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Radiation Level Spiked in Hokkaido, “Still it’s On-Going”

The truth about Fukushima, like the radiation levels slowly leaking out

Global Research

According to the report of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, radiation level spiked up in Hokkaido, the most northern island in Japan.

It started picking up at 15:40 of 10/14/2012 (JST), and still it’s on-going.    

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At CDC, Scientists Fight to Halt a Deadly Outbreak

This is hilarious - CDC "fighting" a virus they created or helped insane virologists the likes of Yoshihiro Kawaoka and his sidekick Ron Fouchier create:  Teridah Ernala Ginting last known whereabouts hiding at University of Wisconsin under "care" of and protected by University staff, Fouchier:  Associated Press shills for, attempts to blow smoke over CDC intentional release of extremely rare disease that could only have originated from a BSL-4 lab - this was no "accident"; we recommend self-administered oral fluconazole as treatment/prophylaxis   

Associated Press
By Kate Brumback


Scattered across the carefully landscaped main campus of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are the staff on the front lines fighting a rare outbreak of fungal meningitis: A scientist in a white lab coat peers through a microscope at fungi on a glass slide. In another room, another researcher uses what looks like a long, pointed eye dropper to suck up DNA samples that will be tested for the suspect fungus.

This weaponized fungus could well be the work of these two murdering, insane bastard virologists Kawaoka and Fouchier:  They, and all virologists involved in the weaponization of doomsday viruses and fungi need to be hunted down and exterminated for the good and salvation of mankind before they start a plague that cannot be stopped:  CDC labs need to be tac-nuked, "doctors" and virologists in residence tried, convicted and executed for crimes against humanity

Not far away in another building is the emergency operations center, which is essentially the war room. There's a low hum of voices as employees work the phones, talking to health officials, doctors and patients who received potentially contaminated pain injections believed to be at the root of the outbreak. Workers sit at rows of computers, gathering data, advising doctors and reaching out to thousands of people who may have been exposed. Overall, dozens of people are working day and night to bring the outbreak under control. More than 200 people in 14 states have been sickened, including 15 who have died.

CDC, Obama criminal regime experimenting on U.S. population

There is a sense of urgency — people are dying, and lives could be saved if those who are sickened get treated in time. But it's not a race against a fast-spreading illness like avian flu or SARS — or even the fictional virus the CDC fails to unravel in the popular TV series "The Walking Dead." Unlike those outbreaks, this strain of meningitis isn't contagious and doesn't spread between people. It is likely isolated to the contaminated steroid, produced by the New England Compounding Center in Framingham, Mass.

"This is a very unusual infection," said Dr. John Jernigan, a CDC medical epidemiologist who is leading the clinical investigation team for the outbreak response. "So, treatment recommendations, diagnostic recommendations are all going to be new, and we're learning as we go on this one."

C. neoformans may respond to fluconazole (Difulcan)
Meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord, is not uncommon. But it is usually caused by bacteria, and it is very unusual to see it in patients with normal immune systems, Jernigan said. This strain is caused by a fungus that is common in dirt and grasses — people routinely come into contact with it without getting sick — but it has never before been identified as the cause of meningitis.

By Friday morning, officials believed they had reached about 90 percent of those who were potentially affected, Jernigan said. They planned to continue trying to reach every person to see if they've had problems and to warn them to be on the lookout for symptoms, which can include severe headache, nausea, dizziness and fever. The CDC says many of the cases have been mild, but some people had strokes.

A meeting is held each morning to review overnight developments and plot a course of action for the day, and another at the end of the day summarizes the day's developments and looks ahead to the next day. Maps on big screens in the front of the emergency operations center track the states where the tainted medications were sent and the tally of cases reported in affected states.

A few steps away in the joint information center, another team works to keep the information about the outbreak on the CDC's website up to date and disseminate information via the media and other outlets.

