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Friday, September 13, 2013

Google - Part III : Letter From An ASEAN Correspondent

Google has been playing games with The 5th Estate once again, and by now this childish crap is so old and stale we don't even bother to announce it anymore, simply cutting and pasting a work-around to their bandwidth-chopping antics and other kiddie shenanigans: We expect to be taken down yet again in the near future however as in 2012 when they trashed The 5th Estate, we will continue to publish until the Fat Lady (Eric Schmidt) sings; in any event, we received this yesterday from our ASEAN correspondent, and he has put it below much more succinctly and comprehensively than we ever could



Dear Editor of  The 5th Estate,

It has come to my attention that an NSA partner-in-crime called Google is again cutting your bandwidth, interfering with your email, and probably illegally trying to deprive your website of its domain name as it has done in the past. These Zionist goons have probably never attended a civics class and therefore have zero respect for First Amendment rights, which do not exist inside their apartheid ghettos in the West Bank, Gaza and Washington D.C. To the Gestapo known as Google, freedom of expression is a foreign (goyem) concept, since they know instinctively that the truth threatens their very existence.

Their crude censorship demands rebuttal and so, my colleague and friend, here is a blast of cold hard fact about the Ghouls of Google.

Yoichi Shimatsu, Hong Kong

Cyber-Gestapo Google Pushes “Do What You Will”

The Gestapo of Cyberspace known as Google has PR blood-stained fingernails after NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed its snooping on email messages, peeping at your trove of jpegs, prying open confidential business files, eavesdropping on smartphones, tracking your purchases, collecting your passwords and pin numbers for credit cards, and meanwhile snitching on you with selective bits of slanted evidence to the federal authorities. 

Although its motto is“Don’t Be Evil”, Google chairman Eric Schmidt has a scowl that out-evils Dick Cheney and Dr. Doom. Known to his ex-girlfriends by the pungent nickname “Dr. Strangelove," Schmidt has found a new money-making passion besides hawking porn: Online gambling and hooker ads.

Also, and you’d never guess it: Sailing. Not a yacht like your average billionaire but aboard a $60 million research vessel called the Falkor.

The ship, operated by Schmidt Ocean Science Institute was a gift to his estranged wife, Wendy, but apparently it failed to impress because she mutinied, filing for divorce immediately afterward. Next time you need to save a floundering relationship, Captain Bligh, trying one of those flower delivery agents advertised on Google.

Falkor is not named after one of Erwin Rommel’s brigades in North Africa but is the name of that goofy fuzzy dragon in “The Neverending Story,” protector and companion of the wimpy boy Bastian Balthazar Bux. The German novel by Michael Ende is a quite literal wish-fulfillment story with Freudian subliminal undertones about a shy lad with a large but flaccid id. After dawdling in the realm of Fantastica, Bastian discovers a powerful amulet called the Auryn, comprised of two snakes biting their own tails, a psychosexual image that Dr. Sigmund might have analyzed as the front end of an anal-retentive complex.

Inscribed on the talisman is the incantation: “Do What You Will”, in German “Tu, Wast Du Willst”. Translated into catchier English, that’s Triumph of the Will, a more honest slogan than the repressive moralizing of “Don’t be evil.” Is anyone certain that Eric the Strange is not the reincarnation of a failed Austrian painter?

Back to reality, the ship’s maiden voyage is to the “Dead Zone” off Vancouver. That lifeless channel in the Salish Sea connecting Washington State and British Columbia is better known to locals for the ongoing mystery of amputated feet washing ashore on theSan Juan Islands and other remote outcrops. Always clad in a sneaker, nearly every foot found so far was once attached to the leg of a young teen boy. Since the limping remainder of the owners’ bodies have never been found or reported by hospitals, it can be fairly assumed that some bizarre cult is doing burnt offerings for their master demon. Human sacrifice in the Pacific Northwest is a different kind of never-ending story.

The stated mission of the Falkor is to scour the seabed for microorganisms. For this purpose, the vessel has its own deep-water submersible. This all sounds like credible marine biology until one recalls Snowden’s warnings that the NSA is tapping into undersea telecom cables. To attach an electronic pick-up device, a submersible is required. Is Google freelancing, now that its NSA links are outed?

In a damage-control operation, Schmidt and company have been trying to put distance between the government spooks and their own spooky covert ops. The latest claim is that the NSA is spying on Google. That’s sort of like a boss tracking his employees’ visits to porn sites during work hours.

This new claim is probably true since Google is in neck deep with the Israeli Defense Forcethrough Technion (Israel Institute of Technology). Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page opened a Google research center inside Technion, and Google Ideas chief Jared Cohen is a dual agent of State Department intelligence and Israeli spy operations in Iran, Syrian and Egypt.

During his visit to Israel last year, Schmidt gave praise to the IDF cyberwar program: “The (Israeli IT development) teams are often led by someone in his early thirties and the teams are often people who worked together intensely during their military service. The core areas of Computer Science now revolve around data analytics, big data, artificial intelligence, and large networks of information. These are the same areas developed in the intelligence parts of the military, leading to teams already expert in these areas before they form the companies. Surely the new Israeli push in cyberintelligence will generate many new network security startups.”

Fluency in Hebrew is not necessary for understanding that Google is a partner of Israeli military intelligence. If anything, the NSA patriotic and proper duty is to monitor a Trojan horse of the Mossad, Israel’s weapons industry and the Israeli mafia, which are hostile to America's values and fundamental national interests.

Israel is no friend but, to the contrary, America’s worst foreign enemy. Just tally the Zionist lobby’s push for U.S. airstrikes against Syria after luring Washington into the war in Iraq, sabotage of the Mideast peace process, covert support for Christian-hating jihadists in Syria, Libya and Egypt, and the role of its so-called “art students” in setting up the 911 attacks.

Google Glasses? The spyware was developed by the Mossad in the late 1990s. Google has its very roots in KGB espionage and the Soviet cryptography program that employed the immigrant Brin family, who are Russian Jewish graduates of Moscow State University. Google and Facebook are nothing more than Israeli settlements inside cyberspace.

Found guilty of money-laundering in France, Google has set up offices across Southeast Asia to hide its illicit financial activities and begin its appointed task of destabilizing the region, as it has started doing in Malaysia. It’s high time for an online intifada against this Internet occupation force, but trying to stop Google in cyberspace may seem like ghost-boxing.

The battle is easy, really – just go after the money. Never click on any ad link in Google and buy from their advertisers’competitors – or better yet, save your money and don’t shop online. Switch from Gmail and drop out of Google groups. The vendors will soon get the message not to be selling though the Cyber Gestapo and Online Mafia. And remember to dump your shares in Google before the stock price collapses.

Here is a partial list of Google’s advertisers, which the sneaky company refuses to disclose. As for the massive numbers of ads from the porno industry, gambling bookies, escort services and intimate massage listings, instead of scrolling Google just pick up a print copy of your local weekend magazine.

Risky Business: State Farm, Progressive, Geico

Riches to Rags: Macy’s, eBay, Sears, JCPenny, Amazon

Mortgage Busters: Lowes, Home Depot,

Tourist Traps:, Expedia, Marriot, Priceline

More Useless Upgrades: Hewitt, Dell, BestBuy, Apple, Microsoft

Rolling Lemons: Firestone, Chevrolet

Addiction: AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Go Daddy, DirecTV

Insincere Gestures:, FTD, Proflowers, Teleflora

Fake Degrees: University of Phoenix



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