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The Truth About Scientifically Supported Vaccine - Autism - Inflammatory Bowel Disease Connection

The is now a rapidly spreading U.S.-wide epidemic of autism, GERD and IBS vaccine related disease  

By Ethan A. Huff'

Gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield recently had the opportunity to speak at an "Ignite the Truth" event in Dana Point, California, about his well-known case study identifying novel inflammatory bowel disease as an outcome in some children who receive the MMR vaccine. 

Dr. Wakefield's powerful testimony about what his study actually found versus what the media reported, as well as how he was maliciously targeted for his honest effort to help suffering children, absolutely destroys the prevalent myth that Dr. Wakefield has somehow been "discredited" as a scientist and doctor.

At the event, Dr. Wakefield cleared up some major misconceptions about his famous paper, including the lie that it declared all vaccines to cause autism.

He had this to say concerning the structure and intent of his greatly misunderstood research:

"No one has read this paper. No one actually knows what it says. This is a case series. This is the way human disease syndromes are described, whether it's Asperger's syndrome or Crohn's disease or multiple sclerosis -- a handful of patients that present with a similar pattern of signs and symptoms that merit investigation and reporting in their own right."

Concerning what his paper supposedly declared, Dr. Wakefield had this to add:

"It doesn't test any hypothesis. It's not intended to. It can't. All it can do is generate hypothesis of causation -- what is based upon, in this case, the parents' story. What did this mother, sitting across the desk from me in clinic, say happened to her child? That is where medicine begins. It doesn't begin in a laboratory, it doesn't begin with a test -- it begins with a clinical history."

When parents came to Dr. Wakefield and his colleague Dr. John Walker-Smith reporting unexplained bowel problems in their children who were recently vaccinated with MMR, the two doctors merely reported on this honestly for the betterment of science. And contrary to popular belief, their research was later corroborated by others within the field who conducted their own follow-up studies implicating the MMR vaccine as associated with novel inflammatory bowel disease.

"My father used to say to me as a neurologist, 'If you find something on physical examination of the patient that you have not anticipated in the clinical history, you have not taken an adequate history,'" stated Dr. Wakefield. "And the history the mothers gave is that they took their children to have, in this case, the MMR vaccination... and beyond that point their child disappeared. They were notanti-vaccine. They were at the front of the line. They took them [to get vaccinated] on time. They were not looking for excuses, they wanted answers.

"Their child was normal. After the MMR, they had a very high fever, they screamed, they then fell asleep for three days, they had a seizure. And when they woke up, they were never, ever the same again. Speech, language, interaction, socialization -- gone."

As honest physicians, Drs. Wakefield and Walker-Smith weren't content with the medical establishment's ironic dismissal of all these observed symptoms as being "just autism." The children whose parents had voluntarily sought out Dr. Wakefield for help most definitely experienced inflammatory bowel disease following vaccination with MMR. And for bringing this inconvenient truth to light, Dr. Wakefield paid a huge price: He instantly became an establishment target.

"What we found working with the world's leading pediatric gastroenterologist, Prof. John Walker-Smith, is that these children had an inflammatory bowel disease," explained Dr. Wakefield.

"I was accused of performing colonoscopies on these children, doing lumbar punctures -- I never investigated these children. I was responsible for bringing this team together and conducting the investigation of these children. I was not responsible for their clinical care -- that was performed by an outstanding group of gastroenterologists who confirmed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that these children have an inflammatory bowel disease and that has now been replicated around the world."

You can watch Dr. Wakefield's speech in its entirety here.

Dr. Wakefield's research was later vindicated, and the case against him ruled a fraud, but the mainstream media never reported this.

So how is the mainstream media continuing to get away with lying about Dr. Wakefield and his important research into MMR? The same way it gets away with everything else -- repeating that lie over and over and over again until it's crystallized in the minds of the gullible that Dr. Wakefield is a fraud, when he's really a lone voice of truth in a sea of liars.

"What has happened in the meantime is a sideshow, and it's been to divert attention from what is gross regulatory failure to protect individuals, to protect governments and to protect industry from past liabilities and future profits," warned Dr. Wakefield about the mainstream media's relentless crusade to destroy his reputation and character.

"What was never reported in the newspapers is that after we went to the GMC and had our licenses removed, Prof. John Walker-Smith took his case to the English High Court -- the only time that this case had ever been heard before a proper judiciary -- what did they find? Justice Mitting on General Medical Council:

"[There were] 'fundamental errors,' there was distortion of evidence, inadequate analysis, inadequate and superficial reasoning and explanation, inappropriate rejection of evidence, 'flawed' and 'wrong' reasoning, and 'numerous and significant inadequacies'.... Universal inadequacies and some errors... go to the heart of the case. They are not curable. The panel's determination cannot stand. I therefore quash it."

"These are the same charges against me. I was unable to appeal or continue my appeal because of lack of funding -- it would have cost me 500,000 pounds."

Elizabeth Steiner - Nazi pro-vaccinator

Everyone needs to watch this powerful speech by Dr. Wakefield to hear the uncensored truth about how this skilled doctor and all-around great man was illicitly stripped of his reputation and career simply for doing what any good and honest doctor would have done in the same situation -- investigate the unexplained health outcomes of children whose parents came to him looking for expertise and answers.

"Prof. John Walker-Smith was immediately reinstated, exonerated completely -- was this ever reported? Did this ever find its way into the American media? No it did not," lamented Dr. Wakefield, noting that a whole series of papers have since been published showing the exact same link between MMR and inflammatory bowel disease.

"That Brian Deer's case, that Rupert Murdoch's case, that GlaxoSmithKline's case against us, because we had the audacity to get involved in vaccine safety research, fell by the wayside. But nobody ever got to hear about that."

"Armed with this knowledge -- federal admission of scientific fraud in relation to vaccine safety, corporate admission of fraud in relation to vaccine efficacy -- you cannot mandate immunization in this state or indeed anywhere. If you do and children are harmed, then you have personal liability for that damage."


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