Last known whereabouts of Ernala Ginting U of Wisconsin
In another building on the campus tucked away in the northeast corner of Atlanta, in a part of the CDC that specializes in fungal infections, about 15 scientists in the reference and research labs are logging 12 hours or more a day and working through weekends to test samples coming in from around the country.

Because the lab scientists had never worked with this particular fungus in cerebrospinal fluid before, they had to quickly develop new tests to detect it before they could start analyzing the hundreds of samples — cerebrospinal fluid samples, cultures and bits of tissue — sent in from around the country, research lab team leader Ana Litvintseva said.

Dressed in a white coat Friday, Shawn Lockhart, the fungal reference lab team leader, peered through a microscope as images of what looked like red pea pods appeared on a computer screen next to him. Many other closely related fungi look similar, but a tiny dot at the end of a pod told him he was looking at the fungus believed to be at the root of the outbreak.

Normally, the reference lab works on difficult samples sent in from state health departments, while the research lab works on research projects. But the scale of this outbreak means those projects are mostly being shelved at the moment.

"The scale is much, much bigger than we would normally work with," said research lab team leader Ana Litvintseva said. "We are working every weekend and people are here 12 to 13 hours at a time and we're testing samples nonstop."

This news site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

WAYNE MADSEN : War against Christianity and Islam

Value-added war:  Gain resources by theft, blow smokescreen over pauperisation of world population via largest theft of The People's wealth in recorded history, declare martial law in America

By Wayne Madsen

The neo-conservative/Christian evangelical political alliance in the United States is fond of using the term “Judeo-Christian” to describe the political philosophic underpinnings of the United States. 

Fascist, Zionist spasm Netanyahu attempting to start WWIII
However, as churches in Israel, Palestine, Russia, and Europe, as well as mosques throughout the world come under attack by arsonists, graffiti artists, and vandals, it is important to point out that it is the Christo-Islamic tenets that are under attack by Israel and those who serve Israel’s interests.

Israeli right-wing Orthodox Jewish settlers have exacted what is called “price tag” vengeance against Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land by attacking churches and mosques. The radical Jews claim that Christian and Muslim places of worship will continue to be vandalized as a “price tag” for attempts to bring about a fully-recognized Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. The settlers and many members of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government are in lock-step with the settlers who want to see the West Bank fully incorporated into Israel as “Judea and Samaria,” with the Arab population of Muslims and Christians expelled.

The latest vandalism by Jews against a church involved the stoning attack of the St. George Romanian Orthodox Church in Jerusalem. The attack on the church came as Romanian Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean was visiting Israel. Netanyahu raised suspicions about his involvement with the church attacks by refusing to meet with the Romanian foreign minister and personally apologize for the Jewish attack on the Romanian church.

A week prior to the attack on the Romanian church, Jewish vandals spray painted “Jesus son of a whore” and “price tag” on the Roman Catholic Franciscan Order convent adjacent to the Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. And the previous month, Jewish vandals struck again, spray painting “Jesus is a monkey” on the walls of the Trappist monastery in Latrun and trying to set fire to the monastery’s door. Last February, Jewish vandals painted “Death to Christians” and “We will crucify you” in Hebrew on a Baptist church in Jerusalem.

The attacks on the churches follow years of Orthodox Jews in east Jerusalem spitting on Christian clergymen on the streets. A number of mosques were vandalized by Jewish occupiers in the West Bank.

No excuse:  Pussy rioters desecrate Christian church, should be shot; in order to obtain world peace, ALL RELIGIONS MUST BE RESPECTED AND PLACED OFF LIMITS TO EVIL, TOOTHLESS INBREDS THE LIKES OF "PUSSY RIOT" - what a stupid fucking name however it is dead-on descriptive of it's members

When fifteen American church leaders representing the Methodist, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, the National Council of Churches, and other churches sent a letter to the US Congress calling for the United States to reexamine US military aid to Israel, the Israeli Lobby erupted in anger. Among the Israeli chorus condemning the Christian leaders were the American Jewish Committee, the Rabbinical Assembly, and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. These Jewish lobbying groups were either silent or sheepishly condemnatory over the Jewish attacks on Christian churches in Israel and the occupied territories. 

