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Obama Crossed the Rubicon, Again

Obama the madman

World News
By Dallas Darling

There he stood, outflanked by his Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Army Secretary John McHugh on each side. Looking far into the future and beyond the wars he inherited, but then decided to continue, President Barack Obama proudly declared that he was again crossing the Rubicon. Speaking about the Defense Strategic Review, he vowed to preserve and enlarge United States military pre-eminence around the world.

Obama:  Coward, Liar, Madman, War Criminal
It was another volley fired across the bows of the nations of the world. Another warning, another challenge to just try and resist or defend against America's goal to militarize and purify and remake the world after its own likeness. With its nuclear arsenal intact, with one-thousand military and naval bases around the world-another six-thousand protecting the Homeland, who dares challenge the Father of all military empires? Iran, beware!
After having assassinated Osama bin Laden and massacring thousands of innocent civilians in faraway lands, this is the new page that President Obama is turning, one he promised earlier to the Pentagon and ultra militarists. "Our military will be leaner," said President Obama, "but the world must know the United States is going to maintain our military superiority." Security and peace means more militarism, more weapons, and more wars.

Gone is the populist "Change We Can Live With!" agenda that elected him. President Obama could have been flanked with millions of workers, announcing an executive order to increase minimum wage. He could have signed imperial decrees abolishing corporate wars and conquests that have exported jobs and work, and which have exported (and imported) bitterness, hatred and death, leading to moral bankruptcy.

He could have been standing among the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators challenging predatory financial institutions and militarized corporations that have stolen the livelihoods of future generations. In the midst of children and the elderly, President Obama could have attacked for-profit education institutions and self-indulgent healthcare industries. But instead, he crossed the Rubicon, just like he did in 2011, 2010 and 2009.

President Obama has again declared war on the republic. 

This same week in 49 BCE, Julius Caesar also led his legions across the small stream called the Rubicon. The Roman Senate had ordered Julius Caesar to disband his legions and return home. He refused. In doing this, he defied the Roman Senate. He nullified the Lex Cornelia Majestatis that forbade a general from bringing an army out of the province to which it was assigned. It was, in fact, a declaration of war against the Roman Republic.

Before becoming Commander-in-Chief, Julius Caesar was a Civilian-in-Chief. Like President Obama, he too appealed to the working classes and the poor of Rome's slums and its latifundias, large land estates where laborers worked for little pay and where slaves worked for nothing. Once in power, his agrarian laws and the cancellation of the farmers' debts made him even more popular among the poor working masses.

But commanding legions can be intoxicating. After starving to death and massacring and pacifying the Gauls, Julius Caesar wrote how at one battle he grabbed a shield from a soldier in the rear ranks and went forward to the frontline. His arrival gave troops hope. The audacity of hope is powerful, especially when sword and shield is in hand. But it can also be futile, as unsuccessful troop surges and launched sorties proved to be in Britainia.

Before crossing the Rubicon, Julius Caesar turned to his centurions, his Defense Secretary and Army Secretary, and said, "Let us accept this as a sign from the gods, and follow where they call, in vengeance on our treacherous enemies. The die is cast." He rode across the Rubicon and civil war began, along with the militarization of a republic. A republic that also became an overextended empire, dependent on its armies and perpetual wars.

But maybe these two leaders were merely being used by the gods of war and simply fulfilling the expectations of mythical empires and their addictive tragic narratives. If Homer's "Iliad" gave rise to the literature of warriorism, then Virgil's "The Aeneid" induced nationalism. "Romans, these are your arts," wrote Virgil, "to bear dominion over the nations, to impose peace, to spare the conquered and subdue the proud."

Thus, were President Obama and Julius Caesar free to choose, or were their every action foreordained and dictated by militant and warrior mythologies. This is the curse of adorning a shield in one hand, for in the other there is always a sword. And there is only one expectation for imperial republics: military supremacy. Belligerent and violent triumvirates, like the White House, Congress, and Pentagon, are not formed overnight.

The die was already cast. Citizen-soldiers of empires desire noting more than entertaining blood-sport games in their coliseums. They dream of even greater and more spectacular blood-sport contests in other countries. But the world is filled with different types of nations, different kinds of peace, and many forms of powers, including ways of governing and co-existing. "Be warned against things ill begun which have likewise ended ill." (1)Another trillion dollar military budget (2) will ensure more plains like Pharsalus littered with citizen soldiers and mere citizens, ones that die from hunger, a lack of educational opportunities and healthcare and medicines, and, of course from the audacity of hope that has been militarized. It was not necessarily that "they (the dead) would have it so," but that their leaders of these two republics turned militant empires would make it so.

Everything changes but reality. Hope can be misguided, it can be manufactured and managed through images. Controlled minds are uncritical of the appearances of reforms while imperial structures of violence are left in place. Like Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire, President Obama and the U.S. Empire will continue to come, see, and conquer, mainly by preserving its military pre-eminence around the world.

Will these violent empires and their imperial leaders ever think of a different alternative: to come, see, and serve?

Dallas Darling (

Dallas Darling is the author of Politics 501: An A-Z Reading on Conscientious Political Thought and Action, Some Nations Above God: 52 Weekly Reflections On Modern-Day Imperialism, Militarism, And Consumerism in the Context of John's Apocalyptic Vision, and The Other Side Of Christianity: Reflections on Faith, Politics, Spirituality, History, and Peace. He is a correspondent for You can read more of Dallas' writings at and

  1. Livius, Titus. History of Rome.

  2. Even though the U.S. military budget is over $600 billion, billions more will be unaccounted for and misappropriated in "black holes" and secret "slush funds" and hidden in other federal departments.

CNN Contributor Dana Loesch cheers on Marines pissing on Afghan combatants

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