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WHITE PAPER Global Information Monitoring; Executive Summary for the Chief Information Officer, DoD

This is a draft FOUO (For Official Use Only)  document that has already been approved and imlpemented by U.S. DOD (Department of Defense) for Repression of Americans, International Public

The 5th Estate

L-3 communications, an $11 billion a year organization long-dedicated to the special needs of the Department of Defense (DoD) and the complexities of sensor to shooter communications as well as business management systems, has spent the past year pulling together an extraordinary  team intended to help DoD migrate rapidly from the existing legacy systems, toward a new DoD Global Information Grid (GIG) that substitutes design, leadership, business management, and private sector innovation for the current melange of stove-piped procurements and incremental configuration fixes.  Within the planned focus on Joint Intelligence or Information Operations Centers or Commands (JIOC), augmented by regional Multinational Information Operations Centers (MIOC), we can create a global information sharing network that can be harvested up to the high side at no additional cost to DoD.

Central to our design solution is an understanding that Google does not work well alone, Oracle does not scale, and middleware is the choke point.  CISCO has brought out two new revolutionary offering around which we have designed a global solution: the CISCO Application Oriented Network (AON) enables both content-based routing, and global information management through a rule-based system that can be updated, world-wide, instantly.  Content-based routing creates smart dots that find one another at every level (e.g. tactical, without reachback), and then go find the humans that need them as well as the databases and modeling programs.  CISCO’s Internet Protocol Interoperability and Collaboration Systems (IPICS) enables the rapid integration and inter-operability of all radio systems, regardless of design, through the conversion of their signals into digital packets.  The two systems together offer a foundation for the transformation of the DoD GIG at the same time that DoD impacts on the Department of Homeland Security and the State and Local constituencies through the U.S. Northerm Command and the evolving role of the National Guard as a unique element able to touch both law enforcement information under Governor’s commissions, and national foreign threat intelligence under their military commissions.

We believe that by combining the CISCO offerings, which include global security solutions at every level of the network, with Google Enterprise, the only scalable real-time search & retrieval option that can be shared with coalition partners and non-governmental organizations, as well as very low cost leasing of the Googleplex (one third the cost of normal racks), with IBM’s DB2 with OmniFind as a participating in-house data management standard, we can help DoD create a new DoD GIG that is also the hub for a “World Brain” that is able to integrate all information, in all languages, all the time.  We seek nothing less than to help DoD achieve the mission objective established by Dr. Stephen Cambone in January 2004, when he called for universal coverage, 24/7, in all languages, at sub-state levels of granularity.  We are doing that now in support of several of the Combatant Commanders and Services, and we are prepared to scale this up quickly, within the existing acquisition authorities and allocated budgets.

We have carefully considered a variety of issues, and are prepared to present this team and our architectural design solution at any time.  On the next two pages, before beginning the original White Paper that has also been shared with the Director of National Intelligence and the Deputy Director of National Intelligence, we list some of the immediate benefits that could be realized if DoD adopts our proposed ideas.  This proposal addresses GAO concerns about the DoD GIG.

Leadership Concept.  Our concept for a transformative migration is open to all vendors and all legitimate governments and their militaries, as well as non-governmental organizations, universities, and other private sector parties able to contribute cash or information.  If DoD is willing to ask the Department of Commerce for an anti-trust waiver such as was granted to the Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) under Admiral Inman, and also willing to ask the Department of State to create an Office of Information-Sharing Treaties and Agreements, perhaps with DoD non-reimbursable funding, we believe we can create a skunkworks focused initially on integrating the needs and capabilities lined up for the U.S. Strategic Command, the U.S. Special Operations Command, and the U.S. Northern Command.  We have a plan for rapidly migrating capabilities not only to the regional Combatant Commanders (COCOM), but also to their entire regions, such that the existing United Nationsl Joint Military Analysis Centers (JMAC), the existing regional information-sharing networks (e.g. the African Early Warning and Information-Sharing Network), and the existing COCOM Joint Intelligence Centers, can all share unclassified and some classified information securely, via the Internet, without major investments in unilateral proprietary systems.

