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War Crimes: Northern Ireland to Croatia, Kosovo and Iraq; The Role of General Sir Michael Jackson

War Crimes on a grand scale:  General Sir Michael Jackson

Global Research
By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky09/23/2011

Almost forty years later: The 5000 page Saville Commission Report into the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre in Derry, Northern Ireland, while calling for compensation to the victims' families, fails to identify who were the perpetrators, both within H.M government and the British Army.

    "The North's Public Prosecution Service (PPS) is continuing to scrutinise the Saville report to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to bring charges against British soldiers involved in Bloody Sunday on January 30th, 1972. While progress has been made on the issue of compensation there have been no substantial developments in relation to the possibility of British soldiers being charged. The PPS confirmed yesterday that the 5,000-page report by Lord Saville into Bloody Sunday remains under examination but that it is not yet in a position to rule on whether or not criminal cases can be taken against British soldiers involved in the shootings over 39 years ago." (Irish Times, September 22, 2011).

Age old animosity:  The Irish and the English
The payment of compensation is intended to whitewash Her Majesty's government.

Were these spontaneous killings or were members of the First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment obeying orders from higher up?   

While the possibility of bringing criminal charges against British soldiers has been raised, the broader issue of  "Who" within the British military and intelligence apparatus ordered the 1972 killings in Derry has never been addressed.

   What was the underlying command structure of the First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment which carried out the massacre?

    General Sir Robert Ford  was the Commander of Land Forces in Northern Ireland in 1972. The First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment was under his jurisdiction.  

     Lieutenant Coronel Derek Wilford  was commander of the First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment (1 PARA), which constituted an elite special force unit of the British Army.

   Wilford described by the BBC as "a well-respected high-flying officer" was exonerated by the 1972 Widgery Tribunal.

   While attention has been placed on the role of  Lieutenant Colonel Derek Wilford, the role of  his adjutant, Captain Michael Jackson (who at the time had links to the Army's Intelligence Corps) has been obfuscated since the outset of the investigation in 1972. Jackson was allegedly also instrumental in the cover-up.

The English had overstepped themselves
Captain Michael Jackson was second in command (Adjutant) of the First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment.  He started his military career in 1963 with the Intelligence Corps. The Int Corps is a unit of military intelligence and counter-intelligence attached to the British Army, which played a key role in Northern Ireland. The so-called "14 Intelligence Company" also referred to as "14 INT" or 'The Det" "was a British Army special forces unit, established during the Troubles, which carried out surveillance operations in Northern Ireland". (  

   Under the orders of Lieutenant Coronel Derek Wilford, Captain Michael Jackson and thirteen other soldiers of the parachute regiment opened fire "on a peaceful protest by the Northern Ireland civil rights association opposing discrimination against Catholics. In just 30 minutes, 13 people were shot dead and a further 13 injured. Those who died were killed by a single bullet to the head or body, indicating that they had been deliberately targeted. No weapons were found on any of the deceased." (Julie Hyland, "Head of NATO Force in Kosovo was Second-in-command at "Bloody Sunday" Massacre in Ireland", World Socialist Website, 19 June 1999).

    Both Wilford and Jackson were rewarded rather than prosecuted for their role in the 1972 massacre.

   Wilford, who subsequently retired from the Armed Services, was awarded the Order of the British Empire by H.M. Government in October of 1972,  less than a year following the January 1972 massacre.

    Michael Jackson's role in Bloody Sunday did not hinder his military career. In fact quite the opposite. He ascended to the highest rank of the British military, before retiring in 2006 from the rank of Commander of the General Staff (CGS).  

    In 1982 he became Commander of the 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, and Brigade Commander in Northern Ireland in the early 1990s.

    From his stint in Northern Ireland, he was reassigned under United Nations auspices to the theater of ethnic warfare, first in Bosnia and Croatia and then in Kosovo.

