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Friday, October 26, 2012

Iran Sounds Death Knell for U.S. Colonial Adventurism in Mideast

Thanks to the Bush and Obama criminal regimes the U.S. will go the way of the British East India Company   

By Gordon Duff

This week’s presidential debate on the issue of foreign policy was, at best, a humiliation for America. I am not talking about the minor issues, such as Romney not knowing where Iran and Syria are on a map or that Iran has nearly 2,000 miles of coastline.

Colonialism sounded death-knell for British Empire
It is easy to confuse Iran with Kazakhstan or even Iceland. Americans are not typically good at geography or math or engineering or languages.

I cringed to see who would be the first candidate to misquote President Ahmadinejad’s quotation:

“History will erase Zionism from the sands of time.”

According to Romney, making this statement is considered “genocide” and he indicated he was going to go to the International Criminal Court at The Hague and have charges filed.

Nobody told Romney that America withdrew from the court years ago in fear that American leaders themselves were likely to face indictment.

Those who remember Romney’s statements about the geography of the region know he believes that Iran and Syria have a common border.

Someone should tell Iraq about this.

Obama now supplying Syrian CIA mercs with U.S. Stingers
Then, just today, I got a call from friends in Army intelligence. The Israelis submitted intelligence reports to the US stating that massive shipments of “heavy arms” have been moving from Iran into Syria via highway.
Two roads were mentioned, one heads through the American “Green Zone” in Baghdad, which has to be keeping the people there awake, tanks and missile launchers driving through checkpoints day and night.

The other route goes through Mosul, where the Israelis have established a base. It has to be interfering with their sleep too.

Thus far, though the route is many hundreds of miles over heavily traveled roads through major cities, nobody has seen or photographed a single piece of equipment. However, America’s intelligence organizations have chosen to pass this “intelligence” on to congress and the president.

This information, insanely falsified like the fairly stories Wolfowitz, Chalabi and company took to Bush in 2002 is meant to justify an America “re-occupation,” by force if necessary, of Iraq should Romney be elected.

As Romney owns the company that owns most of America’s electronic voting machines, the chances of his election, even if no one votes for him, are looking better each day.

Pakistan was a major issue for Romney during the debate. Israel, for some reason, seems to be terrified of Pakistan.

The missed point when discussing Pakistan and their “100 nuclear weapons” is that they actually have more like “400 nuclear weapons” and are building JA-17 stealth fighters, an advanced Chinese design based on American plans stolen by Israeli spies…

One thing about war, it doesn’t matter if you live or die, win or lose, as long as you make a profit.

Pakistan pretty-boy, CIA gigolo Imran Khan
Pakistan is looking at a real civilian government for the first time. Leading candidate for prime minister is Imran Khan, curiously one of my good friends.

Khan has a 70% approval rating and has politely informed the United States that if/when he is elected there will be no more aid accepted from the US and no America presence in Pakistan other than normal friendly diplomatic relations.

Lack of cohesive leadership in Pakistan has left a vacuum, Islam’s only nuclear power, Islam’s most powerful military and a nation that has lost 35,000 lives fighting America’s war on terror while under continual attack in the American press for “aiding the enemy.”

The game changer here is that Khan is respected in the west, outspoken, totally fearless and carries no baggage. Last time we met, I told him I could get him elected president of the United States.

Khan would even get the Jewish vote.

I was not kidding. Americans will love him, he is pure “rock star” and a face for Islam that will gut stereotypes. This will be fun.

We had mentioned Syria earlier and the imaginary convoys through Kurdistan or Iraq or perhaps under water, the ones the Israeli drones see but cannot photograph because of the dense jungle in the arid regions of northern Iraq.

My suggestion is that the US gets drones themselves or, perhaps, sends up satellites.

If the convoys are going through the Green Zone, perhaps someone could just go outside and look.

The foreign policy presidential debate missed a couple of issues, one major one is political instability in Turkey.

Israel has been pushing its surrogate allies, a group of smaller nations it currently controls that formed a coalition after World War II.

Israel’s private mercenary force is sometimes called NATO though the French manage to play along though they quit NATO in 1959.

The key to Syria seems to be pushing Turkey into moving forces into Syria under the guise of a buffer or humanitarian operation of some kind.

However, reports from inside Turkey indicate that, were this to occur, civil war will break out immediately and the Erdogan/military government will be overthrown.

Obama/CIA poodle Erdogan will destroy Turkey
The result would be Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO and the formation of an Islamic trade bloc from Istanbul to Islamabad, which would more than offset the coalition between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states.

Russia and China see this as the end of America as the world’s dominant power.

The second way into Syria is through destabilizing Lebanon through terror attacks and wild conspiracies, an operation that began a bit over a week ago, coinciding with US troops moving into Jordan for “humanitarian purposes.”

The US move coincides with the Syrian rebels being armed with advanced American Stinger missiles, a coincidence, of course.

A major issue left out of the debates is the American takeover of Africa. America has kept a very low profile in African operations, decades of military support and training along with close cooperation with the French.

The war for Africa is slated to begin with an African Union force being sent into northern Mali supported by French air power and US drones.

The justification is the branding of the Tauregs in northern Mali, longtime allies of Gaddafi in Libya as “al-Qaeda.”

With the Boko Harum of northern Nigeria and Niger also being “rebranded” as convenient al-Qaeda “franchises” and the rash of car bombings, Nigeria and Kenya the primary targets, selling another decade of “war on terror” in Africa is well underway.

What is needed, however, is a nation properly placed as a base of operations, one that can sustain a “rope-a-dope” civil war while convenient enough to occupy.

Uganda seems to -- out of geographic necessity -- wear the “black dot.” Groups are showing up, planning where to build Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise and Taco Bells.

With Sudan partitioned and Kenya currently operating in Somalia and stories of terror cells springing up across Africa filling American and Israeli “pop culture” news, the world is hearing the death knell of America’s colonial adventure in the Middle East.

With Russia guarding Northern flanks, Assad and Ahmadinejad will join forces and drive North into Turkey, crushing it and NATO forces and leaving it to the Russians; then joined by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan will wheel south and drive into Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, crushing their dictatorial regimes and seizing their oil fields:  Israel will cease to exist while Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman will be left over to the mop-up crew along with any other U.S. lackey regime in the Gulf:  Egypt will have to decide who to throw their hand in with - it should not be a tough decision for President Morsi

America will leave empty handed with the last remaining chance: the overthrow of Syria and the destabilization of Lebanon. These may be the most dangerous adventures of all, ones that have “World War III” stamped all over them.

Dreams of the conquest of all that could be surveyed, the Caspian Basin to the Sea, colonial garrisons or puppet dictators from the Mediterranean to India, from the sea to the Russian frontier, are all slipping between the grasping fingers of the “Masters of the Universe.”

All that will remain is $5,000 trillion in debt, countless dead and maimed and the ongoing heroin production of Afghanistan as America’s only legacy.

The future will be Africa, mercenary armies, imaginary terrorism, drone wars on a scale never seen before, a war potentially unending, new enemies created when and where the drive of neocolonialism dictates.

We are watching round three, the crushing of the Tauregs of northern Mali.

Has anyone yet told them they are supposed to lose?



Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest. More Press TV articles by Gordon Duff

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