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BREAKING: EXCLUSIVE - More "Smoking Gun" Emails From Kobe University Virologist Teridah Ernala Ginting to Dr. C.A. Nidom; Acts Of Espionage Against Indonesia by Akiko Makino and Others From Kobe University "Secret" Lab

These e-mails outline and confirm acts of espionage against Indonesia and Indonesians committed by Akiko Makino and others involved both in Kobe University and in AI Lab at University of Airlangga, Surabaya; Bahasa Indonesia original follows English translation

By Robert S. Finnegan

Background e-mails from Teridah Ernala Ginting to 5th Estate editor Robert S. Finnegan:

After the incident, my professor became very nice at me. Of course, because they know that I know what's going on exactly. Few days later, they asked me to sign a document, mentioning that I'm a researcher belonging to my supervisor, and every matters between my supervisor and I should be kept confidential. I didn't have any reason not to sign it. 

If you want to, I will forward the conversation between Dr Nidom and I. It's in Bahasa Indonesia, but that's the actual story. It's a very long mail, maybe it's pretty difficult for you to understand the whole story but just keep it for your reference.

PS: you better read the mail from the bottom. You will see how they're desperately want samples.

For your information:

Yoshi sensei - Yoshihiro Kawaoka, my professor. The authority. Everything done by these following two names are for his sake.

Shinya - Kyoko Shinya, my associate professor also my boss in this project. She's always using me and telling lot of lies.

Makino - Akiko Makino, new assistant professor from Tokyo Univ. She carried the illegal samples from Indonesia.

Yamaoka - Masaoki Yamaoka, a Japanese researcher assigned in Indonesia.

Dr Hatta - Shinya got the human samples from dr Hatta, but claimed it as dr Nidom's samples at Surabaya airport."

My personal research themes are: the study of circulating oseltamivir resistant H1N1 virus (I mentioned before); the internalization of highly pathogenic H5N1 virus into cells; the study of PA gene of Indonesia human H5N1 virus in relation to its virulency; neuraminidase protein characteristic of horse influenza H3N8 which jumped and transferred its whole genome into dogs; and the pathogenicity of avian H5N1 virus to several local chicken breeds.

Too many subjects for a student, actually. Other students only have one subject, it's enough for graduation. Some may have two if one is not good enough. That's why I almost have no time for my self.

I'm working in BSL-2 laboratory, that's the requirement from the government because the original virus was only common H1N1. For H5N1 virus, I'm working in BSL-3 laboratory.

My experiment is confidential (please keep this only for you), noone except my professor and I know this (even we keep it secret from other lab members). Especially after the H1N1 emerged, my work will cause lot of trouble. We will go to the public after everything is set up.


Kobe University virologists Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Teridah Ernala, Makino, Shinya have endangered the world

From: "Ida - Teridah Ernala"
To: C. A. Nidom
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 2:59 AM

Subject: Re: Apa kabar?

Dear Pak Nidom,

Thanks for your email. Your explanation has helped me to understand what was going on. As for me, there’s no big deal, but honestly I actually felt being used and cheated working on this project all this time.

Let me try to tell you what I knew and heard:

1. It all started from complains received from Shinya sensei about the samples. According to her, Pak Nidom didn’t do surveillance for Kobe-Unair project anymore. Pak Nidom was always busy doing something else and Pak Nidom told Shinya sensei that Pak Nidom wouldn’t send any more samples to be analyzed. Shinya sensei felt cornered because she had to be responsible to making reports to Kobe University and to Yoshi sensei. Most of the information Shinya received was from Yamaoka sensei. Shinya sensei felt that Yamaoka sensei had worked more than Pak Nidom. Especially because Yamaoka sensei gave data and also worked with dr. Pailingan. He’s been complaining about that since a few months ago. From I saw, Shinya sensei also communicated a lot with Yamaoka sensei, I never knew what they communicated about. But since they were close, it seemed that Shinya sensei received a lot information, Yamaoka’s version, of course. For instance: in Surabaya there was no more surveillance, and even though there were a lot of samples, they were not processed any further.

Dr. C.A. Nidom
2. In June, Shinya sensei had planned to meet with Pak Hatta in Makassar. I didn’t care much about the meeting was about. But suddenly Shinya asked me to come along, she said we were going to see farms in South Sulawesi for around one month and it just happened I was the committee so more or less I knew about South Sulawesi. I called keswan in Pinrang and Polewali that we were going to see the farms. Then Shinya sensei asked if we could do the sampling too. Keswan allowed us to do so but we had to make a letter of request to Dinas, Propinsi and Kabupaten. I have prepared all those letters required.