The real faces of Pussy Rioters, above and below:  A mindless, death-pornography cult

Reverend Pierbattista Pizzaballa, a Vatican official in the Holy Land, likened the attacks on the churches to the release of the “Innocence of Muslims” movie trailer on YouTube. The film blasphemously portrays Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). It is clear that the Zionist game plan is to launch attacks on Christians and Muslims. Typical of Zionist tactics, the true financiers behind the anti-Muslim movie were masked with blame cast upon Egyptian Coptic right-wing activists in the United States. However, the fingerprints of Jewish-owned and operated Hollywood were all over the film’s production and distribution.

According to RT, the Russian television news network, in Russia and Ukraine, FEMEN-linked protest groups funded by Jewish benefactors, including hedge fund tycoon George Soros and the Brooklyn-born publisher of the Kyiv Post Jed Sunden, have chain sawed crosses and committed acts of hooliganism inside churches. One such gang, the feminist group FEMEN, offered $188 to anyone who cut down a cross. There were reports of crosses being chain sawed across Russia and Ukraine. The FEMEN group videotaped a large cross erected by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church being toppled in a park in Kyiv.

Pussy Rioters:  A prime example of the type of deviant scum that needs to be excised from the body of humanity - permanently and with "extreme prejudice"
Three female punk rockers with the group “Pussy Riot” were convicted of hooliganism for conducting an anti-Christian demonstration laced with profanity at Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. FEMEN protesters disrupted services at St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv. FEMEN activists have staged chainsaw beheadings of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pope Benedict XVI, and Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I. FEMEN activists also staged a lewd protest at the famous Hagia Sofia Mosque in Istanbul.

There has not been one documented incident of FEMEN or their colleagues targeting any Jewish institution, although they claim they are trying to emancipate women from male-dominated religious institutions. Orthodox Jewry represents one of the most misogynistic sects in the world, yet it has escaped from harassment from FEMEN and its ilk.

It is clear that Zionist Jewish money is behind the attacks on Christianity and Islam in the Holy Land and in Europe. The Zionist media has largely succeeded in driving a wedge between Christianity and Islam. However, as Christians wake up to who their real enemies are, the gulf between the followers of Jesus and Mohammad may disappear as more and more Christian leaders have grown tired of their religion being attacked by the modern Pharisees consisting of Netanyahu’s government, the illegal settlers, and Jewish financiers and media moguls.


Wayne Madsen is a Washington, D.C.-based investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report. In 2002 he suggested to the Guardian newspaper that the United States Navy had aided in an attempted overthrow of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. In 2003 he said that he had uncovered information linking the September 11 attacks to the government of Saudi Arabia as well as to Bush administration. In 2005, he wrote than an unidentified former CIA agent claimed that the USS Cole was actually hit by a Popeye cruise missile launched from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine. More Press TV articles by Wayne Madsen

Criminal Class in Washington Threatens Humanity

American taxpayer money is responsible for this, without which Obama and his CIA mercs could never operate

By Stephen Lendman

When is a debate not one? When it's not intended to be. When theatrical blather substitutes. When demagoguery takes center stage. 

Obama, Romney vision for the world they hope to rule
On October 11, it showed up prominently in Danville, KY. Centre College played host. ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz moderated 90 minutes of film flam.

Unmentioned was her close Washington military/intelligence establishment ties. She supports America's right to bomb, invade, ravage, occupy, colonize, and exploit one country after another. Her loyalty got her prominence Thursday night. Call it spoils sharing for services rendered.

Like all so-called political debates, Biden/Ryan was prescripted theater. Demagoguery best describes it. Democrat and Republican candidates represent wealth, power, privilege, and imperial lawlessness.

They spurn public need, democratic values, and right over wrong. They represent the worst of a morally degenerate nation. They govern one not fit to live in.

