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Friday, October 26, 2012

BREAKING : "Chilling Effects" Libels 5th Estate With No Prior Contact, No Legal Authority, No Complaint Review

These pretentious, elitist Nazi bastard lawyers who specialize in intimidation and anti-media terror tactics operate under the cloak of legitimacy, bogus legality and advocates of Independent Media when in reality they are paid by Google to mount credibility assaults on Independent Media news bureaus that dare tell the truth or defy Google:  We do not know how long we will be up however we will continue to report until taken down by Google - there was absolutely no warning from these criminals that any action was about to be taken against The 5th Estate, "Chilling Effects" has no legal authority to censor news bureaus or libel them in print:  We are now contacting lawyers in the U.S. to file a libel lawsuit against them

The 5th Estate
By Robert S. Finnegan
10/26/2012  0625 Western Jakarta Time

Below is our inquiry - after the fact - to "Chilling Effects," an organization we had never heard of before and now appears to be in the business of terrorizing legitimate news bureaus with bogus legal claims to authority to do so:

Seltzer, "chilling Effect" now under investigation

Robert Finnegan
5:24 AM (1 hour ago)

To:  "Chilling Effects"

Dear Wendy,

    Would you please identify yourself and explain to us how you are involved with this issue?

    Could you also explain how you or your organization have any legal jurisdiction over this as the bureau site is owned and operated by an Indonesian national and the laws of the U.S. have absolutely no jurisdiction over it, and how you can arbitrarily, ethically and professionally take this kind of action with absolutely no prior notification to us?

    And would you also explain how you are exempt for being sued for libel and defamation, having absolutely no proof this event is even factual or subject to any laws in the U.S.?

    Also, please explain to us how we cannot immediately make this issue public, not only on our front page but throughout Independent Media?

    Please get back to me immediately with your answers, or I am afraid we will have to take this into the public domain, with negative results for your "organization," you personally and anyone else involved in this libel and slander of us personally and our news bureau.

Robert S. Finnegan
The 5th Estate

And here, is their meaningless, totally bullshit response:

Wendy Seltzer


Chilling Effects serves as a clearinghouse for cease and desist letters.
Our goal is to educate the public about the different kinds of cease and
desist letters--both legitimate and questionable--that are being sent to
Internet publishers. We annotate the letters to help the public
understand their legal language, and collect as many letters as possible
to help the public understand the types of letters that are being sent
and what searches are affected by them. By posting cease and desist
notices, we are not authenticating them or making any judgment on the
validity of the claims they raise.

Chilling Effects is not the sender of these notices, and is not
responsible for removing pages from the web or search engine listings.

If you believe a web page or site was wrongly removed, you should
contact the ISP or search engine who removed the site. In the case of an
improper DMCA notification, you may wish to file a counter-notification, For more information
on the DMCA, please see If
you have questions for Google about a removal from search results pages,
you should contact Google.


And this is AFTER they libeled us on their site.

"By posting cease and desist notices, we are not authenticating them or making any judgment on the validity of the claims they raise."
Are they kidding?  They libel a news bureau and then claim they are not responsible for it?  Is this woman related to George W. Bush or Carl Rove?  Do they really think we will buy into this BULLSHIT?

Here is an excerpt from the Google pull-notice proving they are lying:

"The notice that we received, with any personally identifying information removed, will be posted online by a service called Chilling Effects at "

And our response:

Robert Finnegan
5:39 AM (1 hour ago)

Wendy Seltzer


You posted this libelous crap, you are personally and professionally responsible for damage to our credibility and persons.

You should have consulted with an attorney or at least contacted us before posting that erroneous garbage on your site.  It is nothing more than Nazi terror tactics to cover for Google taking down our site over negative news coverage of them.  We will now seek legal counsel in the U.S. and there are a lot of hungry lawyers out there.

We will sue you personally, anyone else involved from your organization, and your organization.

If we manage to stay up long enough, you can look for a report on your organization, we will investigate and EVISCERATE you in print.

Even if Google does take us down, our site is archived in several places throughout the world, and I guarantee you we will be back up in a few weeks and you will be the FIRST REPORT we publish.

We had over 23 million hits on our site last month, so you may be assured of wide coverage.

Believe Me,

Robert S. Finnegan
The 5th Estate

And here is our response to Google and their take down notice:

Re: Blogger Blog takedown notification

Robert Finnegan
3:44 AM (13 hours ago)

to support <>

Fuck you assholes.  The image in question does not belong to the thief that is attempting to extort image rights from us.  This is only an allegation and has no basis in fact and you fuckers know it.

We are moving out site from Google.  You can expect this issue to be published when we have re-established our bureau with a new provider.

Google is a CIA owned and operated corporation, and we will be on your asses until doomsday.  We know we cannot impact you in a big way, but we will hurt you and your sales, costing you money.

Our site has been archived in numerous places, so go ahead and take us down and watch the reaction explode across Independent Media.  You can expect a negative media reaction from this as we release a Press Release identifying you and your company as censors and accessories to criminal image rights extortionists.

You have absolutely no proof of copyright ownership of this image.

Go fuck yourselves.  This is going to cost you.

Robert S. Finnegan
The 5th Estate

The upshot of this is that if these media terrorists can do it to The 5th Estate, they can do it to anyone.  We urge our readers and especially those with news sites to access these bastards and tag them as no-entry sites on your firewall, for beginners.  We are still investigating them professionally and personally and will report back here - if we are still up.

Again, thanks to our readers for their very vocal support so far.

We will continue to report until taken down.



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