Technical Approach.  We agree with internal DoD reports as well as the GAO reports that suggest that a design win, an architectural solution, is necessary, rather than a continuation of the patchwork of configuration management and “digital dashboard” solutions that are stop-gap measures, nothing more.  While there are other routing solutions, CISCO’s combined offering of AON and IPICS, and its 85% share of the non-DoD marketplace, makes its technologies, in combination with our architectural design concept, a logical place to jump-start a transformative migration from the industrial era systems to the information network era.  Put bluntly, the beltway bandid body shop model does not and will not meet DoD needs.  A design model is needed where all participants must be compliant with data sharing standards best achieved through CISCO initially, and then as other CISCO competitors respond to DoD leadership, by all parties.  This design model includes an appreciation of open source software as a low-cost means of integrating external parties into the DoD network; of open source information as a means of enticing many parties to exchange and share information relevant to force protection and mission accomplishments, and of open spectrum, using smart devices and smart information to explode the bandwidth availability for DoD’s intense spectrum needs.

Business Benefits.  We have over time realized that the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the best possible ally of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), because a transformative migration to more efficient and effective informaiton sharing and information exploitation capabilities, capabiltiies that enhance accountability and support decision-making, would allow DoD to not only stop a great deal of waste in the form of dysfunctional investments, but would recover so much in the way of savings that the information revolution within DoD could be accelerated at the same time that the savings could fund needed Stabilization & Reconstruction programs as well as support to Homeland Defense and Civil Authorities.

Migration Path.  In our view, the planned investments at the Strategic, Special, and Northern Commands could be orchestrated in a manner that leveraging incumbents while enabling a more rapid and more scalable solution that can be easily replicated by others, including other legitimate governments.  We believe that we are engaged in a World War in which information is the most important munition and the most importance resource.  We believe that Information Operations, and the converse of Information Warfare, Information Peacekeeping, are the center of gravity for victory into the future.  We respectfully ask for an opportunity to discuss this White Paper with a broad range of DoD experts responsive to the CIO.

Specific Opportunities for DoD Advantage

Free Access to Global Open Source Information.  Our concept, seventeen years in development with over 40 countries as well as the United Nations and elements of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is the only approach that explicitly seeks to capture and harvest all global information at no additional cost to DoD.  We can integrate all foreign media monitoring and other information that DoD is buying, and use that to develop “in kind” exchanges with non-governmental organizations, coalition militaries, universities, and private sector parties that pay in cash and kind for access to the larger aggregation of unclassified information.

Creates Network for Sharing Secret Information Securely.  Just as FedEx is used today to move SECRET information, we believe that the Internet, not the existing government stovepiped systems, is the least expensive and most flexibile means of sharing secret information both domestically, and internationally, on a by-name basis. 

Decision Support at All Levels.  We completely endorse and are ready to integrate the ideas of Capt Scott Philpott, USN, the originator of the Special Operations “pit” and to develop tactical, operational, and strategic decision support modules that can support each function within each Service and within each COCOM.

Strategy & Force Structure.  The integration of real-world open source information including geospatial visualization with rapid-response modeling and simulation will significantly enhance decision support in this critical area of transformation.

Inter-Agency Collaboration.  Being able to understand the real-world challenges, as well as what is being done by all agencies of the U.S. Government and other governmental and non-governmental actors, will enable each COCOM to “matrix” needs and responses, and better orchestrate the application of all sources of national and international power.

Domestic Monitoring.  Open sources of information are completely legal and ethical means of monitoring both political and acquisition or contractual and technical issues, and domestic sources of support for terrorists.

Force Protection.  Forty percent of the all-source needs of the U.S. Special Operations Command are being met through international open sources, at a cost of under $1 million.  A global monitoring network that extends planned purchases and is able to harvest unfunded sources, will enhance force protection everywhere.

Early Warning.  Our concept dramatically increases not only what can be known in all languages all the time, but it also engaged the human experts across all national, organizational, and cultural boundaries.  It utilizes information as a form of glue or “scent” to rapidly form and expand communities of interest that can be helpful to DoD via civil affairs or diplomatic channels.

