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Indonesia to Investigate Beheadings of Farmers

Foreign plantations believe Indonesia third world country, should be nationalized, officers and security prosecuted for murder

Associated Press 
By Niniek Karmini

 JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) —

Indonesia's president has ordered an investigation into the videotaped beheadings of two men — allegedly by security forces hired to secure the borders of a palm oil plantation.

    Six suspects — five plantation workers and a farmer — already have been arrested for their alleged role in the deaths, national police spokesman Col. Boy Raffli Amar said Friday. Eight other suspects are at large.

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
Indonesia is one of the world's largest producers of palm oil — used to make everything from lipstick to biscuits to biofuel — and the rapid expansion of plantations across the sprawling archipelagic nation of 240 million has led to many violent disputes with local communities.

Land is often forcibly seized — also by timber, pulp and paper companies — without any offers of compensation. But the allegations by farmers from South Sumatra province would be, if confirmed, by far the most shocking.

    A dozen men traveled to the capital, Jakarta, earlier this week to present their case before Parliament's human rights commission.

   They told its members that at least 30 farmers have been killed by security forces and men hired by a palm oil company in Mesuji district since 2009 — two of them beheaded before a crowd in April.

    They presented two video clips as evidence.

   One showed an unidentified man dressed in black taking a short knife to the neck of his victim. Other masked assailants toting assault rifles could be seen milling around in the background.

   In the second clip, a headless corpse could be seen hanging from an electricity pole, several mutilated bodies lying on the ground below.

  Ifdhal Kasim, who heads the National Commission on Human Rights, condemned the killings.

   But the details, he said, remain very murky.

  There appear to have been several, separate deadly clashes in the last year between farmers and three palm oil companies in Mesuji — which straddles South Sumatra and Lampung provinces.

   As concession sizes grew, he added, thousands of people were driven from their homes.

Palm oil now commanding heavy price
Facing protests, one of the companies formed an integrated security team, consisting of civilian guards, members of an elite police unit and military troops to protect their plantation, he said.

    "It's not clear who was behind the beheadings or the other killings," he said. "But if there's even a hint that security forces were involved, they should be investigated first."

   Farmers also appeared to have killed at least five plantation workers and security guards in retaliation for the beheadings, he said.

    President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, meanwhile, said he was shocked by the claims.

    He immediately sent a task force made up of officials from the Ministry of Security and the national police to investigate, according to his spokesman Julian Aldrin Pasha.

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Obama At Fort Bragg: A Hypocritical Embrace Of A Criminal War

War crimes trials for Obama, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rove, Rumsfeld, Feith, Cheney, Powell and the rest of their criminal crews

By Bill Van Auken

President Barack Obama used his speech to US troops at Fort Bragg, North Carolina Wednesday to embrace the nine-year war in Iraq that he had ostensibly opposed and to declare the destruction of the country a “success.”

Obama exploited a captive audience of 3,000 soldiers assembled at the largest US Army base in the world as part of a cynical attempt to use the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, which is to be completed by the end of this month, to promote his own reelection campaign.

Actual casualty numbers for Iraq still unknown
The speech appeared to have been written by someone who threw out Abraham Lincoln’s famous adage and adopted the view that you can “fool all of the people all of the time.” The Democratic president presented the complete withdrawal of American forces as an “extraordinary achievement” for his administration, while telling the troops that it was necessary to “remember everything that you did to make it possible.”

The reality is that the withdrawal of America’s armed forces from Iraq is not the deliberate outcome of US policy, but rather the unavoidable result of Washington’s failure to negotiate a new Status of Forces agreement to permit the administration’s favored plan, which was to leave behind as many as 20,000 troops.

That failure was based on the refusal of the Iraqi government, and indeed all of the major political forces in the country, to accede to Washington’s demand for blanket immunity for US troops from Iraqi law. Mass popular opposition, based on the bitter experiences of the Iraqi people over nearly nine years of US occupation, with all of its death and brutality, made any such agreement impossible.

Even as Obama used the Fort Bragg speech to wrap himself in the American flag and associate himself with the US military—he referred to himself as “commander-in-chief” three times, while his wife Michelle introduced him to the military audience by that title—he sought to promote the illusion among his liberal Democratic base that the withdrawal represents the fulfillment of a 2008 campaign pledge.

