Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Cruel Christmas Gift : Jobless Benefits Cut Off For 1.3 Million Americans

While Obama vacations in Hawaiian luxury on unemployed tax dollars

By Kate Randall and Barry Grey

Extended unemployment benefits will end today for 1.3 million Americans, just three days after Christmas. The cruel cutoff of income for the long-term jobless and their families exemplifies the contempt of the Obama administration and the entire political establishment for the working class. The move threatens millions of unemployed workers and their families with poverty. 
"I Wonder what the unemployed are doing today - HA!"
Never before in the post-war history of the United States has the government cut off extended unemployment benefits while jobless levels remained as high as they presently stand.

In the course of 2014, another 3.6 million workers will exhaust their state unemployment benefits and be left with nothing. Taking into account family members who rely on these benefits as their sole source of cash income, some 5 percent of the US population will face destitution as a result of the cutoff of these funds.

A renewal of the extended benefits was left out of the budget deal reached in Congress earlier this month, with the approval of the White House and congressional Democrats. The total cost of extended unemployment benefits would be $25 billion in 2014, less than 1 percent of overall federal spending. 
"The unemployed?  Let them eat dog food for Christmas!"
The same Congress that allowed the jobless benefits to expire voted December 19 to authorize nearly $633 billion in military spending for 2014, money that will go toward funding the war in Afghanistan, overwhelmingly opposed by the American people, and Washington’s preparations for even more bloody military interventions.

Having deliberately excluded an extension of the federal benefit program from their negotiations with the Republicans on the two-year budget, Obama and the congressional Democrats are hypocritically posturing as supporters of extended benefits. They have submitted a bill to restart the program and called for a vote shortly after the New Year.
Homeless unemployed eating dog food for Christmas
The administration-backed bill, if passed, will merely extend the program for three months. And any extension undoubtedly will, like previous extensions passed since the beginning of the recession, include further restrictions on eligibility and duration of benefits, stripping increasing numbers of unemployed workers of cash assistance. Moreover, cuts in other social programs will likely be mandated to offset the cost of any extension of jobless pay.

More than four years after the official end of the recession, the United States is a nation plagued by growing poverty and widening social inequality. But for the financial oligarchy, things have never been better. 
Obama Christmas bought with stolen taxpayer money
The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday carried a front-page article with the celebratory headline “Big Rally Pumps Up Wall Street Bonuses.” With the Dow Jones Industrial Average up 24 percent this year, the newspaper explained, annual compensation for investment bankers is expected to rise 6 percent and stock traders are projected to earn 12 percent more this year than last.

For the vast majority of Americans, conditions continue to deteriorate. A recent study by the US Conference of Mayors found that 83 percent of the 25 cities it surveyed reported an increase in emergency food requests, while 64 percent saw an increase in the number of homeless families. The answer of the ruling elite to these conditions has been to slice even more deeply into what little remains of the social safety net in the US. 
On November 1, the federal government began implementing $11 billion in cuts over three years to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps. These cuts, the first in the program’s history, reduced benefits to less than $1.40 per person per meal and eliminated the equivalent of two days of food every month for 47.7 million people. Democrats and Republicans in Congress are currently negotiating the terms of further cuts in the food stamp program.

The budget deal reached this month keeps in place the vast majority of the “sequester” cuts, slashing hundreds of billions of dollars across a wide range of government departments and social programs, affecting tens of millions of working people and their families. It also increases the proportion of their salaries new federal employees will pay into their pension fund, setting the stage for deeper attacks modeled on the looting of Detroit workers’ pensions in that city’s bankruptcy.
Obama's Christmas vacation villa
The growth of poverty alongside ever more obscene levels of wealth for a tiny financial elite is not simply the result of impersonal economic tendencies. It is the intended outcome of policies carried out by the Obama administration and the Federal Reserve Board in behalf of the American corporate-financial aristocracy.

Just days after Congress passed the budget allowing long-term jobless benefits to expire, the Federal Reserve announced it would continue to keep its benchmark interest rate at near-zero at least into 2015. At the same time, it pledged to continue pumping tens of billions of dollars into the financial markets every month, although at a somewhat reduced level, for months to come.
Wall Street celebrated this guarantee of virtually free credit to the banks and finance houses by sending share values to new record heights.