Training & Education.  Our advanced visualization and semantic web applications will make all of this information immediately usable for on-the-fly training and educaiton, a form of “virtual” university with training colleges for all countries and topics.

Mission Accomplishment.  In the Age of Information, when Information Operations (IO) is central to DoD’s performance, the rapid adoption of this integrated design approach to information sharing and information exploitation, will be helpful to mission accomplishment across the full spectrum of conflict and engagement.

Executive Summary

The end of the Cold War and the emergence of terrorism, radicalized religion, the proliferation and commoditization of weapons of mass destruction, and the increased informational and economic power of Arabia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Russia, and Venezuela, among others, has brought Information Operations to the forefront of the unified national security strategy.  The Administration and Congress both recognize that Strategic Communication, Public Diplomacy, and inter-agency information-sharing and collaboration must be core competencies within a transformed national security arena.  Robust inter-agency information-sharing and collaboration practices will be most effective if there is a common understanding of the real world based on global foreign information acquisition and analysis.  With this White Paper L-3 communications and its extraordinary partners offer a campaign plan for meeting the requirement established by the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (USDI) in January 2004: universal coverage, 24/7, in all languages, down to the tribal and neighborhood levels of granularity.  This capability addresses the needs of the Department of State, which wishes to be a consumer of open source information rather than a collector; of all DoD elements, of the Department of Homeland Security and its state and local constituencies, and of all other elements of the U.S. Government (USG)..

L-3, the only defense contractor to be included in the WIRED 40, masters of innovation and technology with strategic vision, plans to partner with three other U.S. companies listed in the WIRED 40 (IBM, CISCO, Google), and with the top open source information companies in the world—including the leading provider of foreign geospatial and foreign information acqusition services—as well as world-class providers of man and machine foreign language translation services as well as multi-lingual operational field support services.  We are integrating these global scalable capabilities with our existing analytic and technical services, and adding the extraordinary statistical analysis and pattern recogntion capabilties—including early warning from information that should be present but is not—of IcoSystem and Texas A&M University.  PRNEWSWIRE completes our team and is our partner in evaluating key communicator biases and content trends, and in creating direct email, facsimile, and voice paths to influentials in every country and every domain.  We deliver the message “by name.”  We will integrate a global 911 service that will allow any individual to call in and receive  both interactive secure real-time translation and subject-matter expert support, as well as secure locationally-aware cultural intelligence, using Tacticomps and other commercial hand-helds, as well as a 119 service for “bottom-up” dots from citizens to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and to the elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community..

L-3, with leading roles in support of the Global War on Terror (GWOT) and the Homeland Security (HS), believes that Open Source Intelligence should be the linch pin for a new out-sourced approach to global information acquisition and exploitation that also provides a basis for a “Manhattan Project” approach to global information sharing and sense-making.  This White Paper presents our unique scalable approach to the twin challenge of global information monitoring and related decision support as well as multnational, multiagency, multidisciplinary multidomain information sharing (M4 IS).  L-3 is pioneering the concept of burden-sharing in two important ways beneficial to our clients’ mission: we are increasing the amount of information that is available by obtaining free access to United Nations (UN) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and academic databases world-wide, and by implementing a global clearinghouse concept, an Open Source Information System (OSIS-X), that permits other governments and corporations to share the cost of acquiring information not now affordable by the USG.  Our team strengths are shown on the next page (Figure 1).  We anticipate that we will be able to earmark  several hundred million dollars to build a “virtual back office” and hub for all USG OSINT, that can be subsequently expanded to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), UN agencies, and thence to a wide variety of regional coalition partners and organizations.  We wish to do this is careful coordinatioin with the DNI, and with all relevant elements of the USG.

Figure 1:  Team L-3 for Global Information Grid Challenges

Our foreign language translation partners are shown separately in Annex A.  We have structured our team along six lines—clients may hire any of the  team members as “prime” contractor.

