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How The Ukrainian Civil War Started - VIDEO

Obama and his murdering, scumbag CIA must and will be held accountable in international courts

By Eric Zuesse

Fortunately, the origin of the Ukrainian civil war is remarkably well-documented in tapped phone-conversations and in cell-phone videos that have been posted online for all the world to see, despite what might have been the intentions of the planners and of the perpetrators. This cannot be a pleasant reality for U.S. President Barack Obama, and for his Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia, Victoria Nuland. President Obama might wish his employee, Nuland, to take all the blame for his policy on Ukraine, but he’s not firing her. It’s his policy, not hers. She was hired to do this, and so she is.

“US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation” is an hour-long documentary, dated 18 March 2014, which covers the background of the U.S. overthrow of the democratically elected pro-Russian President of Ukraine, which took place in December 2013 through February 2014, under the cover of popular anti-corruption “Euro-Maidan” demonstrations against that elected President, who (like all of his post-USSR predecessors) was corrupt.

The documentary was produced by stpetes4peace, and it uses mainly film-clips of the actual events in Ukraine, coming from Russian government TV (RT) and from British government TV (BBC). There is nothing in it from private corporate or “nonprofit” media, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, NPR, nor from any of the U.S. major news media. There’s no New York Times, no Washington Post, no The Atlantic, no Harpers, no Foreign Policy, no New York Review of Books.

Disgusting CIA whore "Fuck the EU" Nuland
There are two hostile, anti-Russian, interviews shown there, on Fox News (of U.S. politicians Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich), and a third such hostile interview shown on CNN (of Columbia University Russia-scholar Stephen Cohen), all three of which interviews are opinion, not news-reporting, anyway; otherwise, there’s nothing at all in this film that’s from the U.S. media.

Mainly, this documentary is direct news-reporting from Ukraine itself, as the events were unfolding there, and as U.S. news-media were doing little more than to transmit stenographically (totally uncritically), whatever the White House said about these matters (even if false, as this documentary proves to have been often the case).

Satan's spawn:  CIA mass-murderer John Brennan
However, in order really to understand this documentary, one needs first to understand the background of the effort that was started by U.S. President Bill Clinton, and that’s now being continued (in overdrive) by President Barack Obama, to surround Russia with U.S. and other NATO missiles, basically so as to complete what President Ronald Reagan had started with his “Star Wars” missile-defense program, which started as little more than a boondoggle for U.S. military contractors, but which now has become an authentic technological possibility: to encircle Russia (originally the USSR) with U.S. weapons, in order to impose an unchallengeable mono-polar, 100% U.S.-aristocracy-controlled, world, so that the U.S. aristocracy will control all foreign aristocracies and thus all nations’ economies.

Nuland hands out goodies to fascist followers in Kiev
Stripped of the ideological conflict (“capitalist” versus “communist”), this now-revived Cold War conflict has nothing but lies to stanch it up, as this documentary makes excruciatingly clear. 

America’s stenographic “news” reporting is exposed here as being pure propaganda, which succeeds even more by virtue of all of the longstanding mass-indoctrination of Americans to think that their own nation’s “news” media aren’t propaganda — that only “Third World” nations do that sort of thing.

But there is a still-deeper level that’s not touched upon in this film: Maintaining control by the U.S. aristocracy requires two things: U.S. military control of the world (as just mentioned), and also continuation of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency — the currency that’s used in international corporate transactions. If anything, the U.S. aristocracy is even more concerned about the latter than the former. Each of these two factors will now be discussed in turn.

U.S. traitor John McCain gives aid and comfort to Kiev fascists
The U.S. is the world’s number-one spender on the military, and spends as much on the military as do all the next nine nations in the top ten. 

That includes (in order, after the U.S.): China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, Germany, Japan, India, and South Korea. Except for numbers 2 & 3 on that list, all of them are U.S. allies; and the U.S., France, Britain, and Germany, constitute 4 of the 28 member-nations in NATO. 

NATO is, essentially, the club of purchasers of the weapons and services provided by U.S. military contractors. So: military contractors are an enormous lobby in Washington, and they need continual war, in order to be able to satisfy their stockholders. Expenditure of that military budget is spread throughout the U.S., so virtually every member of Congress relies upon the military lobbies, not only for re-election funds, but also for keeping unemployment down in his or her district or state.