Samples we took were from healthy pigs and chickens (not outbreak samples). What I regretted here was that Shinya sensei actually wanted to meet Pak Hatta by using “surveillance” as the reason. By taking me, she could use the budget from Kobe University, because as far I’m concerned, her work with Pak Hatta was personal business (whether or not this was true, I had no idea).

The truth was, all of sudden Shinya sensei asked me to come along whereas her wish to meet with Pak Hatta had been planned for so long.

I had asked Shinya sensei over and over again to inform Pak Nidom about this plan. Even right before the departure, I asked her again. She always said she would.

I also said that we couldn’t take home the samples, we had to give them to Unair (because that was what I told Dinas). I also said to take only the swab and let Vivin and Mas Ucup take the samples in Sulawesi later, when all collected. But at that time Shinya sensei said she was busy and didn’t have time, so let’s just take them and give them to Yamaoka sensei while in transit in Bali.

So there, the samples were then given to Yamaoka sensei in Bali (samples in PBS + antibiotics). While samples in Trizol were taken to Japan because according Shinya sensei the samples in Trizol had been inactive and all the import papers have been prepred by Makino sensei, so there should be no problem. The PBS samples were taken by Yamaoka to Surabaya.

3. Shinya sensei and Pak Hatta met at the Hasanuddin Airport. When they met, I was not brought in, I was waiting somewhere else. So I had no idea what they talked about. After that Pak Hatta told me that if I wanted outbreak samples, he could get in touch with Vet. Muflihanah in Maros. I said that was impossible because I have had asked about DIC samples to Dirjen (General Director). There was no way the samples would be given away by DIC without permission from Dirjen. But Pak Hatta convinced Shinya sensei that Vet. Muflihanah was his student and would definitely give the samples with permission from Dirjen. That was when I had bad feeling about it, I told Shinya sensei that was a law-breaking act. After that, Pak Hatta might have ‘entertained’ Vet. Muflihanah or something, I don’t know, and I don’t want know about it.

4. 2 days upon returning from Sulawesi in the end of July, Shinya sensei left for Surabaya with Makino sensei. She said [the] purpose at that time was to check on the presentation by friends at AI Lab. When he was about to leave, I once again asked about Pak Nidom’s opinion about the samples taken by Yamaoka to Surabaya. Shinya sensei said that she hasn’t told Pak Nidom about it but would do so when he arrived in Surabaya. I was disappointed and ashamed because I have sent a letter to Dinas and Province that samples would be brought to Unair. I don’t want Pak Nidom hear this from someone else. I just wish that Shinya sensei could explain this nicely to Pak Nidom. Shinya sensei said that she had talked about his visit to Sulawesi and that Pak Nidom has collected samples from Dnas. I felt relieved hearing that, because that meant there was no problem.

Whether or not Shinya sensei brought the samples in to Japan during his visit to Surabaya, I really had no idea about it.

5. About Makino sensei getting caught taking samples out of Indonesia in Juanda, at that time I was on vacation in Surabaya. Makino sensei returned to Japan at the very same day I returned to Japan. I had no idea at all about Makino sensei’s visit to Surabaya, I only learned about it the night before, when Motoko called me. I never tried to contact Makino sensei because I was not ‘invited’, so I left her alone.

I learned about this when I returned to the lab (on Monday) from Shinya sensei. I was shocked because I thought Makino sensei brought in the samples from Sulawesi that we gave to Yamaoka.

6. According to Shinya sensei, airport officers held the samples of Human RNA from Pak Hatta. According to Shinya’s ‘version’, Makino was trapped by someone. Because at that time Makino had gone through the boarding gate, but suddenly chased by an officer who then searched through the contents of her bag in public. The officer was looking for “bottle” but couldn’t find it. The officer also searched through the contents of her baggage in where they found the boxes filled with tubes without proper documentations. Makino sensei told the officer that she received the samples from Unair but when the officer called Unair, it was not true.

The sudden search through by airport officer has made Shinya sensei think that there must have been someone reported it to the Karantina (quarantine) in Surabaya. Shinya sensei said the only persons that knew about it were Yoshi sensei, Pak Nidom and Yamaoka. It seemed that even Kobe University (just like Pak Hatta) knew nothing about this sample. So, in other words, he believed that it was Pak Nidom who reported it. Whether or not it was true, it was not my problem. But what I saw here was the illegal act (smuggling) done by foreigner. So, by law, Indonesian authority did the right thing.