1.  By promoting and perhaps even subsizing global adoption of IBM’s DB2 with OmniFind, we will substantially reduce the cost and increase the speed of accessing globally distributed private databases.  By integrating CISCO’s Application Oriented Network (AON) with Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and disk level security features, and Google Enterprise, we resolve all of the latter’s security issues, while retaining its superb capability.  We can also use Google to see what’s popular at the tribal level.  Licensing the Googleplex reduces overall network computing costs by two thirds.

2.  Our contracting of FedEx (including globally-distributed Kinko’s capable of digitizing daily), and Amazon, which can apply its technologies to foreign language books and documents, to include understanding of what is popular at the provincial level and across ethnic groups, is innovation at its best.

3.  Our open source intelliigence (OSINT), decision-support (DM), machine translation, and data mining and statistical analysis pioneers, and our adoption of INTER-4! Tacticomps as our generic hand-held device for both inputing and receiving OSINT, are the guts of our global strategic objective of accomplishing the defense vision of universal access, 24/7, in all languages, at sub-state levels of granularity (provincial, tribal, neighborhood), along with tactical access from anywhere, to global information and imagery.

4.  Geospatial depictions and fully integrated 1:50,000 geospatial data points are the foundation for our scalable and flexible data extraction, dissemination, and visualization.  We leverage all available vendors, and add to this a rapid response modeling and simulation capability.

5.  PRNEWSWIRE, with our help, will be able to reach influentials everywhere “by name,” at the sub-state level (provincial, tribal, neighborhood).  Public diplomacy and strategic communications will be enhanced.

Our Executive Summary is completed with two depictions, one on this page (Figure 2) and one on the next page (Figure 3) of our ten-year plan for creating a global open source information system, and eventually a global all-source information system, that fully exploits locationally-aware devices including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, and our plan, already discussed with the United Nations, Scotland Yard, and selected others, to change the global information paradigm by making possible universal access to shared information at three levels: public, government-only, and restricted.  Access can also be controlled “by name.”  Finally, page 5 is an implementation schedule for the first 100 days, and for the two-year plan for elements to be funded under contract.The recent decision of the United Nations to work toward a global UN information-sharing network open to our exploitation in return for access to OSIS-X, is one of our most important opportunities.  If we can add the World Bank as an early adopter, the entire USG will benefit.  We fully expect global multi-national corporations to co-invest and share the cost and the collection burdens for creating the Open Source Information System – External (OSIS-X).

Strategic Depiction of Ten-Year Development Plan for Global Intelligence System

General Al Gray, testifying to Congress in the 1990’s, explained why he was the only Service chief to place both communications and intelligence under the same flag officer.  He said:

“Communications without intelligence is noise;
intelligence without communications is irrelevant.”

Writing in Forbes ASAP in August 1998, Peter Drucker, the dean of American business innovation, said (here we paraphrase a much longer commentary):

We’ve spent 50 years on the T in IT, now
it is time we spent 50 years on the I in IT.

The printing press started the industrial era.  The Internet started the information era.  Team L-3, in the service of America and of the U.S. Government, is prepared to start the new era of global collective intelligence—a new, safe, intelligent network for profitable information-sharing that is directly responsive to the Defense Science Board studies on Strategic Communications (July 2004) and Transitions to and from Hostilities (December 2004).

L-3 has identified funding needed over two years, to refine and scale up the capabilities listed in Annex E, following the milestones and objectives listed on the next page.  L-3’s commitment to creating a global Open Source Business Unit is consistent with both classified and unclassified government needs for improved access, with one big difference: it is open to all possible contributors of raw foreign language information in all media forms.

This vision is so bold and so far-reaching that we provide here a summary of the implementation plan for the first 100 days and for the two-year investment period.  Team L-3 knows who to hire to execute this plan, and will meet this schedule with a collection of world-class “brand name” individuals.  What we build will be the new, safe, intelligent information-sharing network for the world, one that is in the service of legitimate governments while helpful to all participating individuals and organizations including non-governmental organizations active in stabilization and reconstruction operations.