General Sir Michael Jackson
In the immediate wake of the 1995 ethnic massacres in the Krajina region of Croatia largely inhabited by Serbs, General Michael Jackson was put in charge as IFOR commander, for organizing the return of Serbs "to lands taken by Croatian HVO forces in the 1995 Krajina offensive". (Jane Defense Weekly, Vol 23, No. 7, 14 February 1996).

And in this capacity Jackson "urged that the resettlement [of Krajina Serbs] not [be] rushed to avoid tension [with the Croatians]" while also warning returning Serbs "of the extent of the [land] mine threat."(Ibid)

    Following his stint in Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia, Lieutenant General Mike Jackson led the June 1999 land invasion of Yugoslavia and was posted to Kosovo as KFOR Commander.

    In Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo, General Michael Jackson applied the counter-insurgency skills acquired in Northern Ireland. In Kosovo he actively collaborated with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) headed by Commander Agim Ceku.

   Ceku and Jackson had worked together in Croatia in the mid-1990s. Agim Ceku was Commander of the Croatian forces which conducted the Krajina massacre under "Operation Storm".  Meanwhile, Jackson was responsible for the repatriation of Krajina Serbs, under UN auspices.

   In turn, Military Professional Resources Inc (MPRI), a mercenary outfit on contract to the Pentagon was responsible for advising the Croatian HVO forces in the planning of "Operation Storm". The same mercenary outfit was subsequently put in charge of the military training of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) largely integrated by former KLA operatives.  

    1999 War Criminals Join Hands (Kosovo 1999).

From Left to Right:

Hashim Thaci, Head of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), with possible links to supposed Al Qaeda and Italian organized crime. Hashim Thaci had ordered political assassinations directed against the Party of Ibrahim Rugova. Thaci was a protégé of Madeleine Albright.

Bernard Kouchner, Head of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) in Kosovo (July 1999- January 2001), instrumental in elevating the KLA to UN status through the formation of the Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC).

General Michael Jackson, Commander of KFOR Troops in Kosovo.

General Agim Ceku, Military Commander of the KLA and the KPC, investigated by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) "for alleged war crimes committed against ethnic Serbs in Croatia between 1993 and 1995." ( AFP 13 Oct 1999).

General Wesley Clark, NATO Supreme Commander.

    While General Michael Jackson during his tenure as KFOR Commander in Kosovo (1999-2000) displayed token efforts to protect Serb and Roma civilians; those who fled Kosovo during his mandate were not encouraged to return under UN protection. In post-war Kosovo, the massacres of civilians was carried out by the KLA (and subsequently by the KPC). Both NATO and the UN turned a blind eye to the KLA's targeted assassinations.

   Upon completing his term in Kosovo, General Sir Michael Jackson was appointed Commander in Chief, U.K. Land Command (2000-2003).

    And in February 2003, barely one month before the onslaught of the Iraq war, he was promoted to Chief of the General Staff (CGS)

    As Chief of General Staff General Michael Jackson played a central role in the 2003 Iraq military campaign in close liaison with his US counterparts. He also played a key role in the military occupation of Southern Iraq, led by British forces based in Basra.

"Bloody Monday", September 19, 2005 in Basra, Iraq

    On Monday September 19, 2005, two British undercover "soldiers" dressed in traditional Arab garb, were arrested by the Occupation's Iraqi police driving a car loaded with weapons, ammunition and explosives.  Several media reports and eyewitness accounts suggested that the SAS operatives were disguised as Al Qaeda "terrorists" and were planning to set off the bombs in Basra's central square during a major religious event.

Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld concocted WMD story to invade Iraq
The two SAS soldiers were "rescued" by British forces in a major military assault on the building where they were being detained:

"British forces used up to 10 tanks " supported by helicopters " to smash through the walls of the jail and free the two British servicemen."
    The incident resulted in 7 Iraqi deaths and 43 injured.

(The Times, 20 Oct 2005,,7374-1788850,00.html)

"Compensation" to the Families of the Victims

   Instead of investigating and prosecuting those responsible for the Basra massacre led by British forces. the British government confirmed that it  "will pay compensation for injuries and damage caused during the storming by the army of a police station in Basra in the operation to release two SAS soldiers" (The Scotsman, 15 Oct 2005).