Obama:  Coward, liar, traitor, murderer of U.S. soldiers
This is a bare-faced lie. Obama won the 2008 election in large measure due to the deep-going hostility among the American electorate to the wars begun under the Bush administration. 

He pledged to end the war in Iraq within 16 months of coming to office. 

Once in the White House, however, he retained Bush’s secretary of defense, Robert Gates, and largely ceded policy decisions to the Pentagon brass.

The December 31, 2011 deadline for completing troop withdrawals was set not by Obama, but was rather part of the Status of Forces Agreement reached between Bush and the Iraqi regime in 2008. Bush, like Obama, had fully intended to renegotiate this pact to allow permanent stationing of US troops in the country.

As it is, Washington is doing its best to maintain its grip on Iraq, replacing uniformed troops with an army of up to 17,000 under the nominal direction of the US State Department. It is to include a force of 5,500 private mercenary security contractors, a massive CIA station, and Special Operations troops operating covertly out of uniform. Tens of thousands of US troops are being kept in place across Iraq’s border in Kuwait and elsewhere in the Persian Gulf, while the US Navy and the US Air Force remain in control of the country’s coastlines and airspace.

Bush/Obama legacy:  Shit-smeared Iraqi at Abu Grahib
US imperialism remains poised to intervene once again in the country, even as it engages in unceasing saber-rattling against its neighbor, Iran. 

Obama’s hailing of “the end of the war in Iraq” may prove decidedly premature.

Obama’s speech, which included no hint of his own supposed opposition to the Iraq war, was filled with empty rhetoric—such as, “there is something profound about the end of a war that has lasted so long”—meant to obscure and falsify what the war was all about. He sought to portray it as a crusade for democracy and the liberation of the Iraqi people.

“We remember the early days—the American units that streaked across the sands and skies of Iraq: the battles from Karbala to Baghdad,” said Obama, as if recounting some heroic exploit. In reality, the “early days” were the days of “shock and awe,” when massive US bombardments killed civilians and largely defenseless Iraqi troops alike in an unprovoked attack on an oppressed and impoverished country.

“We remember the grind of the insurgency,” he added, declaring that the will of the troops “proved stronger than the terror of those who tried to break it.” Here one has the inevitable and time-worn rhetoric of colonialism.

Those resisting the foreign occupation of their country are “terrorists,” while occupiers are endowed with the supreme right to impose their will.

Abu Grahib torture room
“We remember the specter of sectarian violence,” he continued, telling the troops, “in the face of ancient divisions, you stood firm to help those Iraqis who put their faith in the future.” One would never guess that the bloody carnage and ethnic cleansing had itself been unleashed by the US invasion, the destruction of the Iraqi state, and the deliberate promotion by Washington of sectarian divisions as a means of conquering the country. Obama referred to the “heavy cost of this war,” citing the nearly 4,500 US troops killed and the more than 30,000 wounded. 

Yet, he suggested, it was worth it, because nearly nine years of war had led to a “moment of success.”

“Now Iraq is not a perfect place,” he said. “It has many challenges ahead. But we’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people.”

Missing from this narrative was any reference to the cost that the US war imposed on its unwilling victims, the Iraqi people. According to credible estimates, these costs include a million Iraqi lives. Some four million people were driven from their homes, forced to flee the country or become internal refugees. Basic infrastructure was smashed, leaving masses of the population without adequate access to electricity, clean water and other basic necessities of life.

Female prisoner at Abu Ghraib
A country of 30 million has been left with 4.5 million orphans, some 600,000 of them living in the streets. There are an estimated 1.5 million widows in the country, 10 percent of Iraq’s female population.

The poverty rate has risen from 15 percent before the war and occupation to 55 percent today, with a quarter of the population living in extreme poverty. The United Nations gives the unemployment rate at 28 percent, while others suggest that the share of the population without real jobs is closer to 50 percent.

Meanwhile, lethal violence continues, with an average of 243 Iraqi civilians killed in each of the first six months of this year. On the day Obama delivered his speech at Fort Bragg, just the initially reported incidents of bombings in Baghdad and Ishaqi and shootings in Mosul and Fallujah killed at least 11 people, leaving many more wounded.

Nine years of US war and occupation have indeed left Iraq less than “a perfect place.”

What is perhaps most stunning about what is being billed as Obama’s keynote speech on the end of the Iraq war is his complete inability to present even the semblance of a coherent explanation of why the US went to war in the first place.