The criminal class in Washington is bipartisan. It threatens humanity. Whoever wins or loses in November, it hardly matters. On issues mattering most, both parties are in lockstep. Ordinary people aren't served either way. 

Obama lies even when not necessary
Money power runs America. Gore Vidal understood. He explained well. His comments are worth repeating.

He called America "a nation of ongoing hustlers from the prisons and disaster areas of old Europe."

"I do not think that the America System in its present state of decadence is worth preserving."

"There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party....and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat."

He called democracy a system "where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates" no different from each other.

"By the time a man gets to be presidential material, he's been bought ten times over."

The same goes for vice presidential candidates. Some become presidents. It's planned that way.

No matter who governs, he said America is "rotting away at a funereal pace. We'll have a military dictatorship pretty soon…."

He predicted the worst of all possible worlds. Bread and circuses can't conceal it. Fascism best describes it.

Mussolini called the 20th century a fascist one. It arrived in America. Huey Long once said it'll show up "wrapped in an American flag." In his book, "Friendly Fascism," Bertram Gross called Ronald Reagan its prototype ruler. 

Benito Mussolini knew the score

In his 1943 book, "Facts and Fascism," George Seldes explained what he called "big money and big profits in fascism."

In his 1935 novel, "It Can't Happen Here," Sinclair Lewis saw it coming in hard times. It'll be led by a charismatic, self-styled reformer/populist champion, a con man exploiting human misery.

He recounted Merzelium "Buzz" Windrip's rise to power. His promise to restore prosperity equitably hid his ties to corporatist interests and religious ideologues. 

He capitalized on hard times. He established militarism and unconstitutional governance. He convened military tribunals for civilians and called dissenters traitors.

He institutionalized tyranny. He put political enemies in concentration camps. He created Minute Men paramilitaries to terrorize anyone opposing him.

He destroyed democracy, declared martial law, usurped dictatorial powers, circumvented Congress, and made himself supreme ruler.

It can happen anywhere, anytime. Political demagogues take full advantage.

Obama/Biden/Romney/Ryan represent the worst of what's coming. It's already happening.

Pre-election theater camouflages it. It runs cover for dirty politics. It works as planned. Most people are fooled. It repeats each electoral cycle. Broken promises follow all important ones made. 

Rhetoric and policies are worlds apart. Wealth and power priorities trample on popular needs. The worst is yet to come. It's baked in the cake. Austerity is agreed on. Bipartisan schemes plan more of the same.

Huge social benefit cuts are coming. Mandated entitlements workers paid for will erode faster than ever. America's needy will end up on their own out of luck. Let-em-eat-cake governance doesn't give a damn. Non-believers will discover gulag hell firsthand. 

Obama/Biden/Romney/Ryan are two sides of the same coin. Voters get to choose between death by hanging or firing squad.

You'd never know it from post-debate commentaries. A New York Times editorial headlined "A Debate With Clarity and Fervor."

It was "one of the best," said The Times. Perhaps its editors were watching Three Stooges reruns instead of demagogic blather.

"….real differences on public policy (were) discussed with fervor, anger, laughter and real substance." 

Retirements stolen, earned benefits slashed, homes stolen by banks, homeless American Seniors now eating dog food to survive - on a good day, and coward, idiot Americans rather than help avoid them like the plague, knowing deep down in side they are next

Each candidate recited his lines. They were prearranged, prescripted well in advance.

"Martha Raddatz….was both entertaining and enlightening." Perhaps The Times meant someone else by the same name unrelated to politics, America's imperium, and media propaganda.

"Both candidates….demonstrated real engagement on issues that matter. It was a real change for voters starved for substance." 

Corporate owned fascists Romney and Obama laugh at coward, idiot Americans that clap for their own murderers and their non-stop lies

They won't find it anywhere on corporate-run television or in broadsheets like The Times. Managed news, opinion, and analysis substitute for the real thing.

