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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

U.S., Citing 'Moral Obscenity' in Syria, Weighs Response

Only "obscenity" here is the murdering, transparent hypocrite Obama criminal regime and it's traitor swift boat propagandist John Kerry, desperately attempting to cover-up the recent Syrian CIA/FSA chemical attack by scuttling the UN mission to Syria; taking time out from drone killings of Afghans and Pakistanis Obama, UK poodles prepare to initiate WWIII to save themselves from exposure     

The Wall Street Journal
By Maria Abi-Habib, Sam Dagher and Dion Nissenbaum

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that the use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians is a "moral obscenity," delivering the clearest indication yet that the Obama administration is preparing to attack President Bashar al-Assad's regime.

Traitor Kerry drools over war criminal Shimon Perez
In a forceful statement delivered in Washington, Mr. Kerry called the attacks "undeniable" and said the administration has developed conclusive evidence that chemical weapons were used last week in the suburbs of Damascus, killing hundreds of civilians. Syria's delays in allowing international monitors to reach alleged attack sites implies its guilt, he said, adding that the U.S. and its allies are "actively consulting" on how to respond.

"Make no mistake: President Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people," he said. "Nothing today is more serious, and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny."

Mr. Kerry's remarks represented the administration's opening statement as it contemplates military action, likely to consist of cruise-missile strikes on Syrian targets. A senior defense official said the strikes under consideration would be conducted from ships in the eastern Mediterranean using long-range missiles, without using manned aircraft.

Desperate nutcase Obama plays with fire, WWIII
"You do not need basing. You do not need overflight. You don't need to worry about air defenses," the official said. The goal of the strikes, the official said, would be to "deter and degrade" Mr. Assad's capabilities to prevent him from using chemical weapons again.

Mr. Kerry's statement came as United Nations inspectors faced gunfire from unidentified snipers as they set out to investigate reports of the chemical-weapons attack in a Damascus suburb.

The U.N. team turned back, but later in the day made it to Mouadhamiya, where one of the suspected chemical-weapons attacks took place. The team visited two hospitals, interviewed survivors and doctors, and collected samples, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in a statement Monday.

Obama's murdering CIA/FSA mercs responsible for chemical attack
The U.N. weapons inspectors arrived at the site after the U.S. delivered a caution to Mr. Ban, telling him it was no longer safe for the inspectors to remain in Syria and that their mission was pointless, said a person familiar with the matter. Mr. Ban "stood firm on principle," ordering his team to continue their work establishing whether chemical weapons or toxins were responsible for the estimated hundreds of deaths of Syrian civilians.

Rebel groups said last week's attacks killed more than 1,000 Syrians. Video images of the attacks showing young children gasping for breath and rooms filled with bodies served to galvanize calls for a swift and decisive international response.

Mr. Kerry, in his remarks, cast doubt on the necessity of the U.N. mission to the sites. The investigators, he and U.N. officials say, are tasked with establishing whether a chemical attack had been carried out—not who had perpetrated it. Mr. Kerry said that "gut-wrenching" videos have made clear that such an attack occurred.

Obama's UK poodles Cameron and Hague will burn for attack
"Anyone who could claim that an attack of this staggering scale could be contrived or fabricated needs to check their conscience and their own moral compass," he said. "What is before us today is real, and it is compelling."

Western governments joined Mr. Kerry in taking an increasingly stern line against Damascus.

"The suspected large-scale use of poison gas breaks a taboo even in this Syrian conflict that has been so full of cruelty," Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said Monday. "It's a serious breach of the international Chemical Weapons Convention, which categorically bans the use of these weapons. It must be punished; it cannot remain without consequences."

The U.K. said it is "clear" that the Assad regime was behind last week's attack. British Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his holiday in order to return to London for a U.K. National Security Council meeting that has been called for Wednesday.

Obama clown Graham played the fool in recently in Syria
Although President Barack Obama remains undecided on military action, the U.S. request for the U.N. team to withdraw echoed its moves before it attacked Iraq in 2003, when it asked a U.N. inspection team in Baghdad to withdraw for its own safety as it prepared for military operations.

In Iraq, U.N. inspectors investigating American claims that the regime of former President Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction were pulled out after being notified that the U.S. was about to invade. That invasion didn't have the backing of the U.N. Security Council, which would likely see Syrian allies Russia and China veto any proposed strike against Damascus. The U.S. could instead seek a mandate from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Graham sidekick, insane traitor McCain has nose up master's ass
The American message to Mr. Ban as of Sunday was that the U.S. believed there wasn't adequate security for the U.N. inspectors to visit the affected areas to conduct their mission, a senior official in Mr. Obama's administration said. The administration also told the U.N. that the U.S. didn't think the inspectors would be able to collect viable evidence owing to the passage of time and damage from subsequent shelling, this person said.

