
  • Roland Dumas, the former French minister of Foreign Affairs, , revealed that the war in Syria was ‘prepared, preconceived and planned’ at least ‘two years before the violence’ erupted in 2011. Dumas said he was approached in the UK by ‘top British officials’ to see if he would participate in “organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria”.
  • In 2015, a Swedish national called Bherlin Gildo was accused of fighting for Syrian rebel groups – including Jabhat al-Nusra (read al-Qaeda in Syria) – but the case was quickly dropped after his lawyer’s cleverly argued that British intelligence was involved in arming and providing non-lethal aid to the very same terrorist groups he was allegedly fighting for.
  • The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael T. Flynn, revealed in a recent interview that the Obama administration took the ‘willful decision’ to support the rise of the Syrian rebels in 2012, even though Washington knew the opposition was composed of extreme terror groups.
  • As Tony Cartalucci reported earlier this year, an ISIS mercenary confessed to Pakistani authorities that he received funds that were routed through the US in order to ‘recruit young people to fight in Syria’.
  • The CIA has been shipping weapons to the Syrian rebels for years, whilst selling the practice to the public under the auspices of only supplying (phantom) ‘moderate’ groups.
Considering the policy of NATO in Syria, does anyone actually believe that the strategists in London, Paris, Brussels and Washington, did not foresee blowback from their strategy? It’s hardly rocket science to figure out that if you fund and arm a bunch of crazed terrorists to overthrow a secular government in the Middle East, they are going to carry out terror attacks in other parts of the world.

This leads to the question: Do Western leaders welcome more attacks? Europe has literally created the perfect climate for terror attacks by funding and arming radical groups in Syria, and then flooding Europe with refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa – which of course allows terrorists to enter with ease alongside the innocent people displaced by imperial Western wars and proxy wars. 

Obviously, the only viable solution to the refugee crisis is the stabilization of the Syrian state and the wider region, meaning the West has to abandon its drive to overthrow Assad and balkanize the nation. 

Terror Attacks Fuel The Totalitarian Surveillance State 

It is clear that Western countries have been using the hoax of the ‘war on terror’ as a justification to impose totalitarian control domestically, in addition to using it to mobilize public opinion for imperial wars abroad. The US, UK and France, can’t justify a dystopian surveillance state without terror attacks, and these attacks allow the government to impose policies that the population would have never have accepted prior to the crisis. As the Mayor of Chicago and former White House Chief of Staff to Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel,stated in 2008:

‘You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that: it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.’

Prior to 9/11, the majority of people in the West would find a pervasive, expensive, illegal and pernicious surveillance state to be a severe violation of their basic rights – including the right to privacy and the rule of law. After 9/11, the majority of people in the West appear to be willing to live in Nazi Germany to supposedly stop these Western-created terrorists from attacking, even though surrendering all your basic rights to the government does not give you safety or security.

Snooping by the National Security Agency (NSA) has intensified dramatically in the US over the past 14 years. According to high-level NSA whistleblower, William Binney, the objective of the agency is ‘total population control’. The surveillance state in the UK hasexpanded at an alarming rate since 2001, and has accelerated since the 7/7 bombings in London. 

"Mainstream media" corporate frauds and warmongering shills such as Fox "News" failed attorney Megyn Kelly pile on the bogus terror in an ongoing bid to spark WWIII 

Following the Charlie Hebdo attacks at the beginning of the year in Paris, the French parliament has passed a surveillance bill which allows intelligence agencies to ‘circumvent the need for judicial warrants’. Many privacy advocates have rightly dubbed this the ‘French Patriot Act’, and we can expect the French government to demand even more 1984-style surveillance powers after the latest attacks.

Will The West Halt This Abhorrent Strategy In Syria?

In recent days there have been a few signs that some Western nations may be finally coming to their senses in regards to Syria at least, as European powers appear to be edging towards more rational dialogue. Reports suggest that the UK and Russia may begin to cooperate more closely in regards to Syria after the G20 summit, with Vladimir Putin stating that there is ‘some upturn’ in otherwise frosty relations between the two countries. General Sir David Richards, the former Chief of Defense Staff, also recently urged Britain to work with Assad to defeat ISIS, since attempting to overthrow Assad whilst simultaneously (supposedly) fighting ISIS, is not a ‘plausible’ strategy. 

Additionally, Francois Hollande seemed to refrain from outright demonizing the Syrian President in a recent statement, stating that ISIS is the ‘enemy’ in Syria, although his comments are slightly ambiguous. 

As Sputnik reported, the French President said during an emergency meeting at the French parliament:

‘In Syria, we’re looking for the political solution to the problem, which is not Bashar Assad. Our enemy in Syria is ISIL.’

Certain forces in Washington are one of the major obstacles to peace in Syria, as the US has not seriously been targeting the group they helped create, and are still trying to annihilate the legitimate, secular Syrian government. 

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, recently stated that the US-led airstrikes against ISIS were ‘hitting selectively, I would say sparingly, and on most occasions didn’t touch those IS units which were capable of seriously challenging the Syrian army.’ He added that Washington’s position ‘seriously weakens the prospects of Syria to remain a secular state.’ 

Considering the destructive role that the US, Britain and France, have played in Syria and the wider region, it is difficult to believe these countries will truly implement rational and sane policies anytime soon. These powers are just as likely to exploit the recent tragedy to further their belligerent drive for regime change in Syria, and bomb Syrian infrastructure under the guise of fighting ISIS. Hopefully Russian leadership in the world will encourage the West to move in the direction of sanity however.

Steven MacMillan is an independent writer, researcher, geopolitical analyst and editor of The Analyst Report, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



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