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Sunday, October 28, 2012

UPDATED : The Ultimate Fistfight : 5th Estate vs Attorney-Packed "Chilling Effects," Harvard Law School, Google : THE 5TH ESTATE STRIKES BACK

48 hours on Google has not yet made good on pull notice; we have re-published report Google threatened to take us down over and now it is their move; 5th Estate now investigating:

 and Harvard Law School for financial ties to Google murdering fascists

The 5th Estate
By Robert S. Finnegan and Imas Kurniawati

During the interim from our last report, we have learned that Wendy Seltzer is an attorney in the Harvard lawyer-packed "Chilling Effects."  We were surprised and embarrassed that The 5th Estate had never heard of them before.

Google responsible for murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens
We shall now see how the Google Trojan Horse Wendy Seltzer and her crew of criminal lawyers at "Chilling Effects" react to sunlight after our investigators in the U.S. kick over the rocks these fascists and traitors to free speech are hiding under.

This is classic G.W. Bush/Rovian/CIA psyops:  Find a bogus non-profit packed with top-flight lawyers posing as advocates of free speech, then employ them to spy on and terrorize Independent Media news bureaus.

Brilliant.  Our hats are off to these criminal bastards, defaming and discrediting media that dares to defy traitor, murdering corporate giants the likes of Google under the guise of public advocates.  Who in their right mind would cross a crew like this?

Does Wendy Seltzer and her lawyers honestly think we believe they are doing their work for Google pro bono?

We do not, and if our investigators now working on this case in the U.S. manage to make that connection against all odds we will bring them down.

This is going to be a bloody fistfight between a murdering corporate giant that we have pissed off and their army of lawyers, and we harbor no illusions about who is going to win this confrontation between good, and evil which we promise will only be the first.  Even if we could afford to retain legal representation there is no law firm in their right mind that would touch this case with a ten foot pole knowing what they are up against.

However this battle will be one for the books, and the result may then be analyzed by Free Independent Media with an eye as to how to combat these bastards in the future.  We will gladly take the heat for this as we have nothing to lose.  We have no advertisers, no donors and no assets in the U.S. to be seized even if a judgement were obtained against us.  Let them have at it and we will fight them until our last breath and expose them wherever possible.  They will never know a moment of peace until The 5th Estate is completely destroyed.

"Chilling Effects" most likely another CIA front
What began as an experiment in journalism has now come full circle and we spit in the faces of these fascists and traitors to democracy and free speech.

The only way to permanently silence us is to come to Indonesia and take a crack at it in person, and we relish the thought. 

So, go for it Google.  We are waiting.

Google and "Chilling Effects" are now claiming this entire pissing contest is all over a non-copyrighted, common, generic cell-phone snapshot supposedly and unverifiably taken by a failed photographer with a rather dubious, illegal side business - which the super-lawyers at "Chilling Effects" also missed or failed to check out - who has been attempting to shake-down The 5th Estate for a usage fee for months, long before their release of  "Innocence of Muslims" and our reporting on it.  So, why has Google all of a sudden decided to threaten us over it?  The answer is obvious.

The 5th Estate will now continue to report until we are taken down.  We are scheduled to move the site during the first week of November and in a worst case scenario will be down from now until then, depending on Google making good on it's threat to take us out.

We thank our readers for the overwhelming support that has been sent our way, it is truly heartening to know there are still brave people out there that refuse to kowtow to the fascist dictators that are doing their best to silence the voices of The Free Peoples of the World and Independent Media.

Now that we have been engaged there will be no end to this confrontation and we will drag everyone involved into the public spotlight, to face the scrutiny and judgement of the Free Peoples that stand united against tyranny, terrorism and censorship by rich attorneys and their criminal corporate masters.

We will retaliate in print to each and every attack on The 5th Estate.

The 5th Estate also engages in and supports many philanthropic projects here in Indonesia assisting the poor and disadvantaged.

The 5th Estate has worked in the underground slum of Kalijodo
We sponsor and participate in nutrition programs for children in disadvantaged areas, sponsor the educations of individual poor children, teach English in slums to children and adults and do medical checkups and primary care in coordination with Indonesian doctors and medical personnel in some of the most disadvantaged areas in Indonesia, providing treatment and free medicine to the poor that cannot afford it and we are justifiably proud to say that we have saved and changed many lives.  We pay for this out of our own pockets, on a fixed income and image royalties. 

We are now in the process of obtaining testimonials from our benefactors, and they will be further damning indictments against the mega-rich Google, Harvard Law School and the super-wealthy lawyers with "Chilling Effects," who have probably never seen the inside of a slum, much less one the likes of the notorious underground hellhole of Kalijodo.  The Editor was one of only a handful of Westerners ever to be allowed inside, and the only one ever allowed to photograph it.

Note to Google, "Chilling Effects,", Wendy Seltzer, Harvard Law School and others:  We are monitoring the inquiry blocks of our credit reports, and any illegal inquiries will be turned over to the FBI and Attorneys General in States with jurisdiction over FCRA violations to be criminally prosecuted.

The Marine Corps military records of the Editor have also been flagged for instant notification of Privacy Act violations and anyone that attempts to access these records illegally to obtain SSN or classified information will be prosecuted.  We will be notified of all access requests.

Under the direction of recent proffered pro bono legal assistance regarding this case The 5th Estate will be filing complaints with State Bar Associations for harassment and any other applicable charges in the involved attorney's respective States requesting debarment proceedings be initiated.

Repeated, multiple accesses to The 5th Estate by these attorneys and law firms that are intended to intimidate and harass are being archived as evidence to support these complaints.



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