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U.S. Stifling Alterative Media To Cover Up Truth : Kevin Barrett

War with Russia and the resumption of the draft will be the final stake in the heart of the so-called "mainstream media"

By Dr. Kevin Barret

The government of the United States continues to stifle alternative media as part of its long-time policy of feeding lies to the American people, an analyst writes for the Press TV website. 
“The US government is trying to stymie the spread of truth by abolishing net neutrality in order to literally ‘slow down’ the alternative media,” Kevin Barrett wrote.

He added that Americans have been “fed a steady diet of lies” for more than five decades.

Barrett stated that the US is spreading “myths” like being “a bastion of freedom and democracy” in a bid to “hypnotize the masses.” 
He said the “viral spread of truth” terrifies the American leaders whom he described as “the shadow-masters who control Plato's cave.” 

Barrett said the US Federal Communications Commission’s directive last week allowing big media to buy up internet “fast lanes” would “kill net neutrality,” adding that the decision leaves “the alternative media, nonprofits, and ordinary users stuck on the internet equivalent of a dirt road.”
“The net neutrality debate raises a philosophical question: Should we allow big money to control mass consciousness?” asked the analyst.

Barrett noted that US mainstream media “lie incessantly,” adding, “The worldview they peddle is a mythic delusion at best, a psychotic fantasy at worst.”


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Judicial Watch : Benghazi Documents Point To White House On Lying CIA Talking Points

BenghaziGate blows wide open:  Obama, Clinton, Rice, Carney headed for well deserved prosecution for the murders of Ambassador Stevens, Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods and other consulate staff



Judicial Watch announced today that on April 18, 2014, it obtained 41 new Benghazi-related State Department documents. They include a newly declassified email showing then-White House Deputy Strategic Communications Adviser Ben Rhodes and other Obama administration public relations officials attempting to orchestrate a campaign to “reinforce” President Obama and to portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an Internet video, and not a failure of policy.” Other documents show that State Department officials initially described the incident as an “attack” and a possible kidnap attempt. 

Obama, Rice, Clinton conclusively, decisively busted for lying
The documents were released Friday as result of a June 21, 2013, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Department of State (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:13-cv-00951)) to gain access to documents about the controversial talking points used by then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice for a series of appearances on television Sunday news programs on September 16, 2012.

 Judicial Watch had been seeking these documents since October 18, 2012.

The Rhodes email was sent on sent on Friday, September 14, 2012, at 8:09 p.m. with the subject line: “RE: PREP CALL with Susan, Saturday at 4:00 pm ET.” The documents show that the “prep” was for Amb. Rice’s Sunday news show appearances to discuss the Benghazi attack.

Obama responsible for Benghazi murders, cover-up
The document lists as a “Goal”: “To underscore that these protests are rooted in and Internet video, and not a broader failure or policy.”

Rhodes returns to the “Internet video” scenario later in the email, the first point in a section labeled “Top-lines”:

[W]e’ve made our views on this video crystal clear.

The United States government had nothing to do with it. We reject its message and its contents. We find it disgusting and reprehensible. But there is absolutely no justification at all for responding to this movie with violence. And we are working to make sure that people around the globe hear that message.

Among the top administration PR personnel who received the Rhodes memo were White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, Deputy Press Secretary Joshua Earnest, then-White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer, then-White House Deputy Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri, then-National Security Council Director of Communications Erin Pelton, Special Assistant to the Press Secretary Howli Ledbetter, and then-White House Senior Advisor and political strategist Davie Plouffe.

Ambassador Chris Stevens died a horrible, lingering death
The Rhodes communications strategy email also instructs recipients to portray Obama as “steady and statesmanlike” throughout the crisis.

Another of the “Goals” of the PR offensive, Rhodes says, is “[T]o reinforce the President and Administration’s strength and steadiness in dealing with difficult challenges.”

He later includes as a PR “Top-line” talking point:

I think that people have come to trust that President Obama provides leadership that is steady and statesmanlike. There are always going to be challenges that emerge around the world, and time and again, he has shown that we can meet them.