Geriatric demented coward,  traitor Biden kisses ass on fascists
As the reformed former CIA operative Ray McGovern documented on 15 May 2014, headlining “How NATO Jabs Russia on Ukraine,” a historic end of the Cold War was agreed to at the Malta Summit on 3 December 1989, and finalized in February 1990, between George H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev, but was violated by Bill Clinton, and is now being utterly trashed by Barack Obama, via his Ukraine gambit.

Above all else, Russia doesn’t want to be surrounded by NATO missiles and troops in Russia’s adjoining countries (now NATO-members) of Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and now, especially (though not yet NATO-member), Ukraine (the latter being especially important as it’s the pipeline route for transit of Russia’s gas supplies to Europe, as well as being the long-established base for Russia’s crucial Black Sea fleet). Here is Ray McGovern’s account of the key agreement between G.H.W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev:

“According to Jack Matlock, then-U.S. ambassador to the U.S.S.R. who took part in the Malta summit, the most basic agreement involved (1) Gorbachev’s pledge not to use force in Eastern Europe where the Russians had 24 divisions (some 350,000 troops) in East Germany alone, and (2) Bush’s promise not to ‘take advantage’ of a Soviet withdrawal from Eastern Europe.

Irrelevant Ban Ki Moon presses his lips to fascist buttocks
In early February 1990, Bush sent Secretary of State James Baker to work out the all-important details directly with Gorbachev and Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze. 

Ambassador Matlock again was there and took careful notes on the negotiations, which focused on German reunification.

From memory, Matlock told me that Baker tried to convince Gorbachev that it was in Moscow’s interest to let a united Germany remain in NATO. Matlock recalled that Baker began his argument saying something like, ‘Assuming there is no expansion of NATO jurisdiction to the East, not one inch, what would you prefer, a Germany embedded in NATO, or one that can go independently in any direction it chooses.’ [emphasis added]

The implication was that Germany might just opt to acquire nuclear weapons, were it not anchored in NATO. Gorbachev answered that he took Baker’s argument seriously, and wasted little time in agreeing to the deal.

Ambassador Matlock, one of the most widely respected experts on Russia, told me ‘the language used was absolute, and the entire negotiation was in the framework of a general agreement that there would be no use of force by the Soviets and no ‘taking advantage’ by the U.S.”

Fascist Merkel plays with CIA fire, get's burned
He added, ‘I don’t see how anybody could view the subsequent expansion of NATO as anything but ‘taking advantage.’”

U.S. President Obama is so determined to tie a noose around the neck of Russia, that he has no hesitation about allying himself with Ukrainian supporters of Adolf Hitler in order to achieve it. 

And, so, the Ukrainian civil war is the result, and it was sparked by the massacre of hundreds of pro-independence civilians in Odessa on May 2nd, by U.S.-sponsored fascists.

In order to understand why southeastern Ukrainians want separation from the people whom Obama placed in control in the country’s northwest during February, in Kiev, just imagine that you are a Russian-speaking Ukrainian who had voted for the winner of the last Presidential election in Ukraine (Viktor Yanukovych had won overwhelmingly in the eastern half of the country), and that he was ousted in a coup on 22 February 2014, and the Obama-Administration-imposed interim government had perpetrated this massacre on May 2nd in Odessa against supporters (like yourself) of that ousted President, and now of independence from the fascists who (after $5 billion+ of U.S. preparation, plus sending U.S. mercenaries) had ousted him and installed the neo-Nazis who organized and perpetrated the May 2nd massacre of former supporters of that now-ousted President, and thus instigated the Ukrainian civil war.

Brennan's CIA fascists have asses handed to them
Would you feel safe, being ruled by those people, Obama’s people, the fascists who had killed hundreds, all of whom were civilians, in Odessa’s Trade Unions Building, on May 2nd? 
Would you want to be ruled by people who have shown themselves committed to your own destruction?

And, thus, we now shall discuss the second point in this story: the primary goal of the U.S. aristocracy being to maintain the U.S. dollar as the world’s international-trading currency.

On 6 March 2014, Paul Craig Roberts bannered, “The Looting of Ukraine Has Begun,” and he wasn’t referring to the long history of kleptocracy in Ukraine, but only to the Obama Administration’s part in that history.