The CIA ordered prisoners to be sexually
humiliated to "soften them up"
“Because you sacrificed so much for a people that you had never met, Iraqis have a chance to forge their own destiny,” he said. “That’s part of what makes us special as Americans. Unlike the old empires, we don’t make these sacrifices for territory or for resources. We do it because it’s right.” In another passage, he told the assembled soldiers: “Never forget that you are part of an unbroken line of heroes spanning two centuries—from the colonists who overthrew an empire, to your grandparents and parents who faced down fascism and communism, to you—men and women who fought for the same principles in Fallujah and Kandahar, and delivered justice to those who attacked us on 9/11.”

This is all nonsense and lies. Do the White House speechwriters really expect anyone to believe that 170,000 American troops were deployed in Iraq to give Iraqis “a chance to forge their own destiny” with no thought for the 112 billion barrels of oil within the country—the second largest proven reserves in the world?

People in Iraq had been forging their own destiny for thousands of years without the help of American bombs, missiles and bullets. Far from an unbroken line from the colonists who overthrew an empire in the 18th century,

America’s ruling elite in the 21st century embarked upon naked colonial-style wars aimed at imposing US hegemony over the world’s key energy producing regions of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia.

As for delivering “justice” to those who attacked the US on September 11, 2001, there is no record of anyone allegedly involved in these attacks having come from Fallujah or Basra, where Al Qaeda had never been heard of before the US military invaded Iraq.

Obama merely recycles some of the old lies of the Bush administration, while wisely skipping over the principal pretext given to the American people for the war: an imminent threat from Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that did not, in fact, exist.

The dead of Iraq will continue to surface, real numbers exposed
As Obama gave his speech at Fort Bragg, thousands of Iraqis demonstrated in the streets of Fallujah, scene of the bloodiest US sieges of the war in 2004 and 2005, which claimed thousands of lives and left virtually the entire city of half a million people in rubble.

The demonstration was called as a “festival to celebrate the role of the resistance” in forcing an end to the US occupation. Demonstrators carried photographs of friends and relatives killed in the American offensive as well as placards bearing slogans such as “Now we are free” and “Fallujah is the flame of the resistance.” Others burned US flags.

“I’m glad to see the Americans are leaving Iraq,” a taxi driver, Ahmed Jassim, told Reuters. “It’s only now we truly feel the taste of freedom and independence. We will not see American forces anymore. They remind us of strife and destruction.”

In his cynicism, Obama may think that the American people do not remember how the US got into Iraq. He may reassure himself that they have no alternative in any case, given that both Democrats and Republicans are fully implicated in this criminal war of aggression.

Military suicides quadrupled in 2011
The lying and glorification of the Iraq war—which gave the world the horrors of Abu Ghraib, the siege of Fallujah, the massacre in Haditha and countless other war crimes—is not just a matter of electoral calculations. 

Obama is compelled to defend this war because its original aims—the use of military might to offset the decline of American capitalism through the armed occupation of the world’s key energy producing regions—are still pursued by the US ruling elite.

With all the talk about the ending of a decade of war, the downward spiral of US and world capitalism is creating the conditions for global military conflagrations that will eclipse the crimes committed by American militarism in Iraq.

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Wayne Madsen Report : Has Petraeus set up Obama for a 1980-style fall?

Petraeus is a traitor to U.S. military personnel and America

Wayne Madsen Report
By Wayne Madsen

When he heard that one of his top military commanders, General David Petraeus, was talking to top GOP officials, including former Vice President Dick Cheney, in 2010 about challenging Obama for the presidency, President Obama and his advisers decided the best way to neutralize Petraeus was to make him the CIA director and take him out of the running for the presidency. There was only one slight problem. Petraeus was nicknamed General "Betray-us" by his troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for a reason. If Petraeus, a "think tank" general, was capable of betraying his own troops in the field, why not his commander-in-chief?
Betrayus:  "Duhhh.... we're winning boss!"
Recent major failures of the CIA in its drone operations in the Middle East and Africa have some congressional sources wondering what is afoot with the CIA. Those in Washington with long memories recall how one of President Jimmy Carter's National Security Council staffers, on loan from the CIA, was feeding classified information on the Iran hostage situation, on sensitive negotiations with Tehran that sought a possible "October Surprise" by Carter to get the U.S. embassy hostages released by the Iranian government prior to the November election. The information was funneled by the staffer to Ronald Reagan's campaign director William Casey and the vice presidential nominee George H. W. Bush. The NSC staffer feeding the information to Casey and Bush was one Robert Gates. Gates would go on to become CIA director under President Bush 41 and Defense Secretary under Bush 43 and Obama. 