The documents Judicial Watch obtained also include a September 12, 2012, email from former DeputySpokesman at U.S. Mission to the United Nations Payton Knopf to Susan Rice, noting that at a press briefing earlier that day, State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland explicitly stated that the attack on the consulate had been well planned. The email sent by Knopf to Rice at 5:42 pm said:

Blithering idiot Susan "Butch" Rice tries to lie her way out
Responding to a question about whether it was an organized terror attack, Toria said that she couldn’t speak to the identity of the perpetrators but that it was clearly a complex attack. In the days following the Knopf email, Rice appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News and CNN still claiming the assaults occurred “spontaneously” in response to the “hateful video.” On Sunday, September 16 Rice told CBS’s “Face the Nation:

But based on the best information we have to date, what our assessment is as of the present is in fact what began spontaneously in Benghazi as a reaction to what had transpired some hours earlier in Cairo where, of course, as you know, there was a violent protest outside of our embassy–sparked by this hateful video.

The Judicial Watch documents confirm that CIA talking points, that were prepared for Congress and may have been used by Rice on “Face the Nation” and four additional Sunday talk shows on September 16, had been heavily edited by then-CIA deputy director Mike Morell. According to one email:

The first draft apparently seemed unsuitable….because they seemed to encourage the reader to infer incorrectly that the CIA had warned about a specific attack on our embassy.

On the SVTS, Morell noted that these points were not good and he had taken a heavy hand to editing them. He noted that he would be happy to work with [then deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton]] Jake Sullivan and Rhodes to develop appropriate talking points.

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch also contain numerous emails sent during the assault on the Benghazi diplomatic facility. The contemporaneous and dramatic emails describe the assault as an “attack”:

September 11, 2012, 6:41 PM – Senior Advisor Eric Pelofsky, to Susan Rice:

As reported, the Benghazi compound came under attack and it took a bit of time for the ‘Annex’ colleagues and Libyan February 17 brigade to secure it. One of our colleagues was killed – IMO Sean Smith. Amb Chris Stevens, who was visiting Benghazi this week is missing. U.S. and Libyan colleagues are looking for him…

Obama propaganda minister Carney also headed to prison
At 8:51 pm, Pelofsky tells Rice and others that “Post received a call from a person using an [sic] RSO phone that Chris was given saying the caller was with a person matching Chris’s description at a hospital and that he was alive and well.

Of course, if the he were alive and well, one could ask why he didn’t make the call himself.” Later that evening, Pelofsky emailed Rice that he was “very, very worried.

 In particular that he [Stevens] is either dead or this was a concerted effort to kidnap him.” Rice replied, “God forbid.”

September 11, 2012, 4:49 PM – State Department press officer John Fogarty reporting on “Libya update from Beth Jones”:

Beth Jones [Acting Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs] just spoke with DCM Tripoli Greg Hicks, who advised a Libyan militia (we now know this is the 17th Feb brigade, as requested by Emb office) is responding to the attackon the diplomatic mission in Benghazi.”

Material is blacked out (or redacted) in many emails.

“Now we know the Obama White House’s chief concern about the Benghazi attack was making sure that President Obama looked good,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “And these documents undermine the Obama administration’s narrative that it thought the Benghazi attack had something to do with protests or an Internet video. Given the explosive material in these documents, it is no surprise that we had to go to federal court to pry them loose from the Obama State Department.”

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U.S. To Russia : We Will Defend Every Single Piece Of NATO Territory

Demented doofus, U.S. traitor Kerry now makes yet another "commitment" he cannot possibly keep; NATO, EU fascists doomed


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin over the current situation in Ukraine, saying that “NATO territory is inviolable.”

"Putin's Russia is playing by a different set of rules," Kerry said during a speech at the Atlantic Council's tribute to NATO and the European Union on Tuesday. 
"This is my LAST warning... I meant it!"
"Today Russia seeks to change the security landscape of Eastern and Central Europe," he said. "Whatever path Russia chooses, the United States and our allies will stand together in our defense of Ukraine."

"And most important, together we have to make it absolutely clear to the Kremlin that NATO territory is inviolable. We will defend every single piece of it," he warned.

Kerry also described the events in Ukraine as a “wake-up call” for the US and its NATO allies.