7. After the incident, Pak Hatta received a letter from the Head of Unair. Then Pak Hatta faxed it to Shinya sensei. Because it was written in bahasa Indonesi, Shinya sensei asked me to translate it:

1. The material you handed to Dr Masaoki Yamaoka on August 5th 2009, and then kept in ITD, should have been reported previously to us (at least to the head of ITD). In particular, if the material preceded using ITD’s material and equipment.

2. The materials been brought by Ms. Makino without any supporting document from you, so that Ms Makino and materials could not depart to Japan. Because Ms Makino declared that the materials derived from Airlangga University, she was not arrested and allowed to embark.  However the materials are still kept in Juanda airport.

3. We regret the statement of Ms Makino mentioned that the materials came from Airlangga University, and described as zoonotic material. In fact, written statement from Dr Shinya and you mentioned that they were human samples.

4. Regarding to the points above, we require you to come to Surabaya as soon as possible to solve this problem. This is a serious illegal practice related to MTA

From the above letter, I understood that there had been a deception. Material mentioned on the paper was zoonotic material while in fact it was Human RNA.

8. A few days ago, I was suddenly asked to sign an agreement letter by Shinya sensei. According to her, the letter signed by all parties involved in Kobe project. The letter contained confidential agreement between me, as a researcher, and Shinya sensei as my boss. The signatories were only me and Shinya sensei. I had doubts at that time, but Shinya sensei said it was required by the office and everybody signed the same letter, not only me. So I just signed it.

The following day I asked Nakagawa san if he ever signed the similar letter? He said he never did. I began to worry because one of the clauses said that I had to obey Shinya sensei and all researches I did or would be doing were for Shinya sensei. After re-reading the agreement letter, I just realized that there was no Indonesian project mentioned on that paper. Everything there was all about the binding work relationship between me and Shinya sensei. And why the letter was issued now whereas I had been in the project since March 2008? And why nobody else signed the similar letter? And why it was signed only by me and Shinya sensei? Why not by The Head / Dean of Kobe University or Pak Hotta or Pak Hayashi? I had no idea or I might have overreacted about this. I will ask Didik if he ever signed the similar letter or not.

9. Personally, I wanted to have this collaboration working well. I think what happened here is lack of communications between each other. I wanted all to be normal as it used to be. Shinya sensei had actually a strong desire to develop the lab in Surabaya, but as Pak Nidom might also be aware of, there had been many problems occurred here and there. When I and Shinya sensei visited Pinrang, we also entrusted medium transport. But after this incident, I don’t see how it’s going to be continued. My wish is to get the samples processed at Unair, but it seems very difficult to do so.

I hope everything written here has given you the positive feedback and not causing the bad impacts to everyone. To me, open up is very important thing in the teamwork. I believe Pak Nidom has the same idea.

I’m fine so far, thanks for your concerns. I hope Pak Nidom could be more patient and fighting. I understand it is hard to be in this situation.

Thanks for the email. Don’t hesitate to write me, I will help as best as I can.


From:  "Ida - Teridah Ernala"
To: C. A. Nidom

Sent: Friday, September 18, 2009 2:59 AM

Subject: Re: Apa kabar?

Dear Pak Nidom,

Makasih untuk emailnya. Penjelasan Pak Nidom sangat membantu saya untuk mengerti ada apa sebenarnya. Sebenarnya dari sisi saya sih tidak ada masalah besar, cuma terus terang saya merasa banyak dimanfaatkan dan dibohongi selama bekerja untuk proyek ini.

Saya coba ceritakan apa yang saya tau dan saya dengar selama ini.

1. Awalnya dimulai dari keluhan2 Shinya sensei tentang sampel. Menurut beliau, Pak Nidom tidak melakukan surveillance lagi untuk proyek Kobe-Unair. Selama ini Pak Nidom sibuk melakukan kegiatan lain, dan juga Pak Nidom bilang sama Shinya sensei kalo Pak Nidom tidak akan mengirimkan sampel lagi untuk di analisis. Shinya sensei merasa terpojok karena harus bertanggung jawab untuk menyiapkan laporan ke Kobe univ dan Yoshi sensei. Informasi tersebut Shinya sensei banyak terima dari Yamaoka sensei. Shinya sensei merasa Yamaoka sensei lebih banyak 'bekerja' dibandingkan Pak Nidom. Terutama karena Yamaoka sensei banyak memberi data dan juga kerjasama dengan dr Pailingan. Beliau komplain tentang itu sejak berbulan2 lalu. Yang sya perhatikan juga, Shinya sensei banyak berkomunikasi dengan Yamaoka sensei, entah apa saja. Tapi sejak mereka 'dekat', tampaknya banyak hal2 yang diterima oleh Shinya sensei dari versi Yamaoka. Misalnya, di Surabaya ga ada kegiatan surveillance, dan walaupun banyak sampel yang ada tapi tidak diproses.