First 100 Days

Day 1:                          Publicize the Commitment, Announce Mission and Goals

Days 2-10:        Meet with Constituencies, Establish Consensus Among Stakeholders

Days 11-20       Hire Key People at Premium Scales, Avoid Re-Locations—Global Virtual Team

Days 21-30       Establish OSINT Academy, OSINT Help Desk, and Translation Web

Days 31-40       Establish Information Technology Skunkworks for IC, DoD, UN, and World Bank

Days 41-50       Establish Web-Based Federated OSINT Requirements (Tasking Request) System

Days 51-60       Establish Web-Based Federated Collection Management (Tasking Order) System

Days 61-70       Establish Web-Based Federated Data and Production Management System

Days 71-80       Finalize Personnel, Facilities, Equipment, Funding, and Focus of Global Effort

Days 81-90       Test-Drive the Commercial Open Source Agency (COSA)

Days 91-99       Adjust

Day 100            Open for Business

Regardless of how many corporations are competing for US and other government dollars, there needs to be at least one “hub” company that can help both US and foreign parties share information without regard to citizenship, clearances, or other caveats.  L-3 plans to be that hub for the good of the larger group.  We see this as a transformative strategic endeavor of enormous value.

Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The 5th Estate.

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WHO (World "Health" Organization) Tries to Throw Water on Intentional Release of Kobe University/Kawaoka Created Weaponized H5N1; Attempt to Confuse International Public with Fairy-Tale "Bird Flu"

WHO shows contempt for international public with nonsensical H5N1 bullshit; needs to answer questions about magically materializing WEAPONIZED H5N1 in Southeast Asia immediately after it was created in a secret, illegal lab at Kobe University by Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Teridah Ernala; explain coincidence of 1997 Hong Kong H5N1 debut - again magically occurring the very same year it was dug up in Brevig Mission Alaska by "Dr. Death" Johan Hultin with assist from U.S. Army; and WHY a vaccine is needed for Killer H5N1 virus that was proven eradicated in 1919

Toronto Sun

Virologists warned that there was no vaccine against a mutant strain of H5N1 bird flu now spreading in China and Vietnam and called for closer monitoring of the disease in poultry and wild birds to stop it spreading to people.

WHO Weaponized H5N1 Seal of Excellence:  Guaranteed to Kill
Two studies showing how scientists mutated the H5N1 bird flu virus into a form that could cause a deadly human pandemic will be published only after experts fully assess the risks, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Friday.

Speaking after a high-level meeting of flu experts and U.S. security officials in Geneva, a WHO official said an agreement had been reached in principle to keep details of the controversial work secret until deeper risk analyses have been carried out. “There is a preference from a public health perspective for full disclosure of the information in these two studies. However there are significant public concerns surrounding this research that should first be addressed,” said Keiji Fukuda, the WHO’s assistant director-general for health security and environment.

WHO's Propaganda Princess, serial liar Sari Setiogi
The WHO called the meeting to break a deadlock between scientists who have studied the mutations needed to make H5N1 bird flu transmit between mammals, and the U.S. National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB), which wanted the work censored before it was published in scientific journals.

Biosecurity experts fear mutated forms of the virus that research teams in The Netherlands and the United States independently created could escape or fall into the wrong hands and be used to spark a pandemic worse than the 1918-19 outbreak of Spanish flu that killed up to 40 million people.

WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said that because of these fears, “there must be a much fuller discussion of risk and benefits of research in this area and risks of virus itself”.

But a scientist close to the NSABB who spoke to Reuters immediately after the decision said the board was deeply “frustrated” by it.

The only NSABB member attending the meeting was infectious disease expert Paul Keim of Northern Arizona University and he “got the hell beat out of him”, the source said.

“It was a closed meeting dominated by flu people who have a vested interest in continuing this kind of work,” he added.

The WHO said experts at the meeting included lead researchers of the two studies, scientific journals interested in publishing the research, funders of the research, countries who provided the viruses, bioethicists and directors from several WHO-linked laboratories specialising in influenza.