   The wording was reminiscent of the Bloody Sunday massacre: no prosecution, no investigation, no justice, but "compensation" as a cover-up to war crimes.

   Captain Ken Masters of The Royal Military Police (RMP) in Basra had the mandate to investigate the circumstances of the "rescue" operation. To this effect, he also indicated that he would cooperate in his investigations, with the civilian Iraqi authorities.

    The Royal Military Police (RMP) is the corps of the British Army responsible for the policing of service personnel, both in the U.K. and overseas.

    As part of his RMP mandate, Captain Masters was to investigate "allegations that British soldiers killed or mistreated Iraqi civilians". Specifically in this case, the inquiry pertained to the British attack on the prison on 19 September, where the 2 SAS soldiers were being detained. The attack had been authorized by CGS General Sir Michael Jackson and British Defence Secretary John Reid.

Basra continues to stain all military invol
"Compensation to the families of alleged Iraqi victims who died during the fracas depended on the official investigation being carried out by Captain Masters [of the Royal Military Police in Basra] and his team."

That investigation was never carried out. Captain Ken Masters of the RMP allegedly "committed suicide" in Basra on the 15th of October 2005.

According to the MoD  "the circumstances [of his death ] were not regarded as suspicious." [emphasis added] The MoD report suggested that Captain Masters was suffering from "stress", which could have driven him to commit suicide. In the words of a Defense analyst quoted by the BBC:.

    "Capt Masters was part of quite a small outfit and his job would have been quite stressful. It's quite an onerous job..... I think, [there is] quite a lot of stress involved" (BBC, 16 October 2005, emphasis added).

    There were apparent disagreements between the MoD and Captain Masters who was responsible for investigating "the actions and behavior of military personnel". (The Independent 17 Oct 2005).

    The attack on the 19th of September to "rescue" the two SAS men was launched under the command of Brig John Lorimer. In a statement, Lorimer said that the purpose of the raid was to ensure the safety of the two SAS men.

    On October 12, CGS General Sir Michael Jackson  was in Basra for consultations with Brigadier John Lorimer.

Basra:  Clear-cut War Crimes
CGS General Michael Jackson, had previously approved the rescue operation of the elite SAS men:  "Let me make it clear that it was important to retrieve those two soldiers." (quoted in The Times, 12 Oct 2005).

Three days later, following General Jackson visit to Basra, Captain Masters was dead:

   "Captain Ken Masters, the top British military police investigator working in Iraq, was found hanged at his barracks in Basra [on October 15]."  

    No subsequent RMP investigation into the Basra "rescue" following Captain's Masters untimely death was undertaken.

   No police investigation was carried out into the unusual circumstances surrounding the death of Captain Masters.

    It was an open and closed case.

    The matter passed virtually unnoticed in the British media. Nonetheless, the Daily Mail (17 Oct 2005), dismissed the suicide thesis: "Little is known of his private life and it is said to be unlikely that the pressures of work would have led him to commit suicide."

Apologizing for War Crimes

    From Bloody Sunday in January 1972 in Derry, Northern Ireland to Croatia, Kosovo and Basra, Iraq in September 2005.

    Last year in June 2010, General Sir Michael Jackson "apologised for Bloody Sunday" in a TV interview broadcast by the BBC.
(Click link to hear Jackson's statement )

    "The former head of the British Army, General Sir Mike Jackson, has offered a ''fulsome apology'' for the events of Bloody Sunday, following the publication of the Saville report into the events of 30 January 1972 in Londonderry. The findings called the fatal shootings of civilians by British soldiers a ''catastrophe'' for Northern Ireland. Prime Minister David Cameron has said the killings of 13 marchers was ''unjustified and unjustifiable''.

    Prime Minister David Cameron said "He was "Sorry".

    Apologizing for War Crimes? What are the legal implications? Indictment or "Self-indictment"?

