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Sunday, October 22, 2017

ANDREW KREIG: Trump Plans Release Of Suppressed JFK Records

Long suppressed documents to be made public  

By Andrew Kreig

President Trump fulfilled important goals of the Justice Integrity Project and other transparency advocates around the world when he announced on Oct. 21 his plan to release remaining classified documents pertaining to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened,” Trump tweeted on early Saturday regarding the assassination. JFK's death unfolded shortly after the below photo was taken of his motorcade in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.

The long-awaited news of Trump's thinking was reported by, among other places, the Washington Post in Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents despite concerns from federal agencies and by the New York Times in Trump Says He Will Release Final Set of Documents on Kennedy Assassination. Both news reports are excerpted below.

Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA), on whose board this editor serves, convened by conference call Oct. 21 to discuss the developments. CAPA Chairman Cyril H. Wecht, the prominent forensic pathologist, consultant and author, led the group in reiterating its longstanding support for document release and the applauding the president's "courage" in his action.

Wecht, 86, was a county coroner in Pittsburgh for 20 years. A longtime medical school professor and attorney, he still undertakes hundreds of autopsies a year and is the author or co-author of more than 40 books and 500 scientific articles.

He among those who have described in books and lectures for decades the considerable scientific evidence that accused killer Lee Harvey Oswald could not possibly have fired the fatal shot killing Kennedy. His view opposes official reports by the FBI and Warren Commission parroted by the media since the day after the killing. 

Wecht is shown below at a CAPA forum March 16 at the National Press Club (in a photo by Noel St. John) describing the overwhelming scientific evidence discrediting the mainstream media accounts of the JFK killing and the vital importance for the American people of document release and informed commentary.

Cyril H. Wecht

This editor has been active through the Justice Integrity Project, CAPA and elsewhere in advocating for these JFK document releases in cooperation with other JFK research groups and freedom of information advocates.

Opposed are those claiming that "national security" should prevent disclosure of what are estimated to be thousands of pages of remaining classified documents, including those thought to be highly embarrassing to intelligence and investigative agencies that helped cover up the truth at the beginning and continuing to the present.

Most media outlets also have advocated since the shooting a simplistic story claiming that former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone nut who fired three shots to kill the president with no help from anyone else. At this point, most of those outlets appeared this weekend to be featuring for commentary only or at least primarily those analysts who claim that new documents will simply reinforce the Warren Commission's original findings.


Thus the information wars involve not just release of the documents but a fair opportunity for alternative experts to help the public understand the evidence. For such reasons, this column is segment 42 of the Justice Integrity Project's "Readers Guide to the JFK Assassination," whose previous segments are excerpted below with hot links to the lists of all major books, films, archives, plus interpretative articles.

The 1964 Warren Report

The Warren Commission led by then-Chief Justice Earl Warren issued a report in 1964 advocating that single-shooter theory, generating a long-standing debate that has resulted in more than 2,500 books on the assassination and vast numbers in the United States and around the world who do not believe the official story. Warren is shown below at center left with other members of the commission and its chief counsel presenting their report to President Lyndon B. Johnson.

In March, this editor and CAPA organized a unique conference at the National Press Club of JFK research experts. The featured speaker was former Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) Chairman John Tunheim, who was appointed by Congress to superintend a 1990s process to release pertinent JFK assassination records, culminating in last disclosures this Oct. 26.

Also we published here a comprehensive summary of the experts advocating compliance with the 1992 "JFK Act" unanimously passed by Congress mandating complete release of documents by Oct. 26 of this year.

That summary, JFK Experts Advocate Compliance With Records Release Deadline, showed that document release supporters come from across the political spectrum. They included Tunheim, his fellow ARRB members, former Reagan Administration Attorney Gen. Edwin Meese, and former House Select Committee on Assassinations General Counsel Robert Blakey, as well as several surviving members of the Warren Commission's staff.

At issue are thought to be some 3,000 previously suppressed documents, and some 30,000 partially redacted documents, experts say. Some four million pages have previously been released. The CIA and to a lesser extent the FBI have been leading opponents of release through the decades.

Researchers have speculated with increasing intensity for years whether the current president would dare release documents that power centers at the CIA and elsewhere have long resisted disclosing for reasons they do not describe much beyond the bromide "national security."