The H5N1 virus, first detected in Hong Kong in 1997, is entrenched among poultry in many countries, mainly in Asia, but so far remains in a form that is hard for humans to catch.

Happy Kobe H5N1 Killers:  Kawaoka, Ernala, Makino, Shinya
It is known to have infected nearly 600 people worldwide since 2003, killing half of them, a far higher death rate than the H1N1 swine flu which caused a flu pandemic in 2009/2010.

Last year two teams of scientists - one led by Ron Fouchier at Erasmus Medical Center and another led by Yoshihiro Kawaoka at the University of Wisconsin - said they had found that just a handful of mutations would allow H5N1 to spread like ordinary flu between mammals, and remain as deadly as it is now. This type of research is seen as vital for scientists to be able to develop vaccines, diagnostic tests and anti-viral drugs that could be deployed in the event of an H5N1 pandemic.

In December, the NSABB asked two leading scientific journals, Nature and Science, to withhold details of the research for fear it could be used by bioterrorists.

They said a potentially deadlier form of bird flu poses one of the gravest known threats to humans and justified the unprecedented call to censor the research.

Kawaoka fan of Unit 731's  Dr. Shiro Ishii
They said a potentially deadlier form of bird flu poses one of the gravest known threats to humans and justified the unprecedented call to censor the research.

The WHO voiced concern, and flu researchers from around the world declared a 60-day moratorium on Jan. 20 on “any research involving highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 viruses” that produce easily contagious forms.

Fouchier, who took part in the two-day meeting at the WHO which ended on Friday, said the consensus of experts and officials there was “that in the interest of public health, the full paper should be published” at some future date.

“This was based on the high public health impact of this work and the need to share the details of the studies with a very big community in the interest of science, surveillance and public health on the whole,” he told reporters.

H5N1 weaponizers Kawaoka and Fouchier
In its current form, people can contract H5N1 only through close contact with ducks, chickens, or other birds that carry it, and not from infected individuals.

But H5N1 can acquire mutations that allow it to live in the upper respiratory tract rather than the lower, and the Dutch and U.S. researchers found a way to make it travel via airborne droplets between infected ferrets. Flu viruses are thought to behave similarly in the animals and in people.

Asked about the potential bioterrorism risks of his and the U.S. team’s work, Fouchier said “it was the view of the entire group” at the meeting that the risks that this particular virus or flu viruses in general could be used as bioterrorism agents “would be very, very slim”.

“The risks are not nil, but they are very, very small,” he said.

Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The 5th Estate.

This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Iranian naval ships dock at Syria’s Tartus port: Report

The 5th Estate predicted this alliance - the benefits and consequences - months ago


Two Iranian Navy’s ships have docked in the Syrian port of Tartus to provide maritime training to Syria’s naval forces under an agreement signed between Tehran and Damascus a year ago. 
Alliance will damage U.S. WWIII Armageddonists
The Iranian fleet, consisting of a destroyer and a supply ship, arrived at Tartus port, situated 220 kilometers (136 miles) northwest of the Syrian capital Damascus, on Friday a day after they received permission from the Egyptian armed forces to sail along the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean Sea on their way to the Syrian coast, Mehr News Agency reported on Saturday.

Iran's Navy has increased its presence in international waters since last year, deploying vessels in the Indian Ocean and sending two ships to the Mediterranean Sea for the first time in February 2011 via the Suez Canal.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Navy -- in line with international efforts against piracy - has been conducting anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden since November 2008 to safeguard maritime trade and in particular ships and oil tankers owned or leased by Iran.

Last May, International Maritime Organization (IMO) Secretary General Efthimios E. Mitropoulos described the anti-piracy efforts by Iran's Navy as “effective.”

Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The 5th Estate.

Images:  Google royalty free unless otherwise attributed.