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Texas State Senator Kills Rule Allowing Death Row Inmates To Request Their Last Meal

Whitmire needs to be strapped down to his own death machine

Think Progress
By Travis Waldron

While anti-death penalty advocates around the world focused on the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia Wednesday night, the state of Texas went about quietly executing Lawrence Brewer. Brewer was convicted of murdering James Byrd, whom Brewer dragged to death behind his pickup truck in 1998.
Scumbag Senator Whitmire
 Before he was executed, Brewer, like all of Texas’ death row inmates, was able to request his last meal. Brewer made the most of that request, asking for two chicken fried steaks, a triple meat bacon cheeseburger, a cheese omelet, a large bowl of fried okra, three fajitas, a pint of Blue Bell ice cream and a pound of barbecue with half a loaf of white bread. Brewer’s last meal incensed Democratic state Sen. John Whitmire, a long-time senator who is particularly influential on prison issues. Calling the last meal request an “extremely inappropriate” privilege that “the perpetrator did not provide to their victim,” Whitmire wrote a letter to the Texas Criminal Justice Division asking it to end the practice, Houston Press reports:

    Whitmire wrote to the executive director of the Texas Criminal Justice Division that he had long opposed the practice, and “enough is enough.” [...] “I am asking you to end this practice immediately or I am prepared to do so by statute next session,” he wrote. 
Whitmire won’t have to end the practice by statute, because the Criminal Justice Division relented Thursday afternoon, with Executive Director Brad Livingston saying in a statement:

 "I believe Senator Whitmire’s concerns regarding the practice of allowing death row offenders to choose their last meal are valid. Effective immediately, no such accommodations will be made. They will receive the same meal served to other offenders on the unit."

    What Whitmire hopes to accomplish by denying death row inmates a final meal of their request is unclear. The last meal, however ridiculous it may sometimes be, is a traditional ritual on death row, and seems a small issue in the process of the state-sanctioned taking of a human life. It seems the state of Texas, which has executed more people than any other state since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, is seeking ways to make its penal system even more cruel than it already is. But given the questionable nature of many of the state’s executions, which include juveniles, the mentally ill, and the potentially innocent, the real tragedy is that the death penalty still exists at all.

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Asked to pay Rs27, motorist shoots Gurgaon, India toll man

Driver goes ape at toll plaza toll, shoots toll-taker.... needs to visit ripoff California

Times of India

GURGAON:  Asked to pay a toll of Rs 27, a motorist whipped out a pistol and shot down the booth operator at the Kherki Daula toll plaza on Delhi-Gurgaon expressway, just after midnight on Friday.
    CCTV footage from the booth shows the toll collector, Umesh Kant Pandey, 23, being threatened by the driver of a white Mahindra Bolero and then being shot at 12.06am. Pandey, who had married just three months ago, was declared 'brought dead' at Medanta hospital. 

Worldwide scam:  Toll bridges; where do the MILLIONS go
The shot was fired from a 7.65mm pistol, a senior police officer said. The Bolero, probably owned by a local resident, was travelling from Gurgaon towards Manesar.
As per the CCTV footage, the vehicle pulled up at the booth around 12.05am and Pandey asked the driver for toll. The driver showed him a card, possibly the vehicle's RC that showed it was from a neighbouring village, and asked him to exempt charge.

     However, when Pandey insisted that he pay up, the driver threatened him with dire consequences.
     The footage shows a shaken Pandey quickly opening the toll barrier, closing his side window and bolting the booth door. He also waved at the driver, asking him to leave. However, the SUV did not move. After waiting for a few seconds, the victim opened the side windows and told the driver to go.

     The driver then whipped out a pistol and pumped a bullet into Pandey's chest before he could shut the window. As Pandey struggled to open the booth door, the Bolero sped away. The victim collapsed before he could call for help.

     No one in the toll plaza noticed the gory drama and after several vehicles had passed through the open toll gate, a truck driver saw Pandey lying on the floor - seven minutes after he was shot.