2. Sekitar bulan Juni, Shinya sensei sudah merencanakan mau ketemu Pak Hatta di Makassar. Tentang apa saat itu saya tidak banyak peduli. Tapi tiba2 Shinya sensei mengajak saya ikut, dengan alasan mau lihat2 farm di Sulawesi. Kebetulan dulu kelas koas saya pernah pengabdian masyarakat di Sulawesi Selatan selama 1 bulan, dan kebetulan saya panitianya. Jadi saya sedikit banyak tau tentang Sulawesi Selatan. Saya hubungi keswan di Pinrang dan Polewali kalau kami ingin lihat2 farm. Kemudian Shinya sensei tanya apakah kita bisa sampling juga. Ternyata pihak keswan mengijinkan asal kami buat surat ke dinas, propinsi dan kabupaten. Semua surat2 itu sudah saya siapkan. Sample yang kami ambil adalah babi dan ayam sehat (bukan sampel outbreak). Yang saya sesalkan disini adalah, menurut saya, Shinya sensei sebenarnya ingin ketemu Pak Hatta tapi dengan menggunakan 'surveillance' sebagai alasan. Dengan mengajak saya, beliau bisa menggunakan budget dari Kobe Univ, karena setau saya kerjasama dengan Pak Hatta adalah urusan pribadi Shinya sensei (apakah itu benar atau tidak, saya tidak tahu).

Yang jelas, tiba2 Shinya sensei mengajak saya padahal rencana kunjungannya ke pak Hatta sudah ada sejak lama.

Karena saya merasa ga enak dengan Pak Nidom dan dinas, saya wanti2 berkali-kali bilang sama Shinya sensei, tolong kabari Pak Nidom tentang rencana ini. Sampai saat berangkat pun saya sudah yakinkan lagi. Dia selalu bilang iya, pasti saya bilang.

Saya juga bilang, sampel ini tidak bisa kita bawa pulang, harus kita serahkan ke Unair (karena begitu yang saya bilang ke dinas). Bahkan saya juga sempat bilang, biar kita antar swabnya saja, dan nanti Vivin atau Mas Ucup yang ambil sampelnya ke Sulawesi kalo sudah terkumpul. Tapi saat itu Shinya sensei bilang, mereka sibuk dan mungkin ga sempat, jadi kita saja yang bawa dan serahkan ke Yamaoka sensei saat transit di Bali.

Begitulah, akhirnya sampel tsb kami serahkan ke Yamaoka sensei di Bali (sampel dalam PBS+antibiotik). Sementara sampel dalam Trizol dibawa ke Jepang karena menurut Shinya sensei sampel Trizol sudah inaktif dan surat2 importnya sudah disiapkan oleh makino sensei, jadi tidak masalah. Selanjutnya sampel PBS dibawa Yamaoka ke surabaya.

3. Shinya sensei dan Pak Hatta bertemu di airport hasanuddin. Waktu mereka bertemu saya tidak disertakan, saya menunggu di tempat lain. Jadi apa yang mereka bicarakan saya tidak tahu. Setelah itu, Pak Hatta bilang sama saya, kalau mau sampel outbreak, dia bisa hubungi drh Muflihanah di Maros. Saya bilang itu tidak mungkin, karena saya sudah tanya sebelumnya ke dirjen tentang sampel DIC. Dan tidak mungkin sampel itu diberikan pihak DIC tanpa ijin dirjen. Tapi Pak Hatta meyakinkan Shinya sensei kalau drh Muflihanah adalah muridnya dan pasti akan memberi tanpa ijin dirjen. Disitu saya sudah tidak suka, saya bilang pada Shinya sensei kalau hal itu melanggar hukum. Setelah itu, apakah Pak Hatta melobi drh Muflihanah atau tidak saya tidak tau, dan saya sudah ga mau ikut campur kalo dia melakukan itu.

