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The Aggressive Feminine Face Of U.S. Diplomacy

Unqualified, prone to hysterics:  Obama cynically employs hatchet-women to take the heat for him thinking they will get a "break" for simply being shrieking, lying, psychotic harpies

By Nikolai Bobkin

The United States is represented in the UN by Samantha Power, who recently has been shocking diplomats with her hysterical retorts, unpredictable behavior and invective from the podium of the world's main international organization. The lady who has been nicknamed Obama's "humanitarian hawk" is in such a rage over the impotence of the U.S. in Ukraine that occasionally she spouts total nonsense: that Russia has no right to forget that it is the loser, not the winner, that Moscow's behavior is outrageous because by blackmailing the U.S. with nuclear weapons, Moscow is humiliating America, etc.

In general, one of the most outstanding drama queens of recent years in the American establishment is Hillary Clinton. Under Obama, she ran America, and not the president; Obama just echoed her.

That was how it was when they killed Gadhafi, and when they started the war in Syria, and when they introduced paralyzing sanctions against Iran. There's no denying that Hillary is a strong-willed woman who admits that she does not want to "stay home and bake cookies and have teas".

But could Obama not have known that during the presidency of her husband Bill, many matters were decided by his frenetic wife? Hillary never concealed this: "If I didn’t kick his (Bill's) ass every morning, he’d never amount to anything". Now no one would say that President Clinton achieved much for America in foreign policy. In the end, Hillary's kicks only led to President Clinton being best known for the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Obama hiding behind Susan "Butch" Rice on Benghazigate
During the 2006 presidential primaries, Samantha Power called Hillary Clinton a "monster", after which she was forced to leave Obama's election staff.

Not for long, however; she soon returned as a Special Assistant to the president and a member of the National Security Council. Obama's passion for working on military issues in meetings with women is surprising.

Power went from supporting General Wesley Clark's presidential campaign in 2004 to participating as a volunteer in the Washington office of U.S. Senator Barack Obama. 
Why he gave her the job of reviewing the U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual, associated with the name of General David Petraeus, is still a mystery to American military personnel. There is not now and never has been any hint that she is competent in military questions. There is an implacable hatred toward everything which does not coincide with her "journalistic" conception of American ideals. "The United States must also be prepared to risk the lives of its soldiers" to stop the threat of genocide, Power wrote. It is one thing to write, but another to represent the U.S. at the UN.

U.S. Embarrassment to UN:  Samantha Power
Power started as an independent journalist during the Bosnian War when she was just over twenty. She ardently welcomed American intervention and the air war which followed. Even then Power advocated the dispatch of American troops to fight against the Serbs, while fiercely attacking Russia. Having become a staunch supporter of American and NATO military interventions, she began to see war as the best means for achieving the ends of U.S. foreign policy.

The blood and suffering of civilians do not disturb her. Power is a politician with the delusional idea of upholding human rights and democracy using bombs and missiles. This ideology has no geographical boundaries: that's how it was in Yugoslavia, that is how the Americans are behaving in the Middle East, and that is how they are planning to act in Ukraine. Samantha Power is prepared to go to war with the people of Ukraine.

Liar extraordinaire, uber-narcissist Marie Harf
If there was ever a time when the United States should have been concerned about human rights violations in Ukraine, it is now. The head of Russia's Foreign Ministry, Sergei Lavrov, warned U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that if Kiev uses force against the residents of southeast Ukraine, the prospects for further cooperation with Washington on Ukraine will be undermined.

The U.S. must immediately cease making insulting remarks about Russia and subdue its unruly UN representative, who during the Security Council discussion on Ukraine and the Crimea could not sit still and was literally running around the room. The diplomat ran up to the Russian UN ambassador and began to shout at him. Vitaly Churkin took the lady by the arm and asked her to step away from him and not spit. The hysterical Power had to be calmed by support personnel. Such excesses are the reason for Vitaly Churkin's statement that Russia does not intend to tolerate the rude behavior of the American administration any longer.

Prone to hysterics:  Jen Psaki
The fact that the tone in the anti-Russian campaign is being set by American women bureaucrats does not reduce the responsibility of the U.S. leadership.For example, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki cannot be considered a political figure; her job is merely to make public the official position of the foreign policy agency. 

However, she takes the liberty of drawing personal inferences and conclusions which, like Samantha Power's behavior in the UN, are simply shocking.

The official State Department representative does not bother with proof. Psaki's answers to journalists' questions sometimes cause indignation. Female logic is no excuse in this case.

If spokeswoman Psaki shapes U.S. foreign policy, then what is Secretary of State John Kerry there for? After all, she often contradicts his statements, making her boss a laughing stock.

Victoria Nuland:  "Fuck the EU"
Kerry's assistant Victoria Nuland does not care much about his authority either. Judging by her latest statements on Ukraine, she has her own position which differs from the official position of Washington. "Next week during the four-party talks on the situation in Ukraine, the United States will support the sovereignty of Ukraine, as well as its right to make its own choice. We will push the Russian Federation to demonstrate in word and deed that they are a good neighbor», said Victoria Nuland.

She has already decided for both Obama and Kerry that «the involvement of the Russian Federation in the process of amending the Constitution of Ukraine is impermissible". In such cases one usually inquires into the mental state of the patient; here there are clear signs that Ms. Nuland is out of touch with reality.

John Kerry:  Shrill, deluded, menopausal, loose
Moscow has not announced any of the concessions to which Victoria Nuland intends to "push" Moscow. The Kremlin does not intend to recognize those who carried out the coup in Kiev as the lawful government of Ukraine, and it has not withdrawn its proposal to discuss the issue of federalizing Ukraine.

Russia still retains the diplomatic initiative in Ukrainian affairs, and Washington, having accepted the fact that Sevastopol will never be a U.S. military base, has taken the Crimean question off its international agenda once and for all.

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