The suspected chemical-weapons attacks occurred Wednesday, but the Syrian government gave permission to the U.N. team to access one of the areas on Damascus's outskirts only on Sunday.

The U.N. has held firm against the U.S., with one official saying evidence of a chemical attack would still exist. Chemical traces could be found in survivors and vegetation for months, chemical-weapons experts said. The U.N. team in Damascus was there to investigate a suspected chemical-weapons attack conducted months earlier in northern Syria.

Nutcase, right-wing neocons believe WWIII ticket to "heaven"
On Monday, after their the U.N. convoy took fire, international investigators replaced a badly damaged vehicle and returned to Mouadhamiya at about 2 p.m., staying for nearly three hours, activists at the site said. An online photo that activists said was of the vehicle showed two bullets shattering the bulletproof glass of the front windshield and passenger window.

"The secretary-general has instructed his head of disarmament, Angela Kane, to complain to both the Syrian government and opposition and to demand that there be no repeat of today's shooting," said Martin Nesirky, Mr. Ban's spokesman, in an email.

"We frankly do not much care who did the shooting," he said. "We are outraged that anyone would shoot at our team. They had just left the government checkpoint but had not yet reached opposition-held territory."

U.S. on the brink of yet another Obama illegal war
In activist videos posted Monday, U.N. investigators could be seen at one field hospital wearing their signature bright blue helmets and bulletproof vests, hovering above patients being treated for exposure to the suspected chemical weapons.

"What was your location?" one U.N. inspector asked a gaunt-looking male patient seemingly in his 40s.

"I was in Al Rawda mosque," the man replied.

"What did you feel?" the inspector probed.

"It was [about] a minute and then I passed out," the patient replied, to which the translator added he had "convulsions upon his arrival."

What U.N. investigators find will weigh on any decisions by Western and Arab governments to strike at Syrian regime targets in response to the chemical-weapons claims.

Mr. Obama has frequently said that any use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would be a red line, but has in the past backed down from that posture in previous incidents where the weapons were thought to be used.

Obama following in the footsteps of war criminal Bush
But the latest suspected attack appears to be hardening Mr. Obama's resolve. Military leaders from the U.S., U.K., France, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, among others, kicked off a meeting in Jordan on Sunday evening to discuss the Syria conflict and weigh military action.

On the possibility of a military strike this week, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said in an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation on Monday that he wouldn't rule anything out but declined to elaborate or discuss what military options are being discussed.

Mr. Hague said he believed it would be possible for the international community to launch a response even without unity on the U.N. Security Council. "It is possible to take action based on great humanitarian need and humanitarian distress," said Mr. Hague. But, he said, any response would be subject to legal advice and must be in accordance with international law.

Resumption of the draft, continued multiple deployments
Separately, Mr. Cameron spoke on the telephone Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to discuss the international community's response to Syria. Mr. Cameron said "there was no evidence to suggest that the opposition had the capability to carry out such a significant attack," that the regime had launched a heavy offensive in the area in the days before and after the incident, and that Mr. Assad's regime had also prevented U.N. access to the site in the immediate aftermath, suggesting they had something to hide, a spokesman for Mr. Cameron said.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said Monday that Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had called his U.S. counterpart on Sunday to express "deep concern" about the possible readiness of U.S. forces to "intervene."

Americans can look forward to more of this...
"The Russian side calls for [Washington to] refrain from the threat of force on Damascus, to not fall for provocations and to try to help create normal conditions to give the U.N. chemical experts' mission, which is already in the country, the possibility of conducting a thorough, objective and impartial investigation," the ministry statement said.

Syrian President Assad remained defiant in an interview with Russian newspaper Izvestiya, saying that any use of chemical weapons would defy logic and would be "an insult to common sense" as the area is near pro-regime neighborhoods.

The Syrian president went on to warn the U.S. that since Vietnam, it has failed at every military engagement it has fought and Syria would be no different.

"Have they not learned that they have gained nothing from these wars but the destruction of the countries they fought, which has had a destabilizing effect on the Middle East and other parts of the world?" Mr. Assad was quoted as saying in the newspaper.

And this....
An official from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization said NATO allies were closely monitoring developments in Syria and the wider region and "will keep the situation under constant review, as appropriate."

"It's important that the U.N. team should have access to the area to investigate these horrific reports, as any confirmed use of chemical weapons would be completely unacceptable and a clear breach of international law," the official said. The issue was one for the entire international community to address, the official said.

The European Union's top diplomat, Catherine Ashton, said the situation in Syria must be solved through a political process. If the U.N. inspectors determine there was a chemical-weapons attack, they first have to report back to the U.N. Security Council, she said Monday in Tallinn at a joint news conference with Estonia's foreign minister. —Joe Lauria, Adam Entous and Mohammad Nour Alakraa contributed to this article.


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