"Together we have to push back against those who want to change sovereign borders by force," the top US diplomat said. 
Putin:  "You have GOT to be shitting me...."
"We find ourselves in a defining moment for our trans-Atlantic alliance; Our strength will come from our unity," he said. "This moment is about more than just ourselves - the fact is that our entire model for global leadership is at stake."

The US accuses Russia of violating Ukraine’s sovereignty by stirring up pro-Russia protests in eastern Ukraine.

Russia denies the allegation, saying the protests have begun spontaneously against what it calls the illegitimate interim government in Kiev.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday that the crisis in the eastern European country is the result of the West’s weak policies.


This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.


On Bringing Bush War Criminals to Justice

War Criminal Perino of Fox News now defends Rice speech rejection at Rutgers believing that she will somehow avoid prosecution; Perino is also responsible for the death of veteran journalist Helen Thomas, after insulting and degrading this American journalistic icon in front of the world

By Dahr Jamail

This is part II of a series on Dahr Jamail’s trip to the Iraq Commission conference in Brussels. Also see Part I: International Lawyers Seek Justice for Iraqis.

Narmeen Saleh and her husband Shawki were detained by US military forces during a violent 2004 raid of their home in Baghdad. 

Bush whore Perino headed for prison
Saleh spent 16 days in prison, where “the interrogations didn’t stop for one minute.”  

She was beaten, electrocuted and threatened with rape if she didn’t “confess.” 

“They [US soldiers] tortured and beat me a lot, and when they found out that I was pregnant they told me they would kill the baby in my womb,” she was quoted, as her testimony was read at the Iraq Commission conference in Brussels recently. 

“They then concentrated their beating and electricity on my abdomen area.” 

Her daughter, who is now 8 years old, has cerebral palsy, and her husband remains in custody of the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for the bogus charge of “illegally entering Iraq.”

Rice, Cheney, Bush tried, failed at the Rove "hide in plain sight" strategy, only drawing more attention to themselves and their crimes

This shocking testimony was provided to international lawyers, journalists , and activists converged at a conference titled, “The Iraq Commission,” held in Brussels, Belgium, April 16 and 17, with the primary aim of bringing to justice government officials who are guilty of war crimes in Iraq. 

The conference represented the most powerful and most current organized movement in the world to hold accountable those responsible for the catastrophic invasion and occupation in Iraq, including UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and former US President George W. Bush, along with others in their administrations.

Bush attempts to sanitize Blair with phoney "peace" medal
War Crimes in Iraq

Nawal al-Obaidi, an Iraqi academic and founding trustee of the International Action for Iraqi Refugees NGO, provided somber testimony about how her brother was killed by US forces. Hazim al-Obaidi left his wife and four children at their home in Mosul to go to work at his grocery store one morning in January 2005.That same evening, his wife became worried when Hazim had not returned home and began a search. 

“The whole family could not sleep that night, wondering what had happened to Hazim and why he did not return back home,” his sister Nawal told the audience. “As the curfew was in place, no one could leave the house until the next morning.”

The next morning, family members searched the morgues of the main hospital, but to no avail.

Two days later, they learned of his burned car.

A bevy of Bush war criminals
Eyewitnesses informed the family of the car being attacked by US forces, who “started shooting at him and at his car, until the car exploded.”

What was left of the severely burned body was removed by family members, then, “to the bewilderment of his family, US troops stopped them after they had collected the body, uncovered it and took photos.”

“Hazim was not a “terrorist” or a “Saddamist,” al-Obeidi explained. “He was a cheerful family man who was wounded in the Iran-Iraq war and survived the harshness of the sanctions years by selling groceries. Who is going to investigate his killing, compensate his family, and help his children to make sense of their tragedy? Will it be the Iraqi government, or the US-led occupation? Judging by the human rights records of both, the answer is that neither of them will investigate Hazim’s killing, or any other. [Hundreds of] thousands of civilians have been killed for no reason. One of them was my brother.”

This writer, too, provided testimony: I spoke of several war crimes I witnessed during my reportage from Iraq during the US-led occupation.

Lynndie England, Abu Ghraib
In May 2004, I interviewed a man who had just been released from Abu Ghraib prison. Like so many I interviewed from various US military detention facilities who’d been tortured horrifically, he still managed to maintain his sense of humor. He began laughing when telling of how US soldiers made him beat other prisoners. 