President Trump is shown in White House Red Room on Jan. 20, 2017, the first day of his presidency, in a White House portrait by Shealah Graighead

Among those pushing the president to release documents were the president's longtime friends, Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi, both of them authors and journalists now associated with the Alex Jones Infowars network.

In a board statement on Oct. 21, CAPA also extended its appreciation to U.S. Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa, below) and House member Walter Jones (R-North Carolina) for their leadership in introducing S. Res 281 and H. Res 556 voicing congressional support for full document release.

Senator Charles Grassley

CAPA thanked also other early and prominent supporters of the bipartisan effort, including Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont), who is like Grassley a longtime leader of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Reps. John Conyers (D-Michigan) and Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland), who have been leaders for many years of relevant House committees.

Similarly, Assassination Archives and Research Center President James H. Lesar issued a Statement that praised Trump and other key leaders. Lesar also noted, however, that Trump left open the possibility that document releases might hinge on "receipt of further information."

Lesar, an attorney who has long fought in the courts to release CIA and other key documents pertaining to the assassination, argued in his statement, "Post hoc justifications to further delay release are not warranted in light of the clear congressional mandate requiring full disclosure by October 26, 2017." 

The Decision

Earlier on Saturday, this editor (a volunteer CAPA board member and public relations committee chair) posted a reader comment at 10:01 a.m. on the Washington Post's reader comment section regarding the announcement, as follows:

Thank you, President Trump!

You have upheld values of transparency and democracy, and taken a courageous stand on the side of the large majority of Americans who for decades have expressed disbelief in the findings of the Warren Commission, according to public opinion polls on the topic consistently reporting such disbelief as ranging from the mid-60s to more than 70 percent of Americans.

Release of documents over the needless objections of those obsessing over bogus "national security" implications also conforms with the views of many experts of diverse political views. These include such conservatives as former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, progressives, and several surviving staffers of the Warren Commission itself.

My news report earlier this year summarized that impressive array of experts supporting the release that was announced today (JFK Experts Advocate Compliance With Records Release Deadline, published by the Justice Integrity Project and also by Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA) at

Right now, every American patriot should applaud President Trump for this action.

Andrew Kreig

Justice Integrity Project Editor and CAPA Board member

Author, attorney and political commentator

Washington, DC

CAPA Board member Jerry Policoff, who has researched since the 1960s the assassination and the heavily biased coverage of the killing by the major news media, provided this additional comment on Trump's announcement:

"This is a fine development, but we must be vigilant and skeptical. Why, for example, have many previously available documents apparently disappeared from the National Archives JFK collection, and will they be among the documents made available in this new release? If not we need to demand an accounting as to what happened to those documents.

Most of all we need to be prepared for the inevitable mainstream media spin that is certain to accompany the release of these documents.

The media have propagated the lone assassin myth unrelentingly from the beginning in defiance of the actual evidence. This will undoubtedly continue regardless of what turns up in the newly released documents. The critical community will have a strong responsibility to get the word out about what is there and what it means — as well as to provide historical context."

What Does The Evidence Mean?

Most serious independent researchers believe that the main outlines of the assassination are already known via the previous document disclosures, witness statements, and more than 2,500 books. A central finding by CAPA supported by this editor is that Oswald could not have fired the fatal bullet, which raises the questions regarding why that secret had to be covered up — and why the secret remains important today. 

If Trump dares follow through on his apparent promise to smite within the next five days, by Oct. 26, that Gordion knot of silence and cover-up he will have shown more courage on the point than his predecessors.

Regarding other specifics, all CAPA board members are available more specific comments to the media about these historically important developments. Those CAPA board names are here.

Those in the media (including academia) seeking contact information should ask this editor via JIP or CAPA addresses for specifics. All readers here are encouraged to leave reader comments on media pages, keep others informed of your efforts, and air views otherwise on social media, including JIP and CAPA account buttons on websites.

Andrew Kreig

Andrew Kreig, Esq.
Andrew Kreig is Justice Integrity Project Executive Director and co-founder with over two decades experience as an attorney and non-profit executive in Washington, DC. An author and longtime investigative reporter, his primary focus since 2008 has been exploring allegations of official corruption and other misconduct in federal agencies. He has been a consultant and volunteer leader in advising several non-profit groups fostering cutting-edge applications within the communications industries.
As president and CEO of the Wireless Communications Association International (WCAI) from 1996 until 2008, Kreig led its worldwide advocacy that helped create the broadband wireless industry. Previously, he was WCAI vice president and general counsel, an associate at Latham & Watkins, law clerk to a federal judge, author of the book Spiked about the newspaper business and a longtime reporter for the Hartford Courant.

