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Conflicting reports coming in regarding damage, tsunami, magnitude:  The 5th Estate will update as reliable reports are issued 

The Philippine Star
August 31, 2012 09:43 PM

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — 

A 7.6-magnitude undersea quake struck off the eastern coast of Philippines on Friday night, triggering tsunami warnings across a wide swath of Asia.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injury.
A tsunami alert was in effect for the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Guam, the Northern Marianas and Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said.
The quake hit at a depth of 34.9 kilometers and was centered 106 kilometers (66 miles) east of Sulangan town on Samar Island, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.

 The USGS initially recorded the quake's magnitude at 7.9. The quake was recorded at 8:47 p.m.

 The head of the Philippine seismology agency, Renato Solidum, said his bureau recorded a preliminary magnitude of 7.7. He said that residents living along the coastline of eastern Samar Island were advised to evacuate to high ground in case of the tsunami.

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H5N1 Weaponizer, Espionage Suspect Teridah Ernala-Ginting Now Holed - Up At University of Wisconsin With Fellow Weaponizer Ron Fouchier

Unable to return to Indonesia at risk of facing espionage charges along with associate H5N1 weaponizer from Kobe University Akiko Makino for the theft of H5N1 from Indonesia, Teridah Ernala-Ginting has been ejected from Japan and is now at the University of Wisconsin - the "guest" of protector and fellow weaponized H5N1 creator Ron Fouchier; Kawaoka's whereabouts remain unknown - how did she gain entry into the U.S. and who authorized it? 

By Martin Tan
09/30/2012 0400 GMT 

This is the latest report on  the acquisition and eventual weaponization of the H5N1 1918 pandemic virus, in chronological order interspersed with recent intelligence gathered by The 5th Estate.  Veteran investigator Robert S. Finnegan, who has investigated this case since 1997 has removed himself from the compilation of this report to minimize any possibility of bias.

It is worthy to note that Johan Hultin and the U.S. government have always claimed that the viral DNA Hultin exhumed at Brevig Mission was not H5N1, but have switched their stories several times as to the identification and origin of the virus.  This was simply a typically juvenile government ploy to hide the origins of the virus, as it would be easily traced back to Hultin and Brevig Mission at the outbreak of the weaponized H5N1 virus.

The subsequent publication of the method used to weaponize H5N1 was a crass attempt by Kawaoka, Fouchier, the universities of Kobe, Japan, Wisconsin and the U.S. government to claim that when the weaponized virus finally created an international pandemic they could claim that they had no knowledge of who did it, as it was now in the  public domain, thereby erasing any link to themselves.  It was a brilliant Rovian inspired operation, and will now almost certainly succeed in blowing a smoke screen over the original weaponizers.

Following the FBI's access to The 5th Estate site on this case, Finnegan contacted them and volunteered to turn over all evidence in his possession and cooperate fully with any investigation they initiated, including testifying under oath.  His letter has been unanswered to date.  

In Alaska Finnegan was a legal investigator for the late Edgar Paul Boyko, Esq., referred to as "The Snow Tiger" for his vicious defense of the poor and exploited in Alaska, including Native Corporations and Tribes.  He died broke.  His motto - which he taught to Finnegan over the years - was that "No good deed ever goes unpunished."  Boyko was the second Attorney General for the State of Alaska following Statehood and his goal was to drive corruption out of the state.  He provided "top cover" and protection for Finnegan, once telling then Attorney General Bruce Bothello to "...subpoena Finnegan your own risk, I represent him and everything will come out."  The threatened subpoena to reveal his sources never materialized.

Finnegan was also an investigator for The Alaska Law Offices under Steven L. Jones, Esq., another hero crusader for the poor and dispossessed.  Jones was and continues to be hounded by corporate interests that are determined to rape and pillage Alaska for personal profit.  Finnegan was also an expert witness to the Alaska Senate Judiciary Committee under Chairman and former State Senator Robin Taylor, testifying to the abuses of corporations, the Alaska State government, the Alaska Child Support Division (CSED) and abuses of children in the custody of Alaska Foster Care.  His testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Alaska Senate led to the firing of one Director of CSED, and the initiation of investigations into AK Foster Care .  He also worked closely with his mentor and friend the late Senator Jack Coghill on the same issues.

This twisting, turning trail of lies, deceit, skulduggery and the planned murder of the majority of the world population began in 1997, when Johan Hultin, a mentally-disturbed self-styled pathologist and eugenicist at the behest of the United States government travelled to Brevig Mission Alaska to desecrate the graves of Alaskan Natives that had died during the 1918 H5N1 pandemic that swept the world, killing millions in order to secure the viral DNA of the virus for the purpose of weaponization.  Unfortunately and to the detriment of mankind, he was successful.  Using threats, alcohol and money he succeeded in convincing the Natives of Brevig Mission to allow him to dig up the graves of members of their community that had died from the 1918 virus.