The ruthless assault on the working class and the funneling of public funds to the banks and corporations are two sides of the same ruling class strategy, whose aim is an even more massive redistribution of wealth from the bottom to the top. Nothing is off limits in the rapacious drive of the capitalist class to grab every bit of social wealth it can. 
Every social gain of the past century is in its crosshairs: public education, medical care for seniors and the poor, pensions, restraints on child labor, health and safety rules, environmental regulations, workers’ compensation, public museums and libraries. 
What is unfolding is nothing short of a social counterrevolution.

The one “reform” touted by the Obama White House—the Affordable Care Act—is already being exposed as a scheme to reduce and ration medical services for the vast majority of Americans, while boosting the profits of the insurance companies and corporations.

The fight-back by the working class requires a political and revolutionary mobilization aimed at taking political power and instituting a program based on the interests of working people, not the insatiable drive of the ruling elite for ever-greater wealth.

Workers can secure their social rights to jobs, education, medical care, pensions, housing and access to culture only by challenging the entire framework of the capitalist system and its two big business parties. A mass political working class movement, armed with a socialist program, must be developed to reorganize society on the basis of social need, not private profit.

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A Tale of Two Diplomats : The Sex Trade In ASEAN

MI6, CIA, State Department pedophilia flourishes in Thailand


One diplomat is a 39-year old Indian woman who this week was hauled into a New York City jail, stripped, subjected to a humiliating “full body cavity search,” and charged with a convoluted visa fraud violation which could bring her a 10-year prison sentence.

Michael Easton with underage "ladyboy"
The other “diplomat” isn’t really a diplomat but an official cover British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) working undercover in the British Embassy in Moscow who clearly is afforded more diplomatic protection than the proper Indian diplomat abused by American authorities this week.

Devyani Khobragade, the Indian deputy consul in New York. Michael Easton, a Second Secretary at the British embassy in Moscow. These two diplomatic figures couldn’t be more different.

Ms. Khobragade apparently ran afoul of U.S. visa regulations that are as complicated as the U.S. tax code and may have made a simple error in bureaucratic procedural codes which caused this harsh American police state response.

How does this compare to British national Mr. Easton of the British Embassy in Moscow who has a background which strongly suggests he is part and parcel of a group of diplomatic passport-bearing foreign service corps employees who habitually exploit their status to engage in improper behavior with underage children in some of the world’s poorest countries?

While U.S. law enforcement treats Ms. Khobragade like a great threat to the United States due to what appears to be a bureaucratic faux-pas at worst, Easton and his diplomatic passport-carrying mates, have been plying the streets of pedophile haven Pattaya Beach, Thailand, in search of taboo trysts with child prostitutes who due to the country’s extreme poverty have been sold since early childhood to western foreign “sex tourists.”

The age of legal consent in proper relationships in Thailand is 15 years old. However, for prostitution, the age of consent is 18. The photograph of diplomat/agent Michael Easton of the British Embassy in Moscow while on a September 2013 holiday had a number of photos taken with several Pattaya Beach’s “ladyboys” called “katoeys” in the Thai language is a case in point. Is groping a pubescent underage boy who is created into a transsexual ‘ladyboy’ child prostitute in keeping with the highest standards of the active-duty British diplomatic service?

Diplomat Easton’s friends appear to only cheer these behaviors on with the comment placed under the photo in his own album: “There's a bulge on the front of that skirt.”

Also consider that Easton’s normal haunt in Pattaya Beach has been the Areca Lodge, which is next door to the Pattaya Orphanage, in central Pattaya’s ‘ladyboy’ katoey-heavy Soi Diana neighborhood. This is how the Areca Lodge’s website bills itself:

“Areca Lodge is bar girl friendly you won't have any issues at all inviting one to your room whether it's for short time or long time. But they will charge 300 THB [Thai baht] if you want to invite a 3rd bar girl into your room which is not a lot of money.”

