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Medical Advisory : H5N1

The publisher has been down for the last four days with an influenza relapse.  It does not appear to be the H5N1 "novel," although he was exposed to some kind of influenza in Sukatani about a week and a half ago while attempting to treat flu victims.  After an initial course of anti-virals and a long stretch on pure oxygen he improved dramatically, enough so to get out of bed and attempt to go back to work.  As he was warned at the time, he has now had a relapse.  This is serious enough in his eyes to order us to transmit to the international public the quarantine procedures he has initiated and anti-viral drug treatment he has ordered for himself, again, it is his and our opinion at The 5th Estate that he was NOT infected with H5N1 "novel" unless it has mutated to a much milder form and we expect him to be back on his feet in a few more days

The 5th Estate
By Martin Tan

Teridah Ernala Ginting created H5N1 "novel" at Kobe, Japan

The publisher of The 5th Estate was traveling through Tangerang Province when he encountered children with an unknown type of influenza.  Following treatment all made a slow recovery and appear symptomless as of today.  Oxygen was not available and was not used in the treatment regimen.  Quarantine was not possible however the spread appears to have been arrested for the moment with no new cases reported.

On the 3d of February he began to experience symptoms common for influenza, dry, sore throat, joint pain, and photo phobia (severe eye pain when exposed to bright light.)  The condition deteriorated to full vascular distress and pneumonia-like symptoms and extreme difficulty breathing.  The residence was immediately put under quarantine and remains so now.

Quarantine Procedures

The residence was immediately sealed and of-limits to everyone except for his wife and two family members who have a history of repeated influenza illness which was hoped would give them additional antibody protection.  Quarantine regimen appears to have accomplished what it was set out to:  There have been no infections of those taking care of him, so far.

On his orders his room and an adjoining bathroom were cordoned and sealed with plastic sheets, with an opening to allow for entry of caretakers.  Full gown and respirators were worn, and immediately upon exit they were placed in a separate shower and sprayed down with a 50% chlorine spray.  Gown, gloves and surgical masks were then placed in plastic garbage bags that had also been sprayed with the solution and taken to a burn pit close by and immediately burned.  This regimen is still in place and appears to be working well.  All surfaces that were practicable were wiped down daily with a 25% chlorine solution, especially the floors

It is his wish to replicate quarantine conditions in a normal family home with antiseptics available on the open market.  Because of this a vaporizer was not deployed, as it will be virtually unobtainable during a pandemic and the poor will certainly not have access to one - getting oxygen will be challenging enough, as with the anti-virals.  We are now sending out inquiries to visit Indonesian traditional healers and hope to have something on this for our readers in the near future.  We are, as the old man would say, "a wee bit understaffed at the moment."


 We believe that in the case of H5N1, weaopnized or not, both traditional and modern medicine need to be deployed against the virus, each on their own not having the capability to combat it with any hope of success.  Caretakers must take note of this.

Oxygen treatment was immediately initiated.  A tablespoon of the natural anti-viral tea oil placed in the tank water receptacle and changed every 24 hours.  This provides the patient with a natural antiviral directly into the lungs.  A vaporizer may also be deployed with the tea oil, providing anti-viral coverage to the atmosphere.  Remember:  oxygen is VITAL to the treatment regimen, get it any way you can.

Anti-virals were administered:

Ribavirin and Oseltamivir (Tamiflu) combination, according to body weight; remember to follow dosage charts allowing for children and patients with renal failure; if both are not available get whatever you can, the old man used the Ribavirin as a prophylaxis when exposed to SARS in 2002 and tolerated it well, experiencing no side-effects.  Use caution and exact dosages with the Tamiflu and have patients under hourly observation when using this drug.  It has been known to cause severe side effects in the form of hallucinations.  An overdose of Oseltamivir could well put them into orbit.  If you experience ANY of the side-effects listed terminate use immediately, Tamiflu hallucinations require around-the-clock 24 hour observation until the sypmtoms dissapear.  The old man had a sleep-walking experience with this drug, the first and hopefully last of his lifetime.  Use with extreme caution.

Tea oil, 1 tbs. 3X daily, orally;

"Bisolvon (TM)" Bromhexine HCI, Phenylephrine HCI, Paracetamol; follow dosage chart provided;

"Cohistan TM)" expectorant Guaifenesin, Chlorpheniramine Maleate; follow dosage chart provided;

IF the patients are hungry, feed them.  No restrictions.  This will assist the immune system.

If patient is experiencing gastric distress, administer "Spasminal (TM) Methampyrone, Papaverine HCI, Belladona extract according to dosage chart, again taking extreme care to adjust/suspend treatment for children and renal impairment treatments.

Total bed rest with exception for trips to toilet at least seven days.

Quarantine may be terminated following fourth day with no symptoms however it is recommended patients stay quarantined for at least seven days.

It is the decision of the NOK (next of kin) as to whether the patient is taken to a hospital, there are obvious downsides to this, such as they may never return:  Be aware of local quarantine laws and observe the recovery/deaths in local hospitals before making an informed decision.  Nobody ever said this was going to be easy and families must be extremely careful in reporting cases of loved ones to the U.S. "health" authorities.  In fact, as a situation such as this will likely cause a calamity in any American family, it is recommended a NOK with a strong personality be assigned responsibility for making these decisions.

As a result of this incident, things will be slow here at The 5th Estate for a few days, please bear with us, we will attempt to keep you updated on anything critical and actionable.

As the old man says: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.  Be prepared to deal with any overbearing "medical" authorities politely and professionally, but also be prepared to kill anyone exhibiting behavior that YOU believe to be a threat to you or your family.  Become familiar with, and be prepared to execute protective measures for yourself and your family according to and under the Deadly Force Laws of your state.

The ultimate responsibility for the well being of your loved ones depends on the decisions made by the FAMILY LEADERSHIP, not the bullshit directives of the CDC, WHO and any "OGA's."

The bottom line here is we ARE NOT DOCTORS, but it is our belief that the international public is being lied to regarding this issue by the "doctors" so it is not only an ethical reason in giving readers access to everything we have:  It is also a moral one and the critics in the "medical profession" may go fly a kite for all our concern over anything to do with them other than bringing them to justice and we plan to do everything in our power to see this transpire.  Count on it.

Martin Tan resides and is based in Indonesia, and is one of the original Bali bombings of 2002 lead investigators.



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