He laughed because he told me he had been beaten himself prior to this and was so tired that all he could do to beat other detained Iraqis was to lift his arm and let it drop on the other men. 

Bush torturers ply their Satanic trade in Iraq
Later in the same interview, when telling of another story, he laughed again and said, “The Americans brought electricity to my ass before they brought it to my house.” Another story I reported to the international lawyers was that of 55-year-old Sadiq Zoman, who was tortured horrifically by US military personnel. 

I shared documentation of US military doctors, nurses and medics being complicit with that torture.

Sadiq Zoman was detained from his home shortly after the US occupation of Iraq began, but not charged with any crime. (Photo: Dahr Jamail). 

Zoman was detained from his home in Kirkuk in a raid by US soldiers that produced no weapons. He was taken to a police office in Kirkuk, the Kirkuk Airport Detention Center, the Tikrit Airport Detention Center and then the 28th Combat Support Hospital, where he was treated by Dr. Michael Hodges, a lieutenant colonel. 

Hodges’ medical report listed the primary diagnoses of Zoman’s condition as hypoxic brain injury (brain damage caused by lack of oxygen) “with persistent vegetative state,” myocardial infraction (heart attack) and heat stroke. After one month in custody, Zoman was dropped off in a coma at the General Hospital in Tikrit by US soldiers.

A comatose Zoman was dropped off by US military personnel at the main hospital in Tikrit. 

Torture at Abu Ghraib surpassed definition of evil
Zoman’s last name was listed as his first name on the report, despite the fact that all of his identification papers were taken during the raid on his home. 

Because of this, it took his family weeks to locate him in the hospital.

Hodges’ medical report did not mention the fact that the back of Zoman’s head was bashed in, nor that he had electrical burn marks on the bottoms of his feet and genitals, or why he had lash marks across his back and chest.

Zoman remains in a coma, and there has been no compensation provided to his now-impoverished family for what was done to him.

Bringing Justice 

Inder Comar, who testified at the commission, is the legal director at Comar Law in San Francisco, California.

Torture at Abu Ghraib surpassed definition of evil
“On March 13, 2013, my client, an Iraqi single mother and refugee now living in Jordan, filed a class action lawsuit against George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz in a federal court in California,” Comar has written about his case. 

“She alleges that these six defendants planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of international law by waging a ‘war of aggression,’ as defined by the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg, more than sixty years ago,” Comar added. (The current complaint can be found here). 

Comar’s client, Sundus Shaker Saleh, is alleging “crime of aggression” in the San Francisco Federal Court against the aforementioned. “Crime of aggression” emanates from the Nuremberg Trials following World War II and is what Comar is arguing was committed in the Iraq War. 

The lawsuit includes all Iraqis who have suffered harm as a result of the war, and Comar’s firm is representing Saleh pro bono. “This could be precedent setting,” Comar told the commission. “And this is the first time a US court is looking at a crime of aggression since Nuremberg, since 1945."

US courts have immunized many of the members of the Bush Administration, but Comar thinks his case is different and will not be subject to the same kind of immunity. 

“The crime of aggression is part of international law, so we are arguing with good precedent that international law is part of federal law,” he said. 

Comar’s case against Bush is based on the conduct of members of his administration prior to their coming into office, as well as conduct taking place during and after the events of September 11, 2001. 

Evidence of premeditation abounds.
Years before their appointment to the Bush administration, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz were vocal advocates of a militant neoconservative ideology that called for the United States to use its armed forces in the Middle East and elsewhere. 

They openly chronicled their desire for aggressive wars through a nonprofit called The Project for the New American Century (PNAC). 

In 1998, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz personally signed a letter to then-President Clinton urging him to implement a “strategy for removing Saddam’s regime from power,” which included a “willingness to undertake military action as diplomacy is clearly failing.” 

On September 11, 2001, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz openly pressed for the United States to invade Iraq, even though intelligence at the time confirmed that Saddam Hussein was in no way responsible. Richard Clarke, former national coordinator for security, infrastructure protection and counterterrorism, famously told President Bush that attacking Iraq for 9/11 “would be like invading Mexico after Pearl Harbor.” 