This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Air Australia collapse strands thousands; Emboldened Aussie Government Allows Final Airline Rip-Off of Customers

Emboldened by unpunished thievery of other governments (Bush/Cheney/Obama, et. al.), IMF, Banks; Digger government pulls one last rip-off on Australian travelers after purposely running AA into the ground


The collapse of budget carrier Air Australia has left 4,000 passengers stranded, while the airline has reportedly sold some 100,000 tickets for future flights that may never take off. 
Fly the Ripoff Airlines, Final Act:  Sell worthless tickets to nowhere
Domestic and international flights of the Brisbane-based airline were all grounded on Friday, leaving administrators wishing a "white knight" to save the airline.

The cancelations started with flight VC241 from Phuket to Melbourne in the early hours of Friday, after the airline was unable to refuel its aircraft.

"The supplier of fuel wouldn't extend them any more credit," Administrator Mark Korda of KordaMentha said.

Korda described the company’s immediate priority as dealing with the suspended operations and the passengers, as well as the airline’s 300 staff, who he said were immediately stood down.

"Our second priority is to see if we can get the business sold or find a white knight and the third thing we do is (conduct) our investigation," he added. 
Digger youth have plenty of time now for kinky sex, spreading AIDS
The announcement came a day after Australia's largest airline Qantas announced an 83 percent fall in profits and the loss of 500 jobs.

"We're certainly looking at what (Air Australia) jobs might be affected in Queensland and how we can help these people as quickly as possible," Queensland Premier Anna Bligh told reporters.

She, however, assured that the airline's failure would have little impact on Queensland's tourist industry.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said Qantas and Jetstar would provide extra services over the weekend to help stranded passengers overseas, many of whom are not likely to make it back home until early next week.


Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of The 5th Estate.

Images:  Google royalty free unless otherwise attributed.

This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



The real truth on 9/11 slowly continues to bleed out

Technical experts are mounting major challenges to official U.S. government accounts of how three World Trade Center skyscrapers collapsed in near-freefall after the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago.

Many researchers are focusing especially on the little-known collapse of



The Geopolitics Of The United States, Part 1: The Inevitable Empire

The Empire and the inevitable fall of the Obama criminal regime

STRATFOR Editor’s Note: This installment on the United States, presented in two parts, is the 16th in a series of STRATFOR monographs on the geopolitics of countries influential in world affairs.

Like nearly all of the peoples of North and South America, most Americans are not originally from the territory that became the United States.



Geopolitics Of The United States Part 2: American Identity And The Threats of Tomorrow

A look back at 2011 predictions for the future in order to put events of today into perspective

 photo capitalism_zpsah78uy5p.jpg
We have already discussed in the first part of this analysis how the American geography dooms whoever controls the territory to being a global power, but there are a number of other outcomes that shape what that power will be like. The first and most critical is the impact of that geography on the American mindset.



By Robert S. Finnegan

This e-mail outlines and confirms the acts of espionage against Indonesia and Indonesians by Akiko Makino and the others involved both in Kobe University and in AI Lab at University of Airlangga, Surabaya; Bahasa Indonesia original follows English translation...



UPDATED 01/07/2015 : New Analysis Challenges Tamiflu Efficacy; Hong Kong Corona Virus Outbreak


 photo TAMIFLU_small_zpssojx6okt.jpg

Obama criminals now resulting to biowarfare in quest to destroy Chinese and ASEAN economy; "novel virus substrain" points directly to a Kawaoka / Fouchier / Ernala-Ginting Kobe lab virus weaponized and genetically altered to specifically target and infect the Asian population: Ribavirin...



 photo WHO02_zpsplmhtlpr.jpg
The 5th Estate has just purchased a library on H5N1 "Novel" virus pandemics, there are dozens of PDF and Exel documents we feel will assist you in saving lives following intentional releases of the H5N1 and now MERS viruses; we will begin by printing those that appear to be extremely relevant here: H5N1 Kobe-Kawaoka-Ernala series continues soon with more "Smoking Gun" e-mails from Teridah Ernala to The 5th Estate . . .



By Robert S. Finnegan

On October 12, 2002 the Indonesian island of Bali experienced a terrorist attack that rocked the world. It was unquestionably well-coordinated and executed, the largest in the country's history.