“According to a report in Kommersant-Ukraine, the finance ministry of Washington’s stooges in Kiev who are pretending to be a government has prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80 so that Western bankers who lent money to Ukraine can be repaid at the expense of Ukraine’s poor. It is Greece all over again. … The austerity plan [from the IMF, which is controlled by Europe’s aristocrats] will cut social services, funds for education, layoff government workers, devalue the currency, thus raising the prices of imports which include Russian gas, thus electricity, and open Ukrainian assets to takeover by Western corporations [further implementing control by those aristocrats]. Ukraine’s agriculture lands will pass into the hands of American agribusiness.”

It wasn’t of benefit only to Europe’s aristocrats.

Obama, CIA, Ashton, Merkel, La Garde, Hollande, Cameron, Hague responsible for all deaths

Something highly important was occurring at that very moment: Iskra News in Russian, and also the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, reported, on 7 March 2014, that “At 2 a.m. this morning … an unmarked transport plane was on the runway at Borosipol Airport” near Kiev in the west, and that, “According to airport staff, before the plane came to the airport, four trucks and two Volkswagen minibuses arrived, all the truck license plates missing.”

This was as translated by Michel Chossudovsky at Global Research headlining on 14 March, “Ukraine’s Gold Reserves Secretly Flown Out and Confiscated by the New York Federal Reserve?” in which he noted that, when asked, “A spokesman for the New York Fed said simply, ‘Any inquiry regarding gold accounts should be directed to the account holder.” The load was said to be “more than 40 heavy boxes.”

Chossudovsky noted that, “The National Bank of Ukraine (Central Bank) estimated Ukraine’s gold reserves in February to be worth $1.8 billion dollars.” It was 36 tons. The U.S., according to the U.S. State Department’s Victoria Nuland (who selected the leadership of the post-coup interim government) had invested around $5 billion in precipitating the coup.

CNN fraud, CIA war whore propagandist Cristiane Amanpour, Fox News, Euronews, BBC, CIA Al Jazeera and other U.S. owned and operated propaganda outlets along with their lying shills will all be held personally and collectively responsible and accountable for the death and destruction caused by this failed Obama/CIA coup in Kiev

Was Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk now cleaning out the nation’s gold reserves in order to strip the nation so that the Ukraine’s steep indebtedness for Russian gas would never be able to be repaid to Russia’s oligarchs? Or was he doing it as a payoff for Nuland’s having installed him? Or both? In any case: Russia was being squeezed, by this fascist-Ukrainian/U.S. ploy., the Shanghai Metals Market, headlined on March 14th, “Ukraine Gold Reserves Reported To Be Hastily Aircrafted To U.S.” Nobody would say anything about it, and U.S. “news” media blacked out the matter. However, U.S. sources said that it was done in order to protect Ukraine’s gold in the event that Russia were to invade and steal it (i.e., to take it toward repayment of Ukraine’s $16 billion debt to Russia).

Raul Illargi headlined at The Automatic Earth, “Debt Rattle Mar 9 2014: Big Oil and Gas Wars,” and linked to recent news reports about international oil companies’ efforts to push Russia’s state oil company Gazprom out of Ukraine and replace Russian with Western oil companies’ production.

Headlines included: “EU leaders draw up plans to send gas to Ukraine if Russia cuts off supply,” “Ukraine crisis is about Great Power oil, gas pipeline rivalry,” “Ukraine Plans to Cut Russian Gas Imports, Raise EU Supply,” and “Ukraine’s Naftogaz slashes Russian gas imports in February.”

The machinations by rightist politicians to shove aside Gazprom were already at a fever-pitch throughout the weeks leading up to the overthrow of Ukraine’s pro-Russian President Victor Yanukovych, especially the last week of February in 2014, when he was replaced by Nuland’s chosen person, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

So: that’s why the Russian-speakers who live in Ukraine are terrified and are hoping for Russia’s protection of them, and why Ukraine’s neo-Nazis were being unleashed by Obama against them. It’s just one gang of aristocrats trying to muscle another gang of aristocrats off to the side. And we’ll see who wins. But, clearly, the public, throughout Ukraine, will lose, big-time: “collateral damage” from the struggle between two rival gangs of aristocrats.

It’s just history repeating itself, for the zillionth time.