Listed in Who’s Who in America and Who’s Who in the World from the mid-1990s and currently, he holds law degrees from the University of Chicago School of Law and from Yale Law School. Reared in New York City, his undergraduate degree in history is from Cornell University, where he was a student newspaper editor, rowing team member, and Golden Gloves boxer.

Contact the author Andrew Kreig.

Friday, October 20, 2017

British Airways Apologizes To Bed Bug-Bitten Travellers

"To Fly. To Serve" - Fly the bug infested BA skies    

By Maria Weisgarber

A B.C. family who says they were bitten all over by bed bugs on a flight to England is now getting an apology from the airline.

Cimex lectularius
New Westminister resident Heather Szilagyi, her seven-year-old daughter Molly and her fiancé, Eric Neilson, were on an overnight British Airways flight from Vancouver to London earlier this month, when Szilagyi says she noticed bed bugs on the seat in front of her.

Having worked in hotels most of her life, Szilagyi says she could instantly identify the creature she first spotted crawling out from behind the TV monitor on the seat in front of her as a bed bug.

"I wanted to grab it but they're quick, and it crawled back inside, behind the screen," Szilagyi told CTV Vancouver on Wednesday.

She saw another bug on the seat when they received their in-flight meals, and then a few more later in the flight.

Szilagyi says she discreetly alerted a flight attendant to the insects, but, while the attendant apologized, she did not seem surprised.

“She was like, ‘Oh ok, sorry about that. We're sold out. We don't have anywhere to move you’,” Szilagyi said she was told.

With nothing more to be done, the trio had to close their eyes and get some sleep.

"It was nine hours of knowing that I was probably going to get bit, but not being sure,” Szilagyi said. “But there wasn't really anything I could do about it. I was surprised I was able to relax, but what can you do?"

The next day, after they arrived at their final destination of Slovakia, the bite marks appeared and she says she and her daughter were “absolutely covered” in them.

“Me and my daughter are both really sensitive to insect bites, so she was just covered just all over. I've still got a really infected one,” Szilagyi said.

Szilagyi began trying to contact the airline to alert them to the problem and to ensure they weren’t put on the same plane on the flight home.

“We were not asking for a refund. All we were asking for was a flight on a different plane, to make sure it was a different plane, to make sure that the plane that was infested with bed bugs was taken care of,” she said.

Ms. Szilagyi said she informed cabin crew twice after seeing bugs crawling on her seat, but they were unable to move her, leaving her with dozens of nasty lumps

But she says she became frustrated trying to get through to a customer service agent. She says the airline’s customer service line is open only a few hours a day, in a different time zone. When she tried to call, a recorded message said the line was too busy and her call was dropped.

Finally, Szilagyi took photos of their bites and posted them to Twitter, tagging British Airlines.

The airline responded and they heard from a representative a couple days later. But she says many people online accused them of lying about where they had gotten the bites.

"It's horrible for me because all these people think that we're just wanting attention and wanting to sue a company, but this is not what I want to be known for. I don't want to be 'bed bug girl’,'" she said.

Heather Szilagyi, 38, from Canada, said she and her seven-year-old daughter Molly were left with dozens of bed bug bites after flying with British Airways

British Airways upgraded the family to business class for the flight home, and offered an apology to the family.

"We have been in touch with our customer to apologize and investigate further," an airline representative said in a statement.

"British Airways operates more than 280,000 flights every year, and reports of bed bugs onboard are extremely rare. Nevertheless, we are vigilant and continually monitor our aircraft."

Szilagyi and her family say they’re going to be more careful to look for bugs on flights they take in the future.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

57 Dead, Over 680 Infected As Madagascar Plague Outbreak Escalates

Unprecedented triple-tier outbreak a clear cut case of weaponised plague intentionally released  


An outbreak of the plague in Madagascar is spreading at an unprecedented rate.

Yersinia pestis
With the ease of spreading the plague, the likelihood that this disease will move to other more densely populated regions of the planet has become a huge concern for many.

So far, the plague has claimed 57 lives and infected more than 680 others. These figures are from October 12, however, and the disease is spreading rapidly. 

An estimated 329 of these cases and 25 of the deaths were in the capital city of Antananarivo. 