     Pandey was rushed to Medanta hospital near Rajiv Chowk (16km from the toll plaza) but was declared brought dead. The city police was informed and the body handed over to his family later on Friday after a post mortem.

     The post mortem confirmed that the bullet had punctured his lungs which led to Pandey's death.

     A case has been registered and the police are on the lookout for the accused, said Rajeev Yadav, SHO, Kherki Daula police station. The police have asked for a list of all Mahindra Bolero owners in the area.

   Shockingly, the position of the CCTV camera was such that the vehicle's registration plate was not visible. Apparently, the purpose of the camera was to keep tabs on the attendant and the flow of cash.

    However, a spokesperson for DS Constructions, the expressway operators, said the CCTVs could not record the registration number due to the glare of headlights. 

    After his marriage three months ago, Pandey had come to Gurgoan in search of work from Madhaya Pradesh. He lived in Naharpur village with his wife. 

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OPINION: The humiliation of Barack Obama

Obama finally, definitively exposed for his moral/ethical cowardice, hypocrisy

Al Jazeera
By Robert Granier

Sooner or later, it's going to happen. Most likely, the moment will come just before his first head-of-state meeting in New York. Or perhaps it will happen just before his first side-bar meeting with Binyamin Netanyahu. Or then again, it may come as the cumulative reaction to a series of embarrassing encounters with fellow world leaders. But the moment will come. 

    At some point this coming week, during his visit to the this year's opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, US President Barack Obama is going to have a nearly irresistible urge. He is going to want to stand up to his hovering political handlers and the smothering bureaucracy which tries to dictate his every move, summon his personal dignity, and say "Enough."

Happy as a clam:  NYETanyahu get's whatever he wants
In April of 1995, President Clinton played host to then-Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan. 

US-Pakistan relations were in sharp decline. A few years before, the US had begun to implement sanctions mandated by the so-called Pressler Amendment, under which Pakistan was to be punished with a complete cutoff of aid and of military sales if it were found to be pursuing a nuclear-weapons capability. The first President Bush had made such a finding, and now the ties between the two countries were being progressively cut.

    At the heart of the growing ill-feeling between the two nations was the US cancellation of a previously-agreed sale of 28 F-16 fighter aircraft. The Pakistanis had realised when they signed the purchase deal that it might be cancelled if the Pressler Amendment were invoked. Now, given the law and the previous assertion of Pakistani culpability from President Bush, there was no longer any question of delivering the aircraft. But there was another wrinkle. 

    The Pakistanis had paid enormous sums of money which they could ill afford, in advance, for the airplanes.  And now, according to the US, not only could the Pakistanis not have the warplanes, but they couldn't have their money back, either. You see, the money wasn't there anymore; it had been spent by the contractor. The planes had been built. There was no provision under US law to provide appropriated funds to compensate the Pakistanis. 

Obama:  Coward, liar, thief, hypocrite, weakling
Yes, the F-16s could perhaps be sold to another country and the proceeds given to Pakistan, but that, too, might require approval from a hostile US congress, and would most likely not be forthcoming. In short, there was nothing to be done. And as if to add insult to injury, the Pakistanis were also being charged a hefty annual storage fee for each plane - each plane that they could not have.

Defending the indefensible

    When the entire US foreign policy/national security apparatus begins to move in one direction, it is an impressive sight. A vast bureaucracy churns out elaborate rationales for its decided policy, and these are mind-numbingly repeated in dozens of different ways for use in dozens of different fora. This was a classic case in point. 

    I saw it myself from inside the State Department bureaucracy, where I was serving at the time. Justifications for the patently unjustifiable were delivered to the Pakistanis at all levels. They were mouthed by State Department and White House spokesmen, repeated in Congressional testimony, delivered to the press in many different settings, elaborated in written responses to inquiries from congressmen and the public, to say nothing of internal communications in the Executive Branch.