Peggy Noonan is one of many Wall Street Journal right-wing ideologues. Headlining "Confusing Strength With Aggression," she called the theatrics a "draw on substance, but the vice president loses on style." 

"For the second time in two weeks, the Democrat came out and defeated himself. In both cases, the Republican was strong and the Democrat somewhat disturbing."

"Another way to say it is the old man tried to patronize the kid and the kid stood his ground. The old man pushed, and the kid pushed back."

"And so the Romney-Ryan ticket emerged ahead. Its momentum was neither stopped nor slowed and likely was pushed forward."

What else could be expected from one of Murdoch's staff. He calls the shots and demands obedience.

Los Angeles Times contributor Doyle McManus headlined "Vice presidential debate: Biden's mission accomplished."

He said vice presidential debates don't matter and called Thursday night "a draw."

Reuters quoted University of Miami communications professor/debate coach David Steinberg saying:

"If you had to call a winner right now, I'd say it's a draw. But a tie goes to the incumbent."

"Ryan….turned in a solid performance," said Reuters. At the same time, "Biden was the story….But it will be up to Obama to close the deal in the two debates to come…."

Reuters tried having it both ways and failed. 

Nation magazine contributors represent America's pseudo-left. They're unabashed Democrat party apologists. They support the worst of Obama/Biden. It shows in one deplorable mischaracterization after another.

John Nichols post-debate analysis was typical. Headlined "Richard Milhous Ryan: No Specifics, Just a 'Secret Plan,' " he compared Nixon's Vietnam strategy to Ryan on taxes and balanced budgets.

No details. Just trust him. He'll do the right thing. Of course, he won't but neither will Obama. Nichols ignored that reality. Instead he compared tricky Paul to tricky Dick. Tricky Barack wasn't mentioned.

Biden had the "upper hand." His "skills" bested Ryan. At the same time, it wasn't "Biden who made Ryan the Nixon of the night. It was Ryan." On what he says matters most, he "had no details, no specifics, just a 'secret plan.' "

Nichols didn't explain the common thread in all campaigns and so-called debates. Rhetoric and promises substitute for policies, specifics, and follow-through. Each side replicates the worst of the other.

Money power wins. Ordinary people lose. It happens every time. Too bad journalists with other priorities don't explain. Too bad voters don't say pox on America's duopoly and vote independent.

Throwing out old bums for new ones never works. Expect nothing different in November no matter who wins or loses.


Stephen Lendman was born in 1934 in Boston, MA. In 1956, he received a BA from Harvard University. Two years of US Army service followed, then an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1960. Supporting progressive causes and organizations, he began writing in summer 2005 on a broad range of issues. Topics regularly addressed include war and peace; social, economic and political equity; and justice for long-suffering peoples globally - notably, victims of America's imperial wars, Occupied Palestinians and Haitians. In early 2007, he began hosting his own radio program. Currently he hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network. More articles by Stephen Lendman
Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The 5th Estate.

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World Nations Should Stay Away from Western Culture : Leader

World nations in danger of their youth aping Western "culture," which is in reality a culture of death and the cancer called "rap music" - the only real culture in America is the ancient, dying culture of the original Native Americans, who were slaughtered in a genocide by toothless, inbred criminal convicts transported from England, the worst of the worst, their progeny becoming modern day "Americans"   


The Leader of the Islamic revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called on the world nations to steer clear of the Western culture, warning that copying on the Western modus vivendi will give rise to traumas.

The face of "American culture:"  Fat, drunken teenage pigs
“Certain countries, without having faith in any specific school of thought, follow the Western civilization,” the Leader told a crowd of thousands of students and schoolchildren on Sunday in North Khorasan province, located in northeastern Iran.

He went on to say that these countries might progress in appearance, but the interminable losses stemming from their humiliating imitation will inflict serious traumas on them and destroy their roots.

