Monday, November 17, 2014

The Marriage Of Terrorism And The Media : A Match Made In Hell

A sober, realistic analysis of "mainstream  media" sponsored "ISIS" terrorism and the ramifications for American expatriates, military personnel, their families and U.S. citizens travelling abroad    

By Robert S. Finnegan

Today, the world was treated once again to news reports confirming the beheading of yet another American by the so-called "ISIS" terrorist organisation.

The victim this time was U.S. aid worker Peter Kassig, a Veteran Army Ranger captured last year in Syria while on a private humanitarian mission. The video claiming to show the beheading posted online by the so-called "Islamic State" also includes a mass-beheading of men purported to be Syrian army personnel. Mainstream media outlets along with "social media" again run screeching front page stories and broadcast clips of "Jihad John," their latest internet death-porn star now raking in millions for their corporate coffers as their audiences are held spellbound by this latest disgusting spectacle and free advertising for terrorist recruitment.

This is the new cash cow for "news" organisations and they are already addicted to it, requiring their daily/weekly "fix" of terror to keep their ratings at what are now all time highs. They continue to deny any responsibility for these deaths by providing these animals with 24/7 rock star coverage.

Fallout for Expats

The bottom line for expatriates is that they are now all in danger of being kidnapped, held for ransom and media exposure that is instantly provided by the corporate "mainstream media." Then, when their usefulness has been played out and the story bled dry they are made into unwilling actors in terrorist snuff videos.

Administration officials continue dump gas on the "terrorism" fire with outlandish claims, innuendo and outright lies while placing U.S. weapons and ordnance in the hands of the "ISIS/FSA" mercenaries that wind up killing American servicemen and women, all with an assist from their "mainstream media" allies and propagandists.

The reality today is that no American is safe in any foreign country, and especially in the Middle East and countries with large Muslim populations susceptible to influence and/or domination by radical fundamentalists who employ terror tactics on their own populations in order to force adherence to their extremist, aberrant  "laws" that have nothing to do with the teachings if Islam, and everything to do with extortion, blackmail, coercion and murder.

They are simply criminals hiding behind the banner of religion.

The international public is never exposed to this side of the story however through responsible, professional and comprehensive media coverage.

This would indeed de-mystify and expose these animals what what they really are; nothing more than criminal scum aided and abetted by the intelligence agencies of the United States (CIA), Britain (MI6) and Persian Gulf state dictatorships, among others.

Democratic Freedoms Gutted

Terrorism is profitable, the overhead costs negligible when measured against the returns both monetary and in aiding, abetting and furthering government suppression of civilian democratic freedoms in the name of fighting it.

The "war on terror" during the last decade has been a boon for the military-industrial complexes in the U.S. and Western countries, with corporate profits quadrupling over the years.

The militarisation of police has created an atmosphere of fear and loathing in America, as they are increasingly armed and equipped with "surplus" U.S. military arms and vehicles - for free and now deploy them against American citizens with impunity.

Corporate "mainstream media" hacks and frauds continually downplay and excuse the use of excessive force by police citing "domestic terrorism" as justification, giving them further incentive to push boundaries in a manner that was unthinkable and unacceptable just a decade ago.

The violation of our Constitutional rights by police occur on a daily basis, and yet they are rarely called to account unless the offence is so egregious and independently documented it cannot be ignored.

What You Can Do

Change will not take place unless the bottom lines of the "mainstream media" corporate controllers are hit, and hit hard.  Switch the channel on broadcasters that hype and glorify terrorism and terrorists the likes of "Jihad John" and the "ISIS" filth.

Cancel vacations and fly only when absolutely necessary.  The airline industry, never a friend of the consumer will scream bloody murder. Already on the ropes over the Ebola virus and accompanying "mainstream media" panic-mongering, the subsequent further drop in air travel would bring about immediate change in both terms of service and a reduction in fare prices to reasonable, realistic levels.  With international travel now a huge risk the timing is fortuitous. The recent drop in oil prices can be attributed to, at least in part, to the drop in air travel and has already hit the oil companies in the pocketbook.

Draw your news from a variety of sources both "mainstream" and Independent Media. Take the time to parse the stories and you should then be able to ascertain a reasonable variation of the truth, the time spent is well worth it.  There is no "one-stop shopping" anymore when it comes to accurate and timely information dissemination in today's chaotic media environment..

Pull advertising with corporate media outlets, tune out their broadcasts and cancel subscriptions to their publications until such time as they begin to report responsibly, professionally and ethically covering both sides to every story. Support Independent Media wherever possible, they are now filling the vacuum left in the wake of the now dead Fourth Estate in America, and while not perfect by any means they are preferable to the sickening, juvenile propaganda that is "reported" and force-fed to a credulous public by corporate media on a daily basis.


Only Americans can change media landscape in the United States and only by becoming actively involved.  An enlightened and informed public is essential for bringing about justice and true equality in our Republic.

We, as American citizens have the right and the responsibility to demand responsible, objective, factual reporting from our media organisations.

It is up to us to force this change, the only question that remains now is whether we possess the collective courage to bring it about.

In the meantime defer overseas travel whenever possible, it is simply not worth the risk.

Robert S. Finnegan is a retired investigative journalist and Veteran Marine Corps NCO based in Jakarta, Indonesia.



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