As usual, the winner of the 25 May 2014 election in Ukraine was an oligarch, but it wasn’t the one whom Obama had wanted, Yulia Tymoshenko (the one whose ally, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Obama’s agent Nuland had selected to run the interim government). She’s a rabid hater of Russia and supporter of the Hitlerites. Instead, it was Ukraine’s chocolate king, Petro Poroshenko, who is perhaps even more dependent upon Vladimir Putin’s goodwill than he is upon Barack Obama’s.

At least with Poroshenko at the helm, there is a chance of possibly blocking the fascist future for Ukraine that U.S. President Obama had, by now, so clearly intended. Enough Ukrainians, even in the country’s northwest (since ones in the southeast weren’t voting) opposed fascist rule, to turn away from Obama’s intended ruler of Ukraine. However, Poroshenko inherits a country whose Crimean region had clearly chosen to abandon Ukraine and to become again part of its original country, Russia.

Whether Poroshenko will be able to stop the civil war that started on May 2nd is yet to be seen. If he prosecutes the top people behind the May 2nd massacre, such as the Tymoshenko-allied oligarch of banking, gas, airlines and media, Ihor Kolomoisky, then a civil war among the public will become instead a civil war among the oligarchs themselves.

The alternative will be continuation of the existing public civil war, ending in Ukraine’s degenerating into two failed states. That would be disastrous even for Poroshenko’s financial interests, so a reasonable expectation would be for him to do whatever is necessary to do in order to avoid that outcome, though that might bring on the wrath of President Obama.

Perhaps Obama will find a different way to continue the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

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LAPD Acquires Drone Capability

What goes up may be shot down:  Coward LA pigs will be responsible for any injuries or deaths caused by these illegal, SATANIC murder machines; operators, manufacturers, engineers will be held personally responsible and accountable; Deadly Force law of the State of California will cover downing of illegal drones


For a city infamous for circling police helicopters, Los Angeles Police were surprisingly late to the drone game. All that has changed, however, as the department quietly added two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to its arsenal.

Illegal murder machines WILL BE SHOT DOWN by Patriots
The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) announced they had acquired two Draganflyer X6 aircraft as “gifts” from the Seattle Police, the department said on Friday.

“These vehicles were purchased by the Seattle Police Department using federal grants. 

There was no cost to the city of Los Angeles,” CBS Los Angeles cites police as saying.

The 3.5-lbs. UAV, which looks like a small helicopter, is about three-feet-wide and boasts a camera, video recorder and infrared night-vision capabilities.

The Department added that the craft will remain grounded for the time being until a proper review is conducted.

“No decision has been made whether or not these vehicles will be used. They are currently in the custody of a federal law enforcement agency pending review by the LAPD and the Board of Police Commissioners, as well as the public,” the department said in a statement.

The department’s cautiousness is likely sparked by concerns of spying and other privacy violations.

According to LA Weekly, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has already expressed its concern, noting that the LAPD only received the drones after the public in Seattle had rejected their deployment on privacy grounds.

Coward pigs will be dealt with accordingly
The ACLU fears the craft “can be used for completely surreptitious surveillance that a helicopter could never perform - and could pose particular threats to privacy when combined with other technology like facial recognition software, infrared night vision cameras, or microphones to record personal conversations.”

Seattle police, ironically, seem to have dumped the drones on the LAPD to avoid further controversy, as difficulties in returning the UAVs to the manufacturer sparked fears they would not remain grounded forever.

Attempting to assuage public concern, the LAPD released a statement saying the UAVs use would be limited to specific circumstances.

“The review would only consider narrow and prescribed uses to prevent imminent bodily harm, for example, a hostage situation or barricaded armed suspect,” the department said.

The LAPD already has the United States biggest police helicopter fleet - 17 choppers in total. The fleet costs an average of $20 million a year to maintain.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Another Nail In Coffin Of U.S. Empire

Blowback in spades for Obama's CIA engineered and financed coup in Ukraine

By Finian Cunningham

The economic union signed this week between Russia and its near neighbors, Belarus and Kazakhstan, spells another nail in the coffin of the waning US global hegemony.

CIA murderers blow yet another attempted coup
Russian President Vladimir Putin signed off on the Eurasian Economic Union in the Kazakh capital, Astana, along with his counterparts, Alexander Lukashenko and Nursultan Nazarbayev.