4. Sekembalinya dari Sulawesi akhir July, Shinya sensei berangkat lagi ke Surabaya 2 hari kemudian bersama Makino sensei. Tujuannya saat itu dia bilang untuk memeriksa presentasi teman2 lab AI. Saat dia akan berangkat, sekali lagi saya tanya, apakah kata Pak Nidom tentang sampel yang dibawa Yamaoka ke Surabaya. Di situ, Shinya sensei mengaku dia belum bilang Pak Nidom tapi akan bilang saat di Surabaya nanti. Saya kecewa sekali dan malu. Karena saya sudah menulis surat ke dinas dan provinsi bahwa sampel akan dibawa ke Unair. Saya sungguh tidak mau apabila Pak Nidom mendengar hal ini dari orang lain. Saya malu dengan Pak Nidom juga. Saya cuma bisa berharap Shinya sensei bisa menjelaskan dengan baik ke Pak Nidom saat kunjungannya ke Surabaya. Setelah dia kembali ke Jepang, saya tanya lagi, bagaimana pendapat Pak Nidom. Shinya sensei bilang dia sudah bicarakan tentang kunjungan ke Sulawesi, dan Pak Nidom juga tengah mengumpulkan sampel dari dinas. Mendengar itu saya lega, artinya tidak ada masalah.

Apakah Shinya sensei membawa sampel ke Jepang saat kunjungannya ke Surabaya awal Agustus, saya tidak tahu.

5. Tentang masalah Makino sensei saat tertangkap membawa sampel di Juanda, saat itu saya ada di Surabaya tengah liburan. Makino sensei kembali ke Jepang pada hari yang sama saya kembali ke Jepang. Saya tidak tahu sama sekali tentang kunjungan Makino sensei ke Surabaya, saya dengar pada malam sebelum saya pulang saat Motoko telp saya. Tapi saya tidak mencoba menghubungi Makino sensei, karena saya merasa tidak dilibatkan jadi tidak ikut campur.

Saya tahu tentang masalah itu setelah kembali ke lab (Senin) dari Shinya sensei. Saya kaget karena saya pikir Makino sensei membawa sampel SUlawesi yang kami serahkan ke Yamaoka.

6. Menurut Shinya sensei, petugas airport menahan sampel human RNA dari Pak Hatta. Versi Shinya sensei adalah Makino sensei 'dijebak' oleh seseorang. Karena, saat itu Makino sensei sudah lewat boarding, tiba2 dikejar oleh petugas, dan tasnya dibongkar di depan umum. Petugas mencari 'botol', tapi karena tidak ditemukan, bawaanya juga diperiksa dan ketemulah boks berisi tube tanpa surat2. Makino sensei menyebutkan kalau sampel tsb dari Unair, dan saat petugas menghubungi Unair, ternyata tidak benar adanya.

Shinya sensei bilang pasti ada orang yang melapor ke karantina Surabaya, karena tindakan penggeledahan yang tiba2 tersebut. Pengakuan Shinya sensei adalah, dia cuma cerita tentang sample tersebut ke Yoshi sensei, Pak Nidom dan Yamaoka. Tampaknya bahkan pihak Kobe Univ pun (seperti Pak Hotta) tidak tahu menau tentang sampel ini. Jadi secara tidak langsung dia menganggap Pak Nidom yang melaporkan. Apakah itu benar atau tidak bagi saya tidak masalah. Saya cuma melihat disini telah terjadi tindakan ilegal (penyelundupan) yang dilakukan oleh pihak asing. Semua tindakan pihak Indonesia disini tidak ada yang salah secara hukum.

7. Setelah kejadian ini, pak Hatta mendapat surat panggilan dari rektor Unair. Lalu surat itu Pak Hatta faks ke Shinya sensei. Karena ditulis dalam bahasa Indonesia, Shinya sensei suruh saya translate:

Regarding to your fax, dated 7 September 2009 to the President of Airlangga University, about your materials for cytokine profiling in healthy people study:

1. The material you handed to Dr Masaoki Yamaoka on August 5th 2009, and then kept in ITD, should have been reported previously to us (at least to the head of ITD). In particular, if the material preceded using ITD’s material and equipment.

2. The materials been brought by Ms. Makino without any supporting document from you, so that Ms Makino and materials could not depart to Japan. Because Ms Makino declared that the materials derived from Airlangga University, she was not arrested and allowed to embark. However the materials are still kept in Juanda airport.

3. We regret the statement of Ms Makino mentioned that the materials came from Airlangga University, and described as zoonotic material. In fact, written statement from Dr Shinya and you mentioned that they were human samples.