Grave robber, psychotic eugenicist Johan Hultin, "Dr. Death"
One strange sidebar to this disgusting story is that of one of the Brevig gravediggers, Warren Kakoona, who along with his uncle was tasked by Hultin to dig up the graves.  Following the exhumation of the woman who eventually provided the H5N1 DNA, Kakoona was reported to have gone berserk, saying that the woman had opened her eyes and spoken to him, saying that he was "assisting the devil in destroying the world."

Hultin solved the problem by sedating Kakoona, shoving a barbituate suppository up his ass, a gross violation of Native culture and a sign of extreme disrespect.

Hultin then immediately fled with his H5N1 samples, never to return to Brevig Mission or speak to it's inhabitants again.

Finnegan was there to witness the entire event, flown in to Brevig Mission at the request of the Alaska Federation of Natives by a U.S. National Park Service Pilot, who was so enraged by what he had witnessed that he changed his flight plan and demanded to leave immediately following Hultin's departure.

Finnegan at camp outside Brevig Mission
The chain of custody of the viral DNA from that point on remains a mystery.

What is not a mystery, is that it found it's way into the hands of virologist Yoshihiro Kawaoka and his then PhD student Teridah Ernala -Ginting, who then successfully weaponized the H5N1 virus. 

The Final Break

In 2009, Finnegan was contacted by Teridah Ernala-Ginting who was "interested" in his work on weaponized H5N1.  Over the course of the following three years, Ernala-Ginting confessed to Finnegan her work on the weaponization of H5N1 in a secret BSL 3 lab at Kobe University under the direction of her professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka, built especially for her and her work.  She was sworn to secrecy by Kawaoka.  It had always been Finnegan's intention to "...bring Ernala in...," protecting her while subjecting her to a complete interrogation and de-briefing, followed by publication of her story.  In the end, Ernala-Ginting made the decision - most likely out of fear of retribution which she expressed to Finnegan - to go over to the other side.  Below is the last exchange between her and Finnegan:

On 2011/09/05, at 0:41, Robert Finnegan <> wrote:

I know better Ida.  I have been an investigator for much longer than you have been alive young lady.  I was there when that motherfucker dug this virus up.  You may take me for some dumb hick that doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground, but I know bullshit when I see it.  I'm sorry you got involved in this shit, however it was your decision to make.  You are responsible for this monstrosity.   You have a lot of lives on your head.  I hope people don't die from the viruses you worked on, and I hope you can sleep well at night and continue to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see.

Ida - Teridah Ernala

I have family and they are my treasure. I am not the same Ida who stayed working all night long.

By this time, that statement was painfully obvious. Initially she had planned to go public and this is believed to be the catalyst that drove her to contact Finnegan, who was essentially the "prosecutor" on this case.

Monday, 4 May, 2009 21:32
This sender is DomainKeys verified
"Ida - Teridah Ernala" <>
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Hello Robert Finnegan,

It's an interesting article you wrote.

I have a little question, you mentioned that the genetic material recovered from Alaskan corpses were H5N1. But everyone knows that Taunberger reported it as H1N1 Spanish flu.

Thank you so much.

Best Wishes,



Weaponized H5N1, created at Kobe by Ernala and Kawaoka
From that initial e-mail a relationship developed, Finnegan unknowingly at first that he had just become the "Father confessor" to Ernala-Ginting. He initially had no idea that she was in fact at that time processing the H5N1 virus for weaponization.

Eventually, Ernala-Ginting's conscience began to weigh heavily on her and she divulged everything to Finnegan in a series of e-mails over the next three years.

It was agreed  in the beginning that she would go public with her work at an unspecified date in the future:

Tuesday, 5 May, 2009 12:23
Message contains attachments


I tried to find clues of H5N1 prior to 1997. I searched the sequences published at GenBank. There are some birds H5N1 submitted prior 1997, but sometimes H5N1 in birds doesn't cause illness. The the first documented case human report was 1997.

I found other reference about 1918 flu, written By Barry

Interestingly, the author named 1918 virus as "1918 virus", he never mentioned it as H1N1. Meanwhile he clearly stated H5N1 or H7N7 when talking about those strains.

Yesterday I made a rough phylogenic tree of recent Mexico flu, 1918 flu, some avian, swine and human strains H1N1 - based on HA gene. You can see the location of 1918 flu among other strains. I should make tree based on other gene, not HA, to see the relation to H5N1.