England and Charles Graner
Comar’s case states: “Defendants planned the war against Iraq as early as 1998; manipulated the United States’ public to support the war by scaring them with images of ‘mushroom clouds’ and conflating the Hussein regime with al-Qaeda; and broke international law by commencing the invasion without proper legal authorization.” 

By comparison, more than 60 years ago, American prosecutors in Nuremberg, Germany, convicted Nazi leaders of the crimes of conspiring and waging wars of aggression. 

They found the Nazis guilty of planning and waging wars that had no basis in law and which killed millions of innocents. 

The plaintiff in the case, Saleh, is thus seeking justice under the Nuremberg principles, as well as US law, for damages she and others like her suffered because of the defendants’ premeditated plan to invade Iraq. 

Comar detailed to the commission how the premeditation was obvious, showing slides from an article titled “Saddam Must Go,” penned by Wolfowitz and Zalmay Khalilzad, as well as others titled, “Overthrow Him,” “How to Attack Iraq” and “Bombing Iraq is not enough.”

“When we talk about these war criminals, we need to employ the language of pirates in order to engage the basis of universal jurisdiction,” Comar added. “Because when pirates go anywhere they have no safe haven from being held accountable for their actions.” 

Comar told Truthout that he decided to take this case because he was inspired by the Nuremberg judgment. 

“That and my client’s bravery to want to do this and be committed to her case,” he explained. “In law school, I was fascinated by Nuremberg and the trail of facts.” 

Comar believes strongly in the morality behind the case. 

“We have to use every avenue the law provides us to try to do something, and it’s amazing that it took a single mother refugee from Iraq to press for justice for a war our leaders continue to want to ignore,” he said. “What I’m doing can have a ripple, it might inspire other lawyers, it might cause people to start asking questions about the Bush administration.” 

According to Comar, his case represents the first time a US judge will hear about a crime of aggression since 1946, “So this case will be looked at internationally. We have to set the stage for other countries to start working to conform to principles of peace.” 

Comar added that his case in California serves as a template that could be used in every other US state. 

Planning for Prosecutions 

Sabah al-Mukhtar, the president of the Arab Lawyers Association, chaired the final session of the Iraq commission. The session investigated what the next steps should be toward bringing those responsible for the Iraq invasion and occupation to justice.

There will be no excuses for Rumsfeld
"The delegitimization of major war criminals is complete in terms of the understanding around the world that these successive wars that have been waged are in complete opposition to international law,” Dr. Niloufer Bhagwat, professor of comparative constitutional law at the University of Mumbai and vice president of the Indian Lawyers Association in Mumbai testified. 

She addressed the fact that there have been no reparations, the sanctions crimes need to be addressed, including the fact that the US government knowingly killed more than 500,000 Iraqi children via malnourishment and disease, and added, “The work we’ve done here has to be carried from country to country so the political formations adopt our viewpoint, that these wars of aggression can only come to an end when we have an overturning of the political and economic systems.” 

Rove will no longer thumb his nose at justice
Professor Gurdial Singh Nijar, a senior practicing lawyer and lead prosecutor of the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunals on Iraq, believes that the people’s tribunals that have been held on Iraq “are becoming an increasingly important tool for recapturing the lost space and jurisprudence over war crimes. We’ve had three war crimes tribunals and we intend to have more and to introduce this thinking into law schools like the one in which I teach.” He believes the next step toward justice is for countries to exercise universal jurisdiction as a means of charging war criminals. 

“Three quarters of UN states have authorized their courts to exercise universal jurisdiction over war crimes, so the stage is actually set,” he said. “The challenge then is how to get these countries to institute charges against these war criminals on the basis of credible trials that have been conducted and ended up in convictions, either by peoples’ tribunals or otherwise. The next step is to go country to country and begin to file charges in each of these jurisdictions.” 

Bush will be "painting" dogs in his prison cell
Dr. Curtis F. J. Doebbler, an international lawyer who practices law before the International Court of Justice, shared an instance where there has already been some success. 

“We suggested, for Syria, and I was in the room with the negotiators, that [US Secretary of State John] Kerry be advised that the use of force could lead to violations of international law, and there could be war crimes,” he said. “So I think we’re making some inroads.” 

Lindsey German, the convener of the British antiwar organization Stop the War Coalition, stated in her concluding remarks that Bush and Blair are “by far the most responsible persons for the Iraq war.” 