4. Regarding to the points above, we require you to come to Surabaya as soon as possible to solve this problem. This is a serious illegal practice related to MTA

Dari surat di atas, saya mengerti kalau telah terjadi usaha penipuan. Material ditulis berupa bahan zoonosis, padahal kenyataanya adalah human RNA.

8. Beberapa hari yang lalu, tiba2 saya disuruh menandatangani surat perjanjian oleh Shinya sensei. Menurut beliau, surat itu ditandatangani oleh semua pihak yang terlibat di proyek Kobe. Isinya tentang perjanjian konfidensial antara saya sebagai researcher dan Shinya sensei sebagai bos saya. Tanda tangan hanya antara saya dan Shinya sensei. Saat itu saya ragu, tapi Shinya sensei bilang ini dari kantor untuk semua pihak bukan saya saja. Jadi sudahlah saya tanda tangani.

Besoknya saya tanya ke Nakagawa-san apakah dia juga pernah tanda tangan surat serupa? Dia bilang tidak pernah. Saya jadi khawatir, karena disitu disebutkan saya harus patuh sama Shinya sensei, dan semua pekerjaan penelitian saya adalah untuk Shinya sensei. Setelah saya baca lagi, tidak ada sama sekali menyebutkan proyek Indonesia dalam surat tersebut. Pokoknya untuk segala macam hubungan antara saya dan Shinya sensei. Juga mengapa surat itu timbul sekarang, padahal saya sudah di proyek sejak Maret 2008? Lalu mengapa orang lain tidak pernah menandatangani surat serupa? Juga mengapa surat itu hanya ditandatangani oleh saya dan Shinya sensei? Kenapa bukan rektor/dekan dari Kobe atau Pak Hotta atau Pak Hayashi? Saat ini saya belum tau, apakah saya curiga berlebihan atau tidak. Saya akan mencoba tanya ke Didik apakah dia pernah tanda tangan surat serupa.

9. Secara pribadi, saya sangat ingin kerjasama ini berjalan baik. Saya rasa semuanya ini adalah karena kurang komunikasi antara kitacara pribadi, saya sangat ingin kerjasama ini berjalan baik. Saya rasa semuanya ini adalah karena kurang komunikasi antara kita. Saya ingin semuanya kembali normal seperti sebelumnya. Sebenarnya Shinya sensei sejak awal sangat kuat keinginannya untuk mengembangkan lab Surabaya, tapi Pak Nidom juga paham banyak masalah yang terjadi di sana sini. Kalau hhubungan ini masih bisa diperbaiki saya sangat senang. Waktu saya dan Shinya sensei mengunjungi Pinrang, kami menitipkan juga transport medium. Tapi setelah masalah ini, entah bagaimana itu bisa dilanjutkan. Keinginan saya kalau bisa sampel tersebut diproses di Unair, tapi tampaknya sudah sangat sulit.

Semua yang saya ungkapkan disini saya harap dapat memberi feedback yang positif dan tidak membawa dampak buruk bagi semua orang. Keterbukaan bagi saya penting dalam satu tim. Saya kira Pak Nidom juga berpendapat sama.

Saya baik2 saja sejauh ini, terima kasih Pak untuk perhatiannya. Saya berharap Pak Nidom bisa tetap sabar, dan berjuang. Memang sulit sekali menghadapi masalah ini, saya sangat mengerti.

Terima kasih banyak Pak untuk emailnya. Jangan segan2 untuk berkirim kabar, saya akan bantu sebisanya.


Robert S. Finnegan is a retired investigative journalist and professor and was the lead investigator for the Bali bombings of 2002 for The Jakarta Post.  He resides in Jakarta and Garut, Java with his spouse, photographer Imas Kurniawati-Finnegan and may be reached at



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Obama criminals now resulting to biowarfare in quest to destroy Chinese and ASEAN economy; "novel virus substrain" points directly to a Kawaoka / Fouchier / Ernala-Ginting Kobe lab virus weaponized and genetically altered to specifically target and infect the Asian population: Ribavirin...



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The 5th Estate has just purchased a library on H5N1 "Novel" virus pandemics, there are dozens of PDF and Exel documents we feel will assist you in saving lives following intentional releases of the H5N1 and now MERS viruses; we will begin by printing those that appear to be extremely relevant here: H5N1 Kobe-Kawaoka-Ernala series continues soon with more "Smoking Gun" e-mails from Teridah Ernala to The 5th Estate . . .



By Robert S. Finnegan

On October 12, 2002 the Indonesian island of Bali experienced a terrorist attack that rocked the world. It was unquestionably well-coordinated and executed, the largest in the country's history.