“Unlike these imitating states, the nations that opt for the school of monotheism, to the Western civilization, will achieve real and all-out progress and at the same time build a deep-rooted civilization which would promote their attitude and culture across the world,” Ayatollah Khamenei noted.

American "culture" - loose, drunken, diseased sluts that will climb in bed with anything, and these are college students

The Leader heaped scorn on the pseudo-intellectuals scaring the Iranian nation away from monotheistic slogans, saying, “They intend to transmit their fear and horror to people and that’s why they keep saying that the [monotheistic] school slogans [would] bring about trouble, sanctions and threats.”

Ayatollah Khamenei called for full avoidance of following the lifestyle defined in the Western civilization.

 “We do not pick a quarrel with the West, but based on [our] studies and investigations, we emphasize that following the West would get no nation anywhere,” he said.

“The Western culture is basically invasive, for whatsoever reason it spreads in any country, it will gradually destroy the culture and identity of that nation,” he added.

Small wonder other countries are banning anything that has to do with the soul-destroying American "culture," which is not a culture at all, just a self-serving, instant gratification "ME ME ME" capitalist weapon against all that is decent, ethical and moral; a spiritual and mental dumbing-down of an entire genre

Ayatollah Khamenei described the Western culture as a “lustful, material, sinful, identity-removing and anti-spiritual lifestyle.”

The Leader called for concurrent avoidance of “superficiality, rigid-mindedness and secularism,” stressing that “Some words and propaganda are apparently religious, but in reality, they pursue the separation of religion from life.”



Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The 5th Estate.

This news site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



The real truth on 9/11 slowly continues to bleed out

Technical experts are mounting major challenges to official U.S. government accounts of how three World Trade Center skyscrapers collapsed in near-freefall after the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago.

Many researchers are focusing especially on the little-known collapse of



The Geopolitics Of The United States, Part 1: The Inevitable Empire

The Empire and the inevitable fall of the Obama criminal regime

STRATFOR Editor’s Note: This installment on the United States, presented in two parts, is the 16th in a series of STRATFOR monographs on the geopolitics of countries influential in world affairs.

Like nearly all of the peoples of North and South America, most Americans are not originally from the territory that became the United States.



Geopolitics Of The United States Part 2: American Identity And The Threats of Tomorrow

A look back at 2011 predictions for the future in order to put events of today into perspective

 photo capitalism_zpsah78uy5p.jpg
We have already discussed in the first part of this analysis how the American geography dooms whoever controls the territory to being a global power, but there are a number of other outcomes that shape what that power will be like. The first and most critical is the impact of that geography on the American mindset.



By Robert S. Finnegan

This e-mail outlines and confirms the acts of espionage against Indonesia and Indonesians by Akiko Makino and the others involved both in Kobe University and in AI Lab at University of Airlangga, Surabaya; Bahasa Indonesia original follows English translation...



UPDATED 01/07/2015 : New Analysis Challenges Tamiflu Efficacy; Hong Kong Corona Virus Outbreak


 photo TAMIFLU_small_zpssojx6okt.jpg

Obama criminals now resulting to biowarfare in quest to destroy Chinese and ASEAN economy; "novel virus substrain" points directly to a Kawaoka / Fouchier / Ernala-Ginting Kobe lab virus weaponized and genetically altered to specifically target and infect the Asian population: Ribavirin...



 photo WHO02_zpsplmhtlpr.jpg
The 5th Estate has just purchased a library on H5N1 "Novel" virus pandemics, there are dozens of PDF and Exel documents we feel will assist you in saving lives following intentional releases of the H5N1 and now MERS viruses; we will begin by printing those that appear to be extremely relevant here: H5N1 Kobe-Kawaoka-Ernala series continues soon with more "Smoking Gun" e-mails from Teridah Ernala to The 5th Estate . . .



By Robert S. Finnegan

On October 12, 2002 the Indonesian island of Bali experienced a terrorist attack that rocked the world. It was unquestionably well-coordinated and executed, the largest in the country's history.