The traitor Powell will join his fellow war criminals in the can
She added, “Blair is still the envoy for peace in the Middle East, of all things, for which they obviously didn’t check his CV.

We have to stress the connections between the wars and the political and economic systems under which we live.

We can’t have economic justice without bringing justice to the war criminals.”

Comar addressed the “banality of militarism” in the United States, said he hopes that the work he is doing “is creating a vaccine for that” and stressed the need for confidence in international law.

Bill O'Reilly will join his masters in jail, along with Perino and the other Fox News war shills responsible for the Iraq war

“We in the US can work to take power back from the federal system on a state system and begin to incorporate international law into our own laws,” he said. “Or maybe we can do this on a city level to criminalize this wrongdoing in a lawful manner so that we have more control. I look forward to sharing my court complaint with any other lawyer. We need to work together to help get people reparations from this war and to prevent the next war.” 

The American people who lost their loved ones for nothing in these illegal, immoral wars will not forget

Dirk Adriaensens, a long-time Iraq activist and co-founder of the Iraq Commission, concluded the commission by calling for concrete proposals that will lead to global court cases regarding Iraq.

“If Inder Comar says that his court case can be replicated in all other 49 US states,” he said, “then we can replicate this in every country around the world.”

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Anti - Kiev Protesters Take Control Of Government Buildings In Lugansk Region, East Ukraine

Putin matches impotent Obama/EU/NATO pseudo-sanctions blow-for-blow; one step closer to shutting off the gas taps


Anti-government protesters have taken control of the regional administration building and prosecutor’s office in the city of Lugansk, eastern Ukraine. Protests continue as the deadline for the protesters’ ultimatum to the government expired. 
For more videos and photos from the scene, follow RT’s stringer Graham Phillips on Twitter

“The building is ours. That’s it,” local protest leader Oleg Dereko told RIA Novosti.

“A regional administration building has been taken by storm,” an activist who asked not to be named has told RT. “A coordination committee and militia are now inside and are getting ready for an emergency meeting.”

The Ukrainian flag on the building has been replaced with Russia's tricolor.

Another activist, who said he is now inside the regional administration office, has told RT that the building was seized without using any weapons. He has said that anti-government protesters are now negotiating with armed police, who activists blocked in the back yard, in order to persuade them to surrender their weapons and leave.

A small group of guards barricaded themselves in one of the corridors of the building, according to footage from the scene. The protesters convinced them to leave. 

The protesters, some of them armed with clubs and metal shields, have spread throughout the building.

No injuries or violence were reported during the takeover. 
"There are no injured. We are peaceful people,” Dereko said.

The police guards from the building have gathered in the courtyard. 
They are standing holding their shields, while protesters, who are also present there, cheer them for not confronting the activists with violence.

Fortifications quickly moved into place at government building in central #Lugansk,v few police still in building now

— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 29, 2014

Protesters rallied towards the regional administration building when none of the officials responded to their ultimatum to local government issued on Sunday. The people are demanding amnesty for all political prisoners, the holding of a referendum and making Russian also an official language. 
"We waited till 14:00 local time, the time we expected the reply by. No answer was received. Kiev has completely ignored our demands,” Oleg Dereko told RIA Novosti.

Aleksey Uskoryakin, another protest leader, said the take-over was not planned. 
The protesters wanted to hold a rally and send a delegation to talk to regional MPs, but they were absent in the building. Emotions got the better of the situation, resulting in seizure of the building, in which several windows were broken.

The protesters are contemplating a possible release of the building, “if the governor and lawmakers agree to negotiate.” 

Activists estimate there are over 3, 000 people remain outside the building and more continue to arrive.

“There are over 3,000 people on the square. People are arriving; the square is filling up with people. The governor has not come out yet and no announcements have been made. Everyone is waiting for a response on the ultimatum, the deadline has passed already,” Dereko told the news agency.

Several hundred protesters then moved to the local prosecutor’s office, which they seized shortly after.

According to media estimates, some 700 people approached the building and started hurling stones, breaking windows and knocking down doors. It took them ten minutes to get inside, Interfax news agency reported.

The agency stressed that no law enforcement officers were at the scene.