Tuesday, 5 May, 2009 20:35


Because, it's a shame for me, but I'm doing reverse genetic technology also in my research. Currently, I'm creating an H5N1 human virus and manipulating the genes to study its transmission capability. For my self, I'm doing this purely for purpose of study. My professor is Yoshihiro Kawaoka, he and Neumann established this technology in 1997. The same technique which Taunberger used to resurrect the 1918 virus.

This whole story made me think about what I am right now.


It is obvious here that this incredibly young and gifted PhD student was being used by Kawaoka and his masters to secretly weaponize H5N1, as she was obviously easily manipulated and "expendable." Her successful quest for her PhD was dependent upon them and their satisfaction with her illegal work.

Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 01:26

Hi Robert,

I'm a veterinarian, graduated from Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) 2004 as the top student of the year.

In 2005, Japan part took me to their main factory in Japan. They taught me everything about vaccine production.

You see I have very strong background of H5N1, I'm here without no reason.


And here is where Ernala-Ginting begins to confess to Finnegan the real scope of her work:

Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 23:08

My personal research themes are: the study of circulating oseltamivir resistant H1N1 virus (I mentioned before); the internalization of highly pathogenic H5N1 virus into cells; the study of PA gene of Indonesia human H5N1 virus in relation to its virulency.

Kawaoka and Ernala-Ginting in Kobe Lab
Our lab is new, just established on October 2007 (at that moment I was still in Tottori University). Dr Shinya is the main person in charge there, helped by assistant professor, Dr Akiko Makino (an ebola virus researcher). Our lab is also somehow special, only two students there, one is Japanese and me.

I'm working in BSL-2 laboratory, that's the requirement from the government because the original virus was only common H1N1. For H5N1 virus, I'm working in BSL-3 laboratory.

My experiment is confidential (please keep this only for you), no one except my professor and I know this (even we keep it secret from other lab members). Especially after the H1N1 emerged, my work will cause lot of trouble. We will go to the public after everything is set up.


So there it is:  Ernala has confessed in her own words the illegal weaponization of the H5N1 virus in a secret BSL 3 lab at Kobe University Japan, with Kawaoka calling the shots.  She also promises Finnegan that she will go public.

Monday, 18 May, 2009 13:51


If this is keep continuing, the WHO will level up the pandemic threat to level 6. And they're now thinking to produce vaccine.

I have bad feeling about vaccine Robert. I assume when vaccination is started, the second deadly wave will come. Maybe new H1N1 or reassortant of H5N1 and H1N1 or H5N1 itself.

I'm getting insane.


Over the years, Ernala-Ginting became more and more depressed, more incoherent in her communications with Finnegan, resulting in this incredible e-mail:

On Thu, Apr 7, 2011 at 11:15 AM 
Ida - Teridah Ernala <> wrote:

Yes, I'm still in Japan. They have asked me to continue my work in the U.S. under Ron Fouchier, sensei Kawaoka's partner in H5N1 research.

What do you think?


Here are the facts at present:

Both Ernala-Ginting and Kawaoka are MIA.

Kobe University refuses to comment on her disappearance.

The 5th Estate following a series of hacking incidents installed sophisticated tracking devices on the website.  We continuously monitor all accesses and trace them back to the source if suspicious.

University of Wisconsin's H5N1 weaponizer Ron Fouchier
Kobe University, the American CIA, DoD, numerous other American "OGA" and even 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue have repeatedly accessed our reports on weaponized H5N1.  We have the logs as proof.

Kobe University, who at one time for an extended period - years - accessed The 5th Estate using "weaponized H5N1 and Teridah Ernala-Ginting" as keywords.

Kobe is now silent.

The University of Wisconsin, however, has now accessed the site on a daily basis, whereas they were silent before.  Below is a recent access from our log:

28 Aug05:25:40Chrome 21.0
United States Flag Madison,
United States
University Of Wisconsin Madison ( [Label IP Address]
(No referring link)

It is obvious that Ernala-Ginting cannot return to Indonesia for fear of being arrested/interrogated for her role in assisting Akiko Makino in the theft of Indonesian H5N1, and she has been ejected from Japan.

This leaves her with one option:  Sanctuary under Fouchier at the University of Wisconsin.

Given the extreme difficulty of gaining a visa for entry into the U.S. by Indonesians, she must have a sponsor, and a high-powered one at that.  As she has no family residing in the U.S. to provide her with a sponsorship, Fouchier and the University of Wisconsin are the obvious choice for an illegal virus weaponizer on the run, given the support of the U.S. government.

The 5th Estate is aggressively pursuing Ernala-Ginting and Kawaoka.  We will continue to report on our findings.

The University of Wisconsin has failed to respond to repeated requests for comment.

5th Estate investigator Martin Tan is one of the original 2002 Bali bombing investigators.  He is now based in Sulaweisi, Indonesia as an adviser to sustainable resource development projects.



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