There was evident, sincere camaraderie between the three leaders. Putin called the new union a “landmark of historic significance” while the Kazakh leader Nazarbayev declared “a new geopolitical reality of the 21st century is born.”

This is no exaggeration. The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), which comes into effect in January 2015, is another sign of the paradigm shift in the global economy and international relations. This shift heralds the rise of the European-Asian axis and the further demise of the crumbling US-dominated West.

The signing of the EEU this week follows the strategic energy partnership between Russia and China that came into being last week. The latter entails the coupling of the world’s biggest oil and gas producer with the globe’s largest market.

Of crucial importance, these Eastern alignments integrate not just energy, but wider aspects of trade, finance and military alliance. Moreover, the gradual integration is outside the US dollar system and thus will greatly undermine the long-abused American hegemony over the rest of the world.

End result of Obama's "redline diplomacy"
The Eurasian pivot in world affairs embodied by the signing in Astana this week is not an isolated moment. 

It represents a dynamic of huge re-orientation, away from the US-dominated West.

Other countries that are aiming to join the EEU include the former Soviet states of Armenia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. In a few years’ time, it is not difficult to foresee how this oil and gas-rich region could evolve into a new energy bloc that would eventually oust the Saudi-dominated OPEC cartel. OPEC is a lynchpin in the US dollar monopoly over international trade.

As President Putin noted this week, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan constitute 20 and 15 per cent of the world’s gas and oil reserves. That strategic importance will only grow ever more, with the likely addition of other neighboring states to the EEU.

This Eurasian alliance could also in the near future include other energy giants, such as Iran and Azerbaijan. All these countries share common cultural heritages and they share common political and philosophical values of mutual respect for each other’s nations. This broad alliance is a natural development and one that eclipses the waning 

Western hegemony that is based on exploitation, deceit, treacherous subversion, militarism and the outrageous dollar racket.

The Eurasian Economic Alliance born this week has been three years in the making ever since Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan first began the Customs Unionprocess at the end of 2011. The political vision behind the project is totally different from the failing European Union or the Washington-led capitalist West, both of which serve elite profiteering and not the mass of people.

The EEA is based on mutual sovereignty and a genuine partnership to develop economies and societies along democratic principles, led by governments that are committed to serve the good of their people – as opposed to the Western servility to an elite financial oligarchy. The EEA is a government-planned management of agriculture, commerce, energy, labor and capital to serve the interests of social development and the needs of the real economy.

This is why, of course, Washington is quaking-scared about the kind of strategic union forming between Russia and its neighbors.

Without any credible rationale, Washington is claiming that Putin is trying to revive the old Soviet Union. Why that should be particularly objectionable is not explained by the Americans. And anyway, who is Washington to presume to speak for the countries of Eurasia? If the latter want to join with Russia, that is their own business over their sovereign affairs. But the exceptionally arrogant Washington does not understand or deserve democratic respect.

In December 2012, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said of the proposed EEU, “It’s not going to be called that [USSR]. It’s going to be called customs union, it will be called the Eurasian union and all of that, but let’s make no mistake about it. We know what the goal is and we are trying to figure out effective ways to slow down or prevent it.” Well, the American rulers are still trying to figure out effective ways of preventing the new realignment in global relations. The current US state-sponsored terrorism in Syria and Ukraine are part of this nefarious effort of sabotaging. But Washington will find that it is not just swimming against the tide of history; it is drowning.

The Eurasian Economic Union signed this week is another nail in Washington’s coffin as it sinks inexorably to a watery grave. Good riddance.


Finian Cunningham (born 1963) has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages. He is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in journalism. He is also a musician and songwriter. For nearly 20 years, he worked as an editor and writer in major news media organisations, including The MirrorIrish Times and Independent. Originally from Belfast, Ireland, he is now located in East Africa as a freelance journalist, where he is writing a book on Bahrain and the Arab Spring, based on eyewitness experience working in the Persian Gulf as an editor of a business magazine and subsequently as a freelance news correspondent. The author was deported from Bahrain in June 2011 because of his critical journalism in which he highlighted systematic human rights violations by regime forces. He is now a columnist on international politics for Press TV and the Strategic Culture Foundation.More articles by Finian Cunningham

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



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