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White House Terrorizes the World

Obama's murdering CIA attempting to spark global conflicts in vain hope of saving their master and themselves from the ongoing, devastating Snowden revelations; will be hunted down and exterminated worldwide

By Vladimir Odintsov

The White House’s predilection for constantly subjecting the world and nations in various regions to convulsions and disturbances is well known. 
After 1989, Washington began actively looking for ways to maintain its influence around the world. 
And if its strategy in those early stages did not manifest a clearly articulated belligerent and messianic attitude, such an attitude grew decisively evident with the rise to power of Bush the Younger, whose open aggression took everyone by surprise. 
In the era of George W. Bush’s administration, its organized disturbances of the world order most often took the form of initiating wars and armed aggression, including the invasions of Afghanistan (in 2001) and Iraq (in 2003), and the creation of a complete system of national missile defense (beginning in 2001). 
The world was further shaken on 29 January 2002 by the American president’s announcement of “revelations” in his yearly address to the US Congress and his proclamation of war against the so-called “Axis of Evil”– countries that, in the White House’s contention, sponsor terrorism, among which were mentioned the following states found uncongenial to the Washington administration: initially, Iraq, Iran, and the DPRK, later joined by Cuba, Libya, and Syria.

After Afghanistan and Iraq, the most serious convulsions generated by the US were directed at Libya and Syria, both after the election of President Obama.

However, the direct use of its own military strength and the sponsoring of protest movements are not the only forms taken by the White House’s active efforts in recent years to replace regimes it finds objectionable and subdue other governments. Washington and the CIA’s arsenal has lately given increasing priority to “scientific experiments” conducted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), as well as secret research into recent significant developments in global climate change which have had devastating effects on the economy and the general quality of life of the citizens in many countries of the globe, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. 
Mass-murdering CIA scumbag, U.S. traitor Leon Panetta
In September 2009, at the initiative of Leon Panetta, then director of the CIA, a special Center on Climate Change and National Security was created within the Agency. Significant amounts of resources were set aside and continue to be made available for the financing of this program, which by no means uses them for the good of the population in said regions, who have increasingly suffered from climatological disturbances in recent years. In recent times it has not been uncommon for national disasters (especially in the countries of Asia and Latin America) to occur as a result of convulsions caused by seismic activity. In March of this year powerful earthquakes took place in Chile, Nicaragua, Japan, and China, with aftershocks that caused damage in Greece, France, and many other countries. In January, New Zealand and Japan were also affected, as Indonesia, the Philippines, and Peru had been just before them.

It is surprising, considering contemporary developments in science and the perfection of the means for predicting the danger of natural seismic activity, that these events appeared to be unexpected and immediately gave rise to thoughts of “cruel fate” or a “cruel hand” testing the will and endurance of the population of Asian and Latin American nations. 
Pine Gap
Speculating about what “cruel hand” was behind these occurrences cannot but remind us of the many announcements in the information space of France and other countries in which attention has repeatedly been drawn to the existence in Australia (in the vicinity of Alice Springs) of a secret USA CIA military base called Pine Gap, which has at its disposal both climatological and seismic weaponry.

As has been noted in published reports on the base, it has more than 800 Americans working on the premises, consisting predominantly of secret agents of the United States NSA or CIA. The base’s reference data indicate that it is designed for purposes of communications with US spy satellites and reception from them of intelligence data gathered from different regions of the world.

It is curious that the base does not have its own aerodrome and is located at a remote distance from other inhabited areas. At the same time, according to countless statements by members of the local population, considerable quantities of food and various accessories are regularly transported to Pine Gap via the airport situated 16 km away, enough to sustain the autonomous functioning of the rather imposing underground townlet. The authors of a published work on Pine Gap were surprised to find that even members of the Australian parliament do not possess exact information regarding the nature of the secret US base’s activities.
However, according to data from other Australian and American periodicals, it is known that directly underneath the territory of the base there is a crevasse-cave stretching more than eight kilometers deep in the direction of the earth’s center. This fact has led several experts to suspect that the US security services may be using this natural singularity for the development inside the cave of a low-frequency antenna by the use of which a high-powered wave can be generated through the earth’s crust, capable of causing earthquakes and tsunamis, to be used by Washington as a seismic weapon.