    Under Petraeus's watch the CIA has experienced its worst failures since those that occurred in its failure to foresee the Iranian embassy hostage situation that helped sink any possibility of a second term for President Carter's. And, perhaps not coincidentally, the failures, once again, partly involve Iran.

     If Petraeus were to receive a report card for his time at the helm in Langley, it would be:

Clandestine Operations Lebanon F
Clandestine Operations Iran F
Drone Operations F

    Petraeus's first major failure, Lebanon, involved Hezbollah's exposure of the CIA's agent network in the country. The CIA station chief, Daniel Patrick McFeely, has been outed as the CIA station chief at the U.S. embassy in the Awkar neighborhood of Beirut. Not only was Hezbollah able to out McFeely, who operates as "official cover" as part of the embassy staff, but they identified his predecessor, Louis Kahi.

   By conducting surveillance of meetings at Pizza Huts and Starbucks in Lebanon between CIA case officers and agents, Hezbollah -- and their Iranian allies -- were able to construct the CIA's network that included over 1000 top Lebanese politicians, academics, medical doctors, journalists, military personnel, and celebrities. Essentially, the CIA's network in Lebanon has been largely rolled up. According to Al Manar television The code names of the agents, names like Nick, Jim, Youssef, Liza and Jonah, were also exposed.

   The U.S. corporate media has refrained from publishing the names of the CIA station chiefs or the cover names of their Lebanese agents.

   Almost simultaneous to the Lebanon roll up, Iran announced it discovered a network composed of at least 42 CIA agents in Iran, operatives that worked in nuclear and other scientific centers, the military, biotechnology, and various universities. Iran's chief prosecutor has indicted fifteen of the 42 for espionage on behalf of the CIA.

    On November 26, a U.S. air strike killed 24 Pakistani military personnel on the Pakistani border with Afghanistan. The incident, which frayed already poor relations between the United States Pakistan, resulted in the U.S. being expelled from the CIA's Shamsi airbase in Pakistan, one from which drones were launched, with few successes and many failures, against "terror" targets in Pakistan's volatile mountainous frontier region bordering Afghanistan.

Pakistani "terrorist" killed in drone strike
The debacle that resulted in the loss of the Shamsi drone base was followed by the biggest intelligence failure to date, the downing by accident or hostile action, of an RQ-170 Sentinel "stealth"-enabled drone over Iran. President Obama was under pressure to launch a commando raid on Iran to retrieve the state-of-the art technology drone or bomb it and its security detail once it was discovered to be in Iranian hands. Obama chose to ask the Iranian to return the drone to the United States, something Tehran has refused to do, without, at the very least, an official apology.
   Obama now has on his hands his Jimmy Carter moment and Petraeus has been manipulating all the "joy sticks" from his perch at Langley. Obama's potential opponents, including arch-neocon and uber-war hawk Newt Gingrich, are now pouncing on Obama as a weak and ineffectual president because he allowed the RQ-170 to fall into the hands of not only the Iranians, but possibly the Russians and Chinese who will attempt to re-engineer what is known as the mysterious "Beast of Kandahar" to leap frog and at least match the United States in stealth drone technology by years.

    And just when Obama did not need any more bad news from his problematic CIA director, news came that an Air Force-operated MQ-9 Reaper drone on counter-terrorist and counter-piracy duty in the Indian Ocean crashed and burst into flames on landing at the international airport on Mahe island in the Seychelles. Most Air Force Reapers are remotely-piloted from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Why would Petraeus risk his job as CIA director by embarassing his commander-in-chief? For starters, being Vice President under President Gingrich or President Romney would be a much better job.


Investigative journalist, author and syndicated columnist. Has some twenty years experience in security issues. As a U.S. Naval Officer, he managed one of the first computer security programs for the U.S. Navy. 

Wayne Madsen
 He has been a frequent political and national security commentator on Fox News and has also appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, and MS-NBC. He has been invited to testify as a witness before the US House of Representatives, the UN Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, and an terrorism investigation panel of the French government. A member of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) and the National Press Club. Lives in Washington, D.C. 

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