Of the 684 cases reported as of October 12, 474 were the pneumonic plague, 156 bubonic and 1 septicemic plague. A further 54 were unspecified, according to the World Health Organization. Of Madagascar’s 114 districts, 35 have reported cases of plague, including at least 10 cities.

Plague is caused by infection with the bacterium Yersinia pestis and is typically spread through the bite of infected fleas, frequently carried by rats. 

The bacteria will eventually end up causing the often fatal plague. Symptoms can include painful, swollen lymph nodes, called buboes, as well as fever, chills, and coughing. Pneumonic plague is more virulent or damaging and is an advanced form of the disease characterized by a severe lung infection. 

The infection can be transmitted from person to person via airborne droplets from coughing or sneezing. The incubation period is extremely short too, and an infected person may die within 12 to 24 hours of contracting the bacteria making cures in underdeveloped regions of the globe difficult at best.

And while the country experiences regular outbreaks, with an estimated 400 cases of plague each year, this time things are very different, experts warn.

This year, health officials report the infections started much earlier than usual, and they’re occurring in new areas, including urban settings. They’ve also seen an unexpected number of cases of pneumonic plague, which transmits more easily from person to person. Historically dubbed the “black death” the bubonic plague has been responsible for several worldwide pandemics in the past.

Early detection of the plague is key since both forms of it can be cured with antibiotics. But, occasionally there can be cases of septicemic plague, where the infection has spread to a person’s bloodstream and can cause bleeding and necrosis of tissue, turning it black.

The government of Madagascar has mobilized resources to spray schools and other public places to fight fleas and rodents and curb the spread of the infection. People have also been lining up at pharmacies in the capital while wearing face masks to get medications or protection. 

To further reduce the spread of the disease, public schools are closed and the government has forbidden public gatherings, according to the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC).

Internationally, this outbreak is also being taken seriously. WHO delivered more than 1.2 million doses of antibiotics and released $1.5 million in emergency funds earlier this month. The Red Cross has released more than $1 million to deploy a treatment center and has mobilized more than 1,000 volunteers and is upgrading their skills on community surveillance, finding and monitoring people who have been in contact with infected patients and insightful messaging to stop the spread of this disease.

This news bureau contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc.  We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.



The real truth on 9/11 slowly continues to bleed out

Technical experts are mounting major challenges to official U.S. government accounts of how three World Trade Center skyscrapers collapsed in near-freefall after the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago.

Many researchers are focusing especially on the little-known collapse of



The Geopolitics Of The United States, Part 1: The Inevitable Empire

The Empire and the inevitable fall of the Obama criminal regime

STRATFOR Editor’s Note: This installment on the United States, presented in two parts, is the 16th in a series of STRATFOR monographs on the geopolitics of countries influential in world affairs.

Like nearly all of the peoples of North and South America, most Americans are not originally from the territory that became the United States.



Geopolitics Of The United States Part 2: American Identity And The Threats of Tomorrow

A look back at 2011 predictions for the future in order to put events of today into perspective

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By Robert S. Finnegan

This e-mail outlines and confirms the acts of espionage against Indonesia and Indonesians by Akiko Makino and the others involved both in Kobe University and in AI Lab at University of Airlangga, Surabaya; Bahasa Indonesia original follows English translation...



UPDATED 01/07/2015 : New Analysis Challenges Tamiflu Efficacy; Hong Kong Corona Virus Outbreak


 photo TAMIFLU_small_zpssojx6okt.jpg

Obama criminals now resulting to biowarfare in quest to destroy Chinese and ASEAN economy; "novel virus substrain" points directly to a Kawaoka / Fouchier / Ernala-Ginting Kobe lab virus weaponized and genetically altered to specifically target and infect the Asian population: Ribavirin...



 photo WHO02_zpsplmhtlpr.jpg
The 5th Estate has just purchased a library on H5N1 "Novel" virus pandemics, there are dozens of PDF and Exel documents we feel will assist you in saving lives following intentional releases of the H5N1 and now MERS viruses; we will begin by printing those that appear to be extremely relevant here: H5N1 Kobe-Kawaoka-Ernala series continues soon with more "Smoking Gun" e-mails from Teridah Ernala to The 5th Estate . . .



By Robert S. Finnegan

On October 12, 2002 the Indonesian island of Bali experienced a terrorist attack that rocked the world. It was unquestionably well-coordinated and executed, the largest in the country's history.