U.S. tried to rip off Pakistan on F-16 purchase, Clinton fixes it
All of this bureaucratic momentum hurtled forward towards the climactic moment when President Clinton would deliver the same message, in person, to Prime Minister Bhutto.

The preparations for such encounters are, again, highly impressive. Huge briefing books requiring hundreds of man-hours are drawn up. They contain scene-setters, and backgrounders, and elaborate policy justifications, backed up with legal briefs organized under alphabetized tabs, followed by detailed talking points designed to turn the president into a virtual ventriloquist's dummy. And then the whole lot is coordinated and cleared up through the system, through the secretary of state, and the National Security Council, to the president himself.

    And so it was here. But in this case, at the very end, having carefully studied all this codified nonsense, this monument to bureaucratic inertia, and just before walking in to meet with Bhutto, when he would have to look the Pakistani prime minister in the eye and defend the patently indefensible, Clinton did something no one - but no one - in the bureaucracy would ever have anticipated.

   With simple, clear-eyed common sense and the innate sense of justice with which God has endowed most five-year-old children, he said, simply, "but this is not fair". And then, wonder of wonders, he walked in and said just that to Bhutto.

   Here are Clinton's words recorded moments later, when the two leaders emerged to speak before the press:  "I have already made it clear to you, and I don't think any American president has ever said this before, I don't think it's right for us to keep the money and the equipment. That is not right. And I am going to try to find a resolution to it."

    If you have not served in America's foreign policy bureaucracy, if you have not seen this from the inside, you cannot imagine the effect which these words would have had - to have a fully elaborated policy position publicly repudiated by the president, completely and unexpectedly, at the last possible moment, and on a world stage. It must have been wonderful. Alas, having seen all the preparation, I was not there for the denouement, having moved on to another job. I would have given anything to see it.

Could it happen again

    But this was a comparatively minor issue, followed by few people outside South Asian policy circles. So just imagine, if you can, something analogous happening at the UN this week, when President Obama has to justify current US policy regarding the Palestinian bid for international recognition as a state. 

   We all know what the Americans have been saying: That what President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is doing is counter-productive, that it is a repudiation of the Oslo Accords, that it is an attempt to avoid the necessity of reaching a negotiated solution with the Israelis. We have seen the US policy juggernaut gearing up, as the same arguments are repeated by US envoys to the Palestinians and to the Quartet, elaborated publicly by the secretary of state and by the White House spokesman, and delivered in dozens of other fora, both great and small. 

Abbas:  Trying to follow in Arafat's footsteps
However, repeating the same thing, loudly and insistently, does not make it so. President Obama knows this very well. He understands the Israeli-Palestinian issue backwards and forwards. He knows the peace process is at a dead end.

Early in his administration, he tried to revive negotiations by mandating a complete West Bank settlement freeze, only to be forced embarrassingly by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to back down. When this past May he had the temerity to publicly tell the Israelis that their current policy towards the Palestinians is untenable and unsustainable, and to modestly suggest a negotiating formula to break the impasse, he was publicly chastised by Netanyahu and had to submit to the humiliation of seeing the Congressional leaders of his own party repudiate him in favour of the Israeli prime minister.

   In response, though he cannot admit it, Obama has washed his hands of the Palestinian issue. He knows he can do nothing more. And yet, the issue will not go away. 

    Now, once again, he is being forced to publicly support an Israeli policy position fundamentally opposed to his own. He knows fully well that Netanyahu has no intention of permitting formation of a viable Palestinian state, and that the Palestinians have little choice but to pursue their current course at the UN.

    He likewise understands that the US' lonely support for Israel and the inevitable US veto of the Palestinians' bid for full UN membership will undermine, perhaps terminally, the US position in a democratizing Middle East, and will expose the US' nominal support for popular Arab rights as a fraud.

The human dimension

    All of this is well understood. We can all see it coming. And yet what is often forgotten is the human dimension.