Various scholars from around the world have already repeatedly documented the possibility of developing and using a seismic weapon. As early as 2000, at the Peoples’ Health Assembly in December 2000 in Dhaka, Dr. Rosalie Bertell referred to the possibility that US security services might develop climatological and seismic weapons
At the time of the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, many observers investigating the causes of that disaster noted their suspicions that Washington may have used a seismic weapon to bring it about. In the end, however, no inquiries were made by the international community concerning this matter. Nor was any conclusive refutation of such suspicions offered by Washington, then or since.

Meanwhile, the world continues to shudder at the foreign policy and “scientific experiments” of the White House, which positions itself as the “bulwark of peace and democracy.” Yet how can those civilians who are dying as a result of secret military and special operations organized by the White House approve of Washington’s actions or those of its hidden soldiers? And is the USA then really such a bulwark after all?

Vladimir Odintsov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook“.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Abused Indonesian Maid In Time 100 As Trial Opens In Hong Kong

The death penalty for abusers of Indonesian maids, women


Time magazine has named an Indonesian maid allegedly tortured by her Hong Kong employer as one of the world’s 100 most influential people, putting the spotlight on the city’s treatment of its migrant workers. 
Erwiana Sulistyaningsih was horribly tortured by employer
Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, 23, reportedly suffered months of abuse in a case which has renewed concerns over the treatment of domestic helpers in the southern Chinese city and sparked angry protests.

Time magazine hailed Sulistyaningsih’s bravery in speaking out against her employer, and pushing for laws that better protect maids in Hong Kong. 

“It is brave women like her who speak up for the voiceless who will create lasting change,” Cambodian activist Somaly Mam said of Sulistyaningsih in the list published on Thursday.

“Erwiana is advocating for better laws to protect others who may share her fate, placing a spotlight on the plight of a vulnerable and often invisible population,” Mam said. 
Police escort Lo Wan-Tung to her home for further investigation
Time’s recognition of Sulis–tyaningsih brings international attention to the treatment of migrant domestic workers in the city, Hong Kong-based Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body spokesman Eman Villanueva, a Filipino, told Agence France-Presse on Friday.

“The inclusion itself only proves that the issue of migrant domestic workers, the slavery, the exploitation and abuse is something that the international community should pay attention to,” Villanueva said. He described the situation as “ripe for abuse” in the city, where maids are required to live with their employers.

Villanueva also said Erwiana’s actions and her inclusion on the list will help empower more victims to speak out.

“This would encourage and would strengthen the resolve of many other victims to come out in the open and fight for their rights and seek justice,” he said.

Law Wan-tung, a 44-year-old Hong Kong mother-of-two has been charged with causing grievous bodily harm to Sulistyaningsih. 
Hong Kong protests against maid abuse
Prosecutors have alleged that Law turned household items such as a mop, a ruler and a clothes hanger into “weapons” against Sulistyaningsih.

She was also charged with common assault and four counts of criminal intimidation — charges related either to Sulistyaningsih or to her two previous Indonesian domestic helpers. 
Erwiana Sulistyaningsih faces a long rehabilitation, recovery
The trial has been adjourned to April 29, with officials awaiting the maid’s medical records from Indonesia.

Sulistyaningsih was admitted to hospital in Sragen, on Indonesia’s main island of Java, in critical condition after returning from Hong Kong in January.

The Asian financial hub is home to nearly 300,000 maids, mainly from Indonesia and the Philippines, and criticism from rights groups over their treatment is growing.

Amnesty International in November condemned the “slavery-like” conditions faced by thousands of Indonesian domestic helpers in Hong Kong and accused authorities of “inexcusable” inaction.

Time magazine’s list also included Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai, who survived a Taliban attack in 2012 when she was shot in the head by the militants for campaigning for girls’ education.

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The real truth on 9/11 slowly continues to bleed out

Technical experts are mounting major challenges to official U.S. government accounts of how three World Trade Center skyscrapers collapsed in near-freefall after the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago.

Many researchers are focusing especially on the little-known collapse of



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Geopolitics Of The United States Part 2: American Identity And The Threats of Tomorrow

A look back at 2011 predictions for the future in order to put events of today into perspective

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