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Jakarta Professor : A Dark And Sinister Madness Has Descended Upon U.S. Government

Soon enough, the world will be forced to recognise that the Obama criminals are far worse than Hitler and his crew of mass-murderers, and will eventually band together in a real alliance as they did in WWII to destroy this Satanic regime regardless of the cost in order to save humanity

By Prof. Rodney Shakespeare

A dark and sinister madness has descended upon the American government. 

Mass-murdering madman exposed
It is madness because it is divorced from reality.

It is madness because it is divorced from a desire to serve the human race (which is the ultimate expression of sanity). 

And it is madness because its promotion of violence is certain to cause more violence rather than ending it.

It is dark and sinister because its underlying intention hides in the shadows from which it springs out at crucial moments to forward its dastardly purpose.

At first the USA might be viewed as being only in a series of massive contradictions or, as it could be said, in a process of shooting itself in the foot. 

Thus, on the one hand, together with the Wahhabi ideologues of Saudi Arabia and the killers of Mossad, the USA trains, arms and facilitates the throat-slitters of ISIS while, on the other hand, it has announced that it is going to attack ISIS in Syria (which is an attack without any United Nations mandate). 

Obama's CIA/FSA scum
At the same time, while proposing to attack ISIS in Syria, the USA is hell-bent on destroying the most effective force against ISIS, namely, the Syrian government of Bashar Assad. To which can be added that the American arms going to so-called Syrian ‘moderate’ fighters (allegedly to fight Assad) always end up going to ISIS as will most of the $500 million supposed to be for the training of ‘moderates’.

Furthermore, Wahhabi Saudi Arabia is being asked to organise the training of the so-called ‘moderates’ who will, of course, upon their graduation, immediately turn into the most vicious ISIS Takfiri the world has ever known (and, given the existing eating of human organs and the predilection for crucifixion, that is really saying something).

All of this makes a maelstrom of contradiction and chaos drawing in more and more fanatics who have no desire but to kill as many people as they can. 

But surely, protests the rational mind, there must be some clear, major aim behind all of this, some noble end even if it will take a long time to get there. 

After all, the rational mind might claim, the End justifies the Means (no matter how, in the meantime, many millions of people are slaughtered or have to live in misery). 

Well, the End is clear, alright. 

Saudi apostates and kaffirs bet on the wrong horse
It is written across the face of American government and imbues every aspect of American action. 

Moreover, it explains why Saudi Arabia is being helped to extend its penchant for head-chopping. 

Furthermore, it explains why Turkey (which, when Erdogan was first elected, had promised peace with its neighbours) has become the gathering point for ISIS killers which it filters through its borders into Syria and Iraq. 

That End is a greatly expanded Israel. 

As long as Saudi Arabia in practice helps that End, it will be supported by the USA to suppress the democratic aspirations of the Saudi population. 

As long as Turkey assists that End, it will be helped to become Mr Big in its part of the world. 

Anything can be done or supported as long as it furthers the expansion of Israel.

Saudi "Chemical" Bandar supplied CIA/FSA with poison gas
So the USA wants ISIS to continue on its rampage of death as long as that rampage does not get as far as destroying one or more of America’s cronies e.g., Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or, of course, Israel itself. 

In short the USA wants ISIS in existence as long as ISIS does not get too strong (NB, Obama is already setting out America’s intent to spend years, yes, years, fighting the very thing which, simultaneously, it sustains….)

All this explains why, on the one hand, Turkey has been helping ISIS in every way and is now being told to help USA planes bomb ISIS. 

However, Turkey is refusing to help. 

Rather late in the day, Turkey is realising that its USA-induced support for ISIS is support for the very thing which could soon be destabilising Turkey itself.

Of course it is a question as to when Saudi Arabia will come to realise that, at some point in the future, it is going to be attacked by ISIS. 

At present, while claiming to be opposed, it is financing ISIS, instigating the hideous ideology of ISIS and is now going to provide training bases for ISIS. 

In sum, the USA is training, arming, financing and bombing absolutely everybody it can and all of this, every bit of this, is because it serves the Zionist purpose of creating maximum chaos in the Middle East.

We must also remember that the Zionism which controls America and which is deliberately smashing up the Middle East is also the Zionism of the fifty to seventy million Christian Zionists of the USA whose deepest desire is to have Armageddon in the Middle East i.e., a major war after which, the Christian Zionists so fondly imagine, they will be wafted up to Heaven. 

The Christian Zionists are not Christians. They are simply Zionists.

So the dark and sinister madness, bent on smashing the Middle East, is certainly the worst sort of madness from the viewpoint of normal, decent human beings. 

But, from the viewpoint of the Zionists who want destruction and, from the viewpoint of the Christian Zionists who are so selfish that they think their own salvation is so important even if it causes the deaths of millions of others, the smashing of the Middle East is a Good Thing.

All this madness, all this destruction, all this Zionism comes together in the person of Barack Obama. 

It will be to the everlasting shame of the Nobel Prize Committee that they gave a Peace Prize to the man who is guaranteeing that peace has now become impossible.


Prof. Rodney Shakespeare is a visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement, a member of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice. His main website is
Shakespeare is also Chair of the Committee Against Torture in Bahrain.  More articles by Prof. Shakespeare

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