    For the leader of a great nation, at certain points the public becomes personal, as it did for Bill Clinton one day in April, 1995. I do not know President Obama personally, but my sense is that this is a proud man. He does not see himself as an ordinary politician, but as a trans-formative leader. He has attempted self-consciously to carve out such a role for himself in the context of US relations with the Muslim world, but he has been repeatedly stymied, publicly and disgracefully.

   It is one thing to have to sacrifice principle in the face of political reality. All politicians are forced to do so at various points. But it is another to do so in a highly public manner, to have to mouth patent falsehoods in one-on-one meetings with fellow world leaders, who know better and who will think less of you as a result. 

    This is what lies in store for President Obama in New York, and he knows it.

    For one as busy as a US president, there are many distractions, many ways to avoid confronting the unpleasant. But at some point, when the president is alone with his briefing book in New York, it is going to strike him. He will feel a tightening in his chest, and he will have an urge to pick up this plastic-bound tome to craven political expediency and hurl it at someone, and then to walk out and say what he really thinks.

    We all know that the president will do no such thing. He will suppress this urge, for to do otherwise would spell political suicide. No, the president will swallow his anger, and do what he must do. But it is worth giving some consideration, as the US again undermines its security and its global position, pointlessly and gratuitously, in blind allegiance to an ungrateful and self-destructive ally, that we will also be watching something else, something far more personal: The public mortification of Barack Hussein Obama.  

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Opposition to Dick Cheney's planned appearance in Canada

Cheney's "hide in plain sight" tactic backfiring; also on Bush, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell and other Bush administration War Criminals

Canadian Peace Alliance

A press conference was held by civil society leaders and local politicians regarding Dick Cheney's upcoming visit to Vancouver, Canada. The event took place at 12:30 p.m. PST (3:30 p.m. EST) Friday, September 23 in Vancouver.
    Statements were made by Vancouver Member of Parliament Don Davies, who is the Immigration Critic for the Official Opposition, Gail Davidson of Lawyers Against War, and Derrick O'Keefe of the StopWar Coalition and the Canadian Peace Alliance, as well as other spokespeople for civil society groups.

    Former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney has chosen Vancouver as the first stop outside of the United States for his ongoing book tour. Local anti-war and human rights activists have organized to demand that the Canadian government, in accordance with both Canadian and international law, arrest Cheney for war crimes including authorizing torture.

Cheney thinks he is immune to War Crimes prosecution
"Canada has very clear laws against war crimes and war criminals and is a signatory to myriad international treaties and conventions pertaining to the laws of war, and this is why we are demanding that the Canadian government take definitive action to arrest Dick Cheney if and when he enters Canada next Monday, September 26 in Vancouver," said Gail Davidson of Lawyers Against War.

    "Cheney is responsible for helping launch an illegal war on Iraq and for authorizing torture - Canada's laws against war crimes must be enforced in this case," said Davidson, who in 2004 charged George W. Bush in a Vancouver Provincial Court with seven counts of counseling, aiding, and abetting torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and at Cuba's Guantanamo Bay naval base.

    "The City of Vancouver is made up of people who want peace and have been part of the largest peace marches in Canada's history," noted Vancouver city councillor Ellen Woodsworth. "Vancouver is a member of Mayors for Peace and the International Peace Messenger Cities. So, frankly, I am appalled that the Vancouver Club would host a known warmonger," said Woodsworth.

    Cheney's book event is to be hosted by 'Le Bon Mot' book club, which has an event scheduled for the evening of Sept. 26 at the Vancouver Club. If Cheney is permitted to freely enter Canada, the StopWar Coalition has called for a protest outside the event (915 W. Hastings, at Hornby), beginning at 5:30 p.m. on the 26th.

Pakistan warns U.S.: "You will lose an ally"

With Afghanistan in flames U.S. eyes Pakistan invasion for oil pipeline; Mullen plays Powell as Obama's newest military lackey

By Qasim Nauman and
Missy Ryan

Pakistan warned the United States it risks losing an ally if it continued to accuse Islamabad of playing a double game in the war against militancy, escalating the crisis in relations between the two countries. 

    Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar was responding to comments by U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, who said Pakistan's top spy agency supported attacks on the U.S. Embassy and other targets by the Haqqani network, the most violent and effective faction among Islamic Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

   It is the most serious allegation leveled by the United States against nuclear-armed and Muslim-majority Pakistan since they began an alliance in the "war on terrorism" a decade ago.

    "You will lose an ally," Khar told Geo TV in New York in remarks broadcast on Friday.

People of  Pakistan ready for war with U.S.
"You cannot afford to alienate Pakistan, you cannot afford to alienate the Pakistani people. If you are choosing to do so and if they are choosing to do so it will be at their own cost."

The White House on Friday reiterated its call for Pakistan to cut its ties to the Haqqani network and shut down safe havens on the Afghanistan-Pakistan frontier.

    "It is critical that the government of Pakistan break any links they have and take strong and immediate action against this network so that they are no longer a threat to the United States or to the people of Pakistan, because this network is a threat to both," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.

    Mullen, speaking in Senate testimony, alleged Haqqani operatives launched an attack last week on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul with the support of Pakistan's military intelligence.

    Pakistan's chief of army staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, rejected Mullen's comments as "very unfortunate and not based on facts."

    "Singling out Pakistan is neither fair nor productive," he said, according to a military statement released Friday night.

Pakistan Army ready to defend sovereignty

The tensions could have repercussions across Asia, from India, Pakistan's economically booming arch-rival, to China, which has edged closer to Pakistan in recent years.

A complete break between the United States and Pakistan -- sometimes friends, often adversaries -- seems unlikely, if only because Washington depends on Pakistan for supply routes to U.S. troops fighting militants in Afghanistan, and as a base for unmanned U.S. drones.


    Pakistan relies on Washington for military and economic aid and for acting as a backer on the world stage.

    "The message for America is: 'They can't live with us, they can't live without us," said Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani.

    But support in the U.S. Congress for curbing assistance or making conditions on aid more stringent is rising rapidly.

    The unilateral U.S. Navy SEALs raid that killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May took already fragile relations between Pakistan and the United States to a low.

Civilian casualties continue to climb as war spreads

Relations were just starting to recover before the Kabul attack. Both sides are now engaged in an unusually blunt public war of words.

The dangers could be enormous if Washington and Pakistan, a largely dysfunctional state teeming with Islamist militants and run by a feckless, military-cowed government, fail to arrest the deterioration in relations.

    At stake are the fight against terrorism, the security of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal and - as Islamabad plays off its friendship with China against the United States - regional stability.


    "Anything which is said about an ally, about a partner, publicly to recriminate it, to humiliate it, is not acceptable," said Khar.

    The United States has long pressed Pakistan to go after the Haqqani network, which it believes operates from sanctuaries in North Waziristan on the Afghan border.

    Pakistan says its army is too stretched fighting its own Taliban insurgency. But analysts say the Islamabad government regards the Haqqanis as a way to exert its influence on any future political settlement in Afghanistan.

    The Haqqani network, Mullen said, is a "veritable arm" of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI).

    The charges come amid mounting exasperation in Washington as the Obama administration struggles to curb militancy in Pakistan and end the long war in Afghanistan.

    Mullen, CIA director David Petraeus and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton all have met with their Pakistani counterparts in recent days to demand Islamabad take action against the Haqqani network.

Betrayus:  Thinks he can steamroll Pakistan; in for big surprise

Any Pakistani offensive against the Haqqanis would be risky. The group has an estimated 10,000-15,000 seasoned fighters at its disposal and analysts say the Pakistani army would likely suffer heavy casualties.

    Mahmud Durrani, a retired major general and former Pakistani ambassador to Washington, said both sides should ease tensions to avoid American military action beyond drone strikes or economic sanctions.

    "There's a possibility. It's wide open. But it will be absolutely, totally disastrous."

(Additional reporting by Augustine Anthony and Alister Bull; Writing by Michael Georgy; Editing by John Chalmers and Raju Gopalakrishnan)

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