Pedophile John Mark Karr flown out of Bankok
by U.S. State Department before he could be 
arrested and interrogated by Thai police
On numerous recent occasions, Easton’s Areca Lodge conducted charity events for the nearby Pattaya Orphanage, an institution which has been preyed upon for years by pedophiles, including a number of foreign diplomats who wave the magic wands of their diplomatic passports and claim full diplomatic immunity for criminal behaviors while in comparison, Indian diplomat Ms. Khobragade in the US this week was afforded neither the required basic diplomatic immunity nor even appropriate and dignified police investigation. How does the US government justify violating an Indian diplomat with coerced strip-downs and full body cavity searches?

Were they looking for the missing visa inside of her very private anatomy?

Why are Indian diplomats treated in this scandalous manner for contrived reasons while ‘diplomats’ such as high-ranking official of the British Embassy in Moscow can grope children in broad daylight and be so assured that nothing will happen to him due to his British diplomatic status?

The Areca Lodge’s fundraiser in Thailand where Mr. Easton spent some time and left a number of memorable photos of himself posing with underage prostitutes was the host of the first much-photographed “Ladyboy Water Volleyball (LBWVB) Charity Event” in several consecutive recent years during which underage transsexual child prostitutes in bikinis playing volleyball were used to raise funds for an orphanage which has been known for many years as a harvesting ground of children for pedophiles, among them many high-ranking diplomats. More than British, Aussie, Kiwi, Yank, and Canuck “five eyes” must’ve gazed intently upon the event.

What joint interests might Thai “ladyboy” adolescent prostitutes and foreigners including a number of western diplomats such as Mr. Michael Easton above have to fund a pedophilia-plagued Thai orphanage on a regular basis?

Former U.S. Ambassador to Thailand Ralph Boyce
For which purpose are such diplomats interested in ‘helping’ the orphanage next to the lodge where they conduct activity such as Mr. Easton?

Pattaya Beach is also a place where CIA, MI6 and Mossad are rumored to meet with their ‘al Qaeda’ associates.

As is often the case, pedophilia is involved where the dark sides of global intelligence agencies intersect such as is the case with Pattaya Beach.

It is a sad fact that where there are many top intelligence operatives, there are also pedophile rings which are used for many reasons – to harvest blackmail material against foreign diplomats and businessmen while openly pursuing their own perverse appetites, to name the major reasons for such occurrences in certain hot spots of the world such as Pattaya Beach is.

The abused street children had two friends in one American anti-pedophile crusader, Sean Parlaman, who was murdered on September 30, 2002, when local police looked the other way as contract killers tossed him from the 15th-story of his Star Beach Condominium building in Pattaya Beach.

Against his family’s wishes, Parlaman’s body was cremated quickly in Thailand without any intervention by the U.S. embassy in Bangkok, which is a noted center for protecting pedophile diplomats throughout Southeast Asia.

Parlaman, a devout Quaker, and his colleague, Redemptorist Order Roman Catholic priest, Father Ray Brennan, a tough Irishman from Chicago, were working together to protect the Pattaya Orphanage, which Brennan founded in order to protect children from infancy to adolescence from the vile pedophile predators all around them. The vaunting Quaker-Catholic team of Parlaman and Brennan were attacked by organizers of the pedophile rings and both brave men paradoxically found themselves both accused of providing children for sex tourists, a false charge which appeared to be an attempt to stop them from rescuing child prostitutes with a fabricated charge which the local Pattaya Mail newspaper rejected out-of-hand since the sincere good deeds of these 2 men were widely known and respected in Thailand.

The charges against Brennan were created by dodgy British sources thought by Thai authorities to be connected with MI-6 British intelligence service. After Parlaman’s murder, Brennan soon died a broken man. His lifelong effort to protect Pattaya Beach’s street children from foreign perverts, many with important jobs, came to naught.

His prized orphanage has visibly become a stalking ground for the likes of British official Michael Easton who is on active duty among the top diplomatic leadership of the British Embassy in Moscow as he enjoys diplomatic immunity from his actions.

Diplomat Ms. Khodragade and Mr. Easton: both diplomats but worlds apart in the miscarriage of justice.

Why is Indian diplomat Ms. Khodragade violated so harshly for what may be a mere paperwork error?

And what power protects British diplomat Mr. Michael Easton to such a degree that he can smile and pose while groping child prostitutes in Thailand in late